Friday, April 15, 2011

Xxotic Angels April Feature Natalie Marie

Measurements: 34dd 24 38
Height: 5'5
Weight: 125
Eye Color: dark brown
Hair Color: brown
Nationality: full italian :)
Birthday: 7/30/85 leo
Hometown: Warren, Ohio
Twitter @0nataliemarie0

Booking Info:

Xxotic Angels April Feature
Natalie Marie

Interview by New York

XA - Finally Natalie Marie Is in 
The Building!! lol 
Welcome to Xxotic Angels Luv!!!  
Natalie- thank u sorry i've been busy
XA - That's good you're busy
and I have you now Babygirl!!
So I'm Happy!! lol

XA - How has things been going 
for you Beautiful? 
Natalie- I'm good thanks :)

XA -  Where are you from and was 
you born and raised there? 
Natalie- I am from ohio... was born there 
but was raised in ohio, pittsburgh 
and new jersey

XA - Growing up was you one of 
the boys favorite? 
Natalie- Haha ya .... always been one of the boys was an athlete growing up, so the boys have always showed me love i definitely developed faster than 
the other girls lol
XA - lol I would of been running
after you too.

XA -  You recently made the move to the Big Apple why? 
Natalie- wanted a change of scenery i sure got it... ny is amazing i still have my place there... but back in vegas for right now... that weather this past winter was 
not the business 

XA - You've done some major stuff  Playboy, American Curves, Maxim Espanol, The Source Digital Dime,
 Hip Hop Weekly, Lowrider, Girls of Lowrider.... etc. 
How long have you've been modeling? 
Natalie- On n off 4 yrs i should be further along in my career but i didnt take it too serious i've never even been to an audition or casting ... i dont work for an agency... or have a manager so almost everything
i've done i've gotten myself

XA -  How did you kick start 
your modeling career? 
Natalie- I won this contest in vegas called 
"The Hot 100"  the winner got 15gs n that just so happened to be me... that opened a lot of doors

XA - Can you remember your 
first photo shoot?  
Natalie- haha ya wow we wont talk about that let's just say i've came along way... as u should every shoot should be better than the last

XA - What didn't you know then, 
that you know now? 
Natalie- So much, i learn something new every shoot, every photographer, i like to grow and strive to be better. 

XA - Alright now you got all the guys at  attention the question is are you single? 
Natalie- no i'm not, i rarely am... so catch me if u can!

XA -  Freak'em song that if this
 is play dude's in trouble for the night? lol 
Natalie- hmmm i dunno im pretty hood with my music choices so maybe some old school keith sweat classic.
XA - Wow!! I'm so surprise
by the choice lol

XA - Is that how you keep that Hot body of yours in shape, by working out?  
Natalie- oh jeez well i fluxuate a lot in my weight but i am a personal trainer and 
i do have a trainer ... my downfall i eat whatever i want whenever i want
XA - Lucky you lol

XA - How many times a week 
do you work out? 
Natalie- A lot it's part of my daily routine 
atleast 4 but 5-6 is ideal

XA - Away from modeling what do you do
for funor to relax? 
Natalie- i love to travel it's my passion. i like learning about other people and their culture and history it intrigues me... i'm very into my italian heritage so
i'd luv to go this year to italy

XA - Now I want to talk about this 
Lingerie Convention. lol 
How did this happen 
and where was this at? lol 
Natalie- not a big deal it's in vegas just a lot of lingerie n skinny girls i worked a booth and did a fashion show.... but i'd rather go to a strip club the girls are hotter
XA - lol me too 

XA - Do you wear lingerie and what type do you prefer? 
Natalie- anything that looks good, i try all different types... i have soo much and 
it must match a pet peev of mine. 
Normally a bra garder n thong
XA- Nice!!!

XA - Is that what you are wearing 
while you're doingthis Q&A now? lol 
Natalie- no i'm in my gym clothes
XA - Still Hot!!! 

