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Xxotic Angels Dec. Feature Jillisa Lynn

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Measurements: 34C-24-38 
Height: 5'7"
Weight: 135 lbs
Eye Color: blue
Hair Color: blonde 
Nationality: Puerto Rican/Italian/French 
Birthday: June 6th
Hometown:  Rochester, NY 
Twitter: @jillisalynn 

Booking Info:

Xxotic Angels Feature

Interview by New York
photos courtesy of 
Good Knews photography, ,
2 Starz Studio, , ,
Ted MeBane photography,
GX2G, Mike HO, WMS, 
OXY WATER , , , ,
Sullman Hasan, Straight Stuntin,
20 20 Photography
videos courtesy of , Good Knews, 

XA - This is a dream come true, 
I'm interviewing the Super Beautiful 
& Sexy Jillisa Lynn!!!

XA - I would like to say, I like staring at your eyes, lips, booty and even 
your hair's  sexy!!! lol
XA - Ms Jillisa Lynn Gorgeous Gorgeous 
Yes You Are!!!

XA - Welcome to Xxotic Angels!!!

XA - Tell me why are you an Xxotic Angels?
Jillisa- Because I have three different nationalities which makes me exotic and I have
a halo over my head which makes me a angel. lol
XA - lol Yes you're an Xxotic Angel Luv!!!

XA - You were born in Rochester, NY what do you remember about 
living there that makes you smile?
Jillisa- Cheerleading

XA - What age did you moved to florida?
Jillisa- I actually lived there when I was a little baby and moved back there when 
I was in 9th grade for a year.

XA - You was a wild one when you was young I see. lol What's the one thing 
you are always remembered for? lol
Jillisa- I used to always fight and get into it with teachers. Until I was a senior where I 
was on honor roll, captain of the cheerleading squad and cool with all the teachers
XA - lol This is Bad Girl Gone Good!!

XA - So you was a Cheerleader and captain at that, did the boys put you 
first on the list to date? lol
Jillisa- actually always dated outside of my high school, I never dated anyone 
that I went to school with.

XA - Ever smushed in your cheerleader outfit? lol
Jillisa- NO!! I was a good girl I didn't loose my virginity until after high school 
and I sure wasn't a cheerleader.
XA - lol

XA - So how did you get into modeling?
Jillisa- I was asked to do a shoot for a video gaming website and at my 
first shoot it was love at first site. After that it was about building my portfolio 
and the rest is a domino affect!!
XA - That's what I say, I mean we say about you Beautiful!! lol

XA - Tell me a few things that you've done?
Jillisa- Numerous music videos, magazines, hosted events...and the list goes on, 
I am blessed in allI have accomplished. 
Find my credits at
Featured in ESPN Magazine for Oxywater Ad in July 2011

Featured in Blackmen Magazine 40/40 collectors April 2011 issue

Featured in Blackmen Magazine 40/40 Latina collectors issue Sept. 2011

Cover of Mixed Magazine May 2011

Cover Model Fannatic Magazine June 2010 ...10pages spread for my Bday

Spicy Mag Calendar 2011

Straight Stuntin

XA - The boys tongues are hanging out (mines included) from your pics lol
and they want to know is Jillisa single?
Jillisa- Yes!!!
XA - Nice!!! lol

XA - The kind of guy that you like to date?
Jillisa- funny, secure, confident not COCKY. 
XA - Well I'm 3 out of the 4 lol #justsayin

XA - Random: Is your sex drive like Penguins diving back and forth in the ocean
or more like Walruses laying on the rocks not moving till they get hungry? lol
Jillisa- Probably the penguins
XA - lol

XA - What was it about in modeling, you decided that leaving school was the best idea?
Jillisa- It was either now or never. School will always be there, you only have 
a certain amount of time.

XA - Let the girls know why the choice you made, might not be the same for them,
when it comes to leaving school for modeling?
Jillisa- It takes a lot of dedication and drive. Some people can get discouraged if 
their turned down.You have to have tough skin, it may not be a good choice if their 
not secure with themselves or like competing....
XA - This is so true...

XA - So when did you make the move to LA?
Jillisa- june 2009

XA - What do you love about Cali, now that you've moved there?
Jillisa- the weather, the opportunity and a lot of the people that I've met. 
It always feel like a vacation here...
XA - lol

XA - 10 months there and you've done 10 music videos, 5 movies, and 3 magazine covers
can we say this was a Great Move? lol Is this what you expected to happen?
Jillisa- I didn't expect anything to happen so quickly, but when it did it was 
like a domino effect. Since then I have like double those jobs, 
but my mom expected it lol!!
XA - lol

XA - Ok you've worked with some great famous people: Snoop Dog, Ice-T, Vanessa A Williams and Justin Timberlake, what was it like working with them?
Jillisa- It was an honor. Everybody that I have worked with have been down to earth and 
pleasant to work with. The media always puts a stereotype on them and in my opinion I disagree.

XA - Any advice they give you on working in the business or life itself?
Jillisa- To stay focus and train your talent. Success and Fame are too different things...
know the difference.

XA - You have also worked with some great photographers too. One of my favorites is 
Marquest Edwards of MQIMagesinc what was that like?
Jillisa- I've been lucky to work with over 80 photographers, but he is definitely one 
of my favorites too!! Every experience has been great. I've learned a lot and 
I'm still learning from each of them.

XA - Give one of your favorite reasons why every model should 
at least book him once?
Jillisa- He'll step your game up lol!!
XA - Yes he will lol!!

XA - Can you tell me any crazy moments that's happen at a shoot with him? lol
Jillisa- A wave came up and attacked out light stand and took our whole lighting 
into the ocean and it had to be cut short because we lost the light...
XA - Wow!!! that's crazy!!

XA - Tell me what's Jillisa's like away from modeling and acting?
Jillisa- Very down to earth. Sweat pants, hair tied...chillin with no make up on..

XA - From your Hot combo of ( Puerto Rican, Italian, French, and Jewish) can you
cook any dishes from each of your backgrounds?
Jillisa- rice and beans
XA - Love rice and beans lol

XA - One day in your honor I'm gonna have a cheese party just for you lol
What's the one thing with cheese I must have there? lol 
(Yes!! there will be cheese decorations too) lol
Jillisa- Anything with cheese. Blocks of It!! Seriously I do eat it everyday. 
Hi my name is Jillisa Lynn and I'm a cheese addict..
XA - lmao you are too Beautiful!!

XA - Your website tell the viewers all the goodies on there?
Pics, videos, events, updates...and it actually needs updating now lol
XA - lol

XA - What's next for Jillisa Lynn we need to watch out for?
Jillisa- OXY WATER and more magazines and hopefully in the near 
future on the big screen.

XA - Tell all the Jillisa Lynn fans how much you love them and welcome the new ones?
Jillisa- I wouldn't be me without their love and support. They make me smile everyday!!
And I thank them so much for inspiring me and keeping me humble. Group Hug!!

XA - Last one Beautiful!! Name the girls you would want on the Island of No Men
to do everything with? lol
My mom (because she makes me smile) ...sorry for those who had 
a fantasy out of this question lol
XA - lol that was a good one Luv!!

XA - I want to say thank you to Jillisa Lynn taking time out to do this interview with me, 
hope it was fun Beautiful!!


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