Sunday, March 13, 2011

Xxotic Angels March Feature Mikal Blair

Measurements: 34-27-39
Height: 5'4"
Weight: 140
Eye Color:changes from deep blue,stony grey, and yellowish green
Hair Color: brunettew natural highlights
Nationality: cacausian

Hometown: Franklin,TN
Twitter @Mzmikalblair

Booking Info: 

Xxotic Angels Feature 
Mikal Blair

Interview by New York

XA - Hey Mikal, how are we doing Luv?
Mikal- I'm doing well! Thanks for asking...:0)

XA - Mikal I've never heard this name before it's beautiful. 

Is there a meaning to your name?

Mikal- Well, I'm not really sure..??

XA - So you're from Fraklin, Tennessee, what is the town of Franklin like?
Mikal- It's extremly southern (but in a good way)

XA - In your bio you said you was like a tomboy growing up, 
was you roughing the boys up? lol
Mikal- Well, I was the oldest so I always bullied the boys into letting me come with them on their adventures in the "woods.
XA - lol

 XA - When was the first time you started to notice boy
Mikal- I believe I was noticing in middle school, but too akward to talk or approach them!

XA - When did they start chasing you?
Mikal- umm, that would have to be late highschool to after highscool.

XA - So when did you start modeling?
Mikal- i started modeling less then a year ago as jus a interest, my origional passion is behind the camera!

XA - How did you get into modeling?
Mikal- A few people told me i should try.. one of them was a photographer, he worked with me and i was soon hooked!

XA - Name a few things we might of saw you in?
Mikal- So far, i have really just started my networking, but i havent done any videos, not really what i'm trying to accomplish...

XA - Now this is gonna be the question men are gonna stare at and women read. lol Are you with someone special or enjoy being single?
Mikal- I definitly enjoy the single life and dating..

XA - What does a man need to know before asking you out?
Mikal- I like to have intelligent conversations! Also, I love a gentleman!

XA - Mikal type of guy is? 
Mikal- Hands down a gentleman, loves his momma, and gotta be a go-getter!!

XA - Random: Is your sex drive like two Piranhas eatting or 
like two birds chirpping with no action?
Mikal- When im feeling somebody, and if the sex is good, i cant get enough!!!

XA - Most important rules when being in the bedroom with you?
Mikal- MY pleasure first! I dont mind helping you finish..
XA - You're WINNING!!! lol

XA - What's the simplest thing someone can do to make you happy?
Mikal- Make me laugh..:0)

XA - What makes you a great friend?
Mikal- I care and go out of my way to help or "put on" friends and aquantices worthy enough..

XA - Last movie that had you laughing? 
Mikal- Grown-ups (i know im not up on my movies currently)

XA - What do men say is your best feature? 
Mikal- My eyes and my smile...:0)

XA - What are you wearing right now that's sexy while you're doing this interview?
Mikal- My sleepwear...(aka nude)
XA - Two Thumbs Up!!

XA - Am Lover or Late night Freak?
Mikal- BOTH!!!
XA - Yes!!! lol

XA - What does Mikal do to have fun?
Mikal- I love going to different places, comedy shows, reading, spending time with my REAL friends and family.

XA - What can you cook that everyone has to call you to make it again?
Mikal- My meatloaf!!!

XA - Do you like any sports at all?
Mikal- I played softball for 14 years, and rode quarter horses growing up.

XA Tell me something you can do, other beautiful girls can't?
Mikal- Ride a horse bareback...:0)
XA - Ok Now!!! lol

XA - What do you have coming up that we need to be on the look out for?
Mikal- I have many features, shoots, and lots on my plate right now.

XA - Time to give all your fans some love?
Mikal- Thank you to everyone of you that follows me or supports my career! I appreciate all the love and support I get shown by you guys! Ya'll are the BEST!!!

XA - Any adult toys you own?
Mikal- lol, a vibrater

XA - Type of porn you watch?
Mikal- not really a huge fan, rather make my own..:0)
XA - Smiles!! lol

XA - Anything off limits when it comes to sex?
Mikal- I havent takin on trying anal...just doesn't appeal to me....??

XA - A fantasy you want to do, you haven't done yet?
Mikal- I would like to do it on top of a tall building, like in a penthouse, but on the balcony or something like that..

XA - I would like to thank Mikal Blair for this interview
Mikal- Thank you for putting your time and effort into ME!
XA - You're Welcome Beautiful!! Ny Luv Always!!

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  2. yes you blair. please dont mess it all up by indulging in plastics