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Xxotic Angels Jan. Feature Destiny Monique

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Measurements: 34C-25-38
Weight:118 lbs
Eye Color: brown
Hair Color: light brown (right now)
Nationality: mexican/ spanish, 
w- chinese and indian
Birthday: 3-15
Hometown: Houston Texas
Twitter: @DestinyMonique

Booking Info:

Xxotic Angels Feature
Destiny Monique

Interview by New York

photos courtesy of
Elite Studios, Chase photography,
BlackMen Magazine, Shock Magazine,
LowRider Magazine, Shock Magazine,, Budlight/ Budwiser,
Chopper Head Magazine, Mananswers,
Spike TV, Hasan, Facet Studio, 
Daniel Navarrete 

video courtesy of
Show Magazine, Elite Studios,
Mananswers/ Spike TV, Exotic Magazine

XA - Hey Now!! 
I have Super Texas Beauty!!
Destiny Monique!!

XA - I want to welcome you to Xxotic Angels!!

XA - Tell everyone why you are 
an Xxotic Angel?
Destiny- I am an Xxotic Angel because the meaning to me is sexy,
exotic different and has a sweet soft side all at the same time. 
Which would include me...
XA - Yes you are So Included Beautiful!! lol

XA - Now I just have to let you know, I have been try to catch my Destiny!! lol
Wow!! Look at you, just beautiful all over from head to toe...
You are the dinner and dessert lol Are women still leaving you 
steamy messages on the internet? lol 
Destiny- All the time! but I don't mind. The ladies can look, but not touch 
just the same as the men...It's flattering..

XA - You're from Houston, Texas are you still there now?
Destiny- No I haven't been living in Texas since I was 17. 
I now live in Los Angeles California
XA - Yes The City Of Angels!!

XA - If I came and visit you where is the first place in Houston you would take me?
Destiny- El Palenque for sure! Texas has the best restaurants and this is one 
mexican restaurant that will not dissapoint you. Not saying this just because 
I have family that owns the restaurant, but Texas and El Palenque really does have 
some great authentic mexican food

XA - Name something wild you did in high school that you're still remembered for? lol
Destiny- I wasn't that wild, but hmmmm... let me think. Probably was known for dating
the boy boys...My boyfriend is high school was actually a great guy and super sweet 
to me, but judging by his outside appearance it looked like I was dating the typical 
"bad boytattoos, earrings, lowrider car lol (which my mom hated) hahaha. He had 
two cars in high school and was super ambitious so she actually ended up liking him.

Here are a few things where you've seen
The Beautiful Destiny Monique!!










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XA - You were once in the Marines many don't know, how long were you 
active in the Marines?
Destiny- 4 years right out of high school I joined

XA - Is it still true if you want to " Be Safe Sleep With A Marine"? lol #Imjustsaying
Destiny- Sure that works! lol

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XA - Ok tell me about doing BlackMen's magazine 40/40 Latin Issue?
And what was it like working with Marcus Blassingame?
Destiny- It was great, he was super professional and he just let me and 
his amazing photographer Hasan get the work done.

XA - You also have a T-shirt line let everyone know about it?
Destiny- I started a Mens T-shirt line that is in a few stores here in California and also is being sold in the store section on my website Soon I will be adding a few more designs which are up for viewing on my facebook and will be ready for pre order soon on the new blog site in the Boutique section

XA - What else has Destiny been doing?
Destiny- I have actually been working on alot. I write and have 
few things pertaining to that in the works including I just started 
a new blog site I also have a new lip gloss collection 
in the works as we speak. Both the T shirts and the lips gloss are soon to be 
sold on the website site in the Everything Sexy Boutique section. Other then that 
i'm just gonna see how it plays out. All I have to say is if the money is right 
i'm going for it, if it's not then there is always something next and better for me.
XA - Amazing!! Love the drive that you have babygirl...

XA - You now have dudes eyes wide open because of your Hot and Sexy pics, 
and they are waiting to know is Destiny taken or one of the 
party girls for the moment? ( in my Slim Thug voice) lol
Destiny- Never one of the party girls even if i'm single. lol I get out every 
once in a while, but a club rat I will never be single or taken. Yes I am at the moment 
dating someone super exclusively.

