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Xxotic Angels July Feature Kimberly Heart

Measurements: 36-25-35
Eye Color: hazel
Hair Color: auburn 
Nationality: Italian
Birthday:april 11 1990
Hometown: SanBernidino , CA
Twitter: @KimberlyHeart69

Booking Info:

Xxotic Angels Feature
Kimberly Heart

Interview by New York
photos courtesy of
videos courtesy of
Black Label Skin

XA - Everyone I'm interviewing 

the Stunningly Beautiful 
Kimberly Heart!!!

XA -First I want to thank you 
for doing this.

XA - Welcome to Xxotic Angels!!!

XA - Tell me why are you 
an Xxotic Angel? 

Kimberley- I couldnt tell you why they choose me, but i can tell you why i wanted to be one.
I wanted to be an angel because I believe they stand for more than a pretty face.

XA - Girl with your 

beautiful eyes, hot body, 
and gorgeous red hair
like the fire engine I want 
to play with. lol
Do guys say crazy things 
to you like this all the time? lol 
Kimberly- lol I wish , believe it or not 
i love the corny pick up lines. XA - lol

XA - Now I know you've been asked this a million times, but does 
the carpet match the hair? (Howard Sterns voice) lol
Kimberly- well I wouldnt really know its been a long time since 
i've let the carpet grow out, 
i like to keep my area nice and waxed =) 
i may allow a landing strip every now and then.
XA - lol

XA - You're in Alabama, but born and raised in Cali right?
Kimberley- I was born in Cali but my parents moved me here when i was young, 
I like to think it is a good thing. I've been all around the world with modeling but i have to say 
the south is the most friendly.

XA - Was you the I'm the shy girl or the wild I'm the party girl type? lol
Kimberley- Ive always been the shy girl, i am not much of a partier 

but when i do go out I always have a good time.

XA - The age when boys can 
come over and visit you?
Kimberley- 17

XA - Anything crazy you're 

remembered for at high school, 
that you now say what was I thinking? 
Kimberley- There was a couple pictures i look back on and say , 
what was i wearing lol 
and maybe a few guys 
( shaking my head) its always embarassing but hey
we learn from it.
XA - Yes we sure do, but it's good to laugh at yourself sometimes lol

XA - So how did you get 
your start in modeling?
Kimberley- I have always loved being in front of the camera, it gives me a since of confidence 
and always make me feel sexy, but the photographer that helped me 
into modeling goes by bjphotography, he really mentored me.
XA - Thank You Bj!!! lol

XA - Was you nervous taking sexy pics at first or was you a natural born to rule?
Kimberley- I was always a little nervous but now iam in love with that feeling =)

XA - Tell me something about your first shoot that you can laugh at now?
Kimberley- welll it was a rainy day and my first implied shoot ever! no one was around but i was still nervous at getting caught, while we were shooting this golf cart came around and saw me and all my goodies i felt sooo embarassed.
XA - lol

XA - Since you've been modeling, let everyone know what you've done?
Kimberley- I've hope I've made a difference in young girls lives. I was a poor girl 
in a drug infested town, but I made it out and here i am today doing music videos, 
and being featured in some of the best magazines. Not to mention all the 
amazing people I've met.
XA - Yes and we're happy you made it out too Beautiful!!

XA - Fellas are going BANANAS!!! over your pics 
and would like to ask Single or Partying at the moment? lol
Kimberley- I am single,=)

XA - What guys do Kim find interesting that she'll give him a date?
Kimberley- just being honest, the first thing i notice is how a guy is dressed for example. 
I wouldn't go after a guy with his pants hanging down to his knees. Second would be personality, like i mentioned before i love corny jokes, cartoons and to laugh.
XA - lol

XA - Do you think most guys date models to stick their chest out 
and fulfill a fantasy only to realize it's more challenging then they thought?
Kimberley- I think guys are infatuated with the thought of dating a model but it all depeneds what type of model the girl is, there are divas, and down to earth,so depending on the girl determines how hard it will be.

