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Xxotic Angels June Feature Kayden Kenzie

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Measurements: 34-24-34 
Height: 5'7
Weight: 108lbs
Eye Color: blue/green
Hair Color: blonde
Nationality: half french 
half native american (cherokee tribe)
Huntington Beach, CA
Twitter @KaydenKenzie

Booking Info:

Xxotic Angels Feature
Kayden Kenzie
Interview by New York
photos courtesy of Carlos Abldo
and Kayden Kenzie

XA - Hey Beautiful!! Thanks for doing this interview you.
XA - Welcome to Xxotic Angels!!!
Kayden- Thank you for having me on your site! 

XA - First thing I see is your 
Beautiful Blue Eyes!! 
Kayden- Thank you :) My eyes are my favorite attribute on me physically.

XA - Tell me what makes you an Xxotic Angel?
Kayden- I would say what makes me an Xxotic angel is having confidence in myself, working hard, yet having fun, and know how to turn the boys on while also having a touch of class.

XA - So your from Austin, Texas right? 
Were you born 
and raise there?
Kayden- I'm originally from California, grew up in Huntington beach. 
I moved to Austin 
to attend UT for my 
pre med courses.

XA - What were you like growing up?
Kayden- Growing up I was shy, much so an introvert. I was put in every sport imaginable, finally stuck with gymnastics for 12 years since it was the most challenging. I had strict parents and was always expected to be at the top of my class and with straight A's. Most people would perceive me as a big partier, haha but I'm much the opposite.
XA - Which came first gymnastics or ballet? 
Kayden- I did ballet when I was young, only did it for a few months. Then signed up for gymnastics and stuck with it for over a decade.

XA - From your pics you seem like you can do both very well, how long did you practice both?
Kayden- Gymnastics for 12 years, and competitive dancing for 7 years, including jazz, 
lyrical, pointe, and hip hop.

XA - Was there any moments of youth rebellion against learning gymnatics or ballet?
Kayden- Of course I didn't want to go to most practices and would try to get out of it, 
though having strict parents didn't help in getting away with not showing up to practices.
XA - lol

XA - I can only do a handstand in the pool for 2 mins lol how long can you do a handstand for?
Kayden- haha honestly I don't know at this point in time. A while. I could go for at least 5 min. on any ground/concrete floor.
XA - Was there any time for boys while you was growing up?
Kayden- I really wasn't into boys since I was too busy with school and gymnastics until highschool. I was much a prude and would only date guys who wanted long term relationships :P dorky I know.
XA - lol

XA - When did you start modeling?
Kayden- I started doing pageants when I was 2 
(actually watched home videos back in March at my parents place from my first pageant) 
haha (I looked clueless when up on stage yet cute at the same time.) 
I stuck with pageants off and on till I was about 12 years old.
XA - What made you decide to be a webcam model?  
Kayden- My old roommate actually. I moved out the day of graduation, moved into my friends place who was already doing modeling, and suggested me doing it. It ended up being the obvious choice in a source of income since it would work with my course schedule for college, and pay much more than other jobs would.

XA - Were you always this comfortable with your body?
Kayden- haha NO! Never. I just said to myself I need to suck it up and get the money I need to get myself through college.

XA - Do you come up with 
all the concepts for your show?
Kayden- I've had some help with some ideas from customers who have helped other new models, other than that I just work with my own ideas.

XA - This is the question that guys practice asking a Hot Girl like you but seems to stumble when it's time lol Are you taken?
Kayden- haha at this point in time Yes I am! haha. Been on a few dates though nothing serious. I do have a crush on one certain guy, just waiting on him to ask me for a full on relationship. (fingers crossed)

XA - So tell me how does it feel to be so many men fantasies?
Kayden- I honestly don't think of it at all! I see the guys as guys to fulfill their late-night cravings that they may not achieve in person with women, and I have fun just hanging out with them over all! A lot of my main customers are now close friends that I can talk to about anything problem wise, health wise, school wise, etc. It's been great learning peoples personalities and getting to know all the people who hangout in my room. :)
XA - Name a song that describes your sex drive?
Kayden- Ah sheesh, at this point in time I'm gonna say..
Emalkay "Fabrication" It doesn't have any words, but  "drop the bass" though, the beats and melody describe my sex drive as wild and crazy, then slowing it down and really getting into my body mentally and physically ;)
XA - Nice I like When I look at You, Critical Hit or Explicit is Hot Stuff!!
XA - Is there anything off limits sexually?
Kayden- I've never done anal or dp. Had one threesome, and have yet to have my best friend take my lesbian virginity, 
though definitely looking forward to it!
XA - Nice Beautiful!!

