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Xxotic Angels April Feature Mileena Hayes

Xxotic Angels Fan Page

Measurements: 3DD-23-40
Height: 5'3"
Weight: 115
Eye Color: Blue
Hair Color: Lt. Brown
Nationality: Multiethnic
Birthday: July 6th
Hometown: CT/NY
Twitter: @MileenaHaze

Booking Info:

Xxotic Angels Feature
Mileena Hayes

Interview by New York
photos courtesy of
Amy Postie, XXL magazine,
43 Studios, ImportEyeCandyStudios,
Smooth Magazine, 
Black Star photography,,  
Jose Rosado Joro Foto

videos courtesy of
Hustlers magazine,

XA - Fellas I'm So Excited to bring 
The Beautiful Mileena Hayes!!!

XA - Welcome to Xxotic Angels!!

XA - Give me the reason why you 
are an Xxotic Angel?
Mileena- I'm sexy, beautiful, 
exotic, confident and an Angel in disguise ;-)
XA - Yes you are all of those babygirl lol

XA - Now I see lots of Hot Curves ahead and I don't want 
to use any brakes lol You have a Amazing Body!!
Do the fellas say silly things to you a lot like that so you'll speak? lol
Mileena- Yes, I get it from both woman and men lol
XA - lol

XA - Tell me about where you were born and grew up at?
Mileena- I was born in Caquas, Puerto Rico, and grew up in CT.
XA - Viva La Puerto Rico!!  lol

XA - Was you a naughty one that an eye have to be kept on you? lol
Mileena- Yes! I was bad!! I would sneak out in the middle of the night, 
go party, come back, go to school like nothing ever happen....
Then do it again the next night. Till I got caught smh lol
XA - lol sounds just like me without the getting caught part lol

XA - Were you the girl the boys just came running after?
Mileena- Yes! I remember walking to the corner store and literally
having a line of cars with guys hollering at me, trying to talk to me.
It was insane. I couldn't believe it, something out of a movie.
Here I am 15 yrs old grabbing all this attention just by going two
blocks up the street. My brother called me Love Potion No. 9 LOL!!
XA - lmao that was a funny movie..You Go Beautiful!!

XA - Craziest thing a boy did in high school so that 
you would go out with him? lol
Mileena- I was working at Dunkin Donuts, when one of the boys from
my high school walked in with flowers and a box of chocolate, and asked me
if I could attend prom as his date lol! I said yes and he stayed there, hangin
out with me, until my shift was over. :)
XA - awww how romantic lol

XA - How did you get into modeling?
Mileena- My line was featured in a couple of fashion shows, were I was
approached as a model, not knowing I was one of the designers. I decided
to give it a shot and here I am :)
XA - And we are so happy you are here Beautiful!! lol

XA - One of your first features in a magazine was 
I B Concepts, can you remember that?
Mileena- Yes, I remember...... I think it was the first magazine I shot for,
I had a blast!! The magazine also featured my line for the first time.

XA - Look At You Now!! (Chris Brown voice) Let everyone know a
few of the things you've done?
Mileena- XXL Magazine, King Magazine,
Trey Songz ft. Fabolous "Say Aah" video (lead)
Red Cafe ft Fabolous "I'm Ill" video (lead)
Maxim and BET count down w/Lloyd

XA - From when you first started up until now, what's the one
thing you've learned in modeling?
Mileena- Trust No One
XA - I hear that Beautiful!!

XA - You also was the Covergirl for Smooth Magazine 2011 Calendar "Latina Edition"
How excited was you knowing you got the cover?
Mileena- I was teary eyed lol I was honored! Still am :)

XA - Now you have done a few music videos with some of my favorite Hip Hop Stars!!
What was it like working with 50 Cent, Redman, Methodman, 
and GhostFace just to name a few?
Mileena- It was an amazing experience! I mean these were artist I admire as musician
since middle school. I never would have thought in 100 years I would meet them alone
work with them. Honestly these pass couple of years been a blur....
I'm definitely blessed.

