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Xxotic Angels July Feature Pamela Jean Noble

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Measurements: 32-27-33
Height: 5'7"
Weight: 120

Eye Color: Green
Hair Color: Black
Nationality: Mixed
Birthday: July 2, 1988
Hometown: ontana, CA
Twitter: @pamelajean01

Booking Info:

Xxotic Angels Feature
Pamela Jean Noble

Interview by New York
photos courtesy of
Krystle Lina, Fred Love photo,
James Cavanaugh ,
MyPhotography, Envious Studios,
Flip magazine, Johnny Web,
Fighters Only Magazine,
Jeffery Craig, Jim Morris,
Brian Johnson, ,
Pe Photografia, James Law, 
Hugh Nargoyen, 
Trent Sherill, Bryant Lambert,
Nicole Caldwell, Sullen Angels, 

XA - Fellas Meet Beautiful!!!
Pamela Jean Noble!!! 
Pamela- ;)

XA - Welcome to Xxotic Angels!!!
Pamela- Thank you! Excited to be
on this amazing list!

XA - Tell all of us the reason why
you are an Xxotic Angel?
Pamela- I think now that I've embraced my naturally dark hair
I definitely look more exotic. And there's a little bit of angel
and devil in everyone ;)

XA - Your eyes and lips are So Sexy!!
You make grown men have dreams about you like they still was in high school lol 
Do guys say crazy things to get you to talk to them? lol
Pamela- Sometimes lol but that kind of stuff doesn't work on me
just a simple hey what's our name is best. I'm not in high school anymore

XA - You're in  San Bernardino, Ca.  were you born and raised there?
Pamela- I was born in San Bernarino but I was raised in fontana until
I was 20 then I brought my house in San Bernardino.

XA - Tell me about your childhood growing up?
Pamela- Well I lived in Fontana but I went to a private christian school
in orange until high school, then I went to Kaiser in Fontana. Besides that
I was always leaving school for auditions or to be on set.

XA - In your bio, you said you was a huge tomboy. 
Does this mean that you use to beat up the boys? lol
Pamela- ha when I was little yes! I used to play rough. I remember in
middle school I knocked the wind out of my buddy David in football
and he was pissed!! I hope he's not reading this right now lol

XA - Was you the pretty girl the boys love chasing 
and playing tag with? lol
Pamela- I was not! I was a huge dork when I was little the whole nine yards:
glasses, gap in my teeth, didn't know how to do hair or make up, 
the last girl to mature, and never had a boyfriend!! But I think my boyfriend 
likes the way I turned out...
XA - I bet he does lol

XA - What age did Pamela start playing you show me yours
and I'll show you mines with the fellas? lol
Pamela- I was a late bloomer with all that and it wasn't my priority,
acting and sports were. I never even thought about that stuff in high school.

XA - Did you party a lot going through high school and college?
Pamela- Yes and no. I was always let into the clubs in LA before I was of age
so I never really thought much of partying. I went to Club 17 (15-18) when I
was 13, the 18 and over clubs when I was 16, and 21 and over when I was 18
Cabana, Les Duex. My parents always trust me and they let me do what I wanted
within reason if I was responsible. So I never really got that urge to be a wild child.

XA - Craziest thing you did back then
that you are still known for? lol
Pamela- Nothing seriously lol I would go out but I was never the
daredevil of the groups. I leave that to my outdoor activities.
XA - lol

XA - If I came to visit you in San Bernardino, were would be the first place
you take me that I would enjoy seeing?
Pamela- I go on hikes with my dogs and the bf. You can see everything.
It's so peaceful and makes you appreciate a place many people don't.

XA - So tell me how did you get into modeling?
Pamela- It was not my choice. A make up artist who had worked on me
for a music video had taken a picture of her work and had it in her portfolio.
She said people were always asking about me but she didn't know what to say
since I didn't model. She set up my entire first shoot and the rest is history..

XA - Tell me a little bit about what you remember about your
first photo shoot and the things you can laugh at now? lol
Pamela- I just remember all the other girls getting their hair and make up done
and thought they look so pretty and glamorous. I've never been one to think
I'm sexy or anything, I'm just a girl who can take good pictures. It's crazy now
to see some of my pictures and to think what i thought. I have had some pretty
amazing make up artists and hair stylist who have even surprised me with the
way I look sometimes!
XA - You Are Hot!! Just thought I should let you know that lol

XA - Let everyone know a few of the things you've done in modeling?
Pamela- I've been featured in Fighters Only International, Tattoo magazine,
FHM, Tapout Magazine, Niteguide, Locale, Skinnie. I've been on 2 billboards
and modeling  has taken my travels to as far as Australia for shoots.

XA - Ok so tell me when did you start to think about modeling full time,
cause we love your Amazing Body and glad you're showing it off to us? lol
Pamela- I started modeling full time when I graduated college December 2010.
I was finally done and nothing could restrict my time anymore so I went for it!

XA - Tell me about doing Tap Out magazine 
and how excited you were to do it?
Pamela- I was stoked when it finally happen! I modeled for Tapout
for about a year and a half so when I was finally told I felt it was such an honor!
I loved working with that company and it was nice to kinda pay it forward in a way.

XA - Where did the shoot for Tap Out magazine take place?
Pamela- Some of the shots were taken at a pool in Anaheim Hills but most
were done at a warehouse in Long Beach. Evolve Photography is pretty amazing
and he helped with making the shots beautiful and gritty all at the same time!
The plane shot was at a airbase in southern CA.

