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Xxotic Angels May Feature Diamond Kitty

 Measurements: 34D-22-36
 Height: 5'3"
 Weight: 106
 Eye Color:brown
 Hair Color: black
 Nationality: cuban american and italain
 Birthday: march 2, 1983
 Hometown: miami, fl
 Twitter @diamondkittyxxx

 Booking Info: 

Xxotic Angels Feature 
Diamond Kitty

Interview by New York

XA - I was excite to get to do 
this interview with you, thanks Luv!!
Welcome to Xxotic Angels!!!
DK - Aww, you’re welcome, 
I'm excited myself.

XA - Now tell me how does it feel to be so many men and women fantasies?
DK -  It feels great. I love what I do
and the fact that I get to help people release some stress makes me happy. 

XA - Where were you born and raised?
DK - I was born and raised in 
Miami, FL. I'm a Miami girl ;). 

XA - At what age did boys enter the picture for you?
DK - I had friends and so called boyfriends since i can remember, but I had my first serious boyfriend at 15. 
Oh and i lost my virginity at 17 ;).

XA - So tell me how did you 
get into modeling?
DK - Where there is no secret that my gorgeous sister ,Shy Love, is also a performer. So, I always wanted to get into the industry, but she wouldn’t let me because she knew what I was getting myself into. But I started to do webcam, and I met this famous director that asked me if I want it to shoot for him. I said no at the beginning, but after I knew that he was legit, I decided to take the chance and did it.  

XA -  When did you know you wanted to start doing Nude Glamour modeling?
DK – Always. LOL When I was little my cousin, used to ask me that what I was going to be when I grew up. I used to say and doctor or a stripper.  Well, I’m neither of them, but I’m in love with what I do.

XA -  Was you always this open about your body or over time from 
photo shoots became more confident?
DK - Im a very confident girl, and I love my body. So, I don’t have any problem 
with getting naked.

XA - You are very sexy with a lot of curves, how do you keep
such a tight and beautiful body?
DK - Ah thanks ;). Well, I’m not going to say I work out every day, because I will be lying, But, I try to go to the gym at least 4 days a week to lift weights and I run a mile everyd ay. I drink a lot of protein shakes and also try to eat healthy, which is really hard for me, because I have a sweet tooth. 

XA - The guys and girls that are seeing your pics saying Damn Diamond got that POW!!! 
want to know is Diamond Kitty with anyone?
and if not how can they get a date? lol
DK – Ahhhh. Well, sadly for them I am happily married for 7 years now. I been with my husband for 10 years ;), He is awesome and supports me a lot. Oh by the way, guys I dont think you want me as a wife. It is really hard to be married to a pornstar. LOL 

XA - What is your sex drive like, are you a man eating Tigress or a sweet pussy cat? lol
DK - Im actually a little bit of both—it depends on my mood. One day, I want nothing but to have sex all day and I’m the aggressive one. And, I also have those days that i want to be spoiled and just lay on the bed and let my hubby do the work. LOL

XA - So when did you become 
an Adult actress?
DK - I shot my first scene August 2008.

XA - You've only been doing it for a few years how many movies have you made?
DK - I have shot over 100 scenes for DVDs and internet content.

XA -  Any one movie of yours we need
to check out? 
DK - All of them. LOL I enjoy making my movies a lot, so it is really hard for me to decide which one I like the most. I put the same energy and effort in all of them. 

XA - The one thing a man can do
that will make you say get up dude you have to go?
DK - People that have worked with me know that im a very easy going girl. I’m not a diva and I have a lot of patience. I treat everyone nicely and with respect, so as long as you do the same, it’s all good. Oh and keep your dick hard during the sex parts of the scene—that way you make me a happy girl, because I 
get to go home faster.
XA - lol I hear you Beautiful!!

XA - You have a webcam show right? give us the name of it and tell us
what we can expect on it? 
DK - I do. It's  OMG I love going online and masturbating and playing with the boys. I’m a very naughty, hot, crazy, creative, horny and kinky girl. So, I don’t even know what I can expect on my own show. Mix all that together and you do the math.

