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Xxotic Angels Jan. Feature Nikki RockStar Garcia

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Measurements: 34DD-27-34
Height: 5'4"
Weight: 120
Eye Color: Brown
Hair Color: Black
Nationality: Latina
Birthday: May 11th, 1983
Hometown: Rialto, Ca

Twitter: @NikkiRoxstar1

Booking Info:

Xxotic Angels Feature
Nikki RockStar Garcia

Interview by New York

photos courtesy of
StreetLow Magazine , Kush Boys, 
Elite Studios,John O photograhpy, 
Michael Bell photography,David B photography,  KandyLand Chronicles, Dash Vision  

videos courtesy of , Elite Studios, Kush Boys,
Kevin & Bean Morning Show 
106.7 K Rock

XA - Fella's she's back with us 
for another feature Super Hottie!! 
Nikki RockStar Garcia!!!

XA  - Welcome back to 
Xxotic Angels Beautiful!!
Nikki- Thanks so much, 
I'm very excited to be back!

XA - This is your second feature on Xxotic Angels!!
How does that make you feel?
Nikki- I'm glad that people 
enjoyed my 1st feature and excited 
to be wanted back. =)
XA- Ooh Yes!! We wanted more Nikki!!

XA - You are a repeat offender, 
would you like to be sentence to a pool full of 
chocolate jello shots made? lol
Nikki- Fav, let's get chocolate wasted!!
XA- lol

XA - So tell everyone what has Nikki RockStar been doing
since you were featured here in March?
Nikki- I recently shot for StreetLow Magazine, my first cover model issue 
so i'm super excited about that.  It will be out in stores very soon. 
Issue #64 so be ready to cop yours!! Also recently was a top 10 finalist 
in Kevin and Beans Miss Double D-Cember #KROQ. I got to have a live interview on air 
at the station and it was nerve wrecking but a blast to work with Kevin and Bean. I really enjoyed competing, everyone was so nice and the girls were beautiful. I also just entered a model search for "Crooks N Castles Clothing" I got an email back to go in for a 2nd interview which i'm super stoked about because I love there clothing!! I'm crossing my fingers!! Gonna be doing a lot more model features for websites and magazines too so make sure to stay in touch :)
XA - That's Great!! We sure will stay in touch Beautiful!!

XA - Have you been a little more naughty then the last time we've talked? lol
Nikki- LOL.... NO! I'm an angel Jk yeah I kinda have, oopsy!
XA - You Naughty Angel!! lol

XA - Now I know you have been one busy bee lol Dancing everywhere, 
how many nights do you Go-Go a week?
Nikki- Well as of recently I've toned it down a bit, just cause I want to focus more 
on my modeling and Make Up career so right now it's just 2 nights a week if even that. 
I have a lot of new things coming my way that I would like to focus more on. 
I love dancing and will def miss it but it's time to move on..
XA - I hear that babygirl

XA - Any new crazy stories since the last time we've talked? lol
Nikki- Hmm... There's probably so many but half the time the crazy stuff happens when I've been driking and I can't remember. lol
XA - lmao You are too Beautiful!!

XA - You always have some "Amazing Hot Outfits" when you dance, how do you 
decide what you're going to wear that night?
Nikki- I actually probably should spend a little more time planning my outfit 
for that night but unfortunately I'm so busy with work I come home shower, 
redo my makeup and barley have time to get an outfit ready. I usually try to coordinate 
it on how I decide to do my makeup, but sometimes it doesn't work out that way. 
I usually end up grabbing randoms and hating my outfit that night. lol 
I just wish I had more time...
XA - lol Well we think you're Hot All The Time!!

XA - Name some of the clubs fans can come see you do a set at, 
if they come to town they just might catch you?
Nikki- I rotate my fridays at sevillas Riverside, Cantina Lounge in OC, Belasco in Hollywood, Luna in Diamond Bar are just a few but I usually post where I'm gonna be at that night on twitter or FB so make sure you add and follow for that =)

XA - Ok let's pretend you're single for the moment lol We are going to party 
for 2 weeks, name 3 cities we party in and how much sleep 
do we get in those 2 weeks lol?
Nikki- Well my name isn't ROCKSTAR for nothing, so I can sleep when I'm dead lol! 
It would have to be Vegas fo' sho' then Amsterdam cause that ish would be cray!! 
Then it would have to be Greece. It's a city I've always wanted to see and I heard 
they have awesome party spots!!
XA - Wow Yes You Are A RockStar Beautiful!!

XA - Alcohol drink of yours after having 3 of them...The RockStar!! 
side of you comes out? lol
Nikki- It would be an L.A. Waters fo' sheez!! That's my ish right thurrr!!
XA - lmao I must try one of these

XA - Now you was also a finalist for 
the Miss Double D-cember contest, how did that make you feel?
Nikki- OMG I had a blast!! It was a little nerve wrecking when I went Live on air 
and did my interview. I was scared Kevin and Bean were gonna say something 
to piss me off, then it would've been #ALLBAD lol But they were very nice and made 
my experience a great and memorable one.
XA - lol 

XA -One of your talents that everyone loved was you booty clapping!!
(I'm standing up "Clapping" for you) When did you first discover that 
you had this Wonderful Booty Talent? lol
Nikki- LMAO!! Well sad to say I didn't always have this talent...haha I actually learned it. I always wanted to be able to do this but couldn't so I went my ass on Youtube and would practice. LOL I know it's lame but I practiced and perfected it WOO WOO!!
XA - lmao Good Ole YouTube!!

