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Xxotic Angels Jan Feature NIKKI B

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Measurements: 36D-28-40
Height: 5'10" 
Eye Color: Brown
Hair Color: Brown
Nationality: PR&BLK
Birthday: Dec. 26
Twitter @officialnikkib
Booking Info: 

XXL's 2010 Eye Candy of the Year contest is heating up with votes still coming in for the eight sexy nominees. Nikki B hands down should take the crown as 

You may have seen Nikki,  in music videos such as Kanye West's  "Power" video portrait 
as well as  Drake's - Best I Ever Had,  along with the ever so popular 
Ludacris - How Low video.  To see more of  Nikki B  check out her website 
and keep in touch with her via twitter @officialnikkib



                                                    Xxotic Angels: NIKKI B
        Interview by New York         

XA- First let me say Happy Birthday Beautiful!! 

It will have passed when this is featured, so I'm saying it now.
NIKKI B -Thank you for the Birthday wishes! :)

XA- Have you ever been told you're straight wifey material?
NIKKI B - I've heard this before but I'm not  married..... yet! 

XA- I first saw you in Rick Ross's video "The Boss" and Boss was tatted 
on your back for the video. 
From that video I knew you were more that just 
pretty face, was that your first video?

NIKKI B -The "Boss" video was Not my first video, although it was one of the first videos had a lot of face time I guess.

XA - I've seen a few of your videos you've been in and it seems like you should be doing more movies, is acting the 
next big step for you? 
NIKKI B - Becoming a well respected Actress is my ultimate goal. The videos were something of an     opportunity to create a buzz and build on. I've been lucky with the quality videos I've been involved in.  So yes, Movies would be the next thing.

XA- Random: Since we're talking about acting, is role play in the bedroom allowed?
NIKKI B - I wouldn't mind the entertainment.
XA- I always wanted to be Batman with the utility belt, what would be 

your role play outfit?(lol)
NIKKI B - I don't know, defiantly not Robin.
XA - lol

XA- I was happy to read one of your off-limits was not sharing a
man. Is that still true?(Cause I wouldn't share you with a woman too) lol
NIKKI B - I wouldn't share My Man with anyone. I'm  not into having an open relationship/swingers thing either. I do not get down with other women.

XA- I think it's great that you answer your fans letters on you site WWW.OFFICIALNIKKIB.COM want to give a shoutout to any of them whose letters you've answered?
NIKKI B - I've always said since I was a little girl, that when I have fans I would keep them in touch as much as possible and I would respond to as many fan letters as I could.  I think it's important to do so. For those who have reach out to me already I wanna say thank you and I hope your just as happy with my response as I was with your letter.

XA- This moment is yours, tell me who Nikki B is?
NIKKI B - I'm a "Go getter", who's passionate about my work. Im also a lover of life who gives all I can with no expectations.

XA- When you're not modeling or acting, what do you do for fun?
NIKKI B - When I'm not working, I'm spending time finding more things to learn about as well as the basic's in creating bigger and better idea's that can support my career in the long run. Spending time with my love one's is a given. I'm into board , movies, concerts and traveling just as much as the next person as well.

XA- Ok I had to asked this, explain celebrate the Holidays with Nikki B? lol I want in, and want all holidays and the birthday next year?(couldn't help it, I'm greedy)lol
NIKKI B - When it comes to celebrating Holidays from Christmas to a New Year parties to a Birthday, I am very traditional. I go all out and make memories! I'm about creating life long memories.

XA- Time to say Happy New Year's to you. Yes this feature is going up Jan. 1st, what do you have in store for us in the New Year?
NIKKI B - I have plenty in store for 2011, you wont be disappointed.

XA- In your love life is there anyone serious or are you just enjoying the single life?
NIKKI B - "where is my love life, where can it be"

XA- In the bedroom, do you want to be romanced or ravished?
NIKKI B - I don't mind a little of both.

XA- How would you describe your sexual appetite?
NIKKI B - Healthy

XA- Ever mixed food and sex?
NIKKI B - No thanks!

XA- Go ahead and wish all your fans a Happy New Year?
NIKKI B - To all,  I wish a blessed and even Greater 2011!

XA- Finish this for me, when it comes to my body please do?
NIKKI B - Respect it!

XA- You're very open sexualy, have you always been this way?
NIKKI B - I am? I thought I've always been really private about my personal life.
XA - lol

XA- I would like to thank Nikki B for the interview, to see more of her here are a few links: WWW.OFFICIALNIKKIB.COM  

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