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Xxotic Angels Sept Feature Jasmine Jannay

Measurements: 38D-27-40
Height: 6'0
Weight: 161
Eye Color: brown
Hair Color: brown
Nationality: Creole
Birthday: Jan 18
Hometown: Cali
Twitter: @JasmineJannay

Booking Info:

Xxotic Angels Feature
Jasmine Jannay
Interview by New York
photos courtesy of

XA - Fellas this is the Hot 
Jasmine Jannay!!!
I have to first thank you for doing this.
XA - Welcome to Xxotic Angels

XA - Tell me what makes you 
an Xxotic Angel?
Jasmine- I don't know you tell me ;)
XA - lol  Your Eyes, body and that you're Creole!!!

XA - 36D with 40 inch waist 
Juicy Juicy Juicy!!! 
With a Beauty like you next to me 
in the morning I would never 
need orange juice lol
Do guys say silly things like that to you all the time? lol
Jasmine- Sometimes lol my first thought is always 
"he's lame"and then i'm able to just laugh about it
XA - lol

XA - So you're living in LA, Cali were you born and raised there?
Jasmine- Yup I've moved around a little bit but la is my home

XA - Tell me what growing up 
for you was like?
Jasmine- I was always a shy little girl 
who kept to herself I think once 
I left house school I came out my shell.

XA - At what age did boys 
start coming into your mind that having 
a boyfriend is a must?
Jasmine- Probably around 15 I wasn't really 
worried about boys until 
I entered high school

XA - So how did you happen 
to start modeling?
Jasmine- I was always interested 
so I always did photo shoots in 2010 
I decided to take it to the next level

XA - Can you remember your first shoot?
Jasmine- Yeah when I was 17, 
I was nervous but I really wanted to model, 
so I worked towards alone with no help and that's
what help me into who I am today

XA - Let's us know some of the things that you've been in?
Jasmine- King magazine winter 2011, 
Soulja boy 30 thousand 100 million, Bow Wow put that on my hood,
Diddy looking for love and many more music videos

XA - Since you've been modeling what have you learned that you didn't know,
that makes you laugh now?
Jasmine- Everything that glitters isn't gold 
and anything worth having is worth working for

XA - Alright time for the question everyone wants to know
after seeing your pics Beautiful!!!
Are you taken? (If no, how doies one apply for the job?) lol
Jasmine- Yes I'm taken for now at least lol
XA - lol

XA - What's the one thing a guy needs to know before trying to 
hit on a Hot Model like you?
Jasmine- Be confident and respectful

XA - Random: Is your sex drive like a wild roller coaster lots of twists and turns 
or more like left- right- left- right all program and routine? lol
Jasmine- Lol let's just say six flags ain't got nothing on me
XA - lol Ok

XA - Ok You've work with Diddy, 50 Cent, Usher, Chris Brown, Bow Wow
and last but not least Soulja Boy!!!
What was it like working with all these "Amazing People" around you?
Jasmine- It's just another day on the set I have fun doing videos 
no matter who it is for

XA - Did you get any tips on working in the biz from any of them?
and who made you laugh the most? lol
Jasmine- I haven't really gotten any tips, but I would have to say
50 was the funniest

XA - What does Jasmine do when she's away 
from modeling to enjoy herself?
Jasmine- I'm a home body I love to stay in watch a movie
and be around the person I love

XA - You have a King Magazine Winter 2011 10/19 coming up,
can you tell us about it?
Jasmine- It's already released

XA - What esle is next you have coming up, that we need not to miss?
Jasmine- Nothing I'm allowed to talk about now, 
you'll have to wait and see

XA - Send some love to your fans and new ones seeing you
for the first time say hello?
Jasmine- I love everyone who is supportive of me
and never be afraid to say hi

XA - While doing this interview what's sexy that you're wearing?
Jasmine- It's what I'm not wearing that's sexy ;)
XA - Yes!!! lol

XA - Greatest thing that happen for you because of having Big Boobs? lol
Jasmine- Nothing really I always assume people do good things
from the kindness of their heart
XA - lol

XA - What's your song that if it's on, a fellas in trouble for the night?
Jasmine- I love dj Khaled I'm On One

