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Xxotic Angels June Feature Tara Babcock

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Measurements: 36(34DD)-23-36
Height: 5'4"
Weight: 110lbs

Eye Color: Blue
Hair Color: Platinum Blonde
Nationality: USA
Birthday: November 10, 1989
Hometown: Seattle, WA

Booking Info:

Xxotic Angels Feature
Tara Babcock

Interview by New York
photos courtesy of 
Robert Turi, Glamtography,
Dr. Macenstein, GM Photo,
Dave Alan, Jared Ribic,
Prado Foto, American Curves,
Alan Dyck, Charles Williams,
Official Photography, Strobe Magazine,
Wave Head Media, IMAGEZZ.COM ,
Steve Gin Photography, , Glen Francis,
C. John King,

Videos courtesy of

XA - Fellas I'm So Excited 
to bring you The Super Beauty &
Hot Bombshell Tara Babcock!!!

XA - Welcome to Xxotic Angels!!!

XA - Tell everyone the reason why you are an Xxotic Angel?
Tara- I an an Xxotic Angel because I am sexual, bubbly, 
and because you guys wanted to feature me... duh!
XA -  Yes I Want You , I meant We Wanted You!! lol

XA - From Nerds to Jocks, Cool Bad Girls to the Innocent Shy Girls!!
You are The Dream Girl everyone dreams about hanging or being with..
So I count Tara Babcock's in my sleep hoping like the movie Weird Science
you make a few of my dreams come true lol
How often do guys say funny things like this to get you to talk to them?
Tara- Not too often, actually. I get a lot of e-mails and stuff thatsay silly things,
but in real life, people are usually too shy to come up to me.
I often hear whispers, though!

XA - You were born and raised in Seattle, WA right?
What was growing up there like for you?
Tara- It was fine growing up here. I always wanted that stereotypical 
high school experience like in the movies, but I never really got it. 
Our school was backwards. I was the minority whereas everyone else 
was very opposite me. I was popular, but not for hanging out with the popular kids. 
A lot of people didn't like me, and I eventually just stopped going to high school thanks 
to the Running Start program. I went straight to college after my sophomore year!

XA - You was the Head Cheerleader in High School, who hit on you more
the football players or the basketball players? lol
Tara- Yeah, that's the thing, it wasn't really like that. I was pretty much the only 
typical cheerleader on my team, and it was  more of a dance team, the way a lot of
girls couldn't hit their moves or do the stunts. I eventually quit because they cut my
best friend and they were just ....awful. I did lots of cheer during middle school, though!

XA - Ever been naughty in your Cheerleader uniform? lol
Tara- Probably! I don't really remember, to be honest!
XA - lol

XA - You also are what I call a Nerd's Goddess!! lol  
I understand that you went to high school and college at the same time.
When most teens hang out, what made you stay in and study?
Tara- It's not that I stayed in and studied. I actually went to school 
less than anyone. School in Seattle was extremely easy for me. I actually skipped 
about 60% of high school and a ton of college and still got a 3.5 average. 
I always wanted to be challenged in writing and I loved taking the ceramics 
and fitness classes I took in college!
XA - That's Amazings!!

XA - Were you part of any study groups during high school?
Tara- Haha, no way! That kind of thing really didn't happen. 
At least it didn't happen in any circle of friends I had
XA - lol

XA - I see that you studied hard did the Head Cheerleader in 
school partied hard at all during that time?
Tara- I was a huge party girl pre-high school, then I settled down 
and realized I had much more fun just shopping, hanging out, working out, 
and playing video games with friends. All of the partying was more just a cover-up 
for the bad relationships and friends I had back then, anyway!

