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Xxotic Angels Aug Feature Gabriella Amore

Measurements: 32C 25 36
Height: 5'2
Weight: 110 lbs
Eye Color: Hazel
Hair Color: Dark Brown/Black
Nationality: Italian
Birthday: 11/19/1992
Hometown: The Bronx, NY
Twitter: @GabriellaAmore  follow me!!

Booking Info:

Xxotic Angels Feature
Gabriella Amore

Interview by New York
photos courtesy of

XA - I have for you guys 
Gabriella Amore!!! 
Thank you for doing this.
Gabriella- Your welcome!!

XA - Welcome to Xxotic Angels!!!
XA - Tell me what makes you 
an Xxotic Angel?
Gabriella- I am 100% all natural, which is very hard to find in model these days.
It seems like plastic surgery is a "must" in the modeling world. I am going to dare to be different & stay the way 
I was made, so I think that makes me 
stand out among the rest :)

XA - Wow you are Beautiful!! 
I just have to asked you 
when do you have to go back to heaven? You are an Angel!!! lol
Do guys say silly things like that to you all the time? lol
Gabriella- haha!! Thank You :) I get silly pickup lines all the time, 
the best are the ones I get on twitter/facebook!! 
I think the last silly pickup line that I heard was
"Do you have a bandaid? because I scraped my knee when I fell for you" haha lol!!
XA - lol that was a good one

XA - So you're living in Tampa but from the BX? 
I bet the guys there wish they didn't lose you? lol
Gabriella- Yes, I was born & raised in the Bronx, I swear I left my heart there, 
I miss it so much!! lol and yes, some of the guys there will still try 
and talk to me on facebook and they haven't seen me in years!!
XA - lol aww they miss you

XA - Tell me about growing up in Tampa?
Gabriella- Well, I didn't really "grow up" in tampa, I grew up in The Bronx.
But these past few years in Florida have definitely been a learning expirience 
for me!! It's wayyyy different then NY here!!
XA - I bet it is lol

XA - When were you allowed to start going to parties where the boys are?
(I would of kept you at home till you was 30) lol
Gabriella- hmmm my parents were always pretty leanent with me cause
they knew if they said no I would sneak out anyways!! hehe
XA - lmao

XA - Was you a naughty one or a good girl? lol 
Gabriella- O mann I was a bad child!! lol When I was 11, 
I took a bus from where I lived in the bx
all the way to Morris Park, got my belly pierced and went back home. 
My mom saw it the next day & flipped out on me!! I was always in trouble, 
I was the worst at sneaking around, I would always get caught!! 
I was the type of girl that if my parents told me to do one thing, I would do another.
I would always run my mouth to girls in school, I remember one time during lunch 
in high school a whole bunch of girls ganged up on me!! My mom came to the school 
when everyone was getting out & let those girls have it!! She's a momma tiger nobody 
messes with her kids or else. lol Also I was always getting detention for violating 
the dress code, ahh I was nuts!! I could sit here forever telling stories. 
XA - I'm Speechless!!! but love every one of your stories little miss bady lol

XA - First place you would take me if I came to Tampa?
Gabriella- Well, this isn't tampa, but Disney World!!! I love going to disney,
I am a big baby on the inside. haha
XA - lol You are too Beautiful!!

XA - So when did you jump into modeling?
Gabriella- I am new to the game :) It kind of just fell into my lap a few months ago.

XA - Tell me about your first photo shoot?
Gabriella- My first photo shoot was with Eddie Lynn (Florida beauties in HD)
he was the best!! He gave me good direction and made the whole shoot 
very comfortable for me. It was a beach sunset shoot, the pics came out pretty amazing 
for my first time :)

XA - How long did it take for you to be Ok with doing bikini shots? lol
Gabriella- haha I just jumped right into it. I'm not a conservative person.
XA - And I thank you for that lol

XA - You're pics are Hot!! Is there anything that you can share why they 
come out "Amazing" every time?
Gabriella- Thanks!! Well the key to looking hot is feeling hot, you need to
have that confidence within yourself & you will exude sexiness.

