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Xxotic Angels Sept. Feature Sarah Clayton

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Measurements: 34-23-34
Height: 5'1"
Weight: 105lbs

Eye Color: Hazel
Hair Color: Dark Brown
Nationality: German and Irish
Birthday: 10-22-81
Hometown: Drums
Twitter: @sarah_clayton81

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Xxotic Angels Feature
Sarah Clayton

Interview by New York
photos courtesy of
Lynsey Noel photography, , Scott Church,
Scott Davis, Rare Toy, Rob Sleeper,
Alice Marie photography, 
Executive Images photography, 

videos courtesy of 
Jessica Lark photography,

XA - Fellas this Hottie!! 
I'm introducing you to 
Is Beautiful Sarah Clayton!!! 
or shall I say Ms Clayton

XA - Welcome to Xxotic Angels!!!

XA - Tell everyone the reason why
you are an Xxotic Angel?

Sarah- Because when you see my sexy and classy pics 
you are going to be wanting more.
XA - Yes we already want more of you Beautiful lol

XA - You're a Hottie Ms Clayton!! If you were ice cream
I would ask for 3 scoops of you lol
Do guys say crazy things to get you to talk to them? lol
Sarah- I have heard it all. Some things were inventive and others,
well let's just say after hearing some of the things it's no
wonder they were single
XA - lol

XA - You're from Northeastern, Pennsylvania!!
Where is that exactly and were you born & raise?
Sarah- I was actually born in Philadelphia and was raised there
till I was 8 years old. Then my parents moved to Drums.
Best way to describe it is to say I'm close to the Poconos 
and it's in the Northeastern part of Pa.
XA - Nice!! 

XA - Tell me about your childhood growing up?
Sarah- Typical childhood. I was kind of the shy dorky kid.

XA - Was you the girl next door the boys love looking at? lol
Sarah- Definitely not when I was younger. I had thick pink coke bottle glasses.
When I was born the muscles the help my eyes focus were weak.
When I was older I was able to get surgery to fix it. So let's just say
till I was in 6th grade and got the surgery I was a hot little mess.

XA - Was you a little flirt when you first 
started dating boys allowing first base only? lol
Sarah- I started dating late. I was the quite girl.
I guess it took my awhile to come out of my shell.
XA - Well I'm sure glad you came out of your shell...

XA - Did you party a lot going through high school and college?
Sarah- Definitely wasn't a party girl, didn't really go to any parties
was always afraid I would get caught and get in trouble.
XA - lol

XA - Craziest thing you did back then 
that you are still known for? lol
Sarah- Skipped to school to smoke cigarettes. 
Like I said I was pretty lame till I got older
and comfortable in my own skin 
XA - Yes the rebel in you came out lol

XA - If I came to visit you, were would be the first place
you take me that I would enjoy seeing?
Sarah- The state park that is close to where I live.
It's very pretty and there is so much to do there.
XA - Yes that's hot, love parks Beautiful!!

XA - Now let me get this straight. 
You got your start in modeling from being in Playboy right?
Sarah- I never modeled before and the one day my husband was paging through
an issue of Playboy and he saw a casting call in our area and said you should give 
this a shot. I thought he was joking, but then I thought what the hell you only live
once. I wasn't picked that time but I took the pics I received from there started a
portfolio.  Practiced posing, got some modeling experience and went to the casting
the following year and I was picked. Since then I've appeared in 3 different of the
Special Editions issues of Playboy...
XA - They say practiced makes perfect and your poses 
in your Hot photos are Perfect!!

XA - You do any modeling before Playboy?
Yet alone any nude modeling before?
Sarah- I would say the first time I was nude in public was right 
before I get married. A snow storm hit and my husbands friends 
couldn't make it in for his bachelor party. So I took him to a 
strip club myself. Here it was amateur night. I had a few drinks 
and thought what what the hell I will surprise him. So I told him 
I was going to the bathroom and I slipped back stage, when I came 
out on stage the look on his face was priceless.
XA - Speechless!! You were a wonderful Super Hot Fiance!! lol


XA - Take me through this. lol You're home watching Tv
or doing something maybe baking in boy shorts. (it's my fantasy) lol
Your husband saw that you're busy and got horny. 
So he pulls out Playboy, sees the contest and
said's to you baby you should do this.. lol
Did you know it was Playboy before you said yes lol
or you just said yes not knowing what you said yes to? lol
Sarah- I was actually sitting next to him reading a book and he said look at this
you should try it, so I knew what it was about when I saw it.

XA - First I have to clap for you, because most wives
wouldn't allow their husbands to have Playboy in the home knowingly. lol
Have you always been open with things like this,
or did it take some time for you to be this way?
Sarah- I would say I've always been pretty open

XA - Tell me how many talks between you with your husband
and how long did it take, before you actually sent your pics to them?
Sarah- I wasn't sure if I was pretty enough, but he reassured me and
was supportive. So the next day I called and registered and 3 weeks
later I was at the auditions.
XA - He's right because you're Hot!!

XA - Did you think or have it cross your mind what family and friends or 
work friends would think or say to you once you do Playboy?
Sarah- Didn't cross my mind at the time. Now my family knows and they are supportive.
It's kind of funny but no one at work knows.
XA - lol they know, they just don't want to say anything so their fantasies of
a Playboy model stays alive...

