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Xxotic Angels Feature Jennifer Irene Gonzalez

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Measurements: 34D-25-35 
Height: 5'8"
Weight: 120lbs

Eye Color: Light Brown
Hair Color: Brown
Nationality: Taiwanese and Spanish 

Birthday: Oct. Scorpio
Hometown: Redondo Beach, CA
Twitter: @JGmodeltalent

Booking Info:

Xxotic Angels Feature
Jennifer Gonzalez

Interview by New York
photos courtesy of
Krystle Lina photography, Vanish Media,
Jeff Craig photography, Jenna Kraczek,
Drew Dailey Images, Fresh Peaches,
Koma Unwind, Botanique Tanning,
Wheels and Heels magazine, Swing 
FHM Slovenija, Maxim Magazine , PY25 Studio

Videos courtesy of

XA - Guys I'm introducing you to 
the Beautiful Jennifer Gonzalez!!!
Jennifer- YAYYYYYYYY!!!! :D 

XA - Welcome to Xxotic Angels!!!
Jennifer- Thank  you

XA - Share with everyone the reason why
you are an Xxotic Angel?

Jennifer- "Because that's just how I roll" . haha jk.
Because you guys chose me! Thank you Xxotic Angels
XA - You're welcome Beautiful!! but we should be thanking you lol

XA - You're Beautiful!! You're eyes, lips and body, can have me say yes
to you asking me to come with you lol 
Do guys say crazy things to get you to talk to them? lol
Jennifer- Oh believe me I've heard it all. What I don't understand
is why can't a guy just be charming and sweet rather than beat around the bush
XA - Because so where there's a saying nice guys finish last lol

XA - You're from Northeastern, Pennsylvania!!
Where is that exactly and were you born & raise?
Jennifer- Actually I'm from Redondo Beach, CA. I spent most of my life
in the South Bay however since my family is from different parts of the
world I was very fortunate as a child/young teen to be able to travel all over.

XA - You're Spanish and Taiwanese right? Which part of your
Super Hot combo is from Mom and what part is Dad?
Jennifer- Yes I am! My famous term is "Fried Rice and Frijoles"
Just recently someone came up with a new one....spicy salsa and soy sauce.
Bwahhhh ahahahhaha. My mother is Taiwanese from Taiwan 
and my father is Spanish...
XA - I would add on a few more for you to laugh, 
but your food talk has made me hungry now lol

XA - Tell me about your childhood growing up?
Jennifer- Oh gosh where do I start? 
Well a few things you might find intriguing is that I was raised
in a very strict household. (Perhaps that's why I rebelled so much)
XA - Yes a Bad Girl!!! lol You are Super Hot!! lol

XA - Was you the girl next door the boys love looking at? lol
Jennifer- No. My dad would give the evil eye to any boy who dared to look at me LOL.
I felt bad for my prom date when that time came around. haha 
Hey but you know what? There was a boy who lived across the street who was
very spoiled and his parents brought him a hot rod car. He drove it across the
street and picked me up and we disappeared around the block and had the entire
neighborhood searching for us. It was really cute. Mind you we were only like 5
or 6 years old. My first date I guess you could call it. LOL 
XA - lmao hold up what parents buy their 5 year old a car that actually
drives with a motor... This is too funny, I should of lived on your block lol 
What a first

XA - Was you a little flirt when you first 
started dating boys allowing first base only? lol
Jennifer- I got nominated biggest flirt in High School. haha
That should say it all..
XA - Yes that works for us lol

XA - Did you party a lot going through high school and college?
Jennifer- Believe it or not I didn't start partying hard until after college.
I was pretty in tact with my studies in school and took on such a full load
I never really had time to party. BUT BELIEVE ME I made up for lost time!! LOL
XA - lmao Oh yes Beautiful!! I do believe lol

XA - Craziest thing you did back then 
that you are still known for? lol
Jennifer- I'm very spontaneous and impulsive. Drop of a dime and I'll be
on an airplane across the country for a week and just makes plans as I go.
I like being adventurous when I explore new places.

XA - If I came to visit you, were would be the first place
you take me that I would enjoy seeing?
Jennifer- I have a secret spot I love to go to in Palos Verdes.
You have to hike down some cliffs to get down to the ocean and it's
really nice, secluded, and there are tide pools and sea critters everywhere. It's Perfect!!
XA - Sounds Hot!! I'm ready to go

XA - You do bikini's in pageants, so I'm sure that wasn't a problem for you
in a photo shoot. When did you get comfortable doing implied in photo shoots?
Jennifer- Once I knew I was no longer going to participate in pageants was
when I started to do FHM magazine, MAXIM, and classy implied shots.

