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Xxotic Angels April Feature Tana Marie

Measurements: 36D-27-40 
Height: 5'7" 
Weight: never answer that! lol 
Eye Color: green 
Hair Color: dark brown
Nationality: Native American
Birthday: Nov 9
Hometown: San Diego, CA via Union, KY

Xxotic Angels Feature 
Tana Marie

Interview by New York

XA - Hey Tana, how's everything?
Tana- Everything is Great! Thanks for letting me be a part of Xxotic Angels!

XA - Thanks for this Beautiful!!! Welcome to Xxotic Angels!!! 
Tell us a little about yourself?
Tana- No problem, I love the chance for everyone to get to know a little something 
about me,since photographs only say so much. I am a Scorpio. I grew up Kentucky. 
I am a very strong person, but I have a sensitive, compassionate heart. I have 1 younger sister. My cats name is Monet. I am a hopeless romantic. I cry at sappy movies, commercials and TV shows. I love painting and drawing. Sushi and Lasagna are my favorite foods. My favorite color is pink. I keep the positive energy flowing...Always. I am REAL and always speak my mind. I am humble and realize how blessed I am.

XA - So you're from Kentucky was you wild or laid back has a child?
Tana- Yes I am originally from KY, where I was definitely a wild child.  I had my fair share of hard headed, stubborn, “do it my way” moments growing up. I think that was more of me wanting to just do what I wanted to do vs. my parents. In school I was always the good girl, “teacher’s pet”. I played basketball and volleyball, which kept me busy. As I got older, Is when I really went wild LOL…I liked to party, go out…that’s when I really started to get attention from the boys. I wanted to explore and just enjoy life.

XA - Did all the boys cater to you because you were the girl next door?
Tana- NO WAY!! Being from KY was different. I was always the "thick" girl 
with the big booty. Not the skinny blond cheerleader so as far as the boys it wasn't easy. 
I was always self conscious about my body which didn't help. But now it's the exact OPPOSITE, I love all my ASSETS! Hahahahaha...
XA - Look At Me Now!!!
( in my Chris Brown voice) lol

XA - Have you ever been to the Kentucky derby?
Tana - Of course if you live in KY you have to experience the Derby at least sometime in your life. I was 18, had my cute sundress and big floppy hat. That's the best part was just seeing all the crazy, beautiful and different Hats! I can't even remember the winner of the race that year.

XA - When did you leave Kentucky for San Diego?
Tana- I moved to San Diego in 2004. I never like the cold weather and definitely hated the snow so SD was an easy choice. I came here and instantly fell in love with it. 

XA -  What do you like about living in San Diego?
Tana- What do I LOVE about San Diego? The WEATHER! I love the fact that you can experience so many things all within driving distance....the beach, the snow, the mountains, the desert, islands. 
There is so much to do and see. Even being here this long I am still exploring and trying new things.

 XA - So tell me how does it feel to be 
so many men fantasies?
Tana-  Hahaha.... well I don't look at myself like that. I hear compliments. I am always flattered and appreciate them. I will never take this for granted or assume that my "beauty" will be here forever. So even thinking that men fantasize about me still makes me blush...LOL

XA - I read you got into modeling by sending in pics to a casting, which one?
Tana- I was saying since I was younger I wanted to be in Playboy. So a girlfriend of mine who was just getting started with her photography career started using me as her guinea pig subject since I loved taking pictures of myself. I had seen a magazine of a big booty woman and thought " I could do that" so I sent my pictures into SHOW magazine. A few hours later Sean Cummings the CEO called to have me come in for an audition in LA. 
After that it's been going forward ever since...

XA - You say you're a camera hog lol did your love 
for the camera spark you into becoming a model?
Tana- I definitely think that my being photogenic and not shy had a lot to do with it. 
I have reach a point in my life that I am confident in the person, I am and comfortable with my body. So me doing anyof this was just to say I did it and prove to myself I could do it. I don't take the oppotunities for granted more so as opportunities to experience life.

XA - Let us know some of the things that you've done?
Tana- I was feature on as a WebGem in June of 2010 Will be shooting for SHOW magazine in the future. I am feature on  and I am also featured on blackmendigital/tanamarie  (Go vote 5 stars!!!) LOL.... I have approached this modeling this as something fun to do. I have a career as a nurse and artist. I am all about living life to the fullest so all of these things just add to it. 

XA - Alright time for the question everyone wants to know, are you taken?
Tana- Hahahaha I knew that was coming....No, as of now I am not taken.

