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Xxotic Angels Aug Feature Csilla Ray

Measurements: 37D-26-42
Height: 5'5"
Weight: 155
Eye Color: Green
Hair Color: Blonde
Nationality: Hungarian
Hometown: Dallas TX 
Twitter @CsillaXOXO

Xxotic Angels Feature
Csilla Ray

Interview by New York
photos courtesy of
Derrick Brown
Video courtesy of
Derrick Brown
Csilla Ray

XA- Hello Babygirl!!! 
XA - Thank you for doing this with me.
XA - Welcome to Xxotic Angels!!!

XA - Tell me why are you 
an Xxotic Angel?  
Csilla- I dont know, you tell me!? 
Im exotic, but i'm no Angel!*** ;)
XA - lol

XA -  If you were on McDonald's menu, 
you would be called McGorgeous!! lol
do guys say crazy things like that 
to you all the time?   
Csilla- YES! =] and i love it!!

XA - How long have you been modeling? 
Csilla- for a year
XA - Wow!! That's Hot!!

XA - Anything we might of seen you in? 
Csilla- around the Internet, 
Rapmodels, XXL etc...

XA -  I would like to tell you besides 
your body I love your eyes Beautiful!!! 
Csilla- ***HAHA, I bet you do.. ;)
XA - lol What?? I do look 
into a women's eyes

XA - Amazing body you have babygirl, 
do you get compliments from 
both men and women? 
Csilla- Of course! ,women love me too..

XA - Have you ever had relations with a woman? 
or just do the Katie Perry? 
Csilla- ***I KISSED A GIRL AND I LIKED IT!**** lol
XA - lol Yes Nice!!

XA - Do you have any secret weakness or guilty pleasures? 
Please leave out nothing? lol  
Csilla- I would tell you, but then i'd have to KILL YOU!!***;)
XA - I see Ok Killer!!! lol

XA - Are you single or Dating?  
Csilla- Nothin goin on but the rent!!!  Dating is overrated
XA - lol

XA - Without saying their name pick a movie 
or a song of your fantasy guy? 
Csilla- N/A.. LOL
XA - lmao You are too Beautiful!!

XA - What is your favor body part to be touch by a man? 
Csilla- My neck,,,, BUT!!! there is a right and wrong way to do everything... 
hopefully you'll get it right..
XA - Yes there is, but I still like to try lol

XA - They say to a man's heart is his stomach. So what can you cook?
(no microwave doesn't count) lol
Csilla- I can skin and gut a fish then filet that thang up like a beast! 
(my unckle tought me that) and the soulfood goes down around here..
XA - I know where to ear when I come to eat in Texas!!! lol

XA - How often do you think about sex? 
Csilla- Too much thinking! :/
XA - lol

XA - Tell us what you have coming up, that you want us to check out? 
Csilla- DBrowns WhatisSexy.com , and my new site ITSCSILLABITCH.com
XA - Talk to your fans? TO MY  Fans/Supporters... I really do have some awsome followers that have been keeping up with me and my latest. And i know there will be no disapointments with these new Sexy pics I have for yall!!

XA - Tell us something your fans don't know about you? 
I do my own make up, hair 
and styling for all my photoshoots!!

XA - If a guy could get one clue on how to be a better boyfriend/ lover,
what clue would you give him?
Csilla- Attention and Space,, you have to know how to balance the two... when she is around you give her all your attention!!*** When shes not around give her her space..(limit the texting and phone calls, just enough to make her miss you.. but enough to let her know shes on your mind)

XA - Tell us something about yourself that has nothing to do with modeling? growing up I used to go crawdad hunting in my back yard with my cousins^^LOL

XA - What is the sexiest outfit you go to bed in?
Csilla- ***nothing at all ;)

XA - Do you own any battery operated fun having gifts and do they travel with you?lol 
Csilla- AHAHA,, yes i do!! and no they don't!!
XA - lol

XA - Do you let a man know about them gifts? 
Csilla- Not often,, THOSE R MY TOYS!!

XA - Ever been blind folded in the bedroom while having sex?  
Csilla- **Not that I recall**

XA - If you was my sundae, what would you want on you? chocolate or whipped cream? 
Csilla- Both!! do I have to choose???
XA - I guess I can let it happen since it's for both of us lol

XA - Ok last question, tell me a sexy fantasy of yours 
that would make me wish I could be there? 
Csilla- I cant even lie,, off the top of my head I dnt have one. All I know is ***** 
The riskier it is.. the sexier it is!!*** ;))))
XA - I'm with you on that one lol

XA - I would like to thank Csilla Ray for this interview.  
Csilla- ANY TIME!!

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WIS? Presents...Csilla Ray from derrick brown on Vimeo.


Xxotic Angels Aug Feature Genesis Moreno

Measurements: 34D -24- 32
Height: 5'2  
Weight: 98lbs 
Eye Color: Brown
Hair Color: Dark Brown  
Nationality: Hispanic (Mexican/Salvadorian)
Birthday: 9-6-92 
Hometown: Pico Rivera, CA

Booking Info:

Xxotic Angels Feature
Genesis Moreno - Miss Sega Genesis

Interview by New York
photos courtesy of
Straight A's

XA - I was so happy 
to get Genesis Moreno!!! 
Miss Sega Genesis for this interview. 
Thanks for doing this Beautiful!!
Genesis Moreno- My pleasure! :) 

XA - Welcome to Xxotic Angels!!
XA - Tell me what makes you 
an Xxotic Angel?
Genesis- I have a head for business 
and a body for sin!

