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Xxotic Angels August Feature Shantal Monique

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Measurements: 32DD-26-34
Height: 5'4"
Weight: 120 lbs

Eye Color: Brown
Hair Color: Blonde
Nationality: Caucasian
Birthday: April 2nd, 1989
Hometown: Seattle, WA
Current City: Tempe, AZ

Twitter: @Shantal_Monique

Booking Info:

Xxotic Angels Feature
Shantal Monique

Interview by New York
photos courtesy of
Josh Ryan,  , , ZPZ,
Julio Zapata Fuego Photography,
Native Ocean, ,

video courtesy of
Josh Ryan, ,

XA - Guys We Have A Goddess!!
Meet Super Beauty Shantal Monique!!

XA - Welcome to Xxotic Angels!!!
Shantal- Hi, thank you so much 
for having me!!!

XA - Share with me the reason why 
you are an Xxotic Angel?
Shantal- Can you think of any reasons why I shouldn't be? ;)
XA - No I can't think of any reasons here Beautiful!! lol

XA - You are Heavenly in every way possible..
If you was my girl I would never play Xbox 
or Playstation again (unless you like to play) lol
Do guys say silly things like this to get you to talk to them? lol
Shantal- Sometimes they say silly things like that but never
about giving up their gaming. I would play Xbox with them!
XA - Oh alright, here's a console lol

XA - Now you was born in Seattle right?
What was growing up in Seattle like?
Shantal- Yes I grew up mostly in Washington but actually live in
several very different places such as Indiana and Alaska.
Growing up in the Seattle area was great, but I knew I didn't 
belong somewhere it rained and was cloudy practically every day! 

XA - When did you move to Arizona
and tell me about your childhood growing up there?
Shantal- I moved to Lake Havasu City, Arizona about 3 years ago.
I didn't like it much there because of the distance I had to travel
to get anywhere. I just moved to Tempe a few months ago and
couldn't be happier! I love the desert and it loves me back.
XA - Well what on earth wouldn't love you!! lol

XA - Party Girl with the Hot girlfriends or Shy Girl 
who was the Book worm? lol
Shantal- I have never been a party girl; don't get me wrong
I love to have fun! However I do it occasionally and spend a lot of
time studying to work towards my goals. I wouldn't go as far to say 
that I am shy though. Everyone gets shy sometimes but I am a
pretty open and out going girl. 

XA - At what age did Shantal start making the boys go nuts 
that when they said let's be friends, you found out is was a 
different kind of friendship? lol
Shantal- Well I think I may have not noticed as soon as I
maybe should have. By the time high school was over and
I broke up with my only boyfriend at the time, I started to
realize some of my friend's intentions.
XA - lol  

XA - Craziest thing you did during High School or your college days
that you are still known for? lol
Shantal- Honestly I'm not sure if anyone would remember me for
a crazy thing I did. I was a pretty laid back girl who just watched
has the boys did crazy things, like drinking on the roof of school
during the weekends.

XA - If I came to visit you in Arizona where would you take me
that I will never forget the fun I had with you?
Shantal- I would probably take you to Sedona. I am not sure if
you have heard of it ever, but it is an incredible place. We could
go swimming of rope swings into the river, hiking up incredible
red rock structures take a helicopter ride or drive some jeeps
to see some amazing archaeological sites. Afterwards I might
suggest an amazing brewery for dinner and drinks to watch the sunset.
XA - I'm coming to Arizona to hang with you Beautiful!! lol
That was a perfect day even I couldn't dream about lol  

XA - How did you get into modeling?
Shantal- I started modeling when I was 18 and someone contacted
me about wanting to work with them in Florida. I immediately did
research on and found out it was fake! I was pretty disappointed 
but during my research I came across some credible photographers
and that's when I booked my first shoot. 

