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Xxotic Angels March Feature Shannon Richards

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Measurements: 36-24-36
Height: 5'3"
Weight: 110

Eye Color: Blue
Hair Color: Blonde
Nationality: Caucasian
Birthday: 3/27/87
Hometown: Dallas
Twitter: @Shannonbabygirl

Booking Info:

Xxotic Angels Feature
Shannon Richards

Interview by New York 
photos courtesy of
TomasinoPhotos.com , Silver Dreams,
Martysphotography.com , PhotoFantasies,
Greg Woodson photography, 
Visions East Photography, Master Studios

videos courtesy of
William Fisher and Martysphotography.com

XA - Guys I have for you a Texas Beauty!!!
Her name is Shannon Richards!!

XA - I want to welcome you 
to Xxotic Angels!!

XA - Now I just want to say that you are a "Hot Beautiful Southern Belle",
Us Northern Boys love.... You're Hotter than a rooster with socks on lol
Now when fellas come over to you 
trying to say hello, do they say 
something like this to get you laughing? lol
Shannon- Humor and sweetness are a winning combination. lol
I think they try everything and every line, but I definitely respond better
to the sweet funny guys, than the cocky guys. :)


XA - Now from your bio, you are from Austin, Texas right?
Were you born and raised there?
Shannon- I was born around the Dallas Area, but moved to Austin.
I love Dallas and Austin, and they both have great sports teams!! haha
XA - lol A girl that love sports is always a man dream

XA - Let me know a little bit about your growing up in Austin?
Shannon- We actually moved around a lot when I was younger.
I lived in WV, PA, MO, and TX.

XA - Was you the girl next door, the boys run after?
Shannon- When I was like 7, I would beat boys up. lol
I think I grew out of it though...hehe
XA - lmao You pretty bully you and I hope so by now Beautiful!! lol

XA - Naughty or Good Girl? lol
Shannon- Definitely Good Girl. I'm ambitious and driven, 
and I never was much for getting in trouble.
XA - Except the beating up boys then lol

XA - Do you remember your first kiss? lol
Shannon- Of course! ;)
XA - lol

XA - Texans or Cowboys? lol
Shannon- Definitely Cowboys!! But Texans are a second....
and then Denver Broncos! lol
XA - How do the Broncos happen for you? lol Must Be Tebow Love lol

XA - How many of The 10 commandments for a Southern Belles do you know? lol
Shannon- I didn't know we had any? Uh oh
XA - lol here you go 
The 10 Commandments for a Southern Belle:
1. Never cuss in front of your Mamma or your mammy.
2. Your daddy (and Rhett Butler) is always the perfect man.
3. Never wear white after Labor Day or before Easter.
4. Never try to pass faux pearls for real ones 
at any special event. (especially your debut)
5. Always say yes mama and yes sir. No matter 
who you are talking to.


6. Never go out without "putting your face on" 
because you never know who you will see
7. Never pretend to be drunker than you really are.
8. Never smoke at a country club, on the street, or anywhere 
besides your house or at a very close friend's house
9. Never forgive yankees. (just remember you could be 
Scarlet O Hara if they had not have won the war)
10. NEVER accept the defeat by the enemy.

XA - Craziest thing you did in Austin, that you are never forgotten for doing? lol
Shannon- Probably just doing risky photo shoots at public locations. (not nude lol)
XA - lol  Thongs and real short Daisy Dukes works for me Luv!! lol

XA - First place you take me in Austin, that I must see?
Shannon- We have a bridge that has over a million bats that fly out at sunset. lol
It's pretty awesome. And of course you'd have to see a Longhorns game,
and check out our beautiful lakes and caverns.
XA - I'm coming soon, and you will be my Texas Tour Guide!! lol
All that sounds fun and exciting, well everything but I don't know about the bats part lol

XA - Now you got started in modeling because a lot of local photographers
kept asking to take your pictures right?
Shannon- Yes

XA - Were they a lot of old guys or young guys trying to hit on you,
you thought that made you wait at first? lol
Shannon- Both, lol
XA - lol too funny

XA - Ok what was your first photo shoot like, was you nervous
or just went for it and stared posing? lol
Shannon- I was nervous, but the guy was really nice.

XA - How long did it take for you to do a bikini or lingerie shoot?
Shannon- 3 or 4 shoots
XA - lol

XA - After your first shoot what was it that had you hooked on modeling?
Shannon- When I started getting the photos and feedback.

XA - Let everyone know where they might of seen you?
Shannon- Full Throttle Magazine, WWFord TV Commercial, Electrique Boutique,
Bikes & Babes Calendar, Dallas Cowboys Corral Girl, Glam Modelz Magazine, etc....

XA - Now the fellas are going silly over your Super Hot pics lol 
and want to know if Shannon Richards having a little fun with the guys
or have a Major cuddle buddy? lol
Shannon- Sorry, I have a cuddle buddy :)

XA - One of Shannon dating rules are, I will never 
date a guy with _____________? lol
Shannon- Bad teeth! Can't stand smokers :( 


XA - Now do you like movies like I do, what's the last 
good movie you've watch? lol
Shannon- Planet of the Apes,great movie!
XA - I agree, Caesar was bad ass

XA - What does Shannon Richards like to do to entertain herself for fun?
Shannon- Running, swimming, biking, pretty much anything active.

XA - Will we ever see you in Playboy Issue also anytime soon? lol
Shannon- They've contacted me several times to shoot for them,
however I don't shoot nudes.
XA - I understand Luv, I love the thongs, bikinis and implied pics
of you is Hot enough for me Beautiful!! lol

XA - Does Shannon have any kitchen skills, 
or you a master with To-Go orders? lol
Shannon- I'm a good cook, I just don't usually have time.

XA - Tell me about your site ShannonRichards.com what's some of the exciting
things you have on there?
Shannon- Photos, Videos, Features etc... :)


XA - What's next for Shannon Richards that our eyes need to be on?
Shannon- Shoots, Videos, and Magazines. lol
XA - lol

XA - Give love to all the Shannon Richards fans out there, and say something
to new ones checking you out?
Shannon- My fans are awesome, and supportive! Thanks for sticking with me
despite my facebook page being deleted for the 7th time. lol 
God Bless Our Military!!
XA - Wow Facebook is Crazy!! lol and Yes God Bless Our Military 
And You Beautiful!!


XA - The one song you would sing at karaoke? lol
Shannon- Jesus take the wheel, but Carrie Underwood. 
I use to sing that one. lol
XA - lol

XA - Sexiest thing you have on while doing this interview? lol
Shannon- Lingerie
XA - Hot Beautiful!!

XA - I would like to thank the Beautiful Shannon Richards 
for this interview with me. Hope it made you laugh and you had fun?
Shannon- Thanks for the opportunity!!
XA - You're Welcome Luv....

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