XA - Who was the funniest to work with on set, and did any of them give you advice
on being in the entertainment industry?
Mileena- Redman was the funniest, he had me laughing the whole time.
XA - lol

XA - Well everyone's all worked up over your Super Hot photos
and want to know the Big Question!! lol Is Mileena with someone
or enjoying a little teasing fun with the guys? lol
Mileena- No. I'm with no one... I'm focusing my time and energy on 
my career right now. But if someone comes and sweeps me off my feet 
I'm up for the ride ;-)
XA - Why does the song "If You Got a Fast Car" starts to enter my head lol

XA - Random: Is your sex drive like a title wave, there's a lot of big splashing water
and thunder like sounds or more like a silent movie just nice and quiet? lol
Mileena- I'm a Title Wave
XA - lol well ok now

XA - Thong or Boy shorts, Bra or T-shirt you're wearing 
while doing this interview? lol
Mileena- Thong and T-Shirt I hate wearing a bra...unless I have too
XA - That's Hot!! lol

XA - Favorite when I'm lonely Adult toy you use? lol
Mileena- That's a secret
XA - lol

XA - Does Mileena cook or is she the best at ordering 
off the delivery menu? lol
Mileena- I like to  go out and
XA - lol I hear you babygirl

XA - Name the one thing Mileena likes to do 
to entertain herself for fun?
Mileena- I love theme parks and carnivals. 
I can't get enough of the food and atmosphere. 

XA - Ok so tell everyone about your Hot Site!!
let us know all the goodies you have on it?
Mileena- Exclusive videos and photos, Live on Ustream, Behind the scenes footage,
Members Only Section, Updates, Store, Bio Profiles, and for the ladies
coming Fall 2012 Lingerie/Clothing line launch
XA - Wow that's Exciting!!

XA - What's new for Mileena Hayes we need to watch out for in 2012?
Mileena- Fellas: I will be lauching a Memebers Only Section 
on of nothing but Ultra Sexy videos 
and photos that will kick you off your seat! Xx
Ladies: I have my clothing line launching end of 2012 on
where I'll be featuring lingerie pieces, sexy dresses and jeans.

XA - Give love to all of the Mileena Hayes Fans old and new?
Mileena- I appreciate all the support and love you give me!
It means the world to me! Without you there's no me.
I love you all! Thank You Xx

XA - I would like to thank the Beautiful Mileena Hayes!! 
for this interview with me, hope it made you laugh and you had fun like I did. lol

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Xxotic Angels April Feature Mia Lynn

Xxotic Angels Fan Page

Measurements: 34C - 26 - 33
Height: 5'2"
Weight: 108 lbs

Eye Color: green
Hair Color: brunette
Nationality: French Canadian/ Irish
Birthday: August 9
Hometown: NH
Twitter: @xmialynnx

Booking Info:

Xxotic Angels Feature
Mia Lynn

Interview by New York 
photos courtesy of
LionFish, Pradofoto, Alvah,
Random Arts photography,
Inkwell photography,
One Eye Black Jack photography

XA - Boys do I have a Hottie!!
Meet Beauty Mia Lynn!!!

XA - Welcome to Xxotic Angels!!!

XA - Share with me the reason why 
you are an Xxotic Angel?
Mia- I was asked to be one :-)

XA - You're a dessert to 
a man's eyes Beautiful!! lol
There's no such thing has 
a sugar free diet if someone's with you 
Where you live do the guys always try and get you to laugh, so maybe they 
can get to talk with you? lol
Mia- Not really, everyone pretty much knows me 
so they just say hi Mia!!
XA- Well Hi Mia!! lol

XA - New Hampshire is where you were born and raised.
Tell me about your growing up there?
Mia-  It's a small place, everyone pretty much knows everyone.
It's nice here, but I'd rather move. I hate the winters 
and everything closes so early..California is where I wanna go.

XA - What was high school like for you?
Mia- High School was definitely something... I was complete nerd 
and everyone made fun of me. I had maybe 5 close friends..
yea LOL high school is something I wouldn't wanna do again haha
XA - I bet they all want to be your friends now Beautiful!! 

XA - Party Girl with the Hot girlfriends 
or Shy Girl who always study? lol
Mia- A little in between, I like to go out with my friends 
but we aren't super crazy we just like to have fun. I also like my down time 
where I can just curl up in bed with my kitty and watch tv. So I'm not really 
a party animal or shy girl.