XA - Were there any models past or present that inspired you
to go after your dreams of becoming a model?
Shantal- There have been a lot of models that have been 
inspiring to me but I think Marilyn Monroe may be one of the 
most influential for me. She defines sexy to me and I find the type 
of confidence she had to be very motivating.
XA - Yes we all love Marilyn Monroe 

XA - At age 18 you were modeling on and off
when did you start getting more serious about modeling?
Shantal- I would say that over the last year or so I have really 
decided to give modeling a real place in my life. Of course school
is still my main priority but I decided to take the summer off to
pursue it full time and see where it leads me.
XA - I am sure glad it lead you to us, cause you're So Hot!! lol

XA - Let everyone know some of the things 
you've done in modeling?
Shantal- Well mainly I have done lot's of lingerie, and bikini work
with some calenders and editorials. June recently I was named
Macensteins June Mac Chick of the Month. I am Playboy's 
May Cyber Girl of the Month. Previously I was named November
Girl of the Week. I have also done lots of promotional modeling
for liquor companies as well as even been a go-go dancer. I am in
the middle of a bunch of things that I can't disclose yet.

XA - How long did it take for you before 
you  could shoot in a bikini or lingerie?
Shantal- I think I started shooting lingerie on my second shoot.
I was pretty nervous! I remember my first shoot was out in Atlanta
I was handed a teeny little bikini. I came out of the bathroom kind
of hiding and covering myself. Everyone was walking around changing
without fears. I started to relax after a little while and by day three it
was as bad as I thought it would be!

XA - When did you decide you were going 
to send in pics to Playboy?
Shantal- Well I have always wanted to but thought it was
much too silly of an idea. In February of 2011 I went to Florida
to shoot and after we talked about who we like to submit to, we'd
decided to give it a shot for Playboy!
XA - I think I can speak for a lot of guys on this one.
Happy you gave Playboy a shot cause your photos were Awesome!!

XA - You were Playboy's Cyber Girl of the Week 
and then Cyber Girl of the Month May 2012. 
How excited were you knowing that Playboy not only wanted you but
they wanted you twice?
Shantal-  It was pretty exciting! My Cyber Girl of the Week pictorial
was actually submitted and accepted by the Playboy Club. It was still
very exciting to see my photos there, but it was even more exciting to
be called by them and ask to fly to LA to shoot!! 

XA - Did you always dream about being part of Playboy? and when was the 
first time you saw  a Playboy magazine? lol
Shantal- I believe I was probably 12 or 13 years old. Most girls may have
been horrified but I was intrigued and interested what I saw. As a teen
I grew to admire these confident women and Playboy for creating such
an amazing company where these women are able to feel good about being sexy. 

XA - Before Playboy did you do any nude modeling?
Shantal- No actually my first nude modeling shoot was for
my Cyber Girl of the Week feature. Since then my only other nude work
has been my Cyber Girl of the Month features. So exciting!!
XA - Yes You Are Exciting Beautiful!!

XA - Random: Why do women love boobs just has
much as men if not even more? lol
Shantal- I don't know why, must be for the same reason men are
attracted to the!  They come in all sizes, their squishy, sexy and comfy!
XA - Yes those are a few of our reasons lol 
You forgot one thing, they're "Awesome" to look at!! lol

XA - Now let me get this right, you first saw a Playboy magazine
from finding one under you brothers bed? lol
Shantal- Yes, it wasn't exactly what I was looking for
but that is what I accidentally came upon.
XA - Guys we have to start having better hiding places lol

XA - What made you continue looking through the magazine at the women,
instead of being grossed out about it? lol
Shantal- I had never seen pictures of women who seem so interested
in what they were doing. They all looked classy, sexy, and very comfortable.
I was intrigued.  

XA - Is there a chance soon we might see you 
in Playboy's Girls With Girls? lol
Shantal- Well that depends if they ask me and then...
We will have to wait and see.
XA - Oh My!!

XA - Do you like the taste of cherry chapstick 
and how often have you taste it on a girl? lol
Shantal- Actually cherry chapstick is my least favorite flavor!
A girl should never kiss and tell

XA - Now my research tells me you have your nose pierced.
What made you decide to do it?
Shantal- Yes, I actually just got it done a few months ago
and I always wanted one and just randomly decided to do it.
My theory is piercings can be removed so easily so why not! 