XA - Name one thing you have taken the TV remote batteries out to use for it?
Jasmine- lol no comment
XA - lol

XA - Last time you had a Hot Fantasy Dream? lol
Jasmine- Last night
XA - lol

XA - Let me thank Lovely Jasmine Jannay again for the interview,
hope you enjoyed it and laugh? lol
Jasmine- Yes I had a great time

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Xxotic Angels Sept Feature Telli Swift

Measurements: 34C-28-42
Height: 5'5"
Weight: 135
Eye Color: brown
Hair Color: brown
Nationality: Black/Asian
Birthday: 01-24-87
Hometown: Yokosuka, Japan
Twitter: @telliswift

Booking Info:

Xxotic Angels Feature
Telli Swift

Interview by New York
photos courtesy of

XA - Hey Guys!!! This is the 
Sexy Telli Swift!!! 
Let me first thank you for doing this.

XA - Welcome to Xxotic Angels!!

XA - You're So Sexy Babygirl!! 
Your Pretty Face and Body
is all the medicine I need 
to keep me healthy lol
Do guys say silly things like that 
to you all the time? lol
Telli- Yea, seems like guys now and days don't have respect for women.
And their way of talking to a lady is more so down grading then sweet.
And to make her smile, not shake her head in disappointment...

XA- So you're living in Cali, were you born and raised there?
Telli- No, I moved to Cali about 4 years ago.
I grew up in Japan and I was born in the Philippines.

XA - Tell me about growing up, what was that like for you?
Telli- I was a military brat, I moved every 3 years or so due ti
my fathers job. I can't even lie, I was a spoiled little girl and got everything 
I wanted and more. Life when I was younger was great!!!

XA - At what agr you and boys eyes started meeting eye to eye? lol
Telli- I was a lil fast ass chick... I was liking guys around 12..smh now that I think
about it...that's pretty damn young!!
XA - lmao!!!

XA - So how did you get into modeling?
Telli- My mother got me into modeling when I was around 3 years old.
I did beauty pageants, magazines, etc. I was on and off through elementary
stopped in middle school and continued back a couple years after high school...

XA - I understand you've done some magazines in Japan?
What was that like?
Telli- I'm from Japan, so it was cool!! Different then here...that's for sure
XA - lol

XA - How did they find you to do the magazines?
Telli- I actually got on my first magazine as an accident they liked my look,
when a girl cancelled and never called her back. I got all her gigs
following that one :)

XA - We'll we see your beautiful self in the U.S. magazines soon?
Telli- Yes!! I actually am waiting for features in 4 magazines and a cover
for one really soon... I'm very excited about that!! :)

XA - Fellas seeing you for the first time are gonna ask is Telli Taken?
Telli- Yes I'm Taken....

XA - Telli's type that she date's? 
Telli- tall, athletic, fun, loyal, trustworthy, handsome, etc..

XA - Random: Is your sex drive like wild fires everywhere, your body
just burning up from excitement or more like a chiwawa do your business
and the moment is over? lol
Telli- of course the excitement one!! ;) I'm far from boring honey!!
XA - lol

XA - I read in your bio you're a nurse for plastic surgery recovery
for Beverly Hills plastic surgeons? How long have you been doing this?
Telli- Yes, I've been doing nursing for plastic surgeons for 2 years and I love it!!

XA - What made you choose the nursing field for plastic surgery? and why recovery?
Telli- My grandmothers a nurse, so is my mother, I guess it chose me!! ;)
I like plastic surgery because it's elective, you overall have to be healthy and
it makes people happy to improve themselves...

XA - I just got to say if I ever have plastic surgery in beverly hills and you're my nurse 
I am hitting the button for you all the time lol 
Do you every think about that happening? lol 
Telli- All the time! some male patients hit on me 
with catheters in ..smh

XA - lol I can see it now tubes hanging everywhere saying Hey Beautiful!!

XA - Any role playing in your uniform? lol 
Telli- I think my scrubs are my boyfriend loves them! so from ;)

XA - Is it safe to say never piss off a girl who works with surgeons? lol
Telli- Yes!!! 
XA - lol

XA - Any hidden talent you have, that we wouldn't believe you can do? lol
Telli- Of couse...but they are hidden for a reason...;)

XA - So you love to cook, what do you make that I just have to try?
Telli- Everything

XA - Explain how you are goofy? lol
Telli- I laugh at everything, I make the funniest face and
tell the best jokes!!