XA - Are you a Big MMA Fan? Who is your Favorite MMA Fighter?
Pamela- Yes I am. I used to be a better mma fan because when I modeled for
Tapout I was at all the fights. Now there's a lot of times I'm not free to watch
them unfortunately but  I still love it nonetheless. Choosing a favorite fighter
is way too hard though. I hate this question because I've had the pleasure to
interview a lot of them so I have my favorites based on personality and on
perseverance and training.

XA - Would you ever be an MMA Fighter and go against 
some of the women amateurs?
Pamela- You know I thought about it a couple of times because
people told me to pursue it. But fighting isn't easy. It requires 120% dedication
and commitment. If I did that I would basically have to give up acting and modeling 
and I'm not willing to do that.

XA - Ok I'll settle for jello wrestling 
with another Hot girl like you. Can that happen? lol
Pamela- haha who knows what the future holds.

XA - Have you learned any MMA moves for the bedroom? lol
Pamela- I trained  in kick boxing for quite a while with 2 really good coaches
and am a black belt in Tae Kwon Do, but the bedroom is a different place
where I don't think most moves are quite suitable lol

XA - Now let me get this right. I understand you're the first
non tattoo model to be featured in Tattoo magazine right?
Pamela- That's what I've been told. I was featured with the Sullen Angels
and Jeremy one of the owners of Sullen told me that. Apparently that concept
took off because it's on my IMDB now under trivia lol

XA - How did that happen? lol And do you have any tattoos now?
Pamela- Well Sullen is a very tattoo inspired company and I was one of
their original 4 models so they featured me with them. They all had tattoos
except for me. I now have one tiny one on my left forearm that says
passion in Egyptian hieroglyphics.  

XA - You also an actress, when did you start to take an interest in acting?
Pamela- I had an interest as a little girl. I was about 4 when I pointed at the
tv and said I want to do that! I've been doing it off an on since then. I went
to regular high school and college though instead of getting my GED so that
slowed things down a lot for me.

XA - Who are some of the actors that you watch that inspires you 
when you watch their movies?
Pamela- I would love to do some action flicks like Angelina Jolie I've always
felt I can fit in with a lot of her roles, I also love Sandra Bullock she's that goofy
sweet lady that reminds me of my personality as well. My end goal is to be somewhat
of a Johnny Depp though. He does everything! From kids movies, to funny, to serious,
to horror, and character acting!! You can't beat that!
XA - No you can't (Captain Jack's voice) lol

XA - Pamela the guys are acting like prisoners locked away from society for years
and are drooling over your Amazing Hot pics. I want to know, I mean they lol
want to know if you have your own boobs technician to cuddle with
or single having fun being free? lol
Pamela- I have a boyfriend =] Sorry boys I was on the market
for 3 years so you had a chance

XA - One rule Pamela has about dating a guy that we might find funny? lol
Pamela- If he takes longer to get ready than me
or is too "pretty" that's a no go with me.
XA - lmao yeah I'm with you on that one lol

XA - If you were to compare your sex drive to one of these. 
Which one would it be. A Great Song, A Great Picture, or A Great Sports Game? lol
Pamela- A great sports game
XA - Yes!! lol

XA - I give you a camera to take home and say make a sexy video for your fans.
On the table is a bucket of ice, caramel sauce, or baby oil.
Which one do you use and give your video a tittle? lol
Pamela- Baby oil. What's Noble about that?
XA - lol I like the name of your video...

XA - Tell me about your site what are some of 
the exciting things on there everyone must see?
Pamela- I update it about once a month you can see pics from my first shoots
to recent ones and all my magazine publications. Theres also some videos 
and links to all my sites.
XA - That's Hot!!

XA - What's new that you have coming up, 
we need to be on the look out for?
Pamela- I have a new feature in FHM coming out and a spread 
in Glam Jam Magazine in June that's pretty hot!

XA - Say something to all your fans that love you and to 
the new ones who just found out about you?
Pamela- I appreciate everyones support and couldn't be more grateful.  
I answer everyone so feel free to drop me a line and I'll get back to you.

XA - Also you sing, how long have you been singing?
Pamela- I started singing when I was 4. I've been featured on  
a couples albums.  Ideally I'd love to sing country but the music industry 
is harder then the one I'm already in so =/

XA - I like doing karaoke so if you were to sing karaoke
what song could you sing in a heartbeat? lol
Pamela- Carrie Underwoods Good Girl. My new favorite song. Just saw her 
perform in New York. It was bittersweet. Shes so amazing but I couldn't 
help feeling that I wish it was me up there. 

XA - Can Pamela cook and what does she make the best?
Pamela- Yes but I don't like to lol. I guess best would probably be baking. 
I can make some wonderful cookies, cakes, pastries, etc when I want to!
XA - Oh yes I love all of the above baked by you please lol

XA - What do you do to entertain herself for fun?
Pamela- I like outdoorsey things which is why my bf is perfect for me. 
We went zip lining and repelling down waterfalls, we've snorkeled, 
we want to go shark cage diving that stuff is what makes me happy. 
XA - I'm a land kind of guy, so no sharks for me lol

XA - What are you wearing that's sexy right now while doing this interview? lol
Pamela- A pink tank top and black boy shorts
XA - Oh my yes Beautiful!!

XA - Why do girls love boobs just as much as guy are even more? lol
Pamela- Because they make a women feel sexy

XA - Is there a naughty Pamela toy box or draw? lol
Pamela- No I don't need one

XA - Who has more fun Blonde Pamela or Brunette Pamela? lol
Pamela- Brunette Pamela she feels more sassy.

XA - I would like to thank Beautiful Pamela Jean Noble for this interview with me, 
hope it made you laugh and you had have fun? lol
Pamela- Yes of course! Thank you so much!

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