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Xxotic Angels Jan. Feature Angela Sommers

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Measurements: 36D-26-36
Height: 5' 7"
Weight: 130
Eye Color: Blue
Hair Color: Blonde
Nationality: Italian American
Birthday:June 21
Hometown: Queens NY
Twitter: @RealAngSommers

Booking Info:

Xxotic Angels Feature
Angela Sommers

Interview by New York

photos courtesy of,  Elite Studios, , LowRider,
Wild Amaginations, StreetLow,
Register Magazine,
videos courtesy of
Andy McFarland, Sean Lemaster,, Exxxotica

XA - Everyone I know it's Fall, 
but I have someone who can 
keep you guys warm. 
The Beautiful and Super Hot!! 
Angela Sommers!!

 XA - Hey Angela!! 

Welcome to Xxotic Angels!!!
Angela- Hi ! Thank you for having me:-)

XA - Give me a reason why you are 

an Xxotic Angel?
Angela- Well, throughout my 

modelling career I have been told 
I have exotic features. And of course, 
I am a naughty little Angel haha
XA - I see that Beautiful!! lol

XA - You are so Stunningly Beautiful!! 

I bet the sun has to ask you 
for permission to shine? lol 
Do guys or guys say crazy things 
that get you to smile a lot? lol
Angela- Thank you! Yes, 
I have gotten some funny things said 
to me to get me to smile.

XA - Can you remember anything 

that was said to you? 
And who had the best
pick up line, girls or guys? lol
Angela- Well The best pick up lines have come from Guys. Girls have tried, 

but they are never good, as girls tend to be very harsh when it comes to picking me up. I guess they think they can get away with it because they are a girl lol. 
Doesn't float my boat though. Best pick up line from a guy would be, 
I was so enchanted by your beauty that I ran into that wall over there. 
So I am going to need your name and number for insurance purposes.
XA - lol that's a good one

XA - You were born and raised in Queens, Ny 
tell me about your childhood growing up?
Angela- I was an outcast actually. I was an artist, wore ripped 

fishnet stockings and saftely pins in my ears, listened to rock music, 
and hung out in the park across the street from my school with the "park people" 
(hippie,pot smoking,rocker chicks and dudes). In Queens public school, 
Rap and hip hop music was considered popular, and of course, I rebelled LOL 
i like some hip-hop and rap now.
XA - lol

XA - Was you as open like you are now or a shy girl?
Angela- I was very outspoken, but Shyer then I am now at he same time. 

I have just learned how to say things more tactfully now and have grown out of a lot 
of my shyness. I still say what I mean, just in a little nicer way lol
XA - You are too Beautiful!! lol

XA - When did you start playing house with the boys? lol
Angela- I had a fiance when I was 21,and for three years I lived with him.
Thank god I never married him though!!! LOL but i do know how to be
a wonderful wife, even though I've never been married..
XA - Yes you would make some Hot Wife!! (thinking out loud) lol

XA - At what age did you start to explore the more sexy side of you?
Angela- I would say 21, when I became dancer. but I was always exploring
my body with myself. I became an exotic dancer when I was 21 , so i guess that
was my liberation date. I wasn't ready to show the whole world like I do now though.
I only did that about a year ago.
XA - And We Are Happy for that!! lol

XA - Well you got the guys all hot and steamy over these amazing pics of you
and I want to know, I mean they want to know lol if Angela with anyone
or like baseball you're playing the field? lol
Angela- Not with anyone seriously , but not really playing
the field either LOL its complicated.
XA - lol

XA - You've been published in so many of today's magazines. Tell me what do 
you like the most about doing magazines?
Angela- I love going to the bookstore when it is released and seeing it on the stand. Its the best feeling ever. I always buy a bunch of copies, and have to stop myself from taking them all so other people can buy them too lol.
XA - too funny lol but I can't blame you, if I looked like you I'd do the same lol







XA - You've also done many runway fashion shows 
and your favorite ones are the Playboy Mansion parties. Tell me about the fun 
you have working the Playboy Mansion parties?
Angela- Well it was just an honor to be on stage there. They always have a 
good DJ that pumps you up before you go on stage, and Its the world famous 
Playboy mansion! I grew up dreaming of stepping foot in there when I was a kid. 
So they are definitely my fav.