XA - Your first high school party 
that you let yourself go wild? lol
Mia- No, my first high school party was kinda lame. I couldn't wait to leave haha
everyone was sitting and was awkward...
XA - lol

XA - At what age did Mia become boy curious 
and give a peek of the boobs but no touching them? lol
Mia- I was always boy curious... I've been chasing boys since 1st grade,
but I think it was middle school where I gave a quick peek to a boy.

XA - Was you the beauty all the boys wanted to take to 
the junior & senior prom? lol
Mia- Actually no... I was never asked to junior or senior prom so I never went to either.
I stayed home. I didn't go out cause all my friends were at prom.
XA - Awww I would of took you to your prom...

XA - Craziest thing you did during your younger days 
in New Hampshire that you are still known for? lol
Mia- Hmm... I don't think I'm really known for anything. 
I was always the quiet shy girl when I was younger.

XA - If I came to visit you in New Hampshire where would you take me
that I will never forget the fun I had with you?
Mia- I would definitely take you out for a whole day and night 
with my friends. We never have a dull moment, if we had a camera crew 
following us we would end up on comedy central.
XA - lol

XA - Ok now you have been modeling for 5 years, and you got 
your start by a photographer asking you to shoot with him.
Did you think at first he was someone just hitting on you? lol
Mia- No, he was with a group of photographers. He just asked me if I
would like to shoot sometime and I said sure. He wasn't weird or creepy about it.
XA - Well we're glad you did lol

XA - Did you shoot any bikini's or thongs with him? lol
Mia- I did, I've always had an obsession with glamour photography

XA - How long did it take you before you shoot bikini's, thongs,
or implied with a photographer? lol
Mia- My first shoot!! Haha
XA - You fast beginner you lol

XA - Let everyone know what you have been publish in,
and some of the other things you've done?
Mia- I've been publish in the Hippo, Shutterbug magazine, 
and 93x hot chick of the day March 1st

XA - How did you feel being 93X Hot Chic of the Day?
Mia- It was great, I met a few more people on Facebook and my feature
came out really nice. I was very pleased :-)

XA - When you're doing a photo shoot how do you get ready,
meaning do you listen to music, read anything 
or just keep it quiet and relax?
Mia- First comes breakfast, packing, then hair and makeup. After I'm ready
I always jam out to music. Music definitely gets me going :-)

XA - You shoot some Amazing implied pics, 
have you always been comfortable with your body and how do you 
keep that Hot body of yours in such terrific shape?
Mia- Yes, I love taking sexy photos. Glamour photography is my top interest.
Honestly I'm always running around, whether it's running errands, working,
or trying to get my room cleaned. So I'm constantly going. I always try to eat healthy.
I absolutely loooove salads. I eat fruit and salads like there's no tomorrow haha
but I still do eat my cheese fries...I can never say no to cheese fries.
XA - lol Now I know what to have for you if we ever shoot together lol

XA - Well all of the fellas have been going crazy over your Super Hot pics!!! lol
So I'm asking, I mean they are asking lol Does Mia have someone McLovin her
or just teasing the boys every now and then? lol
Mia- No boy for me. I enjoy being single, I like having my freedom to 
do what I want, when I want, and how I want. Plus there are too many boys 
and girls to pick just one for now..
XA - My Oh My!1 We have learned something new here lol

XA - Do you have a type you like to date or long as the guy knows
how to dress himself he has a chance for your company? lol
Mia- I really love people who know how to just be themselves. Someone who can
just have fun and let loose. But I also like them to be determined and be able to 
get things done. And be respectful to people is a must.

XA - Mia's one dating rule that can never be broken? lol
Mia- Dating people that have been with your friends. If you've been with 
one of my friends or someone I know and talk to.. the answer is no.
XA - Gotta love a girl who's loyal to her friends...

XA - Last time you had a girlfriend make up a fake emergency 
to get you out of a bad date, and what was the excuse? lol
Mia- I don't go on dates so I really never ran into that problem. I'm very honest,
if I don't wanna go out with you I'll just tell you.

