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Xxotic Angels Special Feature Kamila Sulewska

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Measurements: 34C-25-32   
Height: 5'2"
Weight: 100 lbs
Eye: blue/green
Hair Color: dark brown/burgendy
Nationality: Polish
Birthday: November 20
Hometown: Chicago
Twitter: @Kamila1120

Booking Info:

Xxotic Angels Feature
Kamila Sulewska 

Interview by New York
photos courtesy of 
bersano, midwest ethnic models,
bartlomiejkurelia, , ,

XA - FellasI have for you a 2nd time
Chitown's Polish Beauty
Kamila Sulewska!!

XA - Welcome back to 
Xxotic Angels Beautiful!!!

XA - This is your second feature 
on Xxotic Angels!!
Kamila- Thank You for 
the nice welcome back :)
I'm very glad to be on here again!
You're making me feel special....heehee
XA - You are Special!! lol

XA - You are an repeat offender, how would you like to be punished
with Honey or Chocolate? lol
Kamila- I will get punish with chocolate yummy....drooling..
XA - lol

XA - So tell everyone what have you been doing 
since your last feature on  here in July 2011?
Xxotic Angels July 2011 Kamila Sulewska
Kamila- Since I have been featured on here before
I have been doing lots of shoots, working on my business,
& just busy busy busy!!

XA - I know you've been busy with your site right?
Let everyone know the name and more about it?
Kamila- Yes! My business is taking a long time to launch it involves
a lot of $ & time. Basically the name of the business is FREECAMHOTTIE.COM
you can check it out as we speak. Our site is up & soon we will be able to sign
everyone up! Basically the site has models that are on there & they interact 
with customers. The site is free to sign up on so you can check it out & see if you like it 
and if you do you can talk one on one with girls privately and see them, 
spend millions of money on them LOL!!
XA - lol if I'm on there that long I need to married the girl lmao

XA - Fans of yours are going to ask will you be on it?
Kamila- Hmmmmmmm good question.... if you sign up and once the site is
all the way done, you might catch me on there :)

XA - You have one of the Sexiest "Bodies"on the planet, 
what do you do to stay Hot?
Kamila- Awww you're too sweet thank you so so much! 
Well as far as my body goes I haven't worked out in about 3-4 months
so I basically do nothing! Just eat small portions...But that only last so long,
so I have to get my ass back to the gym so I'm not skinny & flabby!!

XA - Ok let's pretend you're single for the moment lol 
We are going to party for 2 weeks, name 3 cities we party in 
and how much sleep do we get in those 2 weeks?lol
Kamila- Ok if I was single & we went to 3 cities those would be:
Las Vegas, Miami, LA! Ok in LA we would probably actually get some sleep
cause I love to shop there, but the party scene kind of lame.
In Miami we probably wouldn't sleep much but somewhat! In Vegas there
would be no sleeping!!! PARTY HARDY ALL DAY ALL NIGHT!! :)
XA - How do you leave out New York? lol No Sleep In Vegas!! lol

XA - The most shots you've had in a night before 
you have to tap out from drinking? lol 
Kamila- Oh shots......WOW.... I can hang like a rockstar when it comes
to drinking, so that's a tricky tricky question but at least I'd say around 10??
XA - light weight lol joking I wonder if you ever woke up 
in Bangkok after a night of drinking lol

XA - Say something real sexy to me in Polish 
and tell me what it means? lol
Kamila- Honestly I speak fluent Polish but I never speak sexy/dirty in it HAHA!!
I'll stick to English on that one... It just doesn't sound the same I'm telling you!!
XA - więcej więcej piękna Kamila ty masz piękny tyłek .. lol 
Is my Polish right? lol To this Crazy American hearing a woman  speak Polish
sounds sexy to me lol (yes my translator is on repeat)

XA - You spent more money then you was suppose to, 
name 2 things you do for me so I won't be mad? lol
Kamila- I spend so much money but honey look how sexy
these shoes look on me with my lingerie! Want a dance?
XA - lmao you win Beautiful!!

XA - The last time a guy used a pick up line on you, 
that you just had to laugh at him? lol  Can you tell me what it was? lol
Kamila- Guys still hit on me all the time and always say how I'm perfect
and they would marry me in a heartbeat, which I think it's lame
because they don't even know me...
XA - lol Well some of us believe in love at first sight lol

XA - The song that get's you singing and dancing ever time it comes on? lol
Kamila- The song that gets me singing & dancing all the time is:
Loca People/Viva la Fiesta by Sak Noel... All day, all night, WTF?
That's how the song goes, love it. It's a jam at a night club.
XA - I wish I could see you sing this in a club lol

XA - Tell me what Kamila has coming up that we need to see?
Kamila- At the moment I'm concentrating on my business and I just
keep on shooting, hope to get into acting sometime soon. Also one of
my girlfriends will be on VH1 soon & you will definitely see me on there.
Filming has already started now...
XA - Wow that's great...