XA - Since you're a Super Hot Model can you give us guys 
any advice about dating a model?
Kimberley- just be Yourself, honest and treat your lady 

the way you would love to be treated.

XA - Random: Is your sex drive like Fire trucks 

racing down the street to put out forrest fires or
is it like watching a documentary of cocoons becoming butterflies? lol
Kimberley- lol well it varies from the mood i am in but mostly a fire truck..honk honk!
XA - lol I bet you're a Siren!!!

XA - I read that you like to collect lingerie sets. When did this start and if there 
was one guy you wanted it special for, which set do you put on?
Kimberley- I do, i have a huge suit case full of lingerie =) i would put on this subtel red 
and black lace teddy with garters and thigh highs with his favorite pair of heels.
XA - Nice!!!

XA - Ok I see you're the wild and dangerous type lol 
When did you start riding motorcycles 
and what is it about riding that you love? 
Are you into the X Games?
Kimberly- well i love riding my bike around sunset during the summer with the warm air wrapping around my body and maybe my ipod in one ear, it really gives you time to just be you and relax with no limitations.. just ride for as long as you like. 

i enjoy watching them =)

XA - How important is it to you to be a role model to people?
Kimberley- it is extreamly important!
XA - That's Great to hear!!

XA - When some people like to bend the truth, 
you are very open and honest. Have you always been this way?
Kimberley- i have always been =)

XA - What would happen if I sat and watched a Alabama football game with you?
Kimberley- well watch out because i really get into the game ;)
XA - lol

XA - Give me some examples of you being clumsy? lol
Kimberley- falling up the stairs, huging the wrong person, anything less than 

4" heels i trip in =/

XA - What do you cook, that I'm always going to want more?
(please let it be something wiht fish or chicken) lol
Kimberley- i can cook anything but i must say my lasagna is the best =) i also cook breakfast food really reallly well ( i have my dad to thank for that)

XA - While doing this interview what are you wearing that's sexy right now? lol
Kimberley- a tank top and some boy shorts =) ( those are my favorite type of panties)
XA -Hot Beautiful!!

XA - Can you share with us the things you have coming up, we need to check out?
Kimberley- i have my new website coming out soon its 
but that wont be for at least 2 weeks

XA - Time to give all you fans love and give a message to the new ones?
Kimberley- its been a crazy journy to where iam today, and i know without your support i wouldnt have had the balls to be where iam today thank you! for the upcoming fans i only pray i dont disapoint and that I make a postive impact in your life in some form or another.

XA - The one sex position that makes you breakout into 
an Austin Powers Oh Yeah Baby? lol
Kimberley- lol wellllllllll ill tell you my top three in that order 

1.) missonary ( bc its so sensual) 
2.) doggy ( gets in tehre real nice and deep like haha) 
3.) on top i love feeling your hands spanking me 
grabbing my waist and moaning in my ear =)
XA - Two Thumbs Up Baby!!! lol

XA - If  masterbation was against the law 
how many tickets would you get a day?
Kimberley- lets just say id be in prison for 

a reaaaaaaaaaaallllllyyyyyyyyyyyyyy long time.
XA - LOL!!

XA - Magic box full of adult toys or a special one that get's the job done? lol
Kimberley- i do have a box but defiantly have my favorite
XA - How many times you've tasted cherry chapstick and like it? lol
Kimberley- ive been all the way with only 2 girls making out maybe 5 lol i try to 
keep my numbers low..
XA - lol

XA - Last one Beautiful,  ice, honey, or oil which one brings out the naughty in you? lol
Kimberley- id have to say oil, you can warm it, chill it and serve me up with it lol

XA - I would like to thank the very Gorgeous Kimberly Heart!!! 
for this interview with me, hope it made you laugh and have fun? 
Kimberley- its been one of the most enjoyable. it was more than sex 
it was getting to know me 
and i love that!

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