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Thursday, January 31, 2013

Xxotic Angels Jan/Feb Feature Jenny Ferracini

Xxotic Angels Fan Page

Measurements: 30D - 26 - 38
Height: 5'7''
Weight: 130
Eye Color: Brown
Hair Color: Brown
Nationality: Brazilian
Birthday: 7/4/1987
Hometown: São Paulo
Twitter @Jenny_Ferracini
Booking Info:

Xxotic Angels Feature
Jenny Ferracini

Interview by New York
photos courtesy of
Jenny Ferracini

video courtesy of
Jenny Ferracini

XA -
 Guys this Beauty from Brazil 
you are going to Luv!!lol
The Sexy & Very Beautiful!!
Jenny Ferracini!!!

XA -
 Let me welcome you to Xxotic Angels!!
 Jenny- Thank you very much honey!
You're welcome! Delighted to be participating in Xxotic Angels 
and very excited to begin my interview

XA -
 Share with me why are you
Xxotic Angel?
Jenny- I find Xxotic Angel the best women blog ever very professional and interesting 
XA - Thank you Beautiful and we are very glad we found you..

XA - Can I sing? Voce belo (in my Snoop Dog voice) lol 
Do you get guys saying  crazy stuff to pick you up all the time?
Jenny- hahaha that's nice, when u sing Você belo...... Oh yeah all the time the boys 
first look at feminine attributes, then the woman who leads them

XA - Born and raised in Brazil,  you was a catholic school girl. 
Was you a naughty one  or a good girl? lol
Jenny- I was in the term medium hahahaha a little of both, half half 50/50 lol....

XA - Tell me about you  growing up in Brazil?
Jenny- I am born and raised in Brazil, I had a wonderful and super happy childhood, 
always surrounded by my family and friends who did not allow that I needed 
nothing either material or lovingly...

XA - Was you allowed  to have boyfriends? lol
Jenny- I couldn't have boyfriends, but I was very interested. 
I liked more concentrate in art (dance, music, photos) and in football hehe

XA - Craziest thing you did naughty growing up? lol
Jenny- Several things were very hard to remember, One of them was running away 
from my school to go see some people dance FUNK lol

XA - If I went to Brazil,  where must I go first?
Jenny- "O cristo" Rio de Janeiro, Ipanema, Angra dos Reis & Ilha Grande
XA - All those places sound exciting to see

XA - I understand you love the game football which we call soccer
in the America, when did you start loving football?
Jenny- Brasil of course heheheh and the national selection "Santos Futebol Clube" :)

XA - Who is your favorite football player?
Jenny- KAKÁ and other players, but all them brazilian players are my favorite haha while I recognise that there are very good players around the world, it is clear :)

XA - You got started in modeling by entering a few contest right?
Jenny- Yes, Likewise it is, in the "Musas de São Caetano" contest....

XA - In one contest the voters loved you so much that you won
10 thousand reais, how did that feel?
Jenny- Wow, at that time it was something really wonderful because that 
was my first contest and I was delighted that the public enjoyed me and my work.

XA - That's $5675 in U.S. money right? What was the first thing
you brought with your money?
Jenny- Yeah that's :) The first thing I thought was able to use that money 
to be able to continue carving out a path in the world that I wanted to venture

XA - Can you take me back to your first photo shoot of how nervous 
and exciting you were at the same time? lol
Jenny- Since childhood always I felt very relaxed and at ease facing the cameras, 
I was very attracted to photography but always feel that delicious feeling 
and nervousness when you do it for the first time in a professional manner

XA - How long did it take you to be in sexy bikini's or lingerie? lol
Jenny- From the beginning it was so, it was the style that most attracted me 
and people liked :P lol

XA - From your Super Hot Pics!!! Every guy viewing them wants to know 
is Jenny single or is there someone special already? lol
Jenny- Yes I think that is a very common question, they always want to know 
what Jenny does in the spare time and if I have any relationship. 
To which replied that I am a happily married woman and a proud mother too :)
XA - That's Hot!! Married and a Mother Wow!!