XA - You were advanced in high school, so tell me when
did you advanced the boys and teach them the square root of Tara? lol
Tara- Haha. Well, I was awful at math, so let's say I taught them 
the anatomy of Tara! I was, and still am, very forward when I like someone. 
I'm not afraid to make the first moves!
XA - Hot!! I like the Beautiful!! lol

XA - Is there any naughty thing you did that you are still remembered for
while going to school or living in Seattle? lol
Tara- Hmm, as far as being remembered, one thing I thought was really cool 
was that I won the "Most likely to become famous" as a high school senior. 
I know this seems obvious, but if you knew that I hadn't stepped foot in the 
school for two years, including how much I thought everyone hated me, it was quite 
a surprise when I came back to pick up my yearbook and take graduation pictures! 
I also liked to sneak into hotel pools and hang out!
XA - Yes!! That's my rebel girl I was looking for lol

XA - Was you listening and dancing to grunge music growing up?
Tara- I suppose that is a jab at being from Seattle? Haha! I actually 
love Soundgarden, Alice  in Chains, and Nirvana, but it's not what 
I grew up listening to. I was only a baby during the 80's and 90's, anyway. 
I never really experience any of the weird things people think about Seattle. 
No one is overly grungy, no one is depressed, it's sunny all summer, 
and we don't ALL drink coffee!
XA - LOL you just killed all the myths about Seattle from one question.
Not that these are the things everyone thinks about when it comes to Seattle!!
We just  love that you're So Hot!! (Raises hand) can I drink my Starbucks now? lol
( In my Dave Grohl from Foo Fighters voice)

XA - If I came to visited you and we went back to your hometown, where
would you take me to have a good time?
Tara- I'm not sure. I kinda made my own fun wherever I was!
XA - I can work with that...I love the just go with it fun...

XA -  Now you also got early credits for a Personal Training Certification.
What made you start thinking about getting into fitness at a early age?
Tara- Well, it was only a few years ago! I have always been into beauty, 
fitness, and health. I couldn't think of anything else I wanted to be other than 
a writer or a personal train. I couldn't see myself ever doing a "regular" job, though!

XA - How did you get into modeling?
Tara- I just went for it! I'm not like most girls who will tell you they started because they
were scouted in some obscure place and were more beautiful than anyone ever, haha!
I just used my beauty, body, and natural marketing and business skills to go for it!
XA - I am so glad that you are an original recipe.. Wait that sounds like 
you are food.. lol I meant I'm happy you are different and So Hot!! lol

XA - Can you take me back to your first photo shoot 
of how nervous and exciting you were at the same time? lol
Tara- I wasn't nervous, but I was excited to see the professional images.
They didn't turn out too great, the photographer was pretty sub-par, 
but it was a learning experience for sure!
XA - lol

XA - How long did it take for you to be able to do implied shooting?
Tara- I did it right away! I've never been nervous about my body 
or sexuality, it just comes naturally!

XA - Let the viewers of Xxotic Angels know some of the things you've done?
Tara- I've worked with numerous magazines, clothing companies, online features,
other models, and tons of promotional work. My favorite credits are those 
related to gaming, though!

XA - You were in the Hot Magazine American Curves a few times. 
How excited were you to be featured in it not once but 4 times?
Tara- Was it only 4 times? Man, I was so excited! American Curves 
was the magazine I saw on the news stands before I was a model and wanted to
one day be part of! It's nice to see yourself in a store, and buy a bunch of copies 
just to support yourself! It never gets old!
XA - lol well don't beat me up, beat up google and tell'em 
to get their act together...

XA - What do you enjoy most about being in American Curves magazine?
Tara- It's the sexiest magazine around without featuring pornography.
It's sexier than Playboy and it's not even nude! They push the boundaries 
with poses and the models are always gorgeous!
XA - (In my Stewie voice) No She Didn't!! lol where's my pipe and smoking jacket??...

XA - You also done some MMA magazines are you into the MMA fights?
Tara- I am not that into MMA, I am a huge fan of bodybuilding, rather.

XA - Have you been to any of the MMA fights?
Tara- I have been a ring girl as well as a celebrity guest at a few MMA fights!
It's much more exciting in person!

XA - I see you as one of The Hottest Sex Symbol on the internet, when you
started modeling is this where you wanted to end up being a Sex Symbol?
Tara- Of course! I definitely wanted to be unique, push limits, and be successful!
I also wanted to make the world more comfortable with their sexuality and show 
that it is normal and natural. Not all models were abused, are stupid, or vain!
XA - May I say you're doing a fine job with making everyone comfortable...

XA - One piece of advice to the young female models that look up to you
who stare at your pics and say one day I'm going to be like Tara Babcock?
Tara- Never give up, and do your research before you sign, 
or agree to anything! A manager or agent only has money in mind, and there are 
a lot of appealing opportunities out there that are, in actuality, awful for you. 
Never do something just for bragging rights!
XA - This is so true...