XA - So you agreed to do it why did you say yes?
Sarah- I figured my husband was right you only live once might as well
give it a shot, the worst that would happen is I don't make it.

XA - Ok so Playboy calls you back, how excited were you
when you got the callback and was you at home or work?
Sarah- When I went to the second casting call, we went on vacation 
the week after and when we were coming home I got a call in the airport 
saying that I was a finalist.  Then a few days later I received an email 
saying I was picked.  At first I couldn't believe it, then I started jumping
up and down I called my husband. 

XA - Was there ever a moment you had cold feet,
because you knew your goodies you were about to show to strangers?
Sarah- Surprisingly not really, I was worried about wanting to look and
not make an ass out of myself.

XA - You drop your robe and shed your clothes, what's going
through your head has pics are being taken?
Sarah- I hope I don't look fat
XA - lol you could never be

XA - The pics were so Hot, that you were publish in Playboy 3 times.
Let everyone know which issues of Playboy you were in?
Sarah- I was in back to back issues of Playboy Hot Housewives,
and Playboy Sexy Girls Next Door

XA - Anything else you've done in modeling?
Sarah- I was in a few calendars,
Playboy Girls of Golf event, clothing ads, and have done a few commercials

XA - Would you say Playboy was a great move for you?
Sarah- Definitely, it really boosted my career

XA - Have you partied at the Playboy mansion yet?
Sarah- Not yet.

XA - Random: Rate your sex drive lol R, NC-17, X, XX, or XXX? lol
Sarah- Let's just say I can steam things up pretty quick
XA - Yes!! You're So Hot!! lol

XA - Spanking, Hair pulling or Both? lol
Sarah- No spanking, but I like my hair pulled and if
you grab my ass, grab it tight and squeeze.
XA - Two Thumbs Up!! lol

XA - Last time you used something in your fridge for foreplay? lol
Sarah- Strawberries on Valentines Day!!

XA - In your bio I see that you are also a Physical Therapist.
You are one Sexy Physical Therapist I've ever seen lol
If you was my Physical Therapist my recoveries would be very slow. lol
How long have you been one?
Sarah- 6 years now

XA - What made you decide to do that line of work
and how long have you been doing it?
Sarah- I just found it to be interesting, and thought it would
feel amazing to be able to be able to help people walk again
and help them feel better.

XA - Any funny stories you can share with us 
from being a Physical Therapist? lol
Sarah- For some reason when you stretch people they tend to  fart
XA - lmao you are too Beautiful!!

XA - I understand you love basketball and your 
favorite team is the 76ers.. Have you always
love basketball and did you play in school?
Sarah- I never played basketball, kind of got hooked on them
from watching games with my husband. Now I am addicted I
even tweet the players.
XA - lol wonder how many times you've tweeted to
a player pass the ball.. lol

XA - Any other sports you love to watch?
Sarah- I like watching football on Sundays
XA - Yes!!

XA - What does Sarah cook that everyone loves to eat?
Sarah- Chicken parm and pasta
XA - Love Chicken parm with pasta

XA - Tell me some of the things you do working out
to keep the Super Hot Body of yours?
Sarah- P90X, and Brazilian butt lift
XA - Here at Xxotic Angels we want to tell you
to keep doing what you're doing because we love you,
I mean we love it lol

XA - You say you like getting your hands dirty, 
but have more fun cleaning up. What do you
do to get so dirty and how do you clean up? lol
Sarah- I don't mind doing yard work, helping fix things around the
around the house. I find it fun after getting dirty all day to get cleaned
up and put nice clothes on and feel sexy

XA - What's next for Sarah Clayton coming up
we need to keep watching for?
Sarah- I am hosting some meet and greets.
The big one was in Cancun. I am also doing some
photography workshops where I will be featured model.

XA - Give love to all of the Sarah Clayton fans and kisses
to the new ones seeing you fro the first time?
Sarah- Hugs and kisses to all of my fans new and old

XA - Any tips for a guy if he just happen to be lucky
and marry a Playboy model on how to keep her happy?
Sarah- Don't be rude or cocky, just be yourself and confident

XA - What are you wearing while doing this interview
that might turn me on? lol
Sarah- boxers and a tank top (no bra or panties if your wondering)
XA - Yes we were you naughty tease lol

XA - If I went you with you and your girlfriends,
how crazy would things get? lol
Sarah- All depends what's going on, plus it wouldn't be
any fun if I told you everything
XA - lol

XA - Name the tittle of the last Adult movie you watched? lol
Sarah- I have no idea, we were watching a movie on vacation
in our room and it was all in Spanish..
XA - lol Hotel Adult movies are the best, they always show previews
to get you to buy them but they in spanish lol

XA - Last time you took batteries out of your tv remote for
your when I'm lonely adult toy? lol
Sarah- no need for that I am well stocked up with batteries.
XA - Well alright lol

XA - I give you a camera to take home and say make a sexy video for your fans.
On the table is a bucket of ice, chocolate, or baby oil.
Which one do you use and give your video a tittle? lol
Sarah- baby oil, your body just looks so sexy when it's oiled up
XA - Oh my I would love this video lol

XA - Craziest place you got frisky in public and got a rush thinking 
you could get caught but kept on going away? lol
Sarah- it was in a steam room on vacation
XA - Nice!! You sure have some fun vacations lol

XA - I would like to thank Beautiful Sarah Clayton for this interview with me, 
hope it made you laugh and you had have fun.. lol

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