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Xxotic Angels Oct Feature Alba Nitza

Measurements: 36D-28-42
Height: 5'5"
Weight: 143lbs
Eye Color: brown
Hair Color: brown
Nationality: Puerto Rican
Birthday: April 1st
Hometown: New Have, CT
Twitter: @AlbaNitza88

Booking Info:

Xxotic Angels Feature
Alba Nitza

Interview by New York
photos courtesy of

XA - Guys right from New Haven, Conn 
Sexy Alba Nitza!!!

XA - Welcome to Xxotic Angels

XA - Give me the reason why you are
an Xxotic Angel?
Alba- Because I'm Sexy, Confident, 
Hard working, Loyal & humble

XA - You are so Yummy and Sexy!!! 
Can I call you my Arroz Con Pollo? lol
Alba- That's a new one lol
XA - Something for you to remember me lol 

XA - Cause you are the whole meal, 
I wouldn't need food if I have you. lol 
Do you get stuff said to you like this 
from guys a lot? lol
Alba- Yea I sure do, some of the things 
men say are  ridiculous lol

XA - So your Puerto Rican!! 
have you ever been to the 
Puerto Rican Parade 
in New York?
Alba- Of Course, Every Year!!

XA - Were you born and raised in 
New Haven, Conn?
Alba- Yes I was born there and then 
moved to Puerto Rico for a few year, 
then came back to New Haven

XA - Shy or Wild growing up?
Alba- A little bit, both my parents are very religious so there was a shy part to me. But I was also the girl that went against 
a lot of what was taught to me

XA - Tell me about your teenage years growing up?
Alba- Alot of craziness and drama lol Growing up in a 
bad area with a lot going on!! Didn't go to school much,
a lot of partying.

XA - Do you remember your first kiss? lol
Alba- Yes Barely!! I think I was about 13 and I was real nervous lol
He was about the same age as me.

XA - What age was you allowed to start dating boys? lol
Alba- I was really never aloud to lol I just did it anyways,
I started at about 14 or 15
XA - lol

XA - First place you would take me 
in New Haven that I must see?
Alba- I would have to say East Rock Park.
You can almost see the whole city of New Haven, after that probably 
downtown New Haven where Yale College is at and maybe to 
Worcester street ( little Italy)
XA - I coming to visit you, you're taking me on a 
nice little tour lol I like that lol

XA - You're only been modeling for a year how did you get into it?
Alba- Well I had a few friends that were photographers and they would
always ask me to shoot. Finally one day I did and 
the rest is history.
XA - Well me and your fans are sure glad you did. lol

XA - Tell me some of the things you have done in modeling?
Alba- I played a small part in a new movie coming out called "Typhoon"
I've been featured on every major blog & website. I hosted dozens of 
parties a month all over the tri state. I just shot for 3 major print mags
coming out soon. I just signed a deal with a major company.

XA - Do you do anything special or play any song 
to get ready for a photo shoot?
Alba- Not really, I like to listen to music while I'm getting ready
& during my shoot. I like to be alone for a few minutes before I
shoot so I can get focused.

XA - How long did it take for you to do lingerie or implied shoots? lol
Alba- My 1st shoot was with lingerie but it was more sexy than revealing,
I was super nervous lol

XA - Any funny stories from your shoots that you can share?
Alba- Nothing out of the ordinary except for this one time, I was at
a shoot at a rented photography studio and a couple waled in thinking
they were getting family pics done. They were in the wrong studio lol
they got to see me laid out on the floor in some booty shorts!
XA - lol bet the father wanted to stay, I know I would lol

XA - Well I have the guys staring deeply at your Amazing pics lol 
and the question is Alba taken or dating?
Alba- I'm dating someone but I'm am single
XA - lol Only women can say this and get away with it

XA - How does one ask Alba out if he wants to date her?
Alba- Just be yourself and stop trying to impress me 
with money, I have my own
XA - I hear that Beautiful!!

XA - Any dating rules you have? lol
Alba- Mind your business, play your position and be confident in the 
fact that I'm dating you!!
XA - Well Ok I see who's the "Boss" in relationships lol
(Ladies is Pimps Too!!! Jay-Z voice) lol

XA - Random: Is your sex drive like dolphins doing tricks in Sea World
or more like standing in line waiting on a ride? lol
Alba- Now that depends on him!! I'm pretty much down for whatever,
whenever so long as long he puts me in the mood.
I'm more like a dolphin lol
XA - lol Nice!! You're So Hot!!!

XA - Ok you also do make up, when did you start doing this?
Alba- About 2 or 3 years now, but really got serious last year.

XA - Did you go to school for this?
Alba- Absolutely, I'm cerified & licensed!!

XA - Do you do your own make up 
on your shoots?
Alba- Most of the time yes, but sometimes 
I use other MUA's

XA - Have you done make up on 
any movie or video sets yet?
Alba- Not yet, I've done a lot of 
photo shoot's & weddings

XA - Share one of your make up don't's, 
for these girls that wear a lot of make up 
coming out the house looking 
all wrong? lol
Alba- Please ladies try to match the foundation you use with the color of your skin!!!

XA - What's next that you have coming up?
Alba- A LOT!!! My new website launch's first week 
of September ALBANITZA.COM I'll also be featured in a few major 
magazines from September to January, New Posters, A Lipstick & T-Shirt line
& a whole lot of grinding!!!

XA - Give kisses to all of Alba Nitza Fans out there showing you support?
Alba- MUAH ;)

XA - Can you cook or are you a TakeOut Queen? lol
Alba- I can deffenitly Cook!! But I really don't cook for myself 
so takeout is normal for me

XA - What's the sexiest thing you're wearing while doing this interview?
Alba- I don't know how sexy it is lol but I'm in 
boy shorts & wife beater 
XA - That's very sexy Beautiful!!

XA - Do you like to be bossy in bed or will you let a guy have his way?
Alba- I can be bossy but I also love to be controlled!!

XA - Best latin Adult movie you've ever watch? lol
Alba- Hmm lol probably Latina Dimes "Pound The Round" ;)
XA - lol I have to check this one out

XA - Ever answered your cell during sex? lol
Alba- LOL Nope, if I do than that means our sexual
relationship is wack!!
XA - lol

XA - Your get ya Freak On song is playing, does that mean
that the guy is in trouble for the night?
Alba-  YES HE IS!!
XA - lmao

XA - Again I would like to thank the Beautiful Alba Nitza for this interview.
Was it fun for you like it was for me? lol
Alba- It sure was, you asked a lot of questions most interviewers don't
XA - Yeah I tend to go for those questions us guys really want to
know about you girls lol

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