XA - What do you do to enjoy life when you're not working?
Telli- Go out, dance, watch movies, model, etc

XA - What do you have coming up we have to watch out for?
Telli- Look out for me in 50fifty magazine, Stunnaz magazine, 
and a few more others :)

XA - Now show love to all of Telli Swift fans and holla at the new ones too?
Telli- Shout out to all my fans and the newbies!! I love you guys all equally!!
Without you guys there is no me!! So thanks millions of times over and over!!

XA - Name a song you could do karaoke to? lol
Telli- hmm...I don't know too many of her songs... but maybe that one
"you belong with me" I think that's what it's called 
XA - lol you got it

XA - Last Adult movie title you watch?
Telli- I don't pay attention to tittles lol shrugs
XA - lol

XA - When it's time for bed, lingerie or being naked?
Telli- depends...

XA - Last one, what would you do if I left you in a room with a camera
and baby oil?
Telli- I'll leave that one a mystery... gotta have something to think about 
and leave to the imagination ;)

XA -Again I would like to thank Telli Swift for doing this interview.
Hope I made you laugh and it was fun?
Telli- GREAT!!! lol

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Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Xxotic Angels Sept Feature Mina Stefan

Measurements: 32D- 24-34
Height: 5'3"
Eye Color: brown
Hair Color: brown
Nationality: portugese/ lithuanian
Birthday: march 15
Hometown: Toronto
Twitter: @minastefan

Booking Info:

Xxotic Angels Feature
Mina Stefan

Interview by New York
photos courtesy of
Mark Darren, Mina Stefan

XA - Fellas and Ladies!!! 
I have for you.... Hottie Mina Stefan
XA - You are Delicious!!! 
Wow Super Sexy!!!
XA - Thanks for doing this 
interview with me Beautiful!!!

XA - In your own words say why you are 
an Xxotic Angels?
Mina- Because I'm the right amount of 
naughty and the right amount of nice

XA - I just want to ask, if you have to spank yourself for looking so good? lol
Mina- Haha thank you, but no....sometimes I just spank myself for fun
XA - lol Nice!!!

XA - Do guy say silly things like that to get you to talk to them? lol
Mina- To be honest, guys don't talk to me often, at least IRL

XA - So you're from Toronto, Canada was you born and raised in T-Dot?
Mina- I moved around a lot as a kid so it's hard to say where I'm really "from"

XA - What was growing up for you like?
Mina- Normal I guess? 
Saturday morning cartoons, cereal, 
chores...just like any other normal kid 
I would guess

XA - Good or Bad girl? lol
Mina- why not both? 
XA - You can be both Beautiful!! lol

XA - When were you allowed 
to date boys and how many came 
running for you? lol
Mina- my first boyfriend was when 
I was 15... i'm not sure how many 
came running. lol

XA - First place you would 
take me in Toronto?
Mina- Queen's very touristy with shops and things..

XA - So how did you get into modeling at age 19?
Mina- I was dumped by a guy I was crazy for and a gf decided I needed something to
feel pretty, so she took me to a photo shoot...and that's how it all started.

XA - Did your first shoot have you in bikini's or was jeans and t-shirts?
Mina- both

XA - Name some of the things that you have done?
Mina- I've owned a cat, been on a motor cycle, beat halo 2 in a weekend...
XA - I love girls that play video games...They're So Hot!! lol

XA - What was it like knowing you were going to be in Maxim UK 
and who did you tell first?
Mina- I didn't know that maxim UK was going to feature me..they just did 
and I only found out from my google alert...I told my best friend :)

XA - When did glamour modeling become the main thing for you?
Mina- I feel like glamour modeling has always been the thing for me.

XA - Was you always comfortable with your body to do glamour modeling?
Mina- Yes of course, since I was a kid I've always been 
very comfortable with my body.

