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Xxotic Angels April Feature Kendra Jordan

Measurements: 32DD-24-36
Height: 5'0"
Weight: 105
Eye Color: hazel
Hair Color: brown
Nationality: middle eastern
Birthday: 10-27-86
Hometown: Bellflower

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Xxotic Angels Feature
Kendra Jordan

Interview by New York 
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XA - Guys for you I have 
Super Hottie!! Kendra Jordan!!

XA - Thanks for doing this Luv!!
Welcome to Xxotic Angels

XA - What makes you 
an Xxotic Angel?
Kendra- My smile, 
and my crazy personality.

XA - Now I want to say 
when I think of a Dream Girl, 
you are the one all men can picture being 
with in their dreams. You're So Hot!! 
Fire should ask you for permission to burn... lol
Do most men just come up to you and introduce themselves 
or do they try to be funny to get you to speak to them? lol
Kendra- lol they always say the weirdest things. Or try to see
if I need help with something lol
XA - lol

XA - Where were you born and raised?
Kendra- Los Angels, Ca.

XA - Share with me about your childhood growing up?
Kendra- I played instruments and was kind of a bookworm.
XA - Nice Smart and Beautiful!!

XA - Was you a wild one that the boys couldn't handle 
or the sweet girlfriend? lol
Kendra- lol I was the shy one that flirted with boys by beating them up.
I never really had a real boyfriend til like 2011

XA - You remember your first kiss and was it with a girl or boy? lol
Kendra- Haha it was a boy in 7th grade it was sloppy 
and it was like he was eating a taco.
XA - Lmao ....that's too funny

XA - What was the one thing in high scool or college that you did crazy
that you are still remembered for?
Kendra- I wasn't really crazy I was kind of boring :(  I won most Intellectual :/
my senior year in high school

XA - If I came to visited you, what's the one place you would 
take me so I'll have a good time?
Kendra- The hot tubs in pomona

XA - How did you get into modeling?
Kendra- Someone just asked me to model for their company
and it took off from there

XA - How old was you at the start of 
your modeling career?
Kendra- 20

XA - Let the viewers of Xxotic Angels know 
some of the things you've done?
Kendra- I ride motorcycles, I've dj, and I snowboard 

XA - Now you also did Playboy!! What month and which one?
Kendra- It was a pictorial for special edition 2010

XA - Before Playboy did you do any nude modeling?
Kendra- Once

XA - Was there any moment you had cold feet but said I'm here now,
might as well go through with it? lol
Kendra- Djing in Switzerland

XA - Did you keep your robe on for 45 mins or 30 seconds? lol
Kendra- When? Never more then 30 secs?
XA - lol

XA - Now the fellas have been ogling at 
your Awesome Beauty from your pics lol I'm asking, I mean they're asking is there 
a bed buddy for Kendra or she's single and dating? lol
Kendra- Haha single but not dating anyone just kind of enjoying life
XA - Nice!! lol

XA - Is there a type or long as the guy respectful and fun he's in?
Kendra- I like guys that ride motorcycles lol or just do out door things.
Anything but the gym, I hate the gym
XA - lol

XA - Random: Is your sex drive like two alligators that's hungry ready to eat
or more like ligthing bugs (Fire Flies) lighting up every now and then? lol
Kendra- Haha I'm gonna let you wonder!!! But I'm a Scropio!!
XA - Hot!! lol

XA - Now I understand that you Dj, if this is true 
what type of music do you spin?
Kendra- House Trans some Hip hop 

XA - Do you have a Dj name?
Kendra- Lol no
XA - I'm going to have to make up one for you lol

XA - What do you like to do for fun away from modeling?
Kendra- I ride, I snowboard, and I paint

XA - If I hung out with you for a night on the town 
how crazy would it get? lol
Kendra- No one sleeps!
XA - My type of partying lol

XA - Chances are we could get wasted if? lol
Kendra- Chocolate wasted!! Lol Jk
XA - lol you are too Beautiful!!

XA - So what's next coming up for Kendra we need to look out for?
Kendra- Not sure yet. Still modeling and managing the new deja on main st.

XA - Give kisses to all of Kendra Jordan fans
and a wink at the new ones checking you out?
Kendra- Xoxo muah!!!

XA - It's bedroom role play time lol I'm dressed as The Dark Knight!!
Ready to take off my utility belt for you, who are you dressed has and why? lol
Kendra- Haha the joker!! To scare you!
XA - lol this is naughty time, why do you want to scare me? lmao

XA - Right now what do you have on that's sexy while doing this q&a? lol
Kendra- Haha!! a suit and a g-string lol
XA - Hot!! lol

XA - Trojan's Twister or another adult when I'm lonely toy? lol
Kendra- I don't need toys!
XA - lol

XA - Hair pulling or spanking when it's time to get it on?
Kendra- Hair pulling

XA - Greatest thing that happen for you because you have Big Boobs? lol
Kendra- I get to play with them
XA - You're so lucky lol

XA - Last one, you want to surprise me by being a body sundae for me.
What toppings are you using, that I must eat off of you?
Kendra- Peanut butter!
XA - lmao Yes!! I love peanut butter lol

XA - Giving a Big Thanks to the Lovely Beautiful Kendra Jordan for this feature.

I hope you was laughing as much as I was.. lol

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