Thursday, August 4, 2011

Xxotic Angels Aug Feature Chenade Laroy

Measurements: 30DD-24-34 
Height: 5'6
Weight: 120 lbs
Eye Color: brown
Hair Color: black
Nationality: black and asian 
Birthday: 14th july 
Hometown: essex
Twitter @ChenadeLaroyUK

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Xxotic Angels Feature 
Chenade Laroy

Interview by New York
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XA - I'm interviewing the Beautiful Chenade Laroy 

XA - Welcome to Xxotic Angels!!! 

XA - How are things with you Luv? 
Chenade- im good thank you feeling 
sexy as usual

XA - Tell me what makes you 
an Xxotic Angel? 
Chenade- because i'm spontaneous 
and heavenly
XA - Yes you are Beautiful!! 

XA - So you're from Essex England UK, tell me a little about Essex? 
Chenade- its a small but beautiful place the people here have alott of love to give ..

XA - Growing up what was that like for you there? Chenade- went private school so didn't mingle much 
in essex my school was in london

XA - Was you the party girl or the nice and quiet one? lol 
Chenade erm bit of both really the spontaneous one

XA - When did the boys 
started coming along? 
Chenade-  16

XA - Did they always chase you? 
Chenade- yup was the only person out of mi friends to go through school not without a fella

XA - How far is Essex from London? 
Chenade- not far few miles depends essex is a big place so anything from 10minz to 3/4hours

XA - The first place in Essex you would take me is? lol 
Chenade- erm romford it's history

XA - Have you ever been to America and if so what was the first place you went to? 
Chenade- erm new york and loved it .. 
XA - Ny Luvs You Too!! lol

XA - First food you ate in America? 
Chenade- dinner food to be fair...

XA - Ok how did you get into modeling? 
Chenade- random never wanted to be a model ever, just fell into it

XA - Tell us a little bit of what you've done? 
Chenade- model in video's magz-fashion shows-hosting events bit of everything really

XA - The fellas are reading this question very closely lol 
Are you attached to any one or just having fun?lol 
Chenade- neither single and get head from time to time..
XA - lol Speechles!!

XA - Who has a better chance to shag with you Seal, Idris Elba, Lennox Lewis, Simon Cowell, Chiwetel Ejiofor or Ali G? lol 
Chenade- simon cowell he's a fitty
XA - lol 

XA - Is your sex drive busy like the Fenchurch street railway 
or a pair of Essex calves?lol 
Chenade- essex calves ..

XA - What's the fastest you've ever drove down the M11 motorway?lol 
Chenade-  i cant drive

XA - Music that you listen to now? 
Chenade- slow jams and im obessed with chris brown at the minute to .. love in my zone 2

XA - So you did a music video in New York with Manio, Juelz Santanna, Jim Jones, 
Jadakiss, Swizz Beats what was that like? 
Chenade- it was fun and very long hours but loved every minute of it

XA - Did you get any advice from them you can share with us? 
Chenade- .. stay at my grind keep it popn and hold down the respect for yourself 

XA - Ok do you eat black pudding? lol 
Chenade- nope

XA - What dishes from your country can you make that I would want to try? 
Chenade- can't cook lol 

XA - What's the sexiest thing you're wearing while doing this interview? 
Chenade- my thong..
XA - Nice!! lol

XA - Wildest thing you've done while on the Double Decker Bus? lol 
Chenade-  n/a

XA - What do you do for fun when Chenade's not working? 
Chenade- shop till im sick of it eat ice cream and have dvd nights alone

XA - What's next that you have coming out we need to look for? 
Chenade- playboy!! :-p 4page spread

XA - Chenade show love to all the Fans and to New Fans seeing you for the first time? 
Chenade- love u all follow my journey u wont regret it

XA - How many times have you been Page Three Girl? 
Chenade- erm i havent .. i think i shot for page three not sure if it was published 
but i still got paid lol 

XA - Besides being naked, what do you wear that makes you feel sexy? 
Chenade- chocolate and strawberries .. champagne .. n fellas six packs

XA - British porn or American porn? 
Chenade- american porn with british actors

XA - How many Adult toys do you own and when is the right time to let 
your lover know you have them? lol 
Chenade- 1 and never used it in my life..

XA - What the craziest place in London you had sex in public 
and thought you might get caught having it? lol 
Chenade- ermm.. i've not really adventurous to be fair so no where exciting im afraid 

XA - I would like to thank Chenade Laroy for this interview with me
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  1. she is hot, i saw her on talk sport and soccer am

  2. what's her ethnicity? very exotic.