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Xxotic Angels Sept Feature Gianna Mazzon

Measurements: 34D-29-33     
Weight: 124 lbs
Eye Color: brown
Hair Color: brown
Nationality: Italian, Puerto Rican and Irish
Birthday: May 11th
Hometown: Pinole, California
Twitter: @GiannaMazzon

Booking Info:

Xxotic Angels Feature
Gianna Mazzon
Interview by New York
photos courtesy of

XA - Here for you guys is 
Beautiful Gianna Mazzon!!
XA - I have to thank you for this interview.
Gianna- No problem, Thank you for 
wanting to interview me.

XA - Welcome to Xxotic Angels!!!

XA - You're so Sexy & Hot!! I bet the sun ask you for permission to shine!! lol
Do guys use pick up lines like this one you all the time? lol
Gianna- Lol, Yes but I think it's cute ;)

XA - Tell me why are you 
an Xxotic Angel?
Gianna- Well let's see maybe 
my Italian and Puerto Rican 
background helps.

XA - Which is Mom and which is 
Dad that makes this beautiful 
combination of you? lol
Gianna- My Mom is full blooded Italian and my Dad 
half Puerto Rican and Irish.

XA - So tell me how does it feel to be 
so many men fantasies?
Gianna- It makes me smile 
and blush a little. I never thought 
I could be someones fantasy girl.
XA - Well You Sure Are Beautiful!!!

XA - Where were you born and raised?
Gianna- I was born and raised 
in a little tiny town called Pinole 
in Northern California.

XA - Tell me about you growing up?
Gianna- Well I am an only child 
and loved having all the attention 
from my family. I was just a little 
spoiled rotten.

XA - Was you always 
the girl next door type?
Gianna- No I was always 
the tom boy type. I played with the boys 
more than girls and a mixture of 
micro machines, match box cars and barbies too.
XA - lol

XA - At what age did boys and you 
started playing house? lol
Gianna- lol, oh wow play house 
or play doctor ;) Haa Ha either way 
too young.
XA - lol

XA - Angel or Bad One? lol
Gianna- I think I'm a little of both.

XA - Why the move to Germany?
Gianna- Change of pace

XA - First place in Germany you would take me if I wanted to party with girls? lol
Gianna- Well let's see there's the strip club, the beer house, night clubs 
that stay open all night. Take your pick :)

XA - First place in Germany if I wanted a wife? lol
Gianna- Well I've heard that German women like American men 
so you might get lucky.

XA - Let us know some of the things that you've done?
Gianna- Well last night I made out with a girl..... lol in my dreams her name is 
Ms. Daniella Deviant love her!!! ;p
XA - lol Oh My

XA - How did you get to shoot for Playboy?
Gianna- I went to a casting call and 3 months later they called me to shoot.

XA - Did you do any nude photo shoots before Playboy?
Gianna- Yes lots I'm very comfortable in the nude.
XA - Yes!!! lol

XA - Was it like a hundred old men in the room staring at you to see your goodies? lol
Gianna- At the Playboy shoot? No not really but the guy who owned the house had a few friends over and they were all walking around looking at the girls.
XA - lmao that would be me and my boys

XA - How many times was said to you drop the robe doll? lol
Gianna- Lol once after that I walked around naked I'm not shy.
XA - Hot!!! lol

XA - You've been in 3 Playboy issues? Has anyone ever reconized you? lol
(my line would of been, I know you don't I? hands making a bunny) lol
Gianna- I've been featured online for Playboy's All Naturals and Playboy's Sexy Wives.
No one's ever recognized me that I know of at least.

XA - From your pics you have dudes focus on you and they want to know 
is there someone loving you or it's all about fun for the moment? lol
Gianna- Sorry guys I'm happily married almost 4 years now :)

XA - Do guys act different from when they first meet you, 
to when they find out you did Playboy?
Gianna- Some do, but mostly my close friends 
or friends from high school are proud of me.

XA - What is your sex drive like, are you a man eater or a pussy cat? lol
Gianna- Again a little of both I like to be in control sometimes 
and other times like to be taken control of.

XA - You also been featured 3 times in Ultimate MMA magazine, 
how exciting was that for you?
Gianna- It's awesome!!! I'm so happy that the editors 
at Ultimate MMA Magazine love me!!! Doug Jeffery you rock!!! 
Look for the November issue I'm featured in on stands in September.

XA - Any MMA special flexible move you used in your sex life, 
that would have me go oh my? lol
Gianna- Rear Naked Choke, except I'm really naked lol
XA - lol  oh yeah

XA - What else you have coming up, that we should be watching out for?
Gianna- Well hopefully I will be getting a phone call from German Playboy for a shoot, 
keeping fingers crossed ;)

XA - Give some love to all of Gianna Mazzon fans out there 
and say something to the new ones seeing you for the first time?
Gianna- To all my fans thank you so much for following me and helping me get 
to where I am today. To the new fans keep following me I promise 
you won't regret it and also don't be shy say hello 
I always try to respond back :)

XA - Sexiest thing you'll wear that a man can't help but stare?
Gianna- A little black dress

XA - A night on the town hanging with you, 
what can I expect to happen?
Gianna- Craziness
XA - lol

XA - I most likely could get you wasted with me if? lol
Gianna- You had a bottle or patron or really good wine.

XA - Spanking Yes or No? lol
Gianna- Yes please!!!!
XA - lol Nice!!!

XA - A draw full of adult toys or just one little sumthin sumthin 
for the lonely nights? lol
Gianna- How did you know what's in my dresser drawers ;)
XA - lol lucky guess

XA - Last one, If there was a law no more masturbation 
how often would you break it?
Gianna- All the time!!!!

XA - I want to say thank you to the lovely Gianna Mazzon taking time out 
to do this interview with me, hope it was fun Luv?
Gianna- It was thank you!!!

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