XA - So you was a spokesmodel
for Royal Blunts? 
Natalie- ya they are cool... 
i prefer swishers
XA - White Owl or Dutch puff puff pass lol 

XA - How many boxes of Blunts you have at home? lol 
Was you a fan of prop 19 in Cali? 
Natalie- haha i had a serious stash but i ran thru that a long time ago... 
of course LEGALIZE IT!!!
XA - That's what I've been saying lol

XA  -  Give love to all of Natalie Marie fans and say hello to the new ones?
Nataile- for the followers and fans thank you for the support much luv xoxo

XA - I know you have a video you did with the artist President and Jim Jones, 
what else you have coming up? 
Natalie- yes my first video... well actually my first issue of Playboy 
comes out next week :)

XA - Random: Is your sex drive like flashing lights of the night life of the city
or like the traffic in the city with yellow cabs moving nowhere? lol
Natalie- Im a big city girl flashing lights baby!
XA - lol

XA - I would like to thank Natalie Marie for this interview,
if you want more of her check these links out.

XA - After doing this interview with Natalie Marie she later informed me
that she just got the cover of Playboy's Vixens!!!
Congratulations Beautiful!!!
Make sure you pick up your copy at news stands

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Thursday, April 14, 2011

Xxotic Angels April Feature Charlie Miranda

Measurements: 36D;29;41
Height: 5'6
Weight: 165
Hair Color: BLACK
Birthday: 7-04-87
Hometown: NEWARK

Xxotic Angels Feature 
Mizz Charlie

Interview by New York

XA - Hello Luv, I want to  thank you
for this interview. 
Charlie- No problem, your welcome :)

XA - I first want to say you are Beautiful!! 
What's the first thing you get complemented on when someone see's you the first time? 
Charlie- Lol umm I guess my face! I usually get " Omg your beautiful" !!

XA - So you're a jersey girl?
Do you fist pump? 
Charlie- Hell yes!!! haha
XA -lol

XA - Where you born and
raised in jersey? 
XA - Newark (Brick City)

XA - At what age did you get boy crazy or didn't pay them any mind? 
Charlie- Never was really boy crazy, I usually played them lol
XA - lmao Bad Girl hmmm

XA - The first place you take me to in jersey if I've never been? 
Charlie- Probably Hoboken, I like to go there and walk around, look at
the view of NY.

XA - What got you into modeling? 
Charlie- I've always been photogenic & I love photography.

XA - How was your first time in front
of the camera? 
Charlie- I was a little nervous at first but then i got comfortable & realized it came naturally. :)

XA - I read in your bio that you do painting, sculpting, graphic design, photography? 
You are multitalented lol What spark your interest in all these fields? 
Charlie- I've always been artistically inclined, when I was young I always did arts & crafts. I got accepted into an ART highschool & learned how to sculpt, paint etc I'm pretty good at it lol

XA - Hardest question of this interview, guys fingers are crossed. 
Are you single or is there some lucky dude you with? 
Charlie- I'm not single at the moment lol sorry guys :(

XA - What kind of guy does  like? 
Charlie- I don't really have a type but I prefer interesting, smart & funny guys.

XA - Random: Is your sex drive like fast and the furious or a traffic jam on the New Jersey turnpike moving nowhere?lol 
Charlie- LMAO that's funny. Well its not a traffic jam lol But it all depends on the guy, if I have that vibe with you then its on, if your whack then we're not even going to go there lol

XA - What does  Mizz Charlie do when she's not modeling and need fun? 
Charlie- I go out with my friends, have a couple of drinks & dance! 

XA - Show some love to all of your fans out there? 
Charlie- I love & appreciate all of my fans, w/o them I wouldn't be doing this!

XA - What do you have coming up that you want us to watch out for? 
Charlie- I have a few features on some websites, some parties I will be hosting, videos, and a calendar for next year!!