XA - Which describes your sex drive best.
A Great Sports game, A Great movie, or a Great song? lol
Mia- A great song

XA - Last time you had to tell a guy my eyes are up here? lol
Mia- LOL, a lot haha, but I think the most recent was on a Wednesday when I went 
out to eat with my friend Matt
XA - lol

XA - A man 5 minute man with great foreplay 
or a man who last long with bad foreplay.
Which one do you choose? lol
Mia- A man with bad foreplay...I can do foreplay, he just needs to preform..
XA - He I hear you Beautiful!! (Michael Jackson Dance) lol

XA - Have you ever entered a Bikini Contest before?
Mia- I have not

XA - Since you first started up to now, what have you learn
in modeling that you had no idea before?
Mia- A lot, watching someone do it and actually doing it is a lot different. 
Posing can be painful but you goota fake it. There's always going to be girls trying 
to get what you wanna get. It's a very tough industry to make it in. But if you're 
determined enough I believe anyone can do it.

XA - You say your modeling goals are endless, share with me some
of the things in modeling that you want to accomplish?
Mia- Magazines, clothing lines, everything haha!!

XA - If you had to choose between keeping your 
smart phone or something with Hello Kitty which wins? lol
Mia- My phone!! I can't go anywhere without my phone. I dropped down in a mosh pit
for my phone when my friend dropped it. People moshing, kicking, punching....
that didn't stop me. I got my phone and didn't get hurt :)
XA - lol I would of love to have seen that...

XA - In your bio to me you say you love music. What is it about
music that you love so much?
Mia- Music expresses how you feel. It can change your mood and it's always good
to have when your out. Nothing is better then a good song to listen to.
XA - I agree with you on that luv...

XA - What types of music do you like to listen to?
Mia- All kinds, but definitely more of a rock/ alt rock girl

XA - Song you sing in the shower every time? lol
Mia- I don't sing haha.. never have and it's probably best that way
XA - lol I wish  I could sing and many wish I would stop trying...

XA - Give me an example of you being dorky, cause I can't believe you are? lol
Mia- I just do my thing. I don't care what people say or what's cool or not cool.
I just do what makes me happy. I'm a huge hello kitty fanatic and everyone picks
on me for it but I love hello kitty..

XA - Does Mia cook or is it Taco Bell 3 times a week? lol
Mia- Salads are my specialty ;) but I do enjoy cooking. Fast food isn't really my thing..
I really don't like fast food...

XA - You said one of the things you do for fun is shopping.
Example to me how shopping can be fun? lol
Mia- I love lingerie shopping. I have so much lingerie. I don't even have enough
space to store it. Hello Kitty has taken over my room. Clothes, shoes, 
I'm a complete girly girl. I love clothes, shoes, hello kitty, and lingerie.
XA - lol

XA - Any physical actives beside sex that you do to have fun? lol
Mia- I like to take walks. I really enjoy just walking and enjoying 
the scenery on a warm day.

XA - Tell me what's next for Mia that we need to keep our eyes on?
Mia- I never know...I just keep doing what I do and hope for the best,
but I never give up. I keep trying to get where I want to be.

XA - Time to give love to all the Mia Lynn fans and blow kisses
to the new ones checking you out that might be shy? lol

XA - During this interview what are you wearing now 
that would turn me on? lol
Mia- My robe, I just got out of the shower haha I need to start getting ready
and get my errands done..
XA - Hot Beautiful!!

XA - Tell me what would happen if me with you 
and your girlfriends hang out one night? lol
Mia- Just a good time. Probably hit the bars and just enjoy the night.
XA - I would love that

XA - Name something in your fridge right now, 
you have used once during foreplay? lol
Mia- Nothing... my fridge is empty, I need to get some food today

XA - Last time you changed batteries for your when I'm lonely Adult toy? lol
Mia- 2 days ago
XA - Nice!! lol

XA - Why do girls love boobs just as much as guy are even more? lol
Mia- Because they're fun to play with :-)
XA - Hot lol

XA - I would like to thank Beautiful Mia Lynn 
for this interview with me, hope it made you laugh and you had fun? lol

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