XA - Let everyone know some of the things you've done in modeling?
Jennifer- I have an extremely extensive resume with the modeling industry.
2011 and 2012 has been my best year so far. I have done the cover of BEER magazine,
FHM Turkey June 2011, FHM Slovenija Feb 2011, the cover of Wheels and Heels
magazine Jan 2012, Skinnie magazine with Mickey Avalon March 2012

XA - What was it like working with Beautiful Tera Patrick tell us what she's like?
Jennifer- Tera Patrick is probably one of the NICEST sweetest girl I have ever met.
She is strikingly  beautiful, considerate, and kind. Not to mention SUPER DUPER TALL
with REALLY BIG BOOBS hahahaha. I remember she walked in with her 
hot pink hello kitty platform shoes, her doggie in his carrier, and absolutely no makeup
and she could have been ready to shoot then and there. Honestly if I had known
nothing about her and was meeting her for the first time I would have had no idea the
industrty she used to work in. It was really awesome to work with her for this cover.
XA - lol 

XA - Now tell me the truth cause you have Hot Boobs, but how many times did you 
stare at all the other Hot Boobies around you? lol (you knew I had to ask)
Jennifer- Well it's no secret if you look at my past modeling photos that 
I went from an A to a DD. haha As much as I'd like to deny it I would be a
dead give away. LOL So I've checked ( or envied should I say) a few in my day. 
XA - Right On!! lol I don't why I am excited about this since I'm not
with you doing the boobs looking too but I am  lol

XA - Body Painting what do you love about having paint 
all over your Beautiful Body? lol
Jennifer- As fun and hot as body paint may sound?
It's REALLY REALLY uncomfortable. LOL It looks amazing though.
I remember the body paint deal I did with Jenna Bentley for FHM TURKEY JUNE 2011
we had gold and silver all over ALL OF OUR belongings for MONTHS after that.
Not to mention it was quite an ordeal to wash off.
XA - lol

XA - You did a FHM Turkey feature in Gold body paint, 
which was very lovely to the eyes I must say. lol
Did you enjoy doing it as much has all of us enjoyed looking at it? lol
Jennifer- It was a lot of fun. We had bouncers trying to ward off the crowd
trying to watch so that they didn't capture any behind the scenes photos. LOL
Ruby Makeup Academy did an amazing job on our body paint. It took like
2 hours for application (mind you we were not allowed to go tinkle the whole time)
and it took about several months to stop finding body paint all over
our belongings hahaha Fun shoot though I would repeat it in a hearbeat. I love Jenna.  
She's my taller blonder, white twin. haha 
XA - lol you are too Beautiful!!

XA - Your in that feature with another Hot model Celeb Jenna Bentley
I think I need to hang with you for you shoot with all the Hotties!! lol
XA - lmao I bet you two together are lol

XA - Do you hang with a lot of girls when you're away from
modeling or more to yourself?
Jennifer- Most of my friends are girls friends. I am currently on tour
with a few other models and we are having a blast causing a ruckus in all the cities.
XA - lol 

XA - Ever had a kissing moment like Katy Perry with girls and liked it? lol
Jennifer- Nope. Strictly dickly

XA - Well I have the fellas over my shoulders looking at 
every Super Hot pic of you with they're tongues out.
Jennifer- hahahahahaha
XA - We want to know, I mean they want to know if Jennifer is single
and having fun or she has her very own special pageant judge? lol
Jennifer- no more pageants for me. :D I will gladly help and support those
doing pageants and I will still judge pageants once in a while, but as far
as mas! Am I single? Well no! I am a relationship girl.
I like to have a man to come home to :D The dating pool is too much for me.
Too many douche bags to weed through 
(yeah yeah yeah I know men say the same about woman. blah blah blah)
XA - lol

XA - Last time you had a clingy guy that was hard 
to say good bye to and how did you get rid of him? lol
Jennifer- Thank god I did not encounter that problem yet.
(I'm knocking on wood as we speak...I mean a WOODEN TABLE. haha)
I don't let a guy get to the clingy stage. I am far too independent and far
to free spirited for that to even come close to happening.
XA - haha haha you said wood twice (Beavis and Butthead laugh) lol

XA - Random: When you're sex drive is on Fire!! Are you an
on the bottom, on top, or a mix it all up type of girl? lol
Jennifer- I like to take control - however that may be (wink)
XA - works for me lol (wink back)

