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Xxotic Angels Feb. Feature Charlene Cherri Hart

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Measurements: 34dd I think?! 
Not been measured for a while 
(she says whilst fondling them!)
Height: 5'2" - small but mighty
Weight: (105 lbs) not sure think all 

my junk is in trunk
Eye Color:green
Hair Color: blonde
Nationality: British
Hometown: Ipswich
Twitter @CharleneHartBS

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Xxotic Angels Feature
Charlene Cherri Hart

Interview by New York
photos courtesy of , The Party People,
ModelSupport.Co.Uk, Page 3
The Picture Business
videos courtesy of  
and Charlene Hart

XA - Hey Guys I have for you 
The UK Bombshell!!!
Charlene Hart!!

XA - Hello Beautiful!! 

Welcome to Xxotic Angels!!!

XA - Share with me why are you 
an Xxotic Angel?
Charlene- Xxotic maybe, angel though... 
Me?! Really?!
XA - Yes Beautiful!! 
You're A Naughty Angel!! lol

XA - I just got to say you are Totty!! lol Is that the right word to used for you? lol 
Charlene- well it's usually my botty I get comments about!

XA - If I was with you every night, there would be a UK and US merger going on lol
Do the fellas say witty things to you, to get a chat with you? lol
Charlene- just really really cheesy stuff I'd prefer a guy to just offer me 
a beer or a whisky lol
XA - lol You're my kind of girl...Hey Bartender!!

XA - I've never been to the UK where would you take 
this crazy american first? lol
Charlene- to a footy match!

XA - Have you ever been to America, where's the first place you've been? 
Charlene- New York!!! I love macy's and tiffanys
XA - Yes!! lol

XA - Tell me where were you born and raised?
Charlene- Ipswich

XA - What were you like growing up as a child?
Charlene- extremely quiet!!!

XA - At what age did naughty thoughts about boys begin for you? lol 
Charlene- about 17

XA - Now you did drama & music in school at a early age. What made you
at such a young age do acting and singing? 
Charlene- No idea I guess I liked the attention but now I know 
what kind of attention I like ;)

XA - I read in your bio you also did dance and ballet, can you still 
do any of those ballet moves? lol 
Charlene- I'm still very bendy! I can pole dance rather well, 
I used to teach it....

XA - So how did you get into modeling? 
Charlene- By accident whilst doing a business course at 6th form

XA - Have you ever been a Page Three Girl? 
Charlene- Yes a few times

XA - You've done some major magazines, Nuts, Maxim, Loaded magazine, 
The Daily Sport, and The Daily Star. What do you like about doing all these 
publications and are there more on the way, cause we love you doing them? lol 
Charlene- not done any for a bit however- watch this space...

XA - I understand your first big break was a lingerie company, can you tell me
more about how you got the job? 
Charlene- God that was sooooooooo long ago! I got that by walking in the shop 
and the manager just asked me as I was trying items on!
XA - lol that's too funny

XA - Is this where the naughty side of you just came racing out? lol 
Charlene- think I've always been naughty just not known it!

XA - The fellas are reading this question very closely lol
Are you attached to any one or just having fun with the boys?lol 
Charlene- I'm undecided ...

XA - Is there a type a guy for you, or long has 
he's a gentleman he's good to go? 
Charlene- I love a guy who spoils me, but I do like a man 
who enjoys a beer, likes the footy and maybe even WWE 
- I'm a bit of a wrestling geek

XA - Do you have any dating rules? lol 
Charlene- yes! Treat me good and I'll treat you very good- 
and don't assume I'm a typical blonde - I'm certainly not a 
skin short of a sausage!!!
XA - I Love The UK Women!! lol  
just reading this you have to smile...

XA - Who has a better chance to shag with you 
Hugh Grant, Lennox Lewis, Ashley Cole, Austin Powers, 
Lewis Hamilton, Lenny Henry or Ali G? lol 
Charlene- oh none of them!!! - Randy Orton please!
XA - lol

XA - I s your sex drive crazy like a crowd in Wembley Stadium 
or more like hearing a lecture in University of Oxford wishing someone 
says something naughty?lol 
Charlene- depends what I'm wearing, who I'm with 
and what I've bern drinking!
XA - lol

XA - Ever flash your boobies 
while on the Double Decker Bus? lol 
Charlene- yes on a modeling tour once 
in London for a publicity gig
XA - Oh You Naughty Girl!! lol

XA - You've done a few major car shows, what are your 
favorite moments from doing them and will we see you
at any in the near future? 
Charlene- Not sure about the car shows- unless I get requests....

XA - Now let's talk about you attending the Tommy's Baby charity, 
tell everyone  about it and where they can go to support it? 
Charlene- I'm currently doing another charity stint- a skydive in April 2012, 
details are on my website
XA - Oh that's Hot!!

XA - Let everyone know about you doing TV for Babestation? 
Charlene- Yes I'm a bit of a naughty girl on there, apparently 
with experienced reputation???!

XA - Here's something I found out about you that's so Hot!! 
ou study sports therapy & nutrition. 
What made you choose to go into that field?
Charlene- I'm qualified now! I did it as the body has always intrigued me...

XA - Have you help any athlete's back to health? Lol 
Charlene- oh yes I'm good at that ;)
XA - lol

XA - Have you always been a big sports fan, and what are 
some of your favorite sports to watch? 
Charlene- Football, darts, WWE and sometimes cricket too, always been 
a big sports fan as I practically grew up with them all

Charlene Hart Takes One For The Team! by CharleneHart

XA - Ok Tell me about your website  
what are the exciting things we'll see on there? 
Charlene- Oh wait and see ! I like to surprise!!

XA - What's next for Charlene Hart coming out we need to look for? 
Charlene- Not sure as yet but I'm doing lots of charity work at the minute. 
I like to help others who can't help themselves, - 
so any crazy fundraising ideas- send them my way!
XA - I sure will Luv!!

XA - Give Big Kisses and Thanks to all of Charlene Hart fans out there 
and tell all the new one there's love for them too!!

XA - What does Charlene do for fun to entertain herself? lol 
Charlene- I like to gaze at Christian louboutins lol they're my idea 
naughty bedtime heels. Plus I have a few toys...
XA - That's Hot Beautiful!!

XA - Karaoke song you could sing in a heartbeat? lol 
Charlene- I never remember what I ding on karaoke! 
I'm usually a bit tipsy trying to play naked pool lol
XA - lol Ok Now!!! We have to play a game lol

XA - Do you cook and what do you make best? 
Charlene- Yes I always cook! I can do anything from 
a beef Wellington to a chocolate gateaux ;)
XA - Love

XA - I like fish and chips and I know it's one of the main dishes there. 
Where is the best place you could take me for some? 
Charlene- Oh no I'd just take you to my place and make you 
some real homecooked food
XA - I'm down for that Luv!!

XA - I like to know what you are wearing right now? lol 
Charlene- nothing! I'm lying in bed at 1am after being on babestationtv!

XA - British porn or American porn? lol 
Charlene- hmmmm homemade???
XA - Yes!! lol

XA - I understand you have a purple when I get lonely toy... 
Have you gave it a name yet, like how guys name their cars? lol 
Charlene- No I don't have a name but I upgraded recently lol!!!
XA - lmao 

XA - What's the craziest thing you've ever done to hook up with someone 
and was there a happy ending? lol 
Charlene- mud wrestling!!!  It was a bet but I hooked up 
with them after I pinned them lol ! (it was a girl not a guy)
XA - Hey that's even Hotter!! lol

XA - I would like to thank Charlene Cherri Hart for this interview with me, 
hope it made you laugh. I know I sure did lol

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