XA - So you like to be goofey at times, what the goofiest thing you've done that you can tell us? lol Charlie- Oh boy, umm i'm goofy 24/7 what don't I do haha I take really crazy pictures, I make silly videos with my friends, I do it all! Can't really explain you just have to know me to 
witness this mess lol

XA - What can you do that
most pretty girls can't? 
Charlie- Well I hope being pretty isn't just what females depend on, but I am very artistic & multi talented! I don't only rely on my looks, I'm very smart. I can do pretty much anything 
i set my mind to!

XA - You have a few  tattoos how many? 
Charlie- I have 8 right now but I want a few more :)
XA - I have to catch up I only have 2 lol

XA - What are you wearing while doing this interview?  
Charlie- #nice question lol Zebra print boy shorts & a tank top ;)
XA - lol trying to have a mini fantasy here

XA - Do you watch adult movies or have any toys? 
Charlie- I don't have any toys but I do enjoy a good brazilian porn once in a while! 
Their butts are just beautiful haha
XA - I have to agree with you on that one lol

XA - Rate your freak level from 1- 20?
Charlie- ... Hmm i would say 17  I get down, but there's just certain things I will NOT do! 

XA - What do you wear that anytime a dude see you in it, he saids Damn?lol 
Charlie- I'm really not one to dress flashy, i'm very simple! Less is more to me, but a nice form fitting dress & heels or even leggings with a t shirt! I always get  a "damn" 
no matter what I put on lol
XA - lol

XA - Tell me a Steamy Fantasy that you want to happen that hasn't yet for you? 
Charlie-A beautiful woman with a nice ass cleaning my house
in some underwear, oh yea lol 
XA - lmao I feel you on that one Beautiful!!

XA - I would like to thank Mizz Charlie for this interview, if you want 
more of her check these links out. 

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Sunday, April 10, 2011

Xxotic Angels April Feature Elisha

Measurements: 34f-26-42
Height: 5"7
Weight: 10.10 stone(141lbs)
Eye Color: brown
Hair Color: black
Nationality: british 
Birthday: 18th july 1986 

Hometown: la coruna,spain 
Twitter @iloveleesh

Booking Info: 

Xxotic Angels Feature 
Elisha - iloveleesh

Interview by New York 

XA - Hello Elisha, welcome to Xxotic Angels!!! How's everything are you bobbish?
Elisha- Hello Im well thankyou lol lol lol Bobbish what does that that usa slang....hold on let me google what it means lol ohhhhhhh hahahaha I just checked what it means....well .....I am very bobbish thankyou :P 
XA - lol that was your slang from london

XA - Can I first say Wow You are Incredible!!!! You put the Wo in Woman lol Do you get that when people see you for the first time? lol
Elisha-  I get you look like an 18 year old or your a lot thinner in real life :S lol lol lol geeeee ummmm thanks lol lol maybe its because I have no makeup on and have curly hair on my days off...what I do get people saying though is the fact they are suprised at how chilled out and laid back I am when they are around me.....someone even said 
I am very quiet lol lol and I thought now thats a lie lol
XA - lol  

XA - So how did you get into modeling?
Elisha- Gosh 7 years in and I have to think.....oh yes lol pushy mother and aunt...they used to go on andddddd on at me so I gave in lol lol after months of nagging I wanted to play 
soccar (soccer) not model lol lol 

XA - What do you like the most about model?
Elisha-I guess being creative and trying out different styles with lighting, hair, clothing and makeup and going into to the shoot as a blank canvas and then after tranforming into something....I like the whole production of it all and seeing the end product.

XA - Tell us a little bit of what 
you've done? 
Elisha- I still think I have not done much as a model. I always pressure myself to do more but living in the uk and being an ethnic model or a curvy model its like its frowned upon here and urban models have no forms of output to be in mags etc. It's pretty hard out here to do any modeling that gets published. I have spent the last years fustrated thats why I thought fuck it Im going to do my own website. 
As all our mags over here have thin, white, fake tits and blonde models which is soooo annoying as they 
all look the same. 
XA - Well we love you in 
the USA Beautiful!! Ny Luv Always!!

