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                                                    SUPER BEAUTIES 

Xxotic Angels Special Feature Jessica Canizales

Super Beauty JessicacanizalesVIP Wishing You All 
A Merry Christmas And A Happy New Year!!
Also a few of you wanted to know where you can send her gifts 

and she appreciate all the love with support you guys give her. 
Here's Jessica P.O. Box if you will like to send her gift cards from her favorite stores. 

Here's a list of the stores she likes. H&M, Victoria Secrets, Nordstroms , 
BCBG, Mac Makeup, Saks or if you're not sure send a gift card where 
she can go to any store.

Jessica's P.O. Box Address

Jessica Canizales
P.O. Box 8424A
Santa Monica Blvd #781
W. Hollywood, CA 90069

Thanks Everyone Have A Happy Holiday!!
From Xxotic Angels And Jessica Canizales Xoxo

Super Beauty JessicacanizalesVIP 2013 Calendar Is Here!!
Hope You Guys Order One....
It's Available To Order Now

Happy Holidays
Love Jessica Xoxo

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Purchase One And Get It Autograph By Jessica!!
New Added Paypal Button For 
Fans In The U.S.and For Fans Not In The U.S. 
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Love Jessica Xoxo

Xxotic Angels Fan Page

Measurements: 34DD-21-33 
Height: 5'2"
Weight: 110 lbs
Eye Color: Green
Hair Color: Black
Nationality: BRAZILIAN
Birthday: JULY 30
Twitter: @JessicaC_VIP

Booking Info:

Xxotic Angels Feature
Jessica Canizales

Interview by New York

photos courtesy of
Michael Bell, Playboy, Swimgerie,
Rabeiro Photography, Infusion Foto, , DNA Photo,
Playboy Radio, Action Girls, Stare,
Concepts, Playboy Radio, 
American Curves Magazine
videos courtesy of
Scott JX,
Bikini Babes TV, Action Girls

XA - Hey Guys!! 
I had to bring back for you
The Super Beautiful Sex Kitten!!
Jessica Canizales!!!

XA - Welcome Back to Xxotic Angels!!!

XA - This is your second feature 
on Xxotic Angels!!!
How does that make you feel?
Jessica- Always so happy to have 
all the support from 
Xxotic Angels and my Fans!!

XA - You are a repeat offender, 
may I sentence you to a 
Whip Cream and Strawberry Shower? lol
Jessica- HaHaHaHa!!! I'm a challenge 
so I would have to decide on that later.....
XA - lol ok I'll remind you

XA - So tell everyone what has Jessica Canizales been doing
since your feature here in June?
Jessica-  Well working on many new ideas of how to make my new site 
more exciting and personal with my fans...
(click picture above)


American Curves

Maxim en Espanol (coming soon)

Miss March 2006 USA National Bikini Team

Action Girls

XA - You've done Playboy radio a few times, what is that 
like being on the radio for them?
Jessica- I love it, Playboy radio is my home!! 
Plus I love to chat, so it's an hour of fun for me!!

XA - Your Hot Body is to die for, how does that make you feel that both,
women and men dream about you? lol
Jessica- Awww I'm blushing.... well I see myself as a normal girl 
I just love to take care of myself and look good always!!

XA - What is your day like when you're working out?
Tell me your routine that put your wonderful body thru? lol
Jessica- Very easy, wake up early and go for a run then at the gym
I usually do classes I don't know how to work out alone!!

XA - I read that you do spinning, how many days a week 
do you go to spinning class?
Jessica- 3 to 4 times a week I  love it!!

XA - Now you also do yoga right? How long have you been doing yoga?
Jessica- Yes with my schedule sometimes I get so stressed always on the run 
so yoga relaxes me and makes me happy with myself...

XA - Ever used any of those yoga moves in the bedroom? lol
Jessica- No LOL!!

