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Xxotic Angels July Feature Keani Cochelle

Measurements: 36-29-47
Height: 6'1"
Weight: 180
Eye Color: Dark Brown
Hair Color: Black
Nationality: Norwegian, 

Black/Native American (Cherokee)
Birthday: 10/19
Hometown: Los Angeles, CA

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Xxotic Angels Feature
Keani Cochelle

Interview by New York
photos courtesy of @JankulaImages
Frank HotSauce, EBurns Photography
TL Glam Studios,  

and Titanium Girlz magazine

XA - Well here you go guys...
my interview with the 6 foot 1 Sexy 
Keani Cochelle!!! 

XA - Thanks for this interview 
with you Beautiful!!
Keani- Thank you for reaching out 
I'm excited to do this interview

XA - Welcome to Xxotic Angels!!! 
Keani- Thank you

XA - What makes you 
an Xxotic Angel? 
Keani- I think it's because 
I look like I can be a lot of 
different ethnicities, very unique 
and of course I'm an angel ;-)

XA - 36-29-47 and 6'1' Good Googly Goo!!! 

you sure are a tall drink of water babygirl!! lol

Is this one of the crazy things guys say to you? lol 
Keani- YES! haha especially since I thought it was good googly moogly :-) but I hear a lot of crazy things. I'm used to it and if it's not disrespectful I'll respond in a funny way which usually catches guys off guard and that is funny to see.

XA - Hey you have the Biggest Booty I have featured on my blog at 47ins...
how does that make you feel? lol
Keani- POW! I feel great, especially since it's 100% natural. 

I think it's something your visitors will love too.
XA - Yes they will love you Beautiful!!

XA - Tell me about your younger days 
in Eugene, Oregon?
Keani- In my younger days 

I was a feminine tomboy, 
is that an oxymoron?
I grew up playing 

all sports and focusing on 
getting a scholarship.

XA - Were you a shy goody girl 

or a out going naughty girl?
Keani- I was an outgoing goody girl. 
You should ask me what I am now :-)
XA - lol

XA - What age was dating boys allowed?
Keani- I couldn't date till 

I was 17 years old and even then 
there were so many rules (couldn't stay out past 9pm, no boys in the bedroom) 
I'm the only girl so my parents were pretty strict.

XA - Tell me what age in high school did 
you began playing sports?
Keani- I've been playing sports long before high school. I've been 
playing basketball since 3rd grade.

XA - Because you were tall, 
was basketball your first choice in sports?
Keani- Basketball was my first choice 
because I had skills (lol) but I was also 
really good at volleyball. 
But yeah it didn't hurt that I was tall :-)
XA - lol

XA - So on to college you were a star basketball forward for North Carolina State and Pepperdine Universites.
 What was that like being one of the leaders on a team?
Keani- At Pepperdine, I was a team captain...

it felt good to be a part of a team that won conference championships. I'm a natural born leader so that 
role comes easy to me.

XA - Any star men/women players 

both college and pro give you any tips playing the game? 
Keani- Well I've played against some 
of the best players that are now in the WNBA 
so I constantly learned from watching them 
but I've been coached by some amazing people and they always gave me tips...
not only to help on the court 
but off as well.

XA - What did you learn about yourself from playing a team sport?
Keani- I'm very competitive 

and I love a challenge

XA - There a rumor I heard 

that you can beat me in 
a game of basketball?
(pulls old pair of jordans out of closet) 
Keani- lol ......Put those shoes away 
I wouldn't want to hurt your feelings 
like that. We just met :-) Let's keep it 
a rumor for your sake haha, see I told you 
I'm competitive.
XA - lmao oh you got jokes Swoosh 3 lol

XA - So how did you end up in modeling?
Keani- I was discovered by a man who puts together fitness competitions every year. He saw me about to walk into a Restaurant pulled his car over and asked me to be in the show. The show was only a week away, but I figured I only live once, why not? I participated in it and long story short I did really well and won a photoshoot. From there many people in the industry took notice and well the rest is history.