XA - Where are you from in England?
Elisha- I am from the west midlands/birmingham the further up north 
of england you go the more friendly the people are.

XA - I've never been to England where 
would you take this crazy 
american first? lol
Elisha-  I would say the british countryside.....I would take you to an english country pub with a open log fire and we would have a tradtional sunday roast dinner together then after we would go clay pigeon shooting and for a nice country walk in the forest.....
good ole british fresh air.
XA - I'm ready to do that one lol That's sounds like a good time!!

XA - What were you like growing up ?
Elisha-if I am honest a lil madem I was always very head strong and I was always with my boy cousins playing teenage mutent ninja turtles lol 
lol I used to call my mum april o'neil lol I wasnt a very girly mum said, I was always covered in mud and my dad built me a bird avery and I spent all my time in there with my finches he bought for me at one time. I had 30 birds I always have loved wildlife and nature....
I am really boring I am not this wild model people assume I am.
XA -lol you played teeneage mutent 
ninja turtles.

 XA - At what age were you when you first started noticing boys?
Elisha- 24 lol lol lol joke urmmmmm about 14 or 15 I really wasn't that fussed 
because I was so into sports.
XA - lol

XA - Did they always chase you?Lol
Elisha- I have nooooo idea I am pretty useless at this kind of stuff lol 
this is Why I have been single 
for 4 years now lol
XA - lol  

XA - The fellas are reading this 
question very closely lol 
Are you attached to any one or 
just having fun?lol

Elisha- neither trust me I have cobwebs. lmfao Im a hermit I leave the house when I have to. Trust me if I didnt have to go out I would never leave. Thats why I want to start growing my own herbs and vegtables....I am a typical country girl.
XA - lol  

XA - The kind of guy that Elisha 
goes for is?
Elisha- Any that have a good personality and a guy that has a really nice attitude towards family as thats really important to me that the guy I choose to be with is comfortable around my family and joins in as I would be the same with his family....and omg he has to like food and minded also 

XA - Who has a better chance to shag with you Austin Powers, James Bond or 
Sherlock Homles? lol
Elisha- I'd say a mixture of all 3 lol sherlock holmes has that old educated mind he seems like a real problem solver that is not easily fooled, james bond for the sex appeal and he has the brains and the physical power to fight if he needed to but austin powers lol lol because he is a innocent loveable geek with a great sense of style " yeah baby" hahahahah 

XA - I s your sex drive busy like the London Healthrow or like a 
school of ducks in the Severn?lol
Elisha- depends really you either get leesh or elisha jade depending 
on my mood :P elisha jade + grey goose = your getting lucky tonight.
XA - Hello  Bartender can I get a bottle of goose lol

XA - What's the fastest you've ever drove down the M62 motorway?lol 
Elisha- I cant drive lol I dont even know where the m62 is lol dont let me get out my atlas lol cause im a nerd and will go look it up lol 
XA - lol You are too Beautiful!!

XA - What do you do for fun?
Elisha- Im an all rounder from bingo to dinner parties to wild nights out to go karting or playing sports ......I dont mind at all I guess its the company you do it with sunday is my fave day as in our house its family day and its so much fun we all clean the house have 80S music blasting and one of us is normally cooking a huge dinner that to me is fun
XA - That's Nice!! 

XA - I like your football team Manchester United, who do you like and why?
Elisha- well lol it has to be italy but locally its birmingham city 
as my dad played for them so I have been brain washed lol 
XA - lol

XA - Music that you listen to now?
Elisha- salsa,funk,old school hip hop,soulful house, jazz and uk garage, britney spears lol is my guilty pleasure....dont ask why But I just like her "its britney bitch" hahahah
XA - lmao so do I 

XA - Ok Tell me about your website what will we see on there?
Elisha- On my site its a mixture of both uk and usa glamour from topless to fully clothed. 
Its a varity of a bit of everything the more sets I do for the site will evolve. 
I dont like putting myself into one style and provent myself from growth as a model.

