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Xxotic Angels Dec. Feature Renee Gerhardt

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Measurements: 34D-27-42
Height: 5'2
Weight: 135
Eye Color: Green
Hair Color: Blonde/dark
Nationality: German/French
Birthday: September 8, 1985
Hometown: Pensacola, FL
Twitter @ReneeG_1

Booking Info:

Xxotic Angels Feature
Renee Gerhardt

Interview by New York
photos courtesy of ,
DD, ChrisIVisual photography

XA - Fellas here is 
Hottie Renee Gerhardt!!! 
know has !!

XA - Thank you for this Luv!!
Welcome to Xxotic Angels!!

XA - What makes you an Xxotic Angel?
Renee-  Well I am sweet and loving which most angels are and I like
to think I look exotic for my culture. 
So that sounds like an 
Xxotic Angel to me... LOL
XA - Yes It Does Beautiful!! lol

XA - Let me tell you are 
one Stacked Hottie!!! 
34D-27-42 I would love to be in your Tepee (Beavis voice) lol
How often guys say silly things to get you talking to them? lol
Renee- I hear it from do you have a lighter, to did it hurt when you fell from heaven.
I enjoy the silly comments as long as they are just silly comments.
XA - lol

XA - You're from Pensacola, FL were you born and raised there?
Renee- I was born in Fairfax, VA but I was raised here in Pensacola, FL.

XA - What was growing up for you like?
Renee- Growing up was pretty fun and interesting. I traveled a lot back and fourth
between FL and Va. And I like to think it was a great experience to learn
how people live in different areas instead of being confide to the small town
living in Pensacola, FL.

XA - Good Girl gone Bad or was you always the Bad and Naughty? lol
Renee- I can say that I was the type of girl to bounce back and fourth 
between good and bad. I would wear different like, go from tomboy style 
to girly girly. I guess I just had to pick one that fit me and girly girly but bad was it. lol
XA - Lmao You are too Beautiful!!  

XA - What age did you really start playing with the boys? lol
Renee- I honestly always had boyfriends but didn't start really entertaining what 
a boyfriend really was until the age of 17.

XA - You said you've only been modeling for 6 to 7 months, how did you get into it?
Renee- I had a friend enter me into a contest for a calendar and I ended up being 
one of the models picked. Once I started shooting it was like a rush 
and I never wanted to give it up.

XA - Was you nervous doing your first shoot or did you get comfortable fast?
Renee- I was nevous at first but after the first 2 or 3 shots, I felt comfortable 
and just went with it.

XA - How long did it take for you to do bikini's or implied on a photo shoot?
Renee- It didn't take long if I was going to model, that was going to be 
the type of modeling I was going to do. I can do the implied and bikini all day. 
I am just not ready for nudes, not sure I ever will be...

XA - Let us know some of the things that you've done?
Renee- I have been featured in the Destin Nations Dream Girl calendar 
in 3 different months,GGURLS featured me, as well as SXP mag, 
Angels Playpen, and just recently

XA - Dudes are seeing your pics and are in a daze want to know
Renee- if your dating or have someone touching your fun areas?
I am not dating, I am actually engaged and loving every minute of it.

XA - Random: Is your sex drive like two zebras ready to tear it up
or is it like proper are you done yet? lol
Renee- honestly I wouldn't say I am not like 2 zebras, but not as lame as being proper
to are you done yet? I am just normal if you ask me a few times a week is good for me.
XA - lol I'm not normal then

XA - You have a shoot coming soon with SHOW magazine, how excited 
are you about working with them? 
Renee- I am very excited not just to be working
with SHOW but to get my first printed feature.
XA - Congrads to you Beautiful!!!

XA - What does Renee do when she's not modeling?
Renee- I take care of my 2 year old son and I am in school earning my bachelors
in business management. I have already completed my AA accounting.
XA - Beauty and Brains!!! That's Great Luv!!

XA - Tell me one thing your fans don't know about you?
Renee- I am very into eating healthy and maintaining a good diet that contains
lots of organic and herbal remedies.... 

XA - A night on the town hanging with you, what can I expect to happen?
Renee- Me to get crazy, when I party I party hard, but I definitely know how to stop when it's time. I am just a fun outgoing and enjoyable to be around.

XA - What's the sexiest thing you're wearing while doing this interview?
Renee- more like what I am not wearing like
XA - Yes!!! lol

XA - Tell us your moment with a girl or is it all about dudes or both? lol
Renee- I have had a moment with a girl, but it was just a little kissing and touching
which was enough for me to know it is all about the boys....
XA - lmao Hot Beautiful!!!

XA - What else you have coming up, that we should be watching out for?
Renee- I have a shoot with the famous MJFLIX in coming next year as
a lot of other printed mag shoots set up...
XA - MJFLIX is Great!!! Love his work!!!

XA - Ok give a Big Shout Out!! to all your fans and say hello to the new ones as well?
Renee- Just want to say I am grateful to all of my fans the new and old.
Thanks Xxotic Angels for the feature and helping me get myself out there.
XA - Awww thanks and You're welcome Babygirl!!

XA - Do you have any nick names for your upper body talents? lol
Renee- no nick names that I am aware
XA - lol

XA - Would you say you're very sexual?
Renee- I am sexual yes but when the time is right.....

XA - Have you ever flash a total stranger when you were tipsy from drinking? lol
Renee- No I haven't gotten that crazy at least not that I can remember....
XA - lol

XA - Spanking Yes or No when it comes to sex? lol
Renee- definitely a yes especially with a booty like mine why
XA - Hot Hot!!! lol

XA - Do you have a box of Adult toys or just your when I'm lonely toy
that gets the job done? lol
Renee- I am one of those that prefers the real deal so yes I have a few times,
but they are just when my fiance is not around...

XA - If I went on your or pc would any porn ups happen? lol
Renee- Nope any porn, I look at is on video or a magazine
XA - I like this lol

XA - Last time you had to get you some in public? lol
Renee- It had to be a good 4 years ago, no need to do it in public
I like the sexiness of ....

XA - Lingerie or Birthday suit which do you wear mostly to bed?
Renee- it starts out with lingerie but by the time I wake up I am in my birthday suit.
XA - Oh Ok Nice!!! lol

XA - Giving a Big Thank You for this interview with
The Stunning Beauty Renee Gerhardt!!! know as !!!
I hope you was laughing as much as I was!! lol

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  1. Renee G is a Seriously Talented and Beautiful young woman!! I Love her strength and ability to Inspire so many people. Keep up the Excellent work and I look forward to everything you have coming up in the future!! Much Love and Respect :)