XA - Was it hard at first for you to balance being a jock 

and a girly girl when you was playing? 
Keani- No my mom has raised me that way. I was the girl on the court wearing ribbons 
in my hair and finger nail polish. I've always loved fashion, hair, makeup I just 
happened to be really good at sports.

XA - You have dudes mouths open with their tongues hanging out 

wondering if Keani's single? lol 
Keani- No...There's a special someone in my life

XA - From being a Star ball player and a Hot it tough with relationships with people wanting your time and comments fellas make when you're with someone?
Keani- It's tough at times but every relationship has good/bad times. Fortunately, I'm with someone that knows and understands the industry and supports what I do.

XA - Random: Is your sex drive like dolphins jumping thru hoops 

or like a surfer waiting for that big wave to come?
Keani- lol Yeah that was a random question that came out of nowhere :-) 
but I have a crazy sex drive, I love sex, but at the same time it's not everything.

XA - You were in the video "I Rep That West"  
with Hip Hop's very own legend Ice Cube. What was that like working with him?
Keani- Ice Cube is so talented and down to earth. To work with someone 
like him for my first video was AMAZING! I was trying to soak it all in and learn 
from one of the greatest of all time...WEST COAST!! :-) sorry had to throw that in (lol)
XA - Ny Luv Always!! lol

XA - Did he give you any tips on being in this business?
Keani- We didn't have a heart to heart, but tips I got just from working 

with him were to stay humble, focused, and work hard.

XA - You also got a job to be in PZI jeans Fall/Winter ad. 
How exciting was that experience for you?
Keani- Very exciting, I love their jeans. Having a small waist, thick thighs and 47" ass it's hard to find jeans that fit and hug every curve just right PZI Jeans does that, so to represent by being in the ad was great plus I got a lot of jeans :-)

XA - Now you did a Hot shoot with the photographer E. Burns 
for the Great Dynasty Series. Tell me about that shoot and working with them?
Keani- I have been on DynastySeries 3 times now...the first was Keani Cochelle: Spotlight and it was huge for me-my first feature! I could say Bari of helped me really elevate my career after that Spotlight. Then, I did a shoot with E. Burns...I wore a black & white thong bodysuit and leather jacket (booty rocking everywhere). The photos were smoking hot so Bari once again updated folks with my photos and people really went crazy over them :-). The response I was getting was unbelievable...then my manager, JayDee of 1208Models hooked me up with a photoshoot with the well known AMAZING photographer Frank Hot Sauce and Bari in NYC. We did 3 looks and just recently released two of them plus a behind the scenes video. If you haven't seen it go to my blogsite, 
and check it out.....go ahead-what are you waiting for? :-)
XA - lol

XA - The E. Burns pics were also featured on the 
popular Media Takeout website and almost had a million views. 
How did that make you feel that so many people check out your pics?
Keani- It was crazy because I had no idea Media Takeout had a story on me. 
I was at work and all of a sudden my phone was ringing non stop. My best friend called 
and said "girl you made it"...I was like huh? What are you talking about? She said "you're on Media Takeout". Then my manager called me and told me the same-I didn't actually get to see it till later that night.I always look at Media Takeout and so to see myself on there was crazy...I had mixed emotions. First they got my nationality wrong and some of the comments weren't all that nice but I have thick skin and the nice comments (most of the were nice) cancelled out all the bad ones. My friends were more upset at the comments than I was. I know I am unique-6'1 and curvy and some people don't know how to respond to things that are rare, unique & not of the norm but eventually they find themselves loving it. Look at Lady Gaga :-)

XA - When you're not modeling, what other work do you do?
Keani- I have a regular job, but I'm also working on a clothing & accessory line 

that will be sold on my website...i'm working on building my empire.

XA - What does Keani do you for fun?
Keani- I do any and everything as long as it's fun I'm down. Anything from being outdoors (bike ride, beach) to parties, playing pool, bowling, video games, movies, SHOPPING, drawing, reading, singing/writing songs. I'm always doing something so even relaxing is fun :-)

XA - Tell me about your website? What do you have plans do 

you have for it and when shall we see it up?
Keani- My website is , it will be launching next month but my blogsite is up now-it's . On my blog, you will be able to see what I am doing daily-from photoshoots to hanging with my sexy girlfriends getting pampered and any other updates on Keani will find there in the blog.