XA - Favorite drink to have and then the party girl comes out? lol
Destiny- Well there is this new drink called MF Liquore that I am actully 
the face of and that is my new favorite drink! They just got 
an award for best in taste and launched only a few months ago. So i'm not 
leading you wrong this drink is the shiii
XA - You got me wanting to have this drink now lol

XA - One thing you would give everyone in the world 
if you had the power to?
Destiny- Love

XA - What does Destiny do to entertain herself for fun?
Destiny- I like to travel, so anytime I can get away and discover a new adventure 
it's always fun for me.

XA - Kitchen skills or Ms Menu Please? lol
Destiny- Kitchen for sure. I like to cook. Although a nice night out at a 
great restaurant is always a good time also.

XA - I remember food is your weakness, but you also love shoes too. lol
So if you can only have your favorite thing to eat unlimited for a year, or every pair of shoes from your favorite shoe designer which do you choose?
Destiny- I'm actually not that in love with shoes and it's because I really wear a super small size 5 eeek and it's hard to find many in that size. So when I do I have to buy. I like high high heels or boots with comfort or as close to it as possible. I have lots of nice shoes but I find myself wearing the ones that don't kill me...My favorites are the unique designs. I right now love a pair of christian louboutins because of it's unique design so if I could have unlimited for a year I would have to choose from that designer. As far as free favorite food for a year it would have to be Sushi. 
I love Sushi!!

XA - Well this is going to be up during the Holidays!! 
So Happy Holidays Beautiful!!
Destiny- Thank you!!

XA - What do you enjoy the most about the Holiday Seasons?
Destiny- I enjoy being able to go back to Texas to see my family. I also love Christmas shopping and gift giving it's fun for me to surprise my family with something special 
I picked out for them.

XA - Ok let everyone know about your blog
When did you think about starting it and how did you come up with the name?
Destiny- I thought about starting it a few weeks ago then it was up the next day. 
I move quick! lol..The name and the website it is actually part of the beginning 
of a project I have had thought about for awhile. The rest will hopefully be out 
sooner then later. I don't wanna jinx myself with giving too much info yet.

Everything Sexy Lip Gloss (pre-order now)

XA - And how's your site what's new 
that everyone needs to check out?
Destiny- My site is more of an over view of work I have had. It's more for agents prospective new clients that want to work and hire me. It's a portfolio of my work. I do sell my T shirts in the store section now, but that will be moved also to my new blog site in the "boutique section"

XA - Now I notice that your blog is not connected to your site 
is there a special reason for that?
Destiny- I'm trying to some what keep them separate because they both severe
two different purposes... With the blog website it's not all about me. It's about EVERYTHING SEXY IN LIFE.... is about Destiny Monique "Sexy".

XA - Give some Destiny Monique Love to all of your fans and wish them 
Happy Holidays and Happy New Year?
Destiny- Hope everyone has Happy Holidays and 
a very Happy New Year!!!!! xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo:))))))))))

XA - Let me know right now, I mean right now what you're wearing 
that's sexy while doing this Q&A? (Bun B voice)
Destiny- Tank top and shorts I used to run in when I was in the military. 
Super silky super short... I wouldn't wear these outside my home now, 
I don't know how we wore them when we
XA - lol this why I love military women, you are so Hot!!

XA - It's role play bedroom time, I want to play invade your country. 
Will this be fun with you or will you have flashbacks and leave me tied up 
in a room like I'm a POW? lol
Destiny- Flashbacks....This just doesn't sound sexy to me.....hahahaha.. 
Probably cause for me it has different meaning then normal girls..
XA - lol I see

XA - Last time you took batteries out of something for 
your when I'm lonely toy? lol
Destiny- Well to me it's not a "when I'm lonely toy" It's fun to incorporate with us 
when I'm not lonely also...
XA - Now that's Hot!!

XA - Do you still wear soft lace thongs? lol
Destiny- Always!!
XA - Nice!!

XA - I would like to thank Super Beauty Destiny Monique for this interview with me,
hope it made you laugh and you had fun? lol
Destiny- yes it did for sure, and thank you for the interview.
XA - You're Welcome Anytime Beautiful!!

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