XA - My Oh My ( in my Usher's voice) 
I found a New Beginning!! lol
XA - Do men always approach you with 
crazy pick up lines like that? lol
Genesis- Yes, I like to say 
I'm a "New Beginning" because that 
is what "Genesis" (my name) means. 
They do on the internet, 
but I'm sure that happens to every female!

XA - What's the best pick up line 
that was said to you, and did it work? lol 
Genesis- They are all pretty cheesy 
and I would never fall for one!
XA - lol

XA - So you was born in Pico Rivera, Cali? 
Was you raised there also?
Genesis- Yes, I was born and raised 
in Pico Rivera.

XA - What was it like for you growing up?
Genesis- I was spoiled growing up, 
and still am. Haha, Luckily I was bless to 
have both of my parents live in the 
same house hold with me. 
Being that I have no sisters I got 
all the attention!

XA - Was you the Angel 
who sometimes act naughty? lol
Genesis- I didn't start acting "naughty" 
until I graduated high school, 
that's when I started living in sin!
XA - lol

XA - What age was you allowed to start dating boys?
Genesis- I had my 1st boyfriend in 6th grade, was nothing serious, 
but my parents didn't mind. They were totally cool about me being dating guys 
so I was always comfortable with telling them everything. My one and only older brother 
was the strict one always asking 21 questions about who I dated. I wasn't in a 
serious relationship until I graduated high school.

XA - You attended John Casablancas modeling and acting school, tell me some
of the things you learned there?
Genesis- I learned that I was super shy! I was about 13 years old when I 
attended modeling school so they helped me break out of my shell.

XA - In high school you felt you had a sexier edge, what made you feel this way?
Genesis- One day it just hit me when I realized I loved taking sexy pictures in my bra & underwear, nobody else portrayed themselves the way I did so I didn't think it was normal, that's how I knew this was my destiny, to become a sex icon.
XA - I'm so glad you chose to become one too. lol

XA - So you left modeling for a moment why?
Genesis- I got caught up in being in high school, being in little relationships 
and doing the back yard party thing!
XA - Back yard parties are the best lol

XA - What brought you back into wanting to model?
Genesis- I got an offer to get paid to do a photo shoot, 
and I thought "Get paid to do what I love? 
Hell yeah!" It's an easy job to get paid to sit and look pretty. I couldn't pass it down. 
I believe we are young once and if you have an amazing body there's no excuse 
not to show it off! I'm 100% comfortable with my body so insecurities issues 
wasn't a problem for me.
XA - Yes you do have a Amazing Body!!!

XA - Your first modeling job was the Anaheim Dub car show. 
How exciting and nervous was you doing your first car show?
Genesis- I was a little nervous, but definitely excited! I saw so many familiar faces as well as met many new ones so that was always fun, especially taking a million pictures with people, I love doing that!

XA - Was there any bikini contest that you enter in?
Genesis- Nope, that is one thing I haven't done... yet!

XA - You also was a ring girl for Head Blade, was it for Boxing or MMA?
Genesis- MMA

XA - All the boys are smiling looking at your Hot pics wondering is 
Miss Sega Genesis with anyone? lol
Genesis- Yes, not to be a heart breaker but I started this year in an amazing relationship!

XA - The guys that I date are ____________________ lol
Genesis- Always funny! 
I love a man who can make me 
laugh and smile all the time.
XA - I have jokes for days lol

XA - Is your sex drive like 
two Zebras jumping on each other
or more like wild tigers play fighting? lol
Genesis- I want it  
every second of every day!
XA - lol Nice!!!

XA - Can you give any advice to 
all the guys on how to date and keep
a "Hot Girl" like you?
Genesis- Do as she pleases! It's that simple ;)
XA - lol

XA - Now you are on one of the Hottest show on Telemundo 12 Corazones!!
How did you get the part playing Virgo?
Genesis- A friend referred me so that's how 
I got on the show!

XA - Tell us something about yourself that has nothing to do with modeling?
Genesis- I am a huuuge neat freak! I love love love to clean! My closet is color cordinated, my heel closet is color coordinated as well ;)
XA - lol

XA - Any kitchen skills you have?
Genesis- I'm learning how to cook 
little by little, I just learned how to
make eggs recently, haha.
XA - You're so Hot!!! The eggs should 
cook themselves lol

XA - You want to make your name Genesis a clothing brand. 
What would that dream mean for you?
Genesis- I would feel absolutely accomplished.

XA - Ok what do you have in the works coming soon, 
everyone need to look out for?
Genesis- More sexy photo shoots, 
music videos, and my very own website were
you can keep up with me 24/7 
XA - That's Great!! Keep me inform to let my viewers 
and your fans know.

XA - Give love to your fans 
and say something to the new ones?
Genesis- I love you all and hope to meet each 
and everyone of you!!!

XA - How many days a week do you workout to keep that body made for sin? lol
Genesis- At least 4 days a week!!

XA - Thong, boy shorts or big bloomers you have on 
while doing this interview? lol
Genesis- A thong, gotta keep it sexy.
XA - Hot!!!

XA - Is there a magic draw full of Adult toys 
or like Coco Cola only the real thing? lol
Genesis- Noooone whatsoever.
XA - Wow!! lol

XA - Thank you, Genesis Moreno for this interview.

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