XA - Now what I love about you is that you also love video games. (You're So Hot) lol
When did you become interested in video games?
Tara- I grew up playing video games! I've played thousands in my lifetime,
it's just something I love to do, and always have!

XA - Besides Super Mario lol what other games do you like to play?
Tara- I play everything from MMORPGs, computer games, RTS games, racing,
Japanese RPGs, fighting games, shooters... you name it!
XA - Amazing!! I love it!!

XA - Can you play Madden? lol
Tara- I can, but those are such typical games of someone who isn't really a gamer.
I'm more into difficult, or story-driven games.
XA - Hey take that back lol there's a lot of hard work that goes into Madden!!
You must of already beat the All Madden Team!! lol I do love MAX PAYNE 3!!

XA - Ever used sex has the reward if you 
beat or lose to a guy in a video game? (looks up at the ceiling) lol
Tara- Haha, oh, I am sure I have! Nerdy gamer guys are the best! 
They will always beat me, though!
XA - lol that's too funny

XA - You write for when did this start for you
and how did they find you to ask?
Tara- They have a gamer babes section, and they featured me. I guess they were
interested when they heard that I am a hardcore gamer, and an excellent writer!
I absolutely love working with them! They have been amazing to me and the staff
have become fast friends..

XA - Were you surprised and excited at the same time?
Tara- Very excited! I was planning on writing a video game section 
for another company that was not nearly as awesome, and I am glad 
Impulse Gamer came along!

XA - Ok the guys joysticks are going crazy and, the girls left and right analog 
triggers are vibrating lol Over your Super Sexy!! Hot!! and Amazing pics lol 
They all want to know if Tara has someone special in her console with 
direct input mode or just teasing everyone with a little of Tara every now and then? lol 
(Nice way of saying it right?) lol
Tara- That was epic, yes. I am single at the moment, and I am more of a 
"no strings attached girl". With that said, I am fortunate enough to be able 
to pick and choose, so I am  not lonely and I do consider a few people 
very special to me. One huge thing is trust, especially with all of the drama, 
disease, and treachery out there these days! I am mainly interested in the physical 
appearance of a man, but I only trust the ones I can get along with, who are awesome 
and make me laugh! A hot jerk is a dime a dozen, but I can easily find hot, 
awesome guys instead!
XA - That's Sweet Beautiful!!

XA - Now from my research you like muscle tone guys, so I want to 
ask you what type of girls do you like?
Tara- I like tiny blondes and tiny Asian girls! I dislike sluttly-looking girls 
from a sexual standpoint, so she has to be super sexy, but have a sweet side. 
I don't like drama, and I don't like mean girls!
XA - lol You're Awesome!! I just want to let you know that...

XA - When did looking at girls in a different way for you began? lol
Tara- I never really differentiated. It's nice for me, because no one would pick on 
a hot girl who experiments with other hot girls. Plus, in middle school, every girl
was "bisexual". It was a trend!
XA - lol why wasn't I living in Seattle during this trend...

XA - Best kisser for you Guys or Girls? (Please Explain Why) lol
Tara- I prefer men in every scenario. Women don't have penises, and they don't
have testosterone, manliness, and the sex drive that men do. I am attracted to
men in every aspect. Women are just cute, fun supplements.

XA - Random: Is your sex drive like Call Of Duty 3 lots of action 
and shooting with massive explosions from both of you lol 
or more like a marsh mellow roast, after the marsh mellows 
are ate there's no more trill? lol
Tara- Definitely Call of Duty! I like it rough, action-packed, 
and awesome "shooting" at the end! Haha!
XA - Hello Beautiful!! (Joker's voice) lol My kind of girl...