XA - Ok the fellas are sweating from the heat that your pics are bringing
and want to know if Mina Stefan is single or having fun for now?
Mina- I'm always having fun ;)
XA - lol that's good

XA - What's your kind of guy that you can have fun with and maybe a date?
Mina- A normal guy I suppose...someone with a job, good hygiene, spontaneous,
and loves to laugh...
XA - Hey that sounds like me, except the normal part lol

XA - Are you the type to be friends with benefits?
Mina- It's not something I strive for, lol but I've done it before
XA - lol

XA - Random: Is your sex drive like rooting for the Maple Leafs, Blue Jays
or more like the Raptors? lol
Mina- I'm not sure how my sex drive relates into sport, but I like to think
it's in high gear
XA - Us men compare everything to sex lol

XA - Tell me when and how you got started with webcam modeling?
Mina- I figured I can't always have a photographer, so why not be my own
and turn on my webcam
XA - I'm so happy you did,  you do so Hot things!!! lol

XA - Was this a rush for you to be naughty on cam for men?
Mina- of course, there's always a small flutter in my chest when I get
in front of any camera, webcam or professional

XA - Tell me all the exciting goodies on your "Hot" blog MINASTEFAN.COM ?
Mina- Regular photo updates, there's almost always some sort of
photo or video special, used lingerie and panties, and lots more...

XA - I understand you make custom videos for your fans, name a few types of videos
that you've been asked to do?
Mina- hair brushing, smoking, as well as some others.

XA - Every had to say no to a video request? lol
Mina - I say no to requests more then you'd think lol
XA - lol I can imagine, us guys keep crazy stuff in our heads lol

XA - Which type of men ask you to do the funniest things old or young? lol
Mina- I'm not sure, people don't often email me their bio when requesting me
to do naughty things.

XA - Guys buy panties from you, has a guy on a date with you ever asked for 
them after making out? lol
Mina- Never...But I have been known to leave my panties with a guy after
sleeping together...that usually seals the deal to make him mine ;)
XA - lol I see, that always meant to me she wants to move in

XA- What do you think about women who are still uptight about sex when it
comes to pleasing their men?
Mina- I think "uptight" isn't the right way to describe them, I think they're
just not comfortable enough with their body or sexuality

XA - So you like to try new restaurants, what types of places do you like to go to?
Mina- I love most asian cuisines..japanese, chinese, korean, vietnamese
XA - Funny you said this...I eating some Mr Woo's chinese food now lol

XA - Do you always try new dishes to eat?
Mina- not always, sometimes I like to get what I
know and love

XA - I'm most likely to get you wasted with me if?
Mina- your buying
XA - lmao Ok I got you Beautiful!!

XA - What's next for Mina Stefan that we're going to be excited to see?
Mina- I'm planning to do a super sexy cosplay video!! Super Pump!! ;)

XA - You have so many fans that love you, give them kisses ans show 
some love to your new fans?
Mina- I always send love to my fans!!! And if any of you are reading this,
YOU'RE AWESOME!! :D xoxoxo

XA - Tell me one thing your fans don't know about you?
Mina- I may own a dog that I love like crazy, but I'm more a cat person
XA - lol

XA - I read that you love to play video games, Madden or FIFA which
can you play the best?
Mina- I'm not into sports games...I'm much more of an RPG girl 
XA - I feel you

XA - While doing this interview what's sexy you have on?
Mina- purple g-string 
XA - Nice!!! lol

XA - Any girl on girl stories you've had that you can share with me?
Mina- I have lots of stories, will I share them? Not a chance!! ;)
XA - lmao Why not?

XA - It's role play time I'm dress as Captain Morgan 
who are you dress as? lol
Mina- some wench, hahaha
XA - Hey I've finally made a role play match lol

XA - Best thing that has happen for you because of having Big Boobs? lol
Mina- Lots of things happen!! But I'm not sure it's specifically because
of my coffee, discounts all the time, free ice cream
XA - lol the perks I see

XA - Box full of toys or one that does the trick? lol
Mina- my nintendo DS....easily. It's light, portable, long lasting battery....
OOH you mean naughty toy!!...who says I use a toy to get the job done?
XA - lol You are too Beautiful!!!

XA - Sexual Fantasy that you wish you could have, that if it happen your girls
and me could never believe you?
Mina- Any fantasy that I've ever had, I've been fortunate enough to live out.

XA - Thank You Mina Stefan for this interview, you are very Beautiful!!

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