XA - The one position a man has to do right or him being your man is out of the question?
Kayden- Missionary. I love looking into the face and seeing the reaction of him going in and out of me, not just laying flat on top of me so I can't breathe, ha.
XA - lol I feel you on that one.

XA - So you're a pre-med student, what field are you studying to be in?
Kayden- Dermatology, second choice .
XA - A Epidemiologist too that's Nice!!!
XA - What is it about the medical field that made you want to join it?
Kayden- Great pay, good hours with the fields that I've chosen, and a career in medicine is always guaranteed to be needed in life itself, so no layoffs are something I need to worry about.

XA - In your bio you say you're still searching to find yourself, 
is this because you're so talented that doing just one thing doesn't satisfy you?
Kayden- I would say that, though also merely overall becoming myself in and out, 
and finding people who can relate to me, bring positive vibes, 
and get me through hard times.
XA - Tell me something about Kayden Kenzie that you've never told your fans ?
Kayden- At this moment in time I no longer have a fuck buddy :(. Just myself sexually to look forward to each day! That is, until I find a guy to have a long term relationship with.
XA - You have your website
tell the viewers how much fun you are and why they should come visit on there?
Kayden- I've been sick the past few months, and just started to get better, 
so I'm ready to be full on active and Kayden charisma fun these next couple of months! 
I love getting to know my guys in my chat, what they love seeing, and always putting 
on a top of the line show, whether it being squirting, teasing, finger fucking, 
or deep throating, I always aim to please ;)
XA - Glad you're feeling better and right now I'm Speechless Beautiful!!! lol
XA - Tell me what do you have coming up we need to watch out for?
Kayden- Like I said above, me teasing the fuck out of you boys, slowly stripping down, doing naked stretches with sexy dances, squirt and deep throat shows, plus more!
XA - Give some love to all your fans out there and say hello to all the new ones?
Kayden- Ah! How all my regulars know I adore them, thank you for helping me out through the hard days and making me laugh, you guys are the best! To my newbies in my room, I hope you come back to visit me more often, and I hope to get your eyes attention daily ;)
XA - Is role playing in your ballet or lab coat 
out of the question? lol
Kayden- haha no way! I love doing that type of role playing :) Especially since 
I've done role playing and the whole "lab coat" look on occasion for lab work 
in some of my courses.

XA - Are you a ok with 
girl on girl smushing? lol
Kayden- Heck yes :)
XA - lol Yes!!!

XA - Ok I had to ask, explain the buying panties thing for me please? lol
Kayden- haha well, I have panties for sale. Different prices for more expensive lingerie type, and lower prices for mere cotton thong/boyshorts. It costs extra if a customer wishes for me to squirt on them and send the juice filled undies via postal to their home.
XA - O/O Speechless!!! lol
XA - How do you feel about Adult toys 
and do you own any? lol
Kayden- I do have a box full, though honestly I must say I like cock the best! I have a toy that does a flicker of the tongue with lube, that feels quite great and takes the places of someone eating you out ;). A toy I've been dying to get in my mail that's on my wishlist is the dildo called "Iris" a rabbit dildo from the lelo collection. Does wonders I've heard!
XA - When your not webcaming is there any porn that you watch to get turned on?
Kayden- Usually a 3some with a girl and 2 guys, (no anal). It has to have the perfect 
amount of roughness and slowing it down up close penetration for me 
to be fully turned on! :)
XA - Last question Luv!! Leave us with a opening sentence 
to a fantasy of yours, that we want more?
Kayden- I walk into a resort I'm staying at with a group of my guy friends, who I adore physically and on a friendship/personality level. I walk into our sweet and they ambush me by throwing me up against the wall, throwing a blindfold on me, and hiking up my skirt, as others would be ripping my top off to feel my tits and ass, sucking my nipples, rubbing my clit, as one of them put a hand accross my mouth and says, You're in for a real treat..... the rest I'll let you boys leave to your imagination ;)
XA - lol that was a good one
XA - I want to thank Kayden Kenzie for this interview, hope it was fun 
and I had you laughing Beautiful?
Kayden- haha thank you as well! An honor to be featured on your site, and you most definitely had me "elle oh elle'ing" (LOL) outloud. Thanks so much! xoxo
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