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Xxotic Angels July Feature Leanna Decker

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Measurements: 34-28-34 
Weight: 107 
Eye Color: green  
Hair Color: 
ashland, ky 
Twitter: @leanna_decker

Booking Info:

Xxotic Angels Feature

Interview by New York
photos courtesy of 
Cole Photo Works, Michael Juliet,
T H Taylor, Jose Luis, Playboy,   

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XA - Everyone!! I'm bringing you 
the Amazing Red Hair Bombshell!!
Leanna Decker!!

XA - Welcome to Xxotic Angels Beautiful!!

XA - Let everyone know why 
you are an Xxotic Angels?
Leanna- im sweet & spicy hehe :)

XA - Now I just want to say, Kentucky is now know 
for 3 Beautiful Great Things!! Horse racing, Blue grass,
and Super Hot Leanna Decker!!
If a city boy ever thought twice about being in the country 
after looking at you Beautiful it should seal the deal lol
How often do you catch them Kentucky boys staring at you? lol
Leanna- lol you mean how often do i not catch them? lol
XA - lol

XA - Now I know you was born in West Virginia right?
Share with me about your childhood growing up?
Leanna- i actually spent most of my childhood living in south carolina,
huge tomboy! always in the yard playing with my brother.

XA - Was you a wild one that the boys couldn't handle 
or the sweet innocent girlfriend? lol
Leanna- umm im sweet but can def be a handful.

XA - You remember your first kiss 
and was it with a girl or boy? lol
Leanna- boy and it was in middle school hehe

XA - At what age did you look at yourself in the mirror 
and say now I got you boys? lol
Leanna- when i first started middle school, one summer they just grew
XA - lol 

XA - What was the one thing in high school or college that you did crazy 
that you are still remembered for?
Leanna- in high school i really wanted to leave with my friend cause she 
was leaving early and my mom wouldn't sign me out so i just walked out haha.
XA - lol you bad girl you...

XA - Ok so when did you make the move to Kentucky from West Virginia?
Leanna- i was born in a WV hospital but still lived in KY, i live in a tristate 
so its like 10 mins to WV, or Ohio from KY! 

XA - This is one of the most important questions of this interview.
Are you a Mountaineer or Wildcat? lol

XA - If I came to visited you, what's the one place you would 
take me so I'll have a good time? 
Leanna- hahah the skate n rink!!! will always be
my fave place i love to roller skate!
XA - Now this is what I'm talking about, so do I lol 

XA - What made you get into modeling?
Leanna- my friend was getting into modeling & i was jealous haha 
so i checked it out and fell inloveee
XA - lol you are too Beautiful!!

XA - Was this something when you were younger that you 
always wanted to do, or was there something else you had in mind?
Leanna- i always dreamed of being a model, what girl doesn't? 
just never thought it would be my reality!
XA - Well I am glad that you are here...

XA - I read that you are most comfortable in front of the camera, 
are you shy with people in person?
Leanna- yes at first im super shy, takes me a minute to warm up to someone!

XA - So from the above question I ask, how long did it take you
to shoot lingerie and thongs? lol
Leanna- took about 6 months lol
XA - lol 

XA - You shoot topless and nude, have you always 
been comfortable with your body?
Leanna- not always, in hs i didn't think i was anything special now im like 
hell yea im sexy and i know it haha :)
XA - You sure are Special Beautiful!! You're Super Hot!! lol

XA - When did you decide you were going to send in pics to Playboy?
Leanna- after a horrible break up!

XA - You were Playboy's Cyber Girl of the Week July 4th 
and then Cyber Girl of the Month November 2011. 
How excited were you knowing that Playboy not only wanted you but
they wanted you twice?
Leanna- gave me alot of confidence that i never had in myself! 
i feel beyond honored to represent them!

XA - Did you always dream about being part of Playboy? and when was the 
first time you saw a Playboy magazine? lol
Leanna- yes of course i did, the first time was when i was 17
on vacation at the airport lol!
XA - Got to love those book stores in the airports...

XA - Before Playboy did you do any nude modeling?
Leanna- nope they were my first ;)

XA - Now the fellas have been ogling at 
your Awesome Beautiful Eyes from your pics lol
I'm asking, I mean they're asking is there a bed fella 
for those Kentucky nights or you're single and dating? lol
Leanna- i do have a boyfriend of 1 year and half :))

XA - Leanna's dating rule #1 if I used to date you,
there can never be_________? lol 
Leanna- i don't give 2nd chances!
XA - Well I hope I never get your food order wrong lol

XA - I'm going to give you the chance to rate your own sex drive lol
Is it Pg-13, R Rated, NC-17, or how many X's? lol
XA - Oh my, I would need cases of red bull lol

XA - What do Leanna like to do for fun away from modeling?
Leanna- just being outside, i love the outdoors, i feel so trapped when im inside!

XA - Watch or play any sports at all?
Leanna- i don't watch sports on the tv but i'll watch anything live! 

XA - Can Leanna cook and if so what does she like to make at home?
Leanna- oh yes im def a chef in the kitchen, my fave thing to make is either meatloaf 
or Italiano chicken :) yummm
XA - yes chicken me want lol

XA - How do you celebrate Saint Patrick's Day?
Leanna- dress up silly and go out with my friends haha
XA - lol

XA - you have 2 tatts on your hips do they have a meaning?
Leanna- love & harmony.... i think hehe
XA - You think lmao you are too much for me lol

XA - Also on your ankle there are mushrooms right?
Leanna- yes and lil butterflies!

XA - If I'm ever in your dog house, what flavor smoothie 
do I need to bring you to get out? lol
XA - lol

XA - So what's next coming up for Leanna Decker
we need to look out for?
XA - This interview was done a few months ago and so now....
Congrats Leanna you deserve it Xxotic Angels

XA - Give kisses to all of Leanna Decker fans 
and a wink at the new ones checking you out?

XA - Right now what do you have on sexy that would 
turn me on while doing this q&a? lol
Leanna- .....not a damn thing ;)
XA - That's Hot!! lol

XA - Greatest thing that happen for you 
because you have Big Boobs? lol
Leanna- got into playboy :)
XA - Yes and I would like to thank them for helping you lol

XA - I understand your pet name for your boobs is Ladies lol
Who or how did this nickname come about? lol
Leanna- ehh it was me and idk where it came from lol
XA - lol

XA - Last time you had to say to a guy my eyes are up here? lol
Leanna- about everyday!
XA - lmao

XA - I understand you don't like eating food in your bedroom,
does this means foreplay with ice cream there is out of the question? lol
Leanna- you dont have to be in the bedroom for this to happen :) 
that's why they make kitchen counters haha
XA - Very true Beautiful!! lol It's one of the best places for do'in it lol

XA - Choose only one to be done to you
during sex smacked or grabbed? lol
Leanna- grabbed, i do the smacking lol
XA - lol I hear you Beautiful!!

XA - Last one, you sleep with a guy for the first time and finds out his feet are cold. lol
Do you put socks on his feet or kick him out togo home? lol
Leanna- ewww i hate feet
XA - lol

XA - Giving a Big Thanks to the Lovely Beautiful Leanna Decker for this feature.
I hope you was laughing as much as I was.. lol

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