XA - What have been some of the things you've done so far?
Gabriella- Some of the things so far that I have done are modeling for Bahia swimwear, 
I've been featured on a number of websites like,, 
dynasty series & more. I scored the lead role in a reggeaton video with YoSoy Kenai 
that I film right before this feature.I've been featured in Dynasty magazine, 
I was a spokes model for Performance Auto and Sound magazine. 
Honestly I have been very blessed with all the opportunities that have come my way 
in such a short amount of time. Oh & I am laughing my own website that should be up sometime in September. 
I am extremely devoted and determined individual and I don't stop until 
I get what I want :) So prepare to see my face everywhere!! lol
XA - I see your drive Beautiful!! lol

XA - Anything happen from your shoots so far that you can laugh at now?
Gabriella- haha yes!! From getting lost, to winding up in extremely bad neighborhoods
wher bums were knocking on my car windows, ahh it's been a journey lmao
XA - lmao I'm from the BX!! you should yell out next time lol

XA - Well you now have the boys drooling over your pics and they
want to know if there's a Mr Amore? lol 
( You so Hot the man needs to have your last name not you having his) lol
Gabriella- *Drumrolllllll* lol yes there is a Mr. Amore!! my heart is taken, sorry boys lol
XA - lol

XA - Ever done sexting to make a man think about you when he's working? lol
Gabriella- Who hasn't!! You have to keep things spicy in your relationship or 
else your man is going to go somewhere else for "spice"
XA - Stands Up and starts Clapping!!! (Well you can't see me but I am) lol

XA - Random: Would you describe your sex drive wild and open 
like animals in the jungle or morn like an instructional all nice and proper?
Gabriella- haha I like to keep'em think'in, I am a mystery :)
XA - this ain't the time to be nice now lol

XA - Would you ever mind giving a guy directions on how to please you?
Gabriella- hmmm it depends lol you shouldn't have to sit there with 
an instruction manual!! lmao but if it's just a whisper in his ear of what you like
here & there then that's ok :)
XA lol

XA - What's new that you have coming up, we need to be one the look out for?
Gabriella- I have a music video with Yo Soy Kenai, I am the lead girl. Also I have
a feature in JM magazine coming soon, and keep on the look out for more of my work
with Dynasty magazine....

XA - Say something to all Gabriella Amore fans thaat love you 
and to the new ones who just found out about you?
Gabriella- Hi!! Thank you all for supporting me!! 
I appreciate the love very much!! Mwaaa!!! XOXOXO

XA - What do you like to wear to bed?
Gabriella- A T-Shirt & panties usually
XA - Hot Beautiful!!!

XA - Have you ever made out with a girl?
Gabriella- Maybe!!!!
XA - Even Hotter!!! lol

XA - Do you have any battery gadgets that are like family to you?
Gabriella- like vibrators? haha no I don't I have a boyfriend
XA -  lol

XA - Name one thing you have taken the TV remote batteries out to use for it? lol
Gabriella- lol I don't really understand this question? but no I don't really take the
batteries out of my remote!! haha lol
XA - lmao

XA - When is it the right time to let a man you're dating 
know you have Adult toys? lol
Gabriella- Well it's not a bad thing to own adult toys, 
why keep secrets? lol let him know asap!!
XA - lol

XA - Sexual Fantasy that you wish you could have, 
that if it happen your girls and me 
could never believe you? lol
Gabriella- Those are secret :) remember, 
I'm a mystery, haha lol
XA - I'm trying to find out those secrets lol

XA - Thank You to the Lovely Gabriella Amore for this interview, hope I made you laugh Beautiful?
Gabriella- You are very welcome & yes I did laugh lol!! 
Thank You for featureing me
XA - It was my pleasure too believe me lol 

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