XA - Ok I had to ask this, why a piercing on your clitoral hood 
and when did you start thinking about it?
Tara- I just thought it would be cool. Since I was 16 I got 
a new piercing every year for my birthday. I figured that was one I 
wouldn't mind having, and it looked hot!
XA - How many of you reading this wanted me to say can  I see it? lol
Yall have some dirty minds lol #SMH

XA - Has it increased your pleasure since having it?
Tara- It is definitely a nice supplement. It doesn't give me orgasms
like it supposedly does other's though!
XA - You said supplement again. I need to meet a woman like you,
cause I'm missing out on my vitamins.. lol

XA - Your name is a brand, why is it important for a model to 
make her name a brand and not just take pictures?
Tara- It depends on what a model wants to do with her career. 
She can be an exclusive agency model in the fashion industry, just taking jobs
and doing campaigns as an employee. She can work with fitness companies 
as a "face" and travel around doing fitness competitions, events and videos, 
or she can be a glamour model. Agency glamour models 
(although they are often the most glamorous, with the most male fans)
do not make nearly as much as agency fashion models do in America. 
Promotional modeling is more for beginners, or those who only plan to make 
a bit of money while going to school. The only way to make a ton of money 
or stick out is to own your own business, find your niche, and make friends 
with important people. Without a brand and an enormous fan following you are 
not too successful on the glamour side.

XA - Now also you write for a site 
let everyone know what you do on there?
Tara- I write a Top Ten article week about a guy topic.
Comics, women, cars, games, you name it!

XA - And your site what are the goodies you have
for viewers to see, that they need to be a member right now?
Tara- There are thousands of exclusive images, an online store with  
member discounts, my private diaries with videos, access to my personal 
e-mail address and much more! I spend a lot of time chatting and getting 
to know my fans through my member site! I have a ton of ideas for changes 
in the future as well.
XA - Wow how exciting!!

XA - You do graphic designs, but tell everyone about your
New Retouching business your starting?
Tara- I played around with Photoshop and realized I was pretty good at it.
I try to fit in clients whenever I have the time, but lately I have been declining
a ton of jobs due to my modeling activity, traveling, and gaming and eSports.
It has been an extremely successful and productive year for me so far!
I am very excited for the rest of it!

XA - Beside the retouching business, what's next 
for Tara Babcock that we need to look out for?
Tara- Definitely look out for me in the gaming community! I am working with
NOS Energy Drinks to bring new, exciting things to the eSports community.
I am also traveling to LA monthly and shooting with more of the top photographers.
I have a ton of content coming out at
and I am starting a new Vegan campaign soon! Look for me on the news stands!

XA - Tell me about your love for connecting with your fans?
And give them some shout out love, also welcome the new ones in?
Tara- The best part of being in the entertainment industry is connecting with fans,
getting to know people, and making people happy (and horny...just a little)
with my content and my brand. I love chatting as much as I can, and I love taking 
constructive criticism into account when it comes from my awesome fans. 
I always say "fans and friends" because I feel that work is really one in the same.
You guys ROCK!

XA - Can Tara cook and what does she make best,
that I would have to try?
Tara- I cook a great grilled cheese and tomato soup! I also love cooking 
vegan Pad Thai, vegan pizza, and other tofu meals. My favorites on the go are 
vegan hot dogs and veggie burgers! I can't even tell the difference! I also make 
a killer omlette, pancakes, and Better Than Cream Cheese toast for breakfast!
XA - When can I move in? lol Wow we are going to hang and cook together one day...
I  want to eat some of your cooking... lol Everything sounds so good!!

XA - What are you wearing right now 
during this interview that would turn me on? lol
Tara- No panties!
XA - Yes!! that works for me lol

XA - Greatest thing that happen for you 
because you have Big Boobs? lol
Tara- I took awesome modeling pictures! 
Oh and hugs, I love giving guys big boob hugs!
XA - I want one please!! lol

XA - Last time you change batteries for 
your Adult when I'm lonely toy? lol
Tara- Batteries are for noobs!
XA - lol

XA - Name 3 Comic book females you would love to have as roommates? lol
Tara- Harley Quinn, Super Girl, and Amora the Enchantress, of course!
XA - Good choices...

XA - Last one, it's role play bedroom time. We have outfits for each other,
I have in a box for you Princess Peach Toadstool lol What outfit you have for me? lol
Tara- Well if it's Peach, it's gotta be Mario, right Nah, it'll be Bowser!
XA - lol ok

XA - I would like to thank Our Beautiful Dream Girl Tara Babcock 
for this interview with me, hope it made you laugh and you had have fun? lol
Tara- Of course! Thank you so much for featuring me and doing your research!
XA - You're welcome Luv, and you can come here anytime...

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