XA - So what's next for you Keani that everyone has to check out?
Keani- BIG THINGS are in the works for me.....I have an all exclusive ALL KEANI COCHELLE Titanium Girlz Xtra Digital Magazine dropping the last week of June...This will be my first magazine and the responses I have received from the preview pictures on have been incredible! I have another feature coming out on later this year, plus the launch of my website, I am also going to be selling autographed and personalized photos and eventually a calendar. Look for me appearing at upcoming trade shows and hosting parties in various cities where I'll be signing autographs and meeting my fans.

XA - Now give love to all your fans and leave a message to 
the new ones just seeing you the first time?
Keani- All of this would not be possible if I didn't have you-my loyal fans-showing me love and supporting everything I do. I will continue to bring you sexy photos/videos and communicating via Twitter & Facebook. I love all of you xoxo.

XA - What do you like to wear sexy, that you know you're breaking necks? lol
Keani- I always have to have sexy lingerie on, that just makes me feel good 

but whenever I'm out partying I wear dresses and men go crazy because they 
hug every curve and show my long sexy legs :-)
XA - Hot Beautiful!!

XA - Which do you own Rocket or Jack Rabbit? 
Keani- I love my Pocket Rocket

XA - Last one Babygirl! Craziest dating story that was too funny, 

you can share with us now?
Keani- lol I've had a lot of crazy dates but I have chosen 

to block them from my memory :-)
XA - lol  I think we've all tried that

XA - I would like to thank the Super Sexy!!! 
Keani Cochelle for this interview with me. 
Hope you was laughing and had fun doing it?
Keani- Thank you Xxotic Angels I had a great time and hope we can do it again :-)
XA - We sure will

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Xxotic Angels July Feature Angel Trinity

Measurements: 34DD-25-32
Height: 5' 0"
Weight: 102
Eye Color: Brown
Hair Color: Brown
Nationality: Puerto Rican
Birthday: January 15th
Hometown: Oceanside CA
Lives In: Los Angeles CA
Twitter: @Angel_Trinity

Booking Info: 

Xxotic Angels Feature
Angel Trinity

Interview by New York
photos courtesy of

XA - I have the Hot and Out of this world 
Beautiful Angel Trinity!!!
XA - Hey Angel, how are things Luv?
Angel- Everything is absolutely fabulous. 

I couldn't be happier. Thanks for asking.

XA - Thank You for taking time out 

for me to interview you.
Welcome to Xxotic Angels!!!!
Angel- Thank you for having me... 

I appreciate the opportunity.

XA - I see that you're from the S.D., 

what was that like growing up there?
Angel- San Diego County is gorgeous! Growing up out there was wonderful! The best weather ever!! A kids dream.... Not ever having to go inside because it was too cold or having to stay inside because it was too hot.... Hanging out on the beach, boogie boarding...
Adults were jealous of my
XA - lol

XA - If I came to the S.D. and visited you, 
where would you take me first 
that I have to see? 
Angel- My favorite place in San Diego is La Jolla... La Jolla Cove to be exact.... The scenery is breathe taking! You can do anything from Kayaking through the 7 caves, Snorking, Shopping, or visit one of their enchanting Art Galleries. They also have some of the best Restuarants and my favorite, the best Bars ever!!! lol

XA - So you were a tomboy when you was younger, what was some of
the things you did with the boys?  
Angel- Everything!!! Surf, my favorite to this day Boogie Boarding, fighting, climbing trees,....
I remember the boys building ramps to jump off of on their bikes, I always made it a point to compete 
and top them. I still have a scare from one of my little As I grew so did my lust for adventure. I began Snowboarding and bought a Street Bike the first chance I got....then went into Dirt Bike Riding 
which I still love doing....
My mother always said,
I should of been a
XA - I see lol but I'm glad 
you're not lol

XA - At what age did it 

change when you look at boys in a whole different light, saying he's cute? lol 
Angel- I'll be honest, I was always a bit boy crazy, maybe that's why I hung out with 
them so
XA - lol

XA - Name something you did 

at age 17 that you are 
still known for? lol
Angel- Try at the age of 10... 

