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Xxotic Angels Aug Samantha Kelly

Measurements: 32DDD-25-35
Height: 5'3
Weight: 119
Eye Color:Brown
Hair Color: Dark Brown
Nationality: Irish, English, German
Birthday:July 18th
Hometown: Portland, Oregon
Twitter @SamanthaKelly69

Booking Info:

Xxotic Angels Feature
Samantha Kelly

Interview by New York
photos courtesy of / Raw Link
Daniel Andrea/ George Kontaxis
Michael Perez/
Michael Palmer/ Matthew Cousins
Planet Muscle Magazine

XA - This is So Exciting I'm Interviewing 
the Beautiful Samantha Kelly!!!
XA - Welcome to Xxotic Angels Luv!!!

XA - Just to get this out of the way 
I've had a crush on you for years lol 
Do you get that a lot from people 
meeting you for the first time?
Samantha- (blushing) lol thank you 
that is very sweet... 
ummmm yes I have heard that 
we will say a few times. 
It's a very sweet compliment. 

XA - You're from Portland, Oregon what did you love about growing up in Portland?
Samantha- Portland is a gorgeous city full of parks, beautiful architecture, lots of culture in the way of arts and music.. it's a pretty hip place and the people are friendly, lots to do downtown with tons of great shopping and restaurants..etc! lol Okay okay I miss it! BUT it rains too much for me =) lol

XA - Party girl or the Good girl? lol
Samantha- Good girl  with a dash of naughty! lol

XA - When did you leave Portland for LA and what made LA it for you?
Samantha- I actually moved to Florida when I moved away from Portland, Oregon. I lived in Ft. Lauderdale and ran my own Fitness Training business until I got to the itch to move again! It took me awhile to settle down until I made my way out to Las Vegas where I stayed for 11 years. Built up a successful Fitness Training business in a private club. I had a great 11 years in Vegas but it was time for the beach life! I love living in L.a. I live right downtown in the Arts District in a gorgeous loft and I am loving life! Modeling for my website full time as well as freelance projects!

XA - At what age did you get into sports?
Samantha- I have always been athletic.. I took ballet at the age of 5. I also learned how to scuba dive at 5 years old since my Dad was a scuba instructor at the time. =)

XA - What position did you play in softball?
Samantha- In the 3rd grade I played baseball. Myself and one other girl 
played on the team with the boys! I played short stop mainly and sometimes 3rd base 
because I moved fast! lol When I played softball I was 1st base... I was very aggressive! 
You should have seen me play dodgeball! lol 
XA - lol

XA - Trailblazers or Lakers? lol
Samantha- hmmmmm.. I should say 
Blazers .. those poor guys! lol
XA - lol 

XA - 2004 is when you did your first 
photo shoot and it was publish, what was your first reaction when you found out?
Samantha- My first shoot was 
with Eric Freimanis! 
It was an amazing experience 

XA - Since then what has the 
modeling world been like for you?
Samantha- I have had numerous magazine publishings since then 
and I feel blessed!

XA - You are passionate about 
the things you do, where did you get 
your incredible drive from?
Samantha- I would say from my family.. especially my father 
and also the fact that I am a very passionate person!

XA - So an old boyfriend spark you into lifting weights, when did you say 
to yourself, this is gonna be good for my body?
Samantha- I started seeing results right away and seemed to be a natural. 

XA - Ok so I looked at some of Salvador Dali's work and it's amazing, when did you 
start getting into art and do you own any pieces yourself?
Samantha- I have always been into the arts in many aspects. =) It's just in my blood! lol 
I have Salvador Dali art books and one his series 
Woman with the Head Of Roses.

XA - Here are 4 movies: Jaws, Star Wars, Psycho, The GodFather 
what do you like about their music scores?
Samantha- My favorite would be Star Wars.. this score of course has 
a lot of meaning because I grew up with Star Wars and love it.. so it evokes 
very happy and familiar feeling.
XA - All 3 of these movies I love but I would have to go with Star Wars too..
Just the music alone is Amazing!!

XA - You've pick some Great Quotes to live by, how have the 4 in your bio 
become a part of your everyday life?
Samantha- The best way for me to answer this without writing my bio! ... lol 
is they all inspired me for many different reasons 
at the right time in my life.

XA - When did you start doing nude glamor modeling and was you 
always comfortable to go all natural?
Samantha- I actually only do topless on my website.. 
I enjoy creating sexy pictures and video and feel very comfortable in my own skin.

XA - Ok here's a question for the Irish in you lol Ever flashed 
your boobs for beads on St. Patrick's day? lol
Samantha- Never ;)

XA - Guys are going banana's over your pics 
and asking are you taken or dating?
Samantha- I am taken ;)

XA - How should a guy approach someone has Beautiful like you to ask out?
Samantha- Just be yourself and if the chemistry is there then the magic begins!

XA - Random: Is your sex drive like a MMA fight, you keep going till someone taps out 
or more like all nice and neat you can get up now? lol
Samantha- Down and dirty and quite an appetite for it
XA - Hot!!!

XA - When you're not modeling or working out, what else does Samantha like to do?
Samantha- Movies, beach, travel, read, hang out with my Pug Zoe'

XA - Can you cook and what do you make that I have to eat?
Samantha- I do like to cook.. more for others than for my own enjoyment. 
I can make anything you like.. from a recipe book! lol
XA - Great cause I love food lol 

XA - Tell me about your website  
what's all the goodies on there for us to checkout?
Samantha- I have a collection of photo galleries I have done throughout my modeling career and so most of them are exclusive to my site! I have done some amazing artistic shots as well as mainstream fitness shots.. then I decided to do topless and so now shoot sexier than ever! I love pushing my own limits in my sexuality and I feel my shoots are tastefully done.. mmmm very tasty! lol My videos are a favorite on my site since you get to actually see me in action! I have some crazy hot shoots planned so I am always adding new content!!
XA - Everyone Go Check Out Site Now!!!

XA - What's next for Samantha Kelly that we need to look out for?
Samantha- I have many things in the works 
but so far keepin' it on the down low.. ;)

XA - Show all of Samantha Kelly fans love 
and shout out to the new ones?
Samantha- I am VERY appreciative of all my fans and members on my site! 

XA - What are you wearing while doing this interview? lol
Samantha- I am nude.. isn't that how everyone does their interviews? lol
XA - Perfect!! lol Yes!!! 

XA - Ever role play as the trainer and new workout client? lol
Samantha- I have.. =) Role play can be fun in the bedroom.. I highly recommend it! lol
XA - Yes I do too lol

XA - Last Adult movie tittle that you watched? lol
Samantha- Movie? Who watches the movie? Not sure the name of the clip.. lol
XA - lol

XA - We're about to do a photo shoot, I get a call I have to take. 
You're there with the camera and baby oil, what happens next? lol
Samantha- Well, if I were you I would toss the phone because I would 
already be covered in baby oil! lol
XA - To my voice mail my call goes lol

XA -  I want to thank Samantha Kelly for giving me this interview, 
I had a blasted, hope it was fun for you?
Samantha- Thank you so much to Xxotic Angels! I appreciate the love!! 
Muah! xoxo, Samantha Kelly

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