XA - So you did an radio interview on air live, tell everyone name of the radio show?
Nikki- It was 106.7 Kevin and Bean in the Morning #KROQ or know as (K Rock)

XA - Was this your first radio interview, because you did a Great Job?
Nikki- Thanks, I was terrified and couldn't stop shaking, but no it 
wasn't my 1st rodeo. I did a couple of them back in the day. I interviewed 
Baby Bash once at a party we had for ODM. Those of you who don't know 
who he is, he's an On Air Radio Personality for 99.1 KGG1. I also did one 
with Adrianne Curry she interviewed me awhile back for a photographer that had 
his own radio show. You might remember her from Americas Next Top Model 
or the girl that married Peter Brady and had their own show on 
VH1 called "My Fair Brady" but those were small ones. #KROQ has billions 
of listeners so it was way different..

XA - Ok you are a spokesmodel with a New Clothing line called Inraged Clothing!!
Tell me about it and how did they find you?
Nikki- His name is Robert and he's the Owner of Inraged Clothing. 
He sponsors fighters for there fights. He has fighters on 
Showtime and HBO. He actually has a big fight coming up with Rico Ramos 
on Showtime Janurary 20th so he''ll be sporting Inraged Clothing. 
Be sure to tune in!! Me and Robert actually have known each other for quite 
awhile now and I knew that he always wanted to work with me but we were both 
so busy we never got around to it. So know we're catching up on lost time. 
Make sure you LIKE them on FB and check out their 
clothing line on their website &

XA - Fans are asking will there be a Nikki RockStar website soon?
Nikki- You know what... I've thought about it for awhile but I'm still 
iffy about it. I feel like my fans can check out my work on my facebook 
so I really don't feel the reason to do it. Plus I feel like everyone is getting 
a website now for no reason. I don't want to put up a website unless I know 
I've really made it in my modeling career. I think I'd probably do a makeup site 
before I did one for my modeling...

XA - Well this is going to be up during the Holidays!! So Happy Holidays Beautiful!!
Nikki- Happy Holidays to everyone and I hope you all enjoyed your New Years!!

XA - What do you enjoy the most about the Holiday Seasons?
Nikki- Being with my family and the food.
XA - That's the same with me  hang with fam and the food, I mean the food lol

XA - Is there any one dish you always make every holiday year?
Nikki- I don't make it, but always have it every year. Posole and Tamales!! BOMB!!

XA - What's the one thing you don't want people wearing or see in 2012? lol
Nikki- Those stupid tops that girls wear as dresses. That ish seriously needs to stop!!
XA - lol

XA - Do you have any New Years Resolutions?
Nikki- To lose a couple of pounds... lol Get more things for myself. I feel like lately I haven't done anything for myself and focus more on my makeup/ modeling career.
XA - You don't need to lose anything off of your Super Hot Body Beautiful!!

XA - What's new for Nikki with modeling in 2012 we need to look out for?
Nikki- Crooks N Castles Clothing is having a model search so i applied 
for that and got a email back so hopefully Good comes from that...
and everything else you guys are just gonna have to wait and see.

XA - Time to show love to all of Nikki RockStar Fans and wink at the new ones?
Nikki- Thanks to all my old and new fans. I really appreciate all the love and support 
you all show me. I love ya all!! xoxo

XA - The song that get's you singing and dancing 
every time it comes on? lol
Nikki- Rhianna "S&M"
XA -Oh Alright Now!! lol

XA - What are you wearing right now that would turn everyone on? lol
Nikki- Well I just finished cleaning lol so not sure it's gonna turn anyone one. LOL
Just a tube top with high waisted spandex shorts and my hair is thrown up with a black bandana wrapped around it. Kind of a Pin Up look...
XA -  Tube top and Spandex works for me Luv!! lol

XA - Last time you brought batteries for your when I'm lonely toy? lol
Nikki- I buy the value pack so when it runs out I got back up!!
XA - lol I like that you're a girl that's well prepared!!

XA - You hang out one night with your girlfriend and at the same time 
you both wake up. You have her bra wrapped around your head 
and she has on your sexy panties backwards, 
what's the first thing you say? lol
Nikki- #HoodRatShit (Shrugs shoulders)
XA - lmao

XA - Here's the one question all us guy want to know.
Why do women love boobs just has much as we do? lol
Nikki- Well duh!! They don't call'em fun bags for nothing!! 
They make everything better...having a bad day? Grab a tit... 
hey put one in your mouth, suddenly everythingd better!!
XA - I'm on board with this way of thinking, someone pass me a tit lol

XA - Ok  let me thank Super Sexy Beauty Nikki RockStar Garcia!!! 
for doing this interview with me....

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