XA - Give some Kamila Love to all of your fans?
Kamila- Everyone Thank You for reading this I appreciate you all
and love every single one of you.
Love Kamila Xoxo

XA - What are you wearing right now that would turn everyone on? lol
Kamila- Right now I am wearing booty shorts & a tiny tank top chill & comfortable
XA - You're So Hot!! lol

XA - Last time you brought batteries for your when I lonely toy? lol
Kamila- Well I get the real deal at anytime so no need for toys heehee
XA - lol

XA - Do you like your nickname Kamizzle? lol
Kamila- Sure Kamizzle works for me! Your the only one that calls me that LOL!!
XA - Now you made me feel special lol

XA - You can only pick one of these pairs...Get Hot Shoes and have Bad Sex or 
Have Hot Sex and Get Bad Shoes for a whole year? lol
Kamila- Oh shit such touch choice cause I love my hot sex!
But I can't live with crappy looking shoes! It's a tie...
XA - lol there's no ties for this answer, but since you're "So Hot" you get a pass

XA - Ok so you're the last woman on earth and the planet has to be repopulated. 
You get to choose but the men that are left are: Fat Bastard from Austin Powers, 
Captain Jack Sparrow, or McLovin? lol
Kamila- Captain Jack Sparrow come my way
XA - lol

XA - You hang out one night with your girlfriend and at the same time 
you both wake up. You have her bra wrapped around your head 
and she has on your sexy panties backwards, what's the first thing you say? lol
XA - I'd say WTF?!
XA - LMAO!! You are too Beautiful!!

XA - Ok let me thank Super Hottie Kamila Sulewska for doing this interview with me!!
Hope the second time was just as fun for you Beautiful? lol
Kamila- Thank You so much for having me on here again
you're so sweet lots of XOXO your way baby!
XA - Awww Anytime Kamizzle Baby!!

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                                       KAMILA SULEWSKA

Xxotic Angels May Feature Janine Clark

Xxotic Angels Fan Page

Measurements: 30E-24-32
Height: 5'6"
Weight: 108 lbs

Eye Color: Green
Hair Color: Brown
Nationality: Scottish
Hometown: Glasgow
Twitter: @janineclark_x

Booking Info:

Xxotic Angels Feature
Janine Clark 

Interview by New York
photos courtesy of
NeilStewartPhoto, ZOO Magazine,
NUTS Magazine, FastPix,
Scottish Sun

video is courtesy of

XA - Fellas I'm So Excited!! 
to bring you the Amazingly 
UK Beauty Janine Clark!!!

XA - Welcome to Xxotic Angels!!!

XA - Give me the reason why you 
are an Xxotic Angel?
Janine- I think I'm the first Scottish girl to be 
an Xxotic Angel So I'm here to put Scotland on the glamour map!
XA - You sure are putting Scotland on the glamour map here Beautiful!!

XA - Now you are So Hot when I was looking at your photos
I dropped my dinner on the floor because of your beauty.
So I'm gonna need to know where we can meet up so 
we can have dinner? lol (Your beauty owes me dinner) lol
Do the fellas say silly chat up things to you a lot like that? lol
Janine- Definitively has to be nandos for dinner, I hate chat-up lines!
They don't work on me, the worst has got to be "are you wearing space pants?
Cause your ass is out of this world!!
XA - lol no I wouldn't used that one, but you do have a sexy bottom...

XA - I haven't been to the UK yet, if I came to visit you.
Where would you take this funny and crazy American, that I couldn't
stop telling everyone the fun I had with you? lol
Janine- I would take you shopping in Buchanan st, Nandos for lunch
and a night out with me and my girls that you will definitely wouldn't forget!!
XA - Yes I am so coming to the UK!! 

XA - Have you ever been to America? If yes where and if no
where in America would you first like to visit?
Janine- I've have not been to America, yet :( but would love to visit
New York, Las Vegas, Miami, Hollywood and Florida!!
XA - You said New York Yes!!! lol I can show you around..

XA - Tell me where you was born and raised in the UK?
Janine- Glasgow

XA - What were you like as a child growing up?
Janine- A proper Tomboy, I was always hanging  around with boys!
They make better friends than girls most of the time
XA - lol

XA - At what age did you stop playing with the boys
and did a little teasing the boys where you're from? lol
Janine- I would say around 15, I look like such a girlie girl,
but I'm a lad at heart <3
XA - the boys must of went crazy seeing you that summer lol

XA - Do you remember your first kiss? was it a boy or girl? lol
Janine- It was a boy, my first kiss was terrible, cringe!!
XA - lmao you are too Beautiful!!

XA - Did you always want to model or was there 
something else you wanted to do?
Janine- When I was younger I wanted to be a Vet, but I still don't
know what I want to do. Whatever I decide to do, I'll be my own boss!
XA - I hear that luv...