XA - So after all the mags, calendars, and runway shows, when did you 
decide Angela Sommers needs to be naughty? lol
Angela- HAHaha, Um when I felt like I had accomplished what i wanted.
I got so good at glamour modeling It wasn't a challenger for me anymore. It got boring.
Taking my clothes off (for everyone to see) was exhilarating and just what I needed.

XA - Was you nervous about showing your fun areas 
to all of the world?
Angela- YES!
XA - lol

XA - What was the first naughty thing you did, pictures or videos?
Angela- Pictures

XA - When did you decide on doing Playboy?
Angela- when I was very young lol way before I was old enough to be in it!
I never got picked up till now though, stupid ex boyfriends did not want me too.
Never let someone stop you from your dreams...
XA - Yes and our dreams of seeing you too lol

XA - Was it hard for you being nude in front of so many people at first?
Angela- Never. I love being naked.i am a nudest a heart! For some reason,
i am more comfortable naked in front of others then clothed. Its the reaction
of others being uncomfortable that makes me want to wear clothes lol
oh and the law lol
XA - lol yeah what a dumb law lmao

XA - You were Playboy's Cyber Girl of the month in August,
how excited was you about that?
Angela- I was so excited! I could not believe I had finally made it into Playboy!!
and go figure, right after I decide to jump head on into the porn industry LOL
XA - LOL They should let me pick the women for Playboy!! You would of
been in it a long time ago lol

XA - You also like taking girl on girl pics, are you attracted to women 
just as much as men or just having fun?
Angela- I definitely have an attraction towards women, but I can't go 

without real cock lol.  So no matter how much I find a women attractive, 
I will always pick men first.
XA - lol You are So Hot!!

XA - Can you remember the first time you kissed a girl and liked it?
Angela- Yes, I was 14, and we kissed and played with each others boobies:-) hehe
In public no less! We wanted to tease the boys. I was so naughty.
XA - lol

XA - Tell me about the last date you had that was a good time
and did it have a happy ending? lol
Angela- I don't really go on dates. I usually meet men through friends parties.
Someone who knows someone kind of thing. and then if there is chemistry it 

just happens over time of me seeing them over and over at a friends party 
and becoming friends. Don't know how to explain it. There is never an "official date"

XA - Do you have a type that you like to date or long as 
he's a nice guy he's good to go?
Angela- Hmm, I do tend to see a pattern of me liking stocky guys. 

Not necessarily FIT, just thick. Big hands, shoulders, neck. I'm not to picky 
about physicle appearance as people seem to think i am. I really put more effort 
into seeing if there is energy between us. And I usually know within 5 min. I am very 
in tune with peoples energies.

XA - Random: Is your sex drive a praying mantis you eat your mate up after sex
or is it just a little naughty to be satisfied? lol
Angela-  Hahaha! I Don't eat them AFTER sex, I eat them DURING sex. LOL

XA - How did you start modeling?
Angela- I got picked up by a magazine at a car show after 

winning a bikini contest. They gave me my first cover.

XA - In your bio, you said it was a wish, you were one of the models 
you used to hang on the wall when you were younger. How does it 
feel that you are one of those models now, that everyone saves on 
their scene savers and hang on they walls?
Angela- It feels AMAZING. It feels like a huge  accomplishment. I set out 
to do something, and I did it, And did it well.I feel like a princess hehe.
XA - lol

XA - Ok when you're not modeling on your free time, you love drinking
martini's with friends. What's your favorite martini to have?
Angela- Ooohhhh Dirty Martini! Greygoose vodka. Or if i really want to get naughty,
Chopin vodka. Potato vodka goes to my head like no other lol it's lethal.
XA - lol

XA - Do you turn into a Party Girl when you drink or the quiet one 
that has to be turned on to get frisky? lol
Angela- I start out the quite girl and then the beast come out 
with a drink or two lol. Sometimes the beast comes out without a drink though lol. 
Its just depends on my mood and who I am with:-)
XA - Nice!!! lol

XA - Can you cook at all and what do you make the best?
Angela- Yes! I cook pretty damn good actually. I make baked Zitti the best! 

though I don't get to eat it much as I am always on a low carb diet.
XA - that sounds so good!!