XA - Random: Is your sex drive Hot & Spicy 
or more like sitting in Brazil traffic nothing happening for hours? lol
Jenny- Hahahah, Hot & Spicy but Theres days were I get spoiled
and I just want to relax and just have everything done to me just to be pleased lol
XA - We all want that Beautiful!! lol

XA - Best kisser for you Guys or Girls? (Please Explain Why) lol
Jenny- hahahahah well, I think both lmao Each one is a different feeling... 
It can vary, but most of the time women are those of the crazy, sexy, 
sweet and more passionate "KISS" But every rule has its exception lol

XA - Have you ever done more than kissing with girls? lol
Jenny- I have kissed more girls than boys, either a joke 
or game or a formal relationship lol
XA - Nice Babygirl!! You're So Hot!! lol

XA - Greatest thing that happen for you because you have Big Boobs? lol
Jenny- Lmfaooo... really nothing relevant, some common things, but more importantly, 
when you feel yourself as a costume or clothing and leave you find that you are sexy 
and feel the eyes on top of you, it is a very enjoyable and pleasant satisfaction.. :)
XA - Well Beautiful after the fellas see your feature here, there will be
lots of eyes on you and your Super Hot Body!! lol

XA- What does it feel like to be loved by so many people 
who never get enough of you?
Jenny- It is wonderful to know that so many people want your, 
respect and love. Always some people waiting more and more of you, 
others that you love just as well as you are. I personally am very pleased 
with the love of my followers and what I have achieved for them

XA - Let the viewers know a few of the other things you've done?
Jenny- Well I've done various jobs and projects such as dancer, singer and presenter. 
I am participating number one in breast cancer and AIDS prevention campaigns 
as well as I have also participated in the campaign against homophobia
XA - Wow that's great Jenny!!

XA - Who is Jenny Ferracini away from work?
Jenny- A very simple girl who loves to be with his daughter and family, 
also I love the time I spend with my friends... I love to live life fully, in a natural way 
and without fictitious things that you find very often in the world of my work... :)

XA - Do you cook? and what do you make that I must try?
Jenny- Oh yeah of course i do it :) but really I don't like do it lol 
But the things I cook what most delicious I have left are the typical rice 
and beans of my beloved Brazil <3
XA - I love rice and beans lol

XA - What are you wearing right now that would turn everyone on? lol
Jenny- Lol well, Really I put on only a slight dress

XA - What made you decide to go into singing on stage 
and slow down with modeling? 
Jenny- Therefore, the desire to explore another branch 
of the world of art and entertainment in addition to wanting to pursue 
the career of my lovely mother S2 (<3)

XA - Your mother is a famous singer in Brazil, 
when did you start singing?
Jenny- When I decided to sing she was behind me and support at all times, 
was his successor "A rainha do Bumbum" title that it took for several years 
and then took my beloved friend, more than that sister Carol Miranda...

XA - What was it like for you preforming on stage for the first time?
Jenny- On that occasion I had much nervousness, because that was going 
to interpret the songs of my mother, you know, shaking me up the legs, 
but was very sure of myself lol

XA - How many songs do you sing a night when you preform?
Jenny- This may vary, but the average is 6 songs without 
the rest of the show and the Medley

XA - A night on the town hanging with you and your girlfriends, 
what can I expect crazy to happen? lol
Jenny- There is a problem with me and my friends never expect a maximum 
because there, anything can happen hahaha
XA - lol oh that sounds like I would have too much fun

XA - Let everyone know what you have coming up they need to check out?
Jenny- My new CD with the cooperation and support of my mother Gretchen 
and Mr.Catra... It is full of beautiful things, much rhythm and surprises :)

XA -Tell your fans how much you love them and say hi to the new ones?
Jenny- There is really no word that can describe how much I love them 
and I adore, I filled with joy and satisfaction and to the new I hope that there 
are always new followers and I hope not to disappoint them ever. 
Jenny forever for them S2

XA - What do you like to wear around the house that's sexy?
Jenny- Just my underwear!!!!! :)
XA - Hot!! Smiling Back!! lol

XA - Do you watch American Porn or Brazil Porn? lol
Jenny- hahaha both but for me is better the brazilian porn of course hahahah
XA - lol

XA - You have an Amazing Butt! How do you keep it in shape? lol
Jenny- My favorite exercise, much dance, combined with a little gym lol
XA - Nice!! lol

XA - Ever get turned on being spanked? lol
Jenny- lol well that's something that I reserve a task to the imagination hahahah
XA - lmao I think that's a yes to my question lol

XA - I would like to thank the Beautiful Jenny Ferracini!!! for this interview.  
Hope it was fun for you like it was for me... lol
Jenny- I must thank you for the opportunity to participate in your blog, 
for all their support and that beautiful love.It was a very pleasant experience 
and I hope to soon be able to participate in another project you
XA - Why Thank You Beautiful!! I hope to work with you on a few projects too

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