XA - What is your sex drive like, horses running around the race track to get to the finish line or like a baseball game 9 slow long sleepy innings? lol
Tana- Well my sex drive would have to depend on my mood. Sometimes you want it wild, crazy, clothes ripping off... then other times you want it soft, romantic, candles, music etc....LOL 

XA - The one thing a man can do that will make you say get up dude you have to go?
Tana- Where do I start? Let's see...Respect is a huge thing with me so if at any point 
someone feels the need to be rude or mean that's a big turn off to me, bad breath or body odor(have to have great personal hygiene) no sense of humor...A lot of what I base my interactions with men on is chemistry, you can sum up if you would take this person serious or not on the first date. Either we vibe or we don't.

XA - So you're a nurse I read, how long have you been one?
Tana- I have been in nursing and physical therapy for over a year now.

XA -  What about nursing made you go into that field?
Tana- I am a very caring person. I give a lot of myself to the people I care about so going to work everyday keeps me grounded in realizing how much in life is a blessing. It’s hard dealing with loss when you go into this profession, but the miracles outweigh the negatives so I love what I do.

XA - Can we role play in your uniform? lol ( Nurse I'm not feeling well)
Tana- Hahahahahaha.....I swear I get that all the time! Patients have said " I must be in heaven if I have a nurse that is as beautiful as you!"

XA - Were you always this comfortable with your body to do some implied?
Tana- Not at all....growing up I was self conscious, insecure and not comfortable at all. It's just a matter of realizing who you are as a person. It took me awhile and millions of men's compliments (just kidding) to get to this point. I am very happy with myself.

XA - What do you have coming up, that we should be watching out for?
Tana- I recently did a shoot for Sweetsmag, which will be out in the near future. I have upcoming model hosting events, commercial.... I have other projects in the works that you caught me in the beginning stages of so I can't give away my secrects....Networking is a huge thing in this business... if you meet the right people and get the support you can do so many different things.

XA - Say hello to all your fans and a shout out to all the new ones?
Tana- I just want to say Thank you to EVERYONE!!! new and old, who supports me 
and my adventures!!

XA - What does Tana do when she's not modeling?
Tana- Let's see, besides working at the hospital, I am an artist, I do murals to portraits to anything crafty. I teach art at an elementary school when I have time. I coach Little League ( and yes I do know how to hit the ball, and look good in the tight pants doing it hahaha) I love to relax and watch movies. 
I enjoy the beach, food and I am up for anything to do for fun. And I do like to sleep! I am a gym rat too.

XA - A night on the town hanging with you, what can I expect to happen?
Tana- Lots and Lots of Laughter! I am very sarcastic but I love to just have a good time. Laughter is the key to staying young! Of course lots of men staring and women too...

XA - Tell us your Katie Perry moment with a girl?
Tana-  I have never had one....Now I have been groped and my butt grabbed but since I am strickly dickly ( hahahahaha) I have never kissed a girl, sober nor drunk!

XA - It's role play night I'm dressed up has Peter Griffin who are you dressed up has? lol
Tana- Wow compared to Peter Griffin I would have to say Cleopatra....that would be a funny combination....

XA - What are you wearing that's sexy while doing this Q&A?
Tana- A white silky tank top and pair of pink tight boy shorts...or for the fantasy I will just say NOTHING...LOL
XA - There you go lmao

XA - You have one of the best bodies in the worlds, how do you keep it in shape?
Tana- I have always been into fitness so I workout regularly. Lots of cardio and weight training to stay toned. I do have a sweet tooth but try to eat as healthy as I can.

XA - Would you do Playboy if you was asked?

XA - Is anything off limits when it comes to sex?
Tana- I am one of those people that believe when you put limits on anything (in a relationship) it opens the doors to create would depend on the individual and the relationships status...

XA - If I went through your dvd collection would I find porn?
Tana- Ummmmmmmmmm.....yep....I confess.....hahahahahahahahaha

XA - Do you have any adult toys and how long do you wait till the man 
you're dating see them?lol
Tana- Ya know being a Scorpio we are very sexual signs, so of course I have what it takes to please myself....I haven't tested that timeline as of yet...I am enjoying my life right now so...(great question I think I even blushed hahahahaha)

XA - Craziest place you hooked up with someone and you both have a happy ending?
Tana- Hmmm that's to much information to give but I always make happy endings happen....*giggles*
XA - lol Smiles!!!

XA - I would like to thank the Beautiful Tana!! for this interview. Hope you had fun?
Tana- I always have fun being able to share!! Thanks for having me!! XOXO

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