XA - Last time someone said something to make you smile?
Jessica- Everyday I have someone write me something nice,
I have a lot of good people in my life I'm blessed!!

XA - Ok have we gotten better at cooking yet, tell me what 
you can make me to eat now?
Jessica- Oh Boy!! I've been eating out a lot so def been slacking 
on that department for now
XA - looks like Ramen noodles for me lol

XA - What's your favorite thing to eat?
Jessica- Sushi
XA - Ok that's mines too

XA - Well this is going to be up during the Holidays!!
So Happy Holidays Beautiful!!

XA -  What do you enjoy the most about the Holiday Seasons?
Jessica- Being with my family, nothing tops that!!

XA - You have a New Amazing Site Called: JESSICACANIZALESVIP.COM !!!
Tell me about your new site and all the 
exciting goodies on there?
Jessica- Well I'm still working on it so by Feb.  
I'm sure I'll be having New Videos, behind the scenes New Pics!! 
and I wanna make it more personal, like chatting with fans so they 
get to see the Real Jessica not just pictures... 
XA - Desk tops and Laptops are about to catch on fire
having you on webcams lol
(To See Set Of Pic Above, Click On Pic)

XA - Was  it hard to change your name from Planet Jessie 
after so many years?
Jessica- I'm still not used to it, but hey Jessica Canizales is my name
so it should work better!!

XA - Well it's all good now we're in the VIP section lol
Will there be many behind the scenes videos of your shoots 
and modeling gigs you do?
Jessica- That's what I'm planning to do, building a site is def not as easy 
as I thought. When you want to make it Perfect!! So hope my fans will be
a little patient with me I'm working on it!!
XA - lol I know what you mean, but you are so Hot!!
We'll wait Forever Beautiful!! lol

XA - Let me know when you're not modeling or working out, what does
Jessica Canizales do to have fun or entertain herself?
Jessica- Spend time with friends and go out for nice food and movies....

XA - Movies you like to watch?
Jessica- So many I love watching TV and Movies!!

XA - Do you watch any sports, If yes what do you watch
and what's your favorite?
Jessica- I love watching basketball...I'm a Lakers Fan!!!
XA - Me Too!!!

XA  - Tell me what Jessica has coming up that we need to see?
Jessica- Working on my own calendar but not coming out till mid 2012...
and I'm always being featured in magazines here and there....
XA - Hot!! Can't wait for my

XA - Give some Jessica Canizales Love to all of your fans 
and wish them Happy New Year?
Jessica- Always!! I hope everyone have a Blessed and a very Positive
New Years!!! Wishing You All The Best!!

XA - What are you wearing right now that would turn everyone on? lol
Jessica- Of course my gym clothes, I'm about to go work out!! lol
XA - Yes!!! lol

XA - Last time you got replacement batteries for 
your when I'm lonely toy? lol
Jessica- ShShShhssss
XA - lol

XA - It's role play bedroom time, we both brought each other
outfits for the other to wear. In my box is a Pamela Anderson's 
outfit from Barbwire!!! lol What outfit would you put me in? lol
Jessica- Definitely a cop
XA - Oh am I'm hearing someone likes handcuffs lol 

XA - Tell Everyone 5 Sexy Reasons!!! 
They should come to JESSICACANIZALESVIP.COM ? lol
Jessica- Well come see me I'm definitely worth it!! lol 
Don't need 5 Reasonsss!!
XA - lol You're So Right Beautiful!!

XA - You hang out one night with your girlfriend 
and at the same time you both wake up. You have her bra wrapped 
around your head, what's the first thing you say? lol 
Jessie- That wouldn't happen with me LOL
XA - lmao

XA - Ok let me thank Super Sex Kitten Beauty Jessica Canizales!!
for doing this interview with me!! Hope the second time was just as
fun for you Beautiful? lol
Jessica- Always Fun!! and thank you for having me here again!!!
XA - you're welcome anytime here Luv...this is your home too

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