XA - Tell me about your new site
Is this site going to show us all of Angela Sommers
that makes us feel more closer to you?
Angela- Yes! It is now finally launched, and it is all things me 
and me with my girlfriends. If you are a Angela Sommers fan, look no further 
to find me doing all the naughty things you love to see me doing. And also I love to have personal interaction with my lovely fans, so i have a private member forum , personal mesaging straight to me, and tons of candid photos and videos of me being a goof and living life! And I run and own the site myself. SO you KNOW you are getting ME, not a person who owns a model site.

XA - Will there be videos and cam show moments that you chat with our fans?
Angela- Yes! i have a lot of scripted videos on my site, and also all of my free member shows are archived so if a member misses a live show they can just just check out the archive of that weeks chat and naughtiness at their convenience.
XA - That's Hot!!

 XA - Ok tell everyone what else you have coming up, that we will be excited to see?
Angela- Well now that my site is up and running, I am looking forward to 

working more on a glamour modeling company I started with some awesome 
photographer buddies of mine called . I love the Adult industry 
but my first love was glamour modeling, and I love giving girls an opportunity to 
get beautiful photos they can actually post on FB lol and also that they can be proud 
to show there mom lol. Also to get girls paid in the Glamour industry. A lot of girls go 
into Adult just for the money, not because they really want to. Luckily i am 
nudist at heart! LOL but it is not the same story for a lot of young girls. So I want to 
be apart of giving girls a option.

XA - Here's your moment to give Big Kisses to all of Angela Sommers Fans!!!
Also show something to the news ones letting them know 

you don't bite and they can say hi? lol
Angela- BIG BIG HUGE wet sloppy kisses to all of my awesome fans! 

I think they are the only reason why I still rock out in modeling. It can be 
emotionally brutal at times, and the amazing adoring words I receive through 
email, twitter and all other Social networks is what keeps me going! So if you 
are an Ang fan, Thank you TONS! you keep me here having fun for you to watch! 
if you are not an Ang fan yet, what are you waiting for? 
I don't bite! (unless you want me too hehe)
XA - lmao

XA - While doing this interview what are you wearing that's sexy? lol
Angela- Absolutely nothing. maybe just socks cause my feet are cold lol. 

I love being naked. I spend most of time at home when not traveling, so I 
stay naked a lot. Oh and when I travel and get named as well hahaha! I am very 
comfortable in my own skin. Always have been...
XA - I smiled when I read absolutely nothing, with love being naked
and haven't stop smiling since lol

XA - Role Play in the Bedroom time....I'm dressed as Caesar from 
Rise of the Planet of Apes ready to get my ape on with you lol 
Who are you dressed as and why? lol
Angela- princess Lea slave outfit. Not sure why it's just the first thing
that comes to mind LOL
XA - lol works for me Beautiful!!

XA - Do you have a when I'm lonely toy or toys? lol
Angela- Hitachi!!!! (a really amazing vibrating toy) and maybe a cyber skin 

realistic cock toy for some penetrating action at the same time:-)
XA - Hot!!

XA - Last one, tell me the sexiest thing you've ever done with ice or water?
Angela- did an ice show on cam, and a love using my hot tub jets in my backyard 

to get me off from time to time. its very relaxing;-)
XA - I bet it is!! lol Women and Water together is always So Sexy!! lol

XA - For this interview I want to thank the Heavenly Beautiful !! Angela Sommers!!
Did you have fun doing this like I did? lol
Angela- Yes i did! I have done many interviews in my 7 years of modeling, 

and you have asked some of the best and most interesting questions! 
I usually get the same redundant questions over and over.
XA - lol Thanks Luv!! I glad that I was able to make you laugh and enjoy this!!

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