XA - Have you ever been to America and if so what was the first place you went to?
Elisha- yessss I have been a fair few times now from la and florida and soon to be nyc :P
XA - You'll love New York lol (shameless plug for my state) #dontjudgeme 

XA - I like fish and chips and I know it's one of the main dishes there. Where is the best place you could take me for some?
Elisha- ohhhhh see the best place to have fish n chips is by the seaside but ipswich ( where all my family are from ) does the best fish n chips as they are still traditional but again the further up north you go they are run by greek or turkish people. So its kebab n chips which is so yummy I love kebabs covered in chilli sauce and mayo yummmmmmm :) 
XA - Sounds Good!! lol

XA - Since we talking about food what is black pudding? lol  and is it good?
Elisha- lol gross yukkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk its horrible omg 
I Would never eat that its clotted pigs blood or something like 
that never ever would eat it and Im a greedy pig and will eat most things 
but that gross lol lol 
XA - lmao and No I don't think that's for me lol 

XA - Can you cook any of these good dishes from your country?
If so what can you make that I have to try? 
Elisha- yeah I love cooking, I do alot of italian dishes but english food wise I make huge shepards pie, english fry ups, bangers n mash and sunday roast dinners
XA - Oh My Oh My!! lol 

XA - What's the sexiest thing you're wearing while doing this interview?
Elisha- having to do it topless as we were pushed for time so I was doing the interview 
while I was changing outfits
XA - lol

XA - Ever had a one night caper with a fella?
Elisha- Never Im such a kill joy....I just would not feel comfortable going and sleeping with a guy who I know nothing about like for example he could have a wife and a family at home....I would feel terrible if I went and slept with him...the guilt of doing that would eat me up seriously....I am very cautious as it would come back on me....I guess I am a deep thinker and over think things and to be fair. I wouldn't get anything from a one night stand....It would not really progress into nothing ??
XA - Speechless!!! 

XA - What's next that you have coming out we need to look for?
Elisha- Well june I am out in the usa and travelling about around the usa sooooo you never know you may bump into me.
XA - I hope so Beautiful!! lol 

XA - Ever been a Page Three Girl?
Elisha- I would love to do page 3 but again they don't have ethnic models featuring in it, and the last time I applied I was told I was to "fat" and being "black" I would not sell as many papers as the white girls. lol lol this is what I am up against 24 7 I am one of these people that does not let narrow minded people get to me .....Im not sticking my fingers down my throat and dying my hair blonde to be something I am not lol 
XA - They are out of their bloody minds, you are Beautiful!! 
You will see all the love you get from Americans!! We Love Women Curves!!

XA - Would you ever do Playboy and tell me why?
Elisha- I would defo do I am very body comfortable so "Being naked" is not an issue for me and its all tastefully done. So I know it would not cause any upset to my family.

XA - Besides being naked, what do you wear that makes you feel sexy?
Elisha- ummmm Nothing really ......I go for comfort I live in my pj's lol but on nights out I like to get glammed up as I don't go to clubs much anymore

XA - British porn or American porn?lol
Elisha- lol American 100000% its more graphic n freaky. British porn is a sham lol 
lol I can't bare to watch it hub gets watched daily lol 
lol I admit it I watch porn who doesn't I always have my note pad ready 
to take down notes lol lol lol jokeeee
XA - lmao oh you are too funny Babygirl!! 

XA - Do you own any Adult toys and when is the right time to let your lover 
know you have them? lol
Elisha- what girl doesnt lol  girls that say they dont own a sex toy is lying or embarassed, 
and one point I had a draw full but the motars go and they blow up
XA - lmao Wow!!!

XA - I would like to thank Elisha for this interview with me
if you want to see more of her here are some links 

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