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Xxotic Angels March Feature Melissa Howe

Measurements: 32DD-28-32
Height: 5"5
Weight: 1151bs
Eye Color: Blue
Hair Color: Red
Nationality: British
Birthday: 26th May
Hometown: Bucks,United Kingdom

Booking Info: Worldentertainmentagency

Xxotic Angels Feature 
Melissa Howe

Interview by New York

XA - Hello Melissa Howe, welcome to Xxotic Angels!!! How's everything 
are you bobbish?
Melissa- Hey yes i guess so im all good in this Cali weather i have to say ;)

XA - I Iove your hair and eyes Babygirl!!
Thanks yes i get alot of compliments on the hair as every model 
has a similar look either really dark or really light hair..

XA - So when you came to America 
for the first time, what was 
your first reaction?
Melissa- My first reaction was wow theres a big transition in terms of lifestlye and peoples attitude, i love it though Americas like a playground to me i like exploring all the states 

New yorks attitude to calis sun theres alot to see ;)

XA - Where did you stay and 
eat the first night?
Melissa-  The first time i Came to conquer the U.S.A i stayed in New york city at the sheraton in times square it was nice in the middle of all the hype and the first place i ate was T.G.I fridays had to test out the chicken it was real good, 
i had margharitas after lol.
XA - T.G.I Fridays never fails lol

XA - So how did you get into modeling?
Melissa- I grew up dancing,acting and entering talent shows and i guess the modelling just happened through that kind of accidentally from tv work i started to do that on the side and i seemed to click at it .

XA - What do you like the 
most about model?
Melissa- Expressing myself in a different light, 
i can become a different character and have fun.

XA - Tell us a little bit of 
what you've done?
Melissa- I have appeared in numerous music videos for rap artists including 50 cent/ birdman and cash moneys jay sean, appeared in numerous online magazines, Koncept magazine,
uks zoo magazine, car shows, independent films, shot for playboy tv and hosted events 
and radio shows.

XA - So you're from 
Bucks, England? 
How far is Bucks from London?
Melissa- Bout 20 minutes its the distance between manhattan and queens id say ..

XA - I've never been to England where would you take this crazy american first? lol
Melissa- I would take you to nandos the best chicken in the uk lol you have to try it and i would take you to a few clubs to show you how we get down in the uk ...we definetely like to party hard 

XA - What were you like growing up?
Melissa- Mischevious is a word to describe my childhood lol i wouldn't say i was 
the most innocent i got into trouble occassionally ..lets leave it at that ... 
XA - LOL!!!
XA - How old was you when you first started noticing boys?
Melissa- Around 12 i think loooool
XA - lol

XA - Did they always chase you?
 Melissa- some yes but i had alot of guys that i would hang out with to as just friends..

XA - The fellas are reading this question very Are you attached to any one 
or just having fun?lol
Melissa- Single and free to mingle :) 

XA - What is Melissa's kind of guy?
Melissa- A guy who is goal orientated ..not to needy, i wouldn't want to be with anyone 24/7 i definitely think you should have space to ,and looks preferably  athletic.

XA - Who has a better chance with you Austin Powers, James Bond or 
Sherlock Homles? lol
Melissa- James Bond definitely 
XA - Good Old 007 always get the ladies lol

XA - Is your sex drive busy like the west coast main line or like a school of Swans in the River Thames?lol
Melissa- Like the west cost main line :)

XA - What did you see or hear that inspired you to have a passion to want to be in entertainment?
Melissa- Not having the  most easiest upbringing definetely inspired me to not end up like alot of people i saw loose potential by letting drugs ,getting pregnant and even killing themself led me to head on a different path ive seen alot but it has encouraged me to keep going and encourage others to do the same :)

XA - What's the fastest you've ever drove down the M25 motorway?lol
Melissa- I have never drove so couldnt answer this one lol
XA - lol

XA - What is Coat of Arms?
Melissa- It is a pub in England they have good beer and food make sure to check it out if you head to my hometown !!

XA - Ever passed by Angelina Joelie house in Fulmer?
Melissa- My uncle has met her personally as she lives not far from where i use to live the only difference being her house was the size of a street and mine was a lot smaller loool 
XA - lol 

XA - Have you ever met the Queen and does she ever laugh? lol
Melissa- I have never met her but im sure theres some humor lying inside her she just 
doesn't show it from what i have seen ...

XA - You was in a video with 50 Cent, what was that like?
Melissa- It was alot of fun the Gunit crew are down to earth and grounded  which surprised me at first, it got a little crazy there was alot of people at the shoot.

XA - You have a 
twin sister right? What's her name?
Melissa- Yes my twin sisters Name is Carla i am older by around 8  minutes.

XA - Did she leave school the same time you did?
Melissa- Yes we both left after are Gcses but i left college before her...

XA - When you came to America did she tag along?
Melissa- Yes just kidding it was a mutual desision we have both always wanted to take are careers stateside, the fact that we had
each other helped make it become a reality..
XA - lol 

XA - Have you and you're twin sister messed with the boys heads and do 
a switch on them? lol ( I would if I had a twin)
Melissa- On the phone we have...if my sisters changing or out the room she'll ask me to go along with the conversation on the phone and because we sound the same guys usually dont realize..

XA - What's the sexiest thing you're wearing while doing this interview?
Melissa- My victoria secrets Pink bra :)
XA - Smiles!!

XA - Ever had a one night caper with a fella?
Melissa- Never kiss and tell
XA - lol

XA - What's next that you have coming out we need to look for?
Melissa- I will be representing in San diego for an upcoming model expo for "gimmie guy productions "and i am in this months 'koncept' magazine which goes on stands now in La/Orange county and Canada. I will also be in Next months ""

XA - Give some Love to all your Fans?
Melissa- Thanks for supporting me dimepieces got nothing but love for you all ;)
XA - Ever been a Page Three Girl?
Melissa- No

XA - Would you ever do Playboy?
Melissa- if the right oppurtunity presented itself i may considerate it.

XA - British porn or American porn?
Melissa- American girls and guys are pretty wild but don't underate British 
so im going with that;)
XA - lol you are too Beautiful!!

XA - What the craziest place in England you was Chief with someone?
Melissa- hmmmm ill get back to you on that one there are a few things that come to mind
XA - lmao ok I'm gonna ask you again later

XA - I would like to thank Melissa Howe for this interview
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