Monday, October 31, 2011

Xxotic Angels Special - Laura Dore/ Sweetie Cyanide

Measurements: 34C-23-40
Height: 5'6"
Weight: 125
Eye Color: Green
Hair Color: Brown
Nationality: multiracial (black,latina,white)
Birthday: Sept. 30th
Hometown: Austin, TX.
Twitter: @LauraDore

Booking Info:

Xxotic Angels Feature
Laura Dore - Sweetie Cyanide
Interview by New York
photos courtesy of
Victor Rodriguez, Shannon Brooke,
Nick Saglimbeni, SHOW magazine

XA - Hey Everyone, 
it's Trick or Treat Time!!!  
I'm bringing to you someone who is 
differently "Sweet"
that you could only wish to eat. lol
I have for you the Beautiful!! 
Laura Dore!!! Know has Sweetie Cyanide!!

XA - Welcome Back to 
Xxotic Angels Beautiful!!
Laura-Thank you for having me!

XA - Tell everyone what makes you an Xxotic Angel?
LauraUhhh, I'm awesome [laughs]

XA - You are the first Xxotic Angel to be featured a second time.
Xxotic Angels V Day Honey Laura Dore
How does that make you feel?
Laura- Great!

XA - This makes you a repeat offender, should I get out the hands cuffs 
and whip cream now or later?
Laura- I'll get out the lighter and gasoline.
XA - Lmao Hmmm are we barbecuing something??

XA - So tell everyone what have you been doing since you featured here in Feb?
Laura- I was featured on the cover of the tenth anniversary issue of Smooth!

XA - Well like I said in the beginning it's Halloween, tell me about Halloween
for you as a kid growing up?
Laura- I've always been a Halloween fiend. I have dressed up 
every Halloween since I can remember, I go to haunted houses and I watch 
every scary movie they play [laughs]

XA - Are there any more pin up features or mags of you coming out?
Laura- I will be featured on the cover of the fourth issue of Alt magazine.

XA - Tell me some of the updates that you've added to LAURADORE.COM?
Laura- We've recently added to the video section. You can now watch video from 
all my burlesque performances.

XA - Best Halloween party or night you've had has an adult?
Laura- Hmmm, best haunted house experience was definitely this year. I took my
friend's daughter who got so scared that she basically walked through with
both her arms around my waist [laughs] Too funny.

XA - Anything new that has been bizarre and slightly twisted you've seen lately? lol
Laura- Human Centipede 2nd sequence! Makes the first one look like Bambi [laughs]
Also, Martyrs.

XA - You can have only one of them play at your Halloween party.
Rob Zombie, Marilyn Manson or Korn who do you pick? lol
Laura- It would be a tie between Manson and Zombie! [laughs] Can I have both?

XA - Well you know I like to do bedroom role play with you lol
Theme is Halloween, who are you dress as and why? lol
Laura- Catwoman....have you seen her latex?! [laughs]

XA - Add your own twist to this saying? Trick or Treat give me _________________ lol
Laura- "come to my house so I can kill you and eat you" 
XA - lmao

XA - Scariest Horror saying from a movie for you? lol
Laura- Waaaaaalk! -Human Centipede [laughs]

XA - You have to pick one of the last two guys on earth. 
Michael Myers or Jason Voorhees, who do you choose and why? lol
Laura- Michael Myers, I love a shy young man going home to his family.
XA - Lmao you are so much fun

XA - What do you have coming up we need to be on the look out for?
Laura- I'll be on the cover of Alt 4, cover of JM magazine and cover of an
upcoming issue of Show.
XA - Yes can't wait!!

XA - Say Happy Halloween to all your fans and give them kisses?
Laura- Happy Halloween!! Muah!!

XA - On Halloween night are you a She Wolf howling or
just having popcorn watching movies? lol
Laura- She Wolf all the way!!

XA - I would like to thank Laura Dore for this interview, hope you loved it Beautiful? lol
Now time for the handcuffs and whip cream lol
Laura- Thank you for having me!!
XA - You're Welcome here anytime Babygirl!! 

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