XA - How did you get started modeling?
Janine- I was approached by an agent at 17 and asked to get in touch
when I was 18. I went along to a casting and here I am now :)
XA - I think I can speak for all the guys saying " We're So Happy You Are" lol

XA - You've been in Nuts, ZOO, Flirt, FHM, Daily Sport, what is it
like being in some many magazines enjoyed by both men and women?
Janine- It's fun! I try to get involved as many things as possible, I even
have a part in a horror film as an extra and a music video later this year.
I would love to do a shoot abroad!!
XA - That's great keep us posted when the horror film and video comes out...

XA - You were in ZOO magazine's Real Girl Of the Year Aug 2010.
How excited were you knowing that you was pick to be Aug by ZOO magazine?
Janine- This was at the very start of my modeling career and to be in ZOO,
one of the biggest selling UK lads mags was amazing. Such a great experience,
look out for more appearances ;)

XA - Your first big break came from being in which magazine?
Janine- Nuts magazine, as a bedroom babe!!

XA - Have you ever been a Page 3 Girl yet?
Janine- Nope, I can't do Page 3 as my family don't actually
know I do topless modeling :P
XA - Oh My!! lol

XA - Tell me about being in the Scottish Sun?
Janine- My agent entered me into Miss Scotland 2011,
and I got a feature in "six of the best" I didn't know I  was published
until my friend called me :)

XA - Now you do sexy topless photos. Have you always been
comfortable showing your boobies?
Janine- Not at first, but it's only boobs!! You would see them on a beach
on holiday so why not mke it a regular occurrence?
XA - lol I love your way of thinking...I'll declare it now Boobs Day Every Day!! lol
Wait would us men get any work done?? Who cares lol

XA - Let everyone know what else that you've done in modeling?
Janine- I'm the face (and boobs) of liberette online lingerie website,
they sell loads of sexy lingerie and I love working with them!!

XA - Well the lads are all worked up over your Super Hot photos
and wondering if Janine has a fella or enjoying a little teasing fun with the boys?
Janine- I'm newly single, and keeping the single title for a good while yet!!
XA - Yes!! lol More Janine sexy photos..

XA - If you want a date with Janine Clark you first must what? lol
Janine- Not already have a girlfriend!! lol
XA - lol

XA - The funniest date I ever had and just wanted it to end was when? lol
Janine- I must be lucky as I've never glad a bad date :)

XA - Random: Is your sex drive crazy & fun 
like the UK movie Inbetweeners, there's a lot of lighting and thunder sounds 
or more like a silent movie just nice and quiet? lol
Janine- I have a high sex drive so I'd say crazy and fun, 
but nothing like the Inbetweeners movie.

XA - Which Janine Clark has more fun Blonde or Brunette Janine? lol
Janine- Blonde gets me more modeling work, but I prefer Brunette! Less hassle!

XA - How long do you wait before you "Horse and Cart" or "Raspberry"
around a fella you've been dating? lol 
(means fart or in women terms break wind around a man) lol
Janine- I would never fart in front  of a boy!!
XA - lmao Perfect!!

XA - I read that you say you are chatty. lol Is it a way to get over being nervous
or you're just a warm and friendly girl?
Janine- I would talk away to anyone, but sometimes that's a bad thing
because boys tend to ask me out when I just want to be friendly!
XA - Listen Beautiful!! If you sat there quiet you're So Hot they still 
will ask you out anyway luv lol

XA - What's new for Janine Clark we need to watch out for in 2012?
Janine- Various new shoots including my very own 2013 calendar later this year.
Also developing my new website too!

XA - Give love to all of the Janine Clark Fans old and new
and tell them how much they mean to you?
Janine- :-* thanks guys and girls! Much love xxx

XA - Does Janine cook or is she a master at ordering off the menu? lol
Janine- I love to cook, if there's something I can't cook I will learn!
I'm better at baking though, I'd make someone a good housewife one day.
XA - Waving hand up in the air ( pick me please) lol

XA - What does Janine do for fun when she wants to let her hair down?
Janine- I can always count on my girls to have a good night in or out,
full of banter and giggles!

XA - Thong or Boy shorts, bra or t-shirt you're wearing 
while doing this interview? lol
Janine- hot pants and a zipper ;)
XA - Nice Beautiful!!

XA - Do you love kissing girls, and tell me why you do? lol
Janine- I've kissed a few! They are much better at 
kissing than boys, sorry guys!
XA - lol 

XA - Any other naughty fun with girls 
or kissing is about how far you go?
Janine- kissing would be as far I think but never say never :)
XA - lol I hear that

XA - I read somewhere you like to wear no underwear is this true? lol
Janine- False! Half of my wardrobe is filled with lingerie, I like to wear sexy lingerie :)
XA - You are going to make a wonderful house wife some day  lol

XA - I would like to thank the Beautiful Janine Clark for this interview with me.
Hope it made you laugh and you had fun lol

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                     JANINE CLARK