I took my mothers car 
and went joy riding... 
try that one for
XA - lmao

XA - What did you like about dressing up when you was younger?
Angel- I loved being the center of attention... I was the youngest of 4.
They all being 13-16 years older than me... I was the adored little sister
that no one could ever get enough of.... Especially when I dressed up!

XA - So when did you get into modeling?
Angel- I started modeling when a friend of mine, Mia Starr asked me to
pose with her for her website.... I've always loved being in front of the cameras
so I didn't mind. I then did a music video with her. That was the begining 

of this wonderful life....

XA - You have some Amazing pics, 
what is it about being in front of the camera that you love?
Angel- The attention mostly... I'm a ham, what can I No really, I am.... 
But it's also the art of it. I love creating.... I love trasforming myself into the 
photographers vision.... It's exciting!

XA - You have a few tatts, how many do you have?
Do they have any special meaning to you?  
Angel- I have a total of 18 tattoos, all with significant meaning...
My Dad calls me Devil or Angel, so most of my art have a combination of good and evil...
Mostly traditional style art...I've been fortunate enough to have work done by some of the best artist out there. Larry of 6 Feet Under Tattoos which was initially founded by Cory Miller, you might know him from a little tattoo show called LA Ink. As well as 

Julius of Paragon Tattoo and my dear friend Duke Gonzalez.

XA - I got all the guys attention now and they want to know
is there someone keeping you entertain at night or if you're having fun? lol
Angel- Ahahahaha.... The only man in my life at the moment is 

my very best friend Waymond. He's my world...I do have a very close knit group of friends better known as my Dirty Paper Family...  But as of right now, I'm a single woman, loving all the fun I'm having... I can't say I would change anything about my life at this moment other then have maybe having a cuddle buddy...

XA - What advice could you give guys on dating a model 
that's Hot like you?
XA - Thank You I tried lol
Angel- Something I know a lot
Ok guys, keep in mind that just like you found your model girlfriend attractive,
sexy and even inviting, other men will too. Therefore, if you're going to date a model,
make sure you're a very secure man who will always appreciate the beautiful woman next to you. Keywords: NEXT TO YOU... And make sure you treat her right, because her options are limitless but she wants you.
XA - Very good advice Luv!!

XA - Random: When it comes to your sex drive, would you say
it's X, XX, XXX, or XXXX? lol
Angel- I'm a total XXXXXXXXXXX lol no really... I'm a total freak with someone I'm with...
So guys, if any of you someday become my boyfriend, make sure to have my same 

sex driveor be fully stocked with blue little
XA - lol  You're too Beautiful!! (blue little pills) lol

XA - I see you done 
the Import scene?
Angel- I've done Import, 
Low Rider Shows, 
Dub Shows, etc.

XA - When did you first start 
and what do you like about it?
Angel- I started when 
I was about 23. I love these events, they're none stop fun...
You get so many people coming up and talking to you, taking pictures and making them happy, well not the girlfriends sometimes but I don't mind a Bitter Betty from time to time... lol
XA - lmao I love your answers

XA - Did you ever enter 

any bikini contest?
Angel- I've never enter a contest 

but I have done runway 
for Fresh Peaches...

XA - You're also a Go Go dancer too right? How long have you Go Go dance?
Angel- I started Go Go dancing when I was about 19 I wanna say... I still do it.
I love dancing. So getting paid to dress up and dance my little toosh off is insanely fun.
And I've meet a lot of great girls along the way.

