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Xxotic Angels May Feature Debbie Sath

Measurements: 32D,24,31
Height: 5`2
Weight: 90 lbs
Eye Color: dark brown
Hair Color: brown
Nationality: cambodian/portuguese 
Birthday: 15th of july 
Hometown: Melbourne, Australia
Twitter @debbiesath 

Booking Info: 

Xxotic Angels Feature 
Debbie Sath
Interview by New York

XA - Hey Debbie!! 
Nice to meet you Beautiful!!
I'm glad to interview you.
Welcome to Xxotic Angels!!!
Debbie- Hi and thanks for having me, I'm excited to be doing this interview :)

XA - Tell me what makes 
you an Xxotic Angel?
Debbie- I think what makes me an xxotic angel is that im a mixture of camobodian/ portuguese. I often get asked what nationality i am and always 
like to make people guess which is a lot of fun. That and also my natural tan!

XA - Let me say you not only have a Great Body!! You have Amazing Lips!!
How do you take care of them both?
Debbie- Oh thank you haha i don't ever go to the gym but i make sure i dance occasionally and eat 
right... and i take very good care of my lips too i moisturise them every hour or so.

XA - You have for the ladies any tips on how you keep the body of yours sexy?
Debbie- Indeed i do, ladies drink a lot of green tea! organic foods, no fatty or sugary snacks after dinner unless it's carrots or celery. P.S. don't be lazy like me! hit the gym ;) 

XA - lol

XA - So when did you get into modeling?
Debbie- I got into modeling about over 2 yrs ago 
and i love it!

XA -  I read that you love what you're 
doing in model why?
Debbie- I love modeling so much as i've 

always just loved being in front of the camera 
ever since i was a baby.. My grandma used to 
dress me up in 
pretty dresses and do all these shoots with me. 
I hated it so 

much back then but i guess it really grew on me.

XA - Name a few things where 
we might have seen you?
Debbie- You might have seen in my some Australian magazines called ZOO weekly, online model feature called and also im a front cover feature for a U.S magazine called Import Tuner.

XA - So you were born in 
Melbourne Australia, tell me about Melbourne?
Debbie- Melbourne is the place to be, the night life is amazing and there's just so much to do and 

to go and visit.

XA - Were you born and raised there?
Debbie- yes i was born and raised there my whole life.

XA - Where would you take me that 
I must see in Melbourne?
Debbie- I would first take you to  the city and try some nice resturants, and to the 
Melbourne ZOO hah
XA - lol Love the Zoo

XA - Growing up what was 
that like for you?
Debbie- Growing up I as a good girl in primary and highschool was the best years of my life. I had so much fun at school and i was so tiny compared to my friends but very outspoken.

XA - Was you a wild one or 
the good girl? lol 
Debbie- Umm... i was a wild turned good. I used to get in trouble alot and had alot of detentions! but when i moved school all changed as i became a good girl and that was because of the girls who influenced me to be a better person HAHA
XA - lol 
XA - How popular with the boys were you then?
Debbie- LOL... Although i wasn't the prettiest in high school.  
I always had boys who would ask me out and i rejected ALL OF THEM 
cause i was just way to shy. 
XA - lol that's too funny
XA - Guys seeing you for the first time are 
losing their minds and 
wonder if Debbie's taken?
Debbie- Sorry boys i'm taken!

XA - What advice would you give a guy about approaching you 
before he makes a fool of himself?
Debbie- I would let them know that being cocky doesn't not work on me at all! maybe for some girls but for me 
if you can make me laugh in the first 
few minutes thats a bonus!
XA - lol

XA - Random: Is your sex drive busy like 
the Monash Freeway 
or more like Heritage Trams?
Debbie- HAHAH !! Monash freeway is the way to my house! but i would say its a mixure of monash freeway and herritage trams if he's been naughty lol

XA - I see you've done the Import scene?

Debbie- Yeahs when i started out modeling i knew i wanted to be an 
import model.

XA - When did you first start and what do 
you like about doing it?
Debbie- Its only Just been recent when i came to do some shoots 
in the U.S. i got asked to shoot for import tuner and also attend extreme auto fest.

XA - What was your first 
car show like for you?
Debbie- ok... lol dont be shocked but i've never been to one :/ haha i've been to a motor bike expo tho? does that count? and it was fun... lol
XA - Yes it does lol

XA - Did you ever enter 
any bikini contest?
Debbie- Yeahs thats how i 
started out modeling 
i entered miss Ralph, Miss super GP 
and miss Hawaiian tropic.

XA - You was in 
Import Tuner magazine right? 
What month were you in 
and what was that like for you?
Debbie- Yes i was in the June edition and it was amazing shooting for them. The cast were so friendly and made me feel comfortable.

XA - Do you watch the game of 
Cricket at all? lol
Debbie- NO... sorry boys i hate sports haha

XA - What's next you have coming up 
we need 
to watch out for?
Debbie- I have some features on some more car magazines in L.A 
but you will just have to wait 
and see when they come out :))

XA - Give a shout out to all your fans 
and new ones seeing you for 
the first time?
Debbie- Hi everyone!~ thanks for supporting me, i really appreciate 
all of you. Sending you some hugs and kisses**

XA - Which Melbourne male actor would have a 
chance with you, Guy Pearce, Eric Bana, or Geoffrey Rush? lol
Debbie- OMG Eric Bana for sure... I grew up watching him since i was a
kid but now he's just mega hot!
XA - You're also a Go Go dancer too right? How long have you been Go Go dancing?
Debbie- Yes i am, Ive been go go dancing for about 4 years now and i also love it 
so much because i love performing.
XA - What are you wearing while doing this interview?
Debbie- Ugg boots, short shorts and a pink jumper that says I love NY.. true story lol
XA - lol Yes I like this!!!
XA - Australian or Americain Porn? lol
Debbie- American porn hands down!!!! 
thats where it is!

XA - We met for the first time and you want me to make sure 
I never forget you, so you do what?
Debbie- I would show you 

my cowboy dance... 
only special people get to see my cowboy dance 
and its a dance i'm sure you would never forget! ;) lmao 
XA - lmao!! I wanna see!!!

XA - I would like to thank Debbie Sath for this interview,
hope you had fun and kept you laughing?
Debbie- Thank you so much for having me, 
and thank you to Ny and 
the team of
XA - You're Welcome Beautiful!! 
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