XA - You also have a website  CLUBDIAMONDKITTY.COM 
tell me about what's featured on your exciting site?
DK - Ok I want to make this very clear, is not my official website, nor my website at all. I don’t run that site. It is actually a blog that someone created and I don’t have access to it in any shape or form. So, if you guys out there are paying anything for it, stop wasting your money because that’s not me at all. 

XA - What do you have coming up, that we should be watching out for?
DK - I have many project right now that im working on along with my sister Shy and my publicist Erika Icon from The Rub PR. I can’t tell right now, because they are all a work in process. But, you guys can follow me on twitter @diamondkittyxxx for updates on what I’m doing.

XA - Say hello to all your fans and a shout out to all the new ones?
DK - I want to say thank you all for your love and support. I’m happy to have such amazing fans. 

XA - What does  Diamond Kitty do when 
she's not modeling?
DK – I’m a normal (not so normal) girl. I like to work out, go to the beach, sleep, go shopping. I review porn movies and adult novelty toys, and I also write a blog. Like everyone else, I have to clean my house, do the dishes, do laundry
and cook.

XA - You're Cuban American and Sicilian 
descent can you cook any of those good dishes?
DK – OMG, I love Cuban and Italian food, but they are so not healthy. I can cook them, but I try not to.

XA - A night on the town hanging with you, what can I expect to happen?
DK - Clubbing with or without Moet Chandon in my system? Ok without it, I’m a very naughty, hot, crazy girl and with it. I really don’t know because I never remember anything the next day. But the pictures can tell a story. WILD is the word, VIP is crazy, boobs out, dress up, panties off and the rest I really cant remember. Sorry. LOL
XA - LOL We've all been there. 

XA - Tell me something about you that
your fans don't know?
DK - I collect shoes, I like to design swimsuits. I hate seafood and thongs. 
Oh and I wash my pussy a
100 times a day. LOL
XA - LMAO!!! I'm on the ground laughing

XA - tell us your first Katie Perry moment with a girl? 
DK - Oh gosh, I dont remember. I’ve been bisexual for 10 years now. 
All I can say is that I have fucked more girls in my personal life, than guys.
XA - Two Thumbs Up!!! lol

XA - Are you a big fan of girl on girl in your personal life?
DK – Yessss, I love girls! They are so sexy and feminine. I love playing with girls a lot ,
but I still need my cock to feel complete. 

XA - It's role play night I'm dressed up has Peter Griffin who are you dressed up has? lol
DK – LOL Ewww, I dont like him.  He is funny, but ugly. I’m sure you would like me to dress as Lois, right? LOL
XA - LOL I was going for something Hotter then my cartoon wife.

XA - What are you wearing that's sexy while doing this Q&A?
DK -  Right now, I’m wearing blue full back lace panties and a white see thru tank top ;)
XA - Yes!!! lol

XA - Is anything off limits when it comes to sex? 
DK - Not for me, as long as we feel comfortable with what we are doing or trying to do.

XA -  Make  a Hot fantasy happen with only 3 sentences?
DK - We got out of the club--you are hot and your cock is getting hard, and you are driving but teasing me at the same time. I start to rub your cock over your pants and can’t take it anymore, so I have you park the car and I jump to the driver side and fuck you, until I cum all over your cock and you shoot your hot load inside my wet little tight pussy. Then we both get off the car and walk into a restaurant like nothing happened and my pussy is still nice and wet. LOL  That was a little longer than 3 sentences, but I’m sure you are hard right now.
XA - You know me so well lol

XA - I would like to Thank Diamond Kitty for this interview. Hope you had fun?
DK - Awww thank you ;), Of course, I had fun. Oh by the way, the fantasy wasn't a fantasy. That actually did happen to me a few days ago. OMG, the things that I could say. LOL Bye!
XA - LOL!!! We'll have to do a part 2 then.

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  1. Gorgeous Diamond Kitty - Sounds just like she seems - full of fun & frolicks.
    What a babe and related to my all-time number one fav's Shy Love.
    Gorgeous must run in the DNA.