XA - What's the longest a guy stayed watching you dance
and did you enjoy it or was it creepy? lol 

Angel- All night! It was so funny...
We have sets which mean, we'll dance for 20 mins each set, usually a total of 4 times.
This guy didn't move until I moved boxes with one of the girls, so he then relocated
to where I was...People were making fun of him but he didn't budge... It was hilarious!!
I love the attention but I must admit that was a little creepy... lol 

He got enough of a visualto jack off too for a month...lmao
XA - lmao Speechles with laughter

XA - Ever role play 
in a Go Go outfit?
(sorry one my of fantasies) lol
Angel- Ahahahaha.... yes I have... it was awesome! Again, I got to dress up, dance my butt off and then have the best sex ever... I told you I was a freak....haha
XA - lol yes you did say that babygirl

XA - Other then being naked, 

what do you like to wear around 
your place that's sexy?
Angel- I'm gonna have to say 

my booty shorts, long sock 
and my CHARGERS jersey...
I look in the mirror 
and turn myself
XA - lol

XA - The one thing a guy has to do great, 

that even if he's not gonna be a boyfriend
he can still be a bed buddy?
Angel- He has to be open minded 

in the bedroom... I get bored easily so if he's not changing it up, 
he's gonna be yesterday news before he knows it...
Can I have one more? He also has to be a good kisser, that totally gets me going....
XA - You can have anything your heart wants with me Beautiful!! lol

XA - What do you have coming up we need to be looking out for?
Angel- I'm working on my website... This will provide my complete portfolio
with an on going update of events I may be feature at or in....So look out for that....
XA - Please keep us updated!!

XA - Ok give love to all of  fans, and say hello to the new ones?
Angel- Hello to all of you and thank you for taking the time to get to know me a bit....
It means the world to me.... Big XXXoXXXo love you all!!!

XA - What extreme sports are you into?  
And do you watch the XGames?
Angel- I LOVE Dirty Bike riding!!!! 

I also snowboard, but I do all types 
of sports, kayaking, boogie boarding... 
you know, pretty much anything 
I can get myself into...
Yes, I do watch the XGames... all those, 

sexy guys with tattoos, mohalks, fit bodies and doing their dangerous stunts.... Hmmmm... Of course I watch! 
I'd be crazy not too!! lol
XA - lmao

XA - Name 3 Extreme sports Stars 

that could be your fantasy guy?
Angel- There's only one I fantasize over and that's Carey Hart.... 
So damn fine.................................... 
sorry, I was
XA - lmao You are too Beautiful!!

XA - Talk to me about Latins Finest Girls?
Angel- is a 

Southern Cali base Stripping Agency.
We basically bring the strip club to you w/o the pesty bouncer getting in
your face every 10 seconds. You literally have Latin's Finest Girls to choose from....
We cater mostly to Bachelor Parties, Birthday Parties or Boys Nights....
But for any reason really. We make sure to leave the parties 

with jaws to the floor...teeehee
XA - Oh why am I not in Cali for my birthday #smh lol

XA - When is it ok, 
to let the guy you with know 
you own adult toys?lol
Angel- From the very beginning.... 
If he has a problem with a girl having toys,
that's your first indicator that the guy has self esteem issues. 
And that's just the tip 
of the iceberg.... 
Not to mention, he's probably

XA - First time that 

you kissed a girl? lol
Angel- ummmm I think 

I was about 21 or so 
and haven't stopped since....
woot woot! lol
XA - lol Hot babygirl!!

XA - Does being spank 

turn you on during sex? lol
Angel- Hell yeah it does, and being choked, bitten, just not slapped because
I'll end up kicking your
XA - Speechless with laughter lol

XA - Last one, craziest place you hooked up at
that you can still smile thinking about it?
Angel- There's a few actually, but the 1st would have to be
in front of my sister's house, on the garage door... While everyone was home.
2nd would be on my ex bosses desk... haha That's what he gets...
and lastly, while driving on the 605 fwy in L.A. County, people couldn't believe
what they were seeing... It was HOT!
XA - Mouth is Wide the fuck Open!!! lmao

XA - I would like to thank Angel Trinity for this interview,
hope it made you laugh Beautiful? lol
Angel- It did, thank you!

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