XA - Do you have any other piercing or tattoos?
Shantal- I don't have any tattoos which goes along with my piercing theory,
tattoos are forever. Don't get me wrong I love them they can be very
tasteful but I like to keep my body ink free. I do have a few piercings;
ears, tongue, nose, belly button....and one other a little farther down ;)
XA - Speechless!! Hot Beautiful!! lol

XA - Last time you had to say to a guy my eyes are up here? lol
Shantal- Well I actually don't think I've ever said that to a guy before!
XA - lol 

XA - So the fellas are all excited now from seeing your Hot pics!! lol
So we want to know lol I mean they want to know if Shantal has a 
main sexy time friend or just being a tease to someone every 
now and then for her pleasure? lol
Shantal- I have a sexy boyfriend and I never tease him
or at least not that I know of...
XA - lol

XA - Give me a example of a phone text you would send to make 
a man drive crazy through traffic to get to you? lol
Shantal- to drive crazy through traffic... I'm not sure it would be appropriate
to answer that honestly!
XA - Where's did your adventure side go that fast?? lol 

XA - Shantal's dating rule #1 if I choose to date you, there can never be_________? lol
Shantal- Anything! I will be quite honest I have only had one other boyfriend
in my life other than my current relationship. I'm a long term type.

XA - Which one of these best subscribes your sex drive?
A) a wild party where it's nothing but endless fun until you pass out.
B) intense work out session at the gym with lots of sweating
C) or just like eating a bowl of Captain Crunch Berries watching Family Guy!! lol 
Shantal- Well those all sound quite interesting! C sounds funny but casual
and not how I would describe my sex drive. I'd say a mix of A and B with
maybe a mix of wild and sensual..
XA - Nice!!

XA - Better kissers your friends that were girls
or your ex boyfriends? lol
Shantal- Well wouldn't that be kissing and telling again? :P
I'm sure though it's easy to guess the ex wasn't very good at all though.
XA - lmao

XA - Friends with benefits or you need to have the relationship?
Shantal- I have never had a friends with benefits experience.
I guess because on boyfriend/relationship and no plans for anything else.
I feel like relationships are so much more rewarding and fun. I can assure
you that people in good relationship have a lot more fun and many more
times a week too.
XA - lol well I think both sides have fun with what works for them..

XA - Here's something about you that I found amazing.
You are working towards a Bachelors degree in Biology.
Why did you choose biology has a major?
Shantal- I chose it because I want to be a Physician Assistant
and specialize Pediatrics. A Science Major just seem like a good fit
especially with the pre-requisites to get into PA school. I am still
working towards my BA, but can't wait to finish and start towards
my real goal!!  

XA - You want to become a pediatrician and work with kids why?
Shantal- I love kids I always have. When I was in high school 
I worked at a Pre-School and enjoyed it so much. I knew I wanted
to work in the medical field but wasn't sure which was a good fit
for me. After spending time doing clinical's in the hospital, I discovered
that I knew all along helping children feels better and is what I love.

XA - How many times a week do you work out
to keep that amazing body of yours?
Shantal- I used to work out about six days a week until I got
extremely burnt out. I learned that we only live once and
enjoying life is important! Currently I swim for exercise and
even though I find myself in the pool just about everyday I'd
say that at least 3 or 4 times it's for laps. I'm starting to do yoga again.
XA - Oh My (flashback of watching one of your Playboy videos) lol 
OK I'm back!! lol

XA - The drink that will get Shantal to dance on the tables? lol
Shantal- Hahaha...well I'd say probably any hard alcohol times 2 or 3.
I'm a light weight and I don't drink mixed drinks or shots very often.
I'm more of a beer drinker with occasional wine.
XA - lol Nice!! got to love a girl who will drink a beer with you. 

XA - Nickle Back song you could sing with no problem during karaoke? lol
Shantal- Pretty much any of their songs, I love them all!!
I have so many favorites I can't even pick just one but I will choose three;
Photograph, If today was your last day, Something in your mouth!
XA- lol I have to hear the last one with  a song name like that lmao

XA - So how does it feel taking your first  break off 
in 2 1/2 years from school?
Shantal- It was so nice not worrying about school work while
traveling and working! I don't know how easy it will be if I decide
to take classes next summer knowing what this break feels like.
XA - lol you better finish school or I'm not drinking beer with you lol

XA - Has there been lots of partying or sleeping late? lol
Shantal- Not too much partying, if I do party it isn't very often
but it is wild!! Sleeping in, yes totally guilty of that a few times.
XA - lol You deserve it Beautiful!! You have my permission to
sleep past noon everyday lol 

XA - You also want to be an actress. 
What types of movies would you like to acted in?
Shantal- I would like to start out with some small speaking roles
in TV and movies. I was an extra in a movie two summers ago
and it was so much fun. I'd love to do comedies, action, drama
all of it! I did lots of plays and skits growing up and throughout school.

