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Xxotic Angels Feb. V-Day Honey Kimberly Heart

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Measurements: 36-25-35
Eye Color: hazelish green
Hair Color: at the moment black with highlights
Nationality: Italian 
Birthday:april 11th 
Hometown: san bernardino, CA

Booking Info:

Xxotic Angels Feature
Kimberly Heart

Interview by New York

photos courtesy of
Pual Cobo ,South Beach Candy
Gulf Coast Glamour, Pure Lux,
Teo Salinas Photography, 
BFT, ARP, TS Photography,
PerkOgraphy, Tom Suarez,
MPS studio ( website ),
Lynn Henkel Photography, 
BJ Photography, 
Anthony J Scalzitti,
Steve Gregory, 
William David Photo,
Marion Designs,
Paul Cobo - South Beach Candy,
Montenero, Anthonyneste,

video courtesy of
William David Photo, 
Black Label Skins, 
Paul Cobo - South Beach Candy

XA - Well fellas I brought 
you  back The Siren Beauty!! 
Kimberly Heart!!

XA - Welcome Back to 
Xxotic Angels Beautiful!!

XA - Girl your Booty is So Juicy!! 
That all the fruit in Alabama is jealous of you. lol

XA - This is your second featured 
on Xxotic Angels!! 
How does that make you feel?
Kimberly- one word.... honored 

XA - You are a repeat offender, may I sentence you to a pool of Green Jello? lol
Kimberly- what does that mean?
XA - lol I meant this is 
your second time on here 
being naughty
...naughty girls get sexy punishment here lol

XA - So tell everyone what has Kimberly Heart been doing 
since you featured here in July?
Kimberly- o lets see alot! i've been to nyc, Georgia, Nv, and so many other places =) I have many upcoming projects. I can't announce until they are ready to be released, but not to worry i'll keep you posted on twitter @kimberlyheart69 
XA - Ok we'll be waiting Beautiful!!

XA - You came to New York for a few shoots, 
who did you shoot with and what did you mostly wear for these shoots?  tlol
Kimberly- Andrew Reid was def a  favorite as for the rest , Im not sure if they would like me to reveal their names, but lets just say i didn't wear much lol
XA -  Kimberly "Being Nude" Super Hot!!

XA - Did you get to enjoy any of New York while you were here
and what are the foods that you eat while being here?
Kimberly- I wish but sadly no i was booked every day =( next time i will leave myself some room to just be a tourist lol, I did get to try some NYC pizzzzzzaaa =)
XA - Yes NYC Pizza is So Good Here!!

XA - Now this is Perfect!! Kimberly Heart on a Valentines Day!! 
So tell us about your best Valentines day?
Kimberly- Belive it or not I havent had many good Valentines days, but one that does come to mind is 2 years ago i was working and had finally gotten off , went over to a friends house and in the garage he had over 110 candels lite spelling my name out =) 
XA - Nice!!

XA - Are you the romantic type, have to have the box of candy, flowers 
and stuff animal or the sweaty action is all you need? lol
Kimberly- not big on candy.. because ill have to work that off later lol, but a nice massage maybe a home cooked meal or some sexy lingerie for me to wear and you to take off. To answer your question I am a huge romantic person but its the small things i enjoy and appreciate most. 
XA -  Oh Yeah this I like lol

XA - Tell me the wildest Valentines Day date you had, that it will never 
leave your mind though is was good or bad? lol 
Kimberly- I can,t say that i have one that enteres my mind =/ ..sad i know...
geez why cant i think of anything lol 
XA - lol

XA - Sexiest outfit worn by you on Valentines Day, that you showed the guy 
and he wanted to skip the dinner? lol
Kimberly- I've never had to dress up on valentines day instead I surprise him /her 

on a random day! A black see through lace one piece Hustler outfit, black lace top 
thigh highs and heels
XA - Love It Beautiful!!

XA - Can you remember the kinkiest you've ever gotten on Valentines Day? lol
Kimberly- I can, it was night time , about to sleep, and when he reached for me under the covers i was only wearing a leash and collar  
XA - Hot!!

XA - Give some Kimberly Heart Love to all of your fans 
and wish them Happy Valentines Day?

XA - Describe your sex life with a song title? lol
Kimberly- Mouth by Bush
XA - Nice!!

XA - You left twitter and then came back on it strong with Super Hot Sexy pics.
Was you thinking this is how you were going to come on 
for awhile before coming back?
Kimberly- I actually had no idea, Twitter was overwhelming to me at first, and I had enough things to keep up with lol I just thought what would i like to see if I was on twitter and there you go.. a Beautiful female body 

XA - Random: How often are you in the nude when you're home? lol
Kimberly- every night 

XA - Ok last cartoon you laid in bed to watch? lol
Kimberly- I am actually watching the LIttle Mermaid as i am typing this out. 
XA - lol that's good

XA - Last time you took time for yourself and ride your motor cycle?
Kimberly- Last week! The weather has been so crazy here! 

XA - What's next for  Kimberly  I need to keep, 
I mean we need to keep our eyes on? lol
Kimberly- My 2 month trip to California June 1st -Aug 1st, Big things are in the works lol 
XA - Yes Big Things Beautiful!!

XA - Boy shorts!! Are they still your favorite type of panties
and what color are you wearing now? lol
Kimberly- Yes ! Pink! 

XA - Have you add any new sex positions to your list
since we last talked? lol
Kimberly- I am starting to like 69 and i really am loving reverse cowgirl 
I never thought I would be good at it, but hey i got no complaints
XA - Who would complain when they get to do 
those naughty positions with you lol

XA - When was your last body oil up moment? lol
Kimberly- my what?
XA - LOL You know when you do a photoshoot and you get oiled up...

XA - I would like to thank the Beautiful Kimberly Heart interview with me,
hope it made you laugh and you had fun? lol
Kimberly- I always have a blast with you =) and the  fans... and please excuse 
my language but I am now a tad horny...wheres the vibrator lol
XA - lol Why Thank You!!  And You can talk dirty any time here
Now you go get your buzz on Beautiful!!

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