XA - Ok you did an ad for Swing Him a aphrodisiac spray for men, tell me all about 
how you got picked for this great ad? lol
Jennifer- Oh yeah! It's hot huh? I am the official spokesmodel for the company
who makes that product along with several other products. I guess I have sex appeal
written all over me. LOL I'll give you a sample and TRUST me you will thank me later.
XA - Ok still waiting for my sample Beautiful!! ( for research of course) lol

XA - How many guys try to use the pick up line saying
I sprayed some on me now can I get you? lol
Jennifer- When we promote the Swing like at the conventions and guys
say that to me, I just try to just laugh it off and find an escape opportunity.
Or I point at a hot girl walking behind them and say (hey try the swing for her on HER).
Works almost every time. Actually do you know what I LOVE to do? I love to find older
couples and hand them a sample of the Swing for him and the Swing for her and they
wind up coming back the next day thanking me for "sparking" up their relationship.
XA - lol

XA -  You're one busy model, when you are not modeling
what does Jennifer do to entertain herself for fun?
Jennifer- I love to spa, eat, dine out, and play with my furry animals :D

XA - What about cooking, does Jennifer make any of those amazing dishes
from her Super Hot background?
Jennifer- I make the best homemade enchiladas and the best Margherita 
XA - sounds good..

XA - Now here's something I don't think many know about you.
You're a signed music artist with a record distribution deal with SONY BMG right?
Jennifer- I had a record distribution deal back in the day. Not anymore :D
That was one of the best times of my life. If I had more time I would love to
get back into singing.

XA - How long have you been singing and is there any 
music of yours coming come soon?
Jennifer- I've been singing for as long as I can remember. I took vocal coaching
since I was 8 years old. Funny you mention it I have thought about getting into
the music industry. We'll see , maybe soon..
XA - Here at Xxotic Angels getting people excited lol any way we can lol

XA - Karaoke song you can sing in a heartbeat? lol
Jennifer- I'm not even kidding when I say I used to win TONS of karaoke contests
as a kid singing. Madonna's "Like A Virgin". I didn't even know what the song  was
about until later. LOL. "touch for the very first time....."
XA - lol

XA - So what's next for Jennifer Gonzalez we all need to look out for?
Jennifer- Keep looking out for my magazine covers! Also I have more
billboards releasing in LA and Orange County and a couple of commercials
coming out. Follow my fan page and twitter for more details.
FB / JenniferIreneGonzalez Twitter @JGmodeltalent

XA - Time to give love to all of the Jennifer Gonzalez fans out there
and blow kisses to the new ones seeing you for the first time?
Jennifer- kiss kiss muah muah muah kiss kiss more kisses!! xoxoxoxoxo

XA - Strangest place you did the naughty although it was tough, 
you said I can make this work? lol
Jennifer- On a tree limb....very high up on a tree limb. LOL. Don't ask. haha
XA - lmao Oh I so want to know this story lol 

XA - What are you wearing while doing this interview
that might turn me on? lol
Jennifer- Actually I'm flying on an airplane to Kansas City for NASCAR
wearing skin tight jeans and a low cut cleavage tank top. That reminds me....
I think I might be the only person getting off this plane without a jacket. haha
I'm a dead giveaway that I'm not from this town. LOL
XA - You know how to get the men engines going don't you Beautiful!! lol

XA - Name the tittle of the last Adult movie you watched? lol
Jennifer- Adult movie? what's that? (batting my eyes and flashing the innocent look)
XA - lol

XA - Last time you took batteries out of your tv remote for
your when I'm lonely adult toy? lol
Jennifer- ummmmm........hahahahahahaha (blushing)
XA - lmao...

XA - I give you a camera to take home and say make a sexy video for your fans.
On the table is a bucket of ice, caramel sauce, or baby oil.
Which one do you use and give your video a tittle? lol
Jennifer- OMG hahahahaha nice try silly boy. haha
Do girls really fall for this one? LOL
XA - Every girl has dream of making a sexy video.
I know you have thought of it too, don't be shy now lol

XA - I would like to thank Beautiful Jennifer Irene Gonzalez for this interview with me, 
hope it made you laugh and you had have fun? lol
Jennifer- Thank You so much! Thanks for taking the time to interview me
and following in on all of my success. I Love Xxotic Angels xoxoxoxoxo kisses..
XA - Thanks Beautiful!! We Love You Too...

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