XA - What do Shantal like to do for fun away from modeling?
Shantal- I love to go swimming, hiking, exploring, and traveling
all over!! I love meeting new people, going to new places and 
trying things and foods I've never had before it is so exciting.
I spend a lot of time with my family; their are my life so we do
all sorts of things outdoors together.

XA - Watch or play any sports at all?
Shantal- I love watching sports live; I'm not too crazy about
watching on TV it isn't quite as exciting. I like it all though
Basketball, Football, Hockey and Baseball. When I was in
school I played Basketball and Volleyball. I only play sports
for fun now though.
XA - I see that we need to play a game of Basketball!! lol

XA - Can Shantal cook and if so what does she like to make at home?
Shantal- I'm not a chef but I do love cooking and trying out new recipes.
I like to make so many things like: lasagna, clam chowder, chicken cordon blue.
I also love baking things like banana bread, cheese cakes, and other yummy treats.
XA - Oh Oh Hmmmm!! Can I be part of the family please?? lol 

XA - What would you do to me if I ate the last piece of something
that you wanted really bad? lol
Shantal- I love to share so I would be a little disappointed
that you didn't save half for me.
XA - Awww I would feel bad, I'll make sure I split it with you...  

XA - If I'm ever in your dog house, what 
do I need to bring you to get out? lol
Shantal- Well I don't have a dog house, but I guess if someone
did get in there I'm not sure what to suggest bringing to get you out!
You might have to get creative!!

XA - I see you have a Huge Heart. 
Here's my if you're a great friend joke.
We go hiking and thru the tent a poisonous snake 
bites me on the ass. lol I tell you to call a doctor fast 
and ask him what to do. He says I will die if you don't 
suck the poison out. Shantal do I live? lol
Shantal- You would live only because I'd be too terrified for you to die!
I am curious how many people would really do this if it came down to it.
XA - So far I am two for two with Playboy Beauties on this... I love Playboy!! 

XA - Greatest thing that ever happen to you because you have big boobs? lol
Shantal- Nothing!! Unless Playboy choose me because of my boobs but actually
I'm not sure how I got lucky to end up there.
XA - I'll tell you how...It's Because You're So Hot!!! lol

XA - What's next for Shantal Monique that 
we need to watch out for?
Shantal- I will give you an update when I can share what I have going on!
In the mean time you can keep up with me on Twitter and Facebook!
You can also check out my June Mac Chick of the Month feature and
my Playboy May Cyber Girl of the Month Features!
XA - I though we were closer friends now to share secrets!! lol

XA - Give love to all of Shantal Monique fans 
and shout out to the new ones seeing you for the first time?
Shantal- Thank you to everyone who has support and encourage me
along the way including the new ones! I could not be successful or
do anything without you!  <3 XOXO

XA- What do you sleep beside being nude in that would surprise me, 
that all the guys reading this will want to be your boyfriend tonight? lol
Shantal- If not then I am definitely wearing lingerie. Even if it get's
hot and heavy I still sleep in it because it makes me feel so sexy!

XA - Sexiest thing you've done with whip cream 
beside eating it with ice cream? lol
Shantal- I haven't tried anything with whip cream, yet!
XA - lol Yes!!

XA - Last one, you sleep with a guy for the first time and finds out his feet are cold. lol
Do you put socks on his feet or kick him out togo home? lol
Shantal- I wouldn't do either; I would just warm them up with mine!

XA - I would like to thank the very Beautiful Shantal Monique!!!
for this interview with me, hope it made you laugh and you had fun? lol
Shantal- Yes I surely did have some good laughs during this interview,
thank you so much for taking the time to talk with me! I am sure you
will be seeing a lot more of me in the feature! ;)
XA - We hope you come back again Super Beauty!!

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