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Xxotic Angels May Feature Vivian Le

Measurements: 34 C- 26 waist- 30 hips
Height: 5'3 
Eye Color: brown 
Hair Color: brown 
Nationality: vietnamese, french, chinese
Birthday: august 11
Hometown: houston texas
Twitter: @viviaannLe

Booking Info:

Xxotic Angels Feature 
Vivian Le
Interview by New York

XA - Hi Vivian how are you Babygirl? 
Vivian- Hey Ny! I am doing really good, how are you :)
XA - I'm good now lol

XA - I so happy to interview you.
Welcome to Xxotic Angels!!
Vivian- whyy thankk you! its a pleasure to be interviewed by you.

XA - Let me say you not only 
have a sexy eyes but your smile 
lights up everything Beautiful!!
Vivian- stoppp.. before I get big headed :P jay kay. thanks, my smile is what gets ALOT of compliments.. maybe its 
the dimples.

XA - So when did you get into modeling?
Vivian- I started modeling about a year and a half ago, i was 19 turning 20

XA - How is it treating you?
Vivian- really nice, i should not complain.. its alot of fun and i enjoy doing this to build my career in makeup, 
hair & styling

XA - Name a few things where we might have seen you?
Vivian- dynasty series, papa reu & rick ross music video, "Circle of pain" 
movie.. etc

XA - You're a promo model 
that goes to the NFL team 
Texans games? 
What do you do there?
Vivian- I promote for Silver Eagle, which owns your budlight/ budweiser/ select/ michelob etc at the texans game, other models are either taking pictures with our fans, tailgating, or signing people up who are NOT drinking in the budweiser program, which is "responsibility matters" 
we acknowledge those that are not 
drinking during the game with a free large 
soda which cost like 10$ inside the stadium, then raffle after the 4th quarter for a budweiser/texans or rockets gift basket.. after the season is over, its rockets, dynamos, astros

XA - Have you met any players?
Vivian- working as a promo model, you are not allowed to interact with the players.. i think i've met a couple and did not even know who they were :x

XA - Do you love all the action you see in MMA?  Can you do any moves on me? lol
hahaha, I prolly could take you down!!! did i mention, I love to shadow box. SOME of the action I see in MMA is pretty grusome, but watchibng each players technique on bringing someone down is a challenge and I def appreciate their skills.

XA - Where are you from and were you 
born and raised there?
Vivian- I am from Houston TX, born, but not raised my whole life.. I was sent to boarding school when I was 13-17 I stayed in LaVerkin UTAH, Keokuk IOWA, then Lecompte Louisiana...

XA - Growing up what was that like for you?
Vivian-  It was very hard.. I am the first generation in my family to be born and raised in America.. my family was VERY VERY strict... makeup & boys were a big NO.

XA - Did the boys come running after you? lol
Vivian- honestly.. heck no. I was the biggest tomboy growing up!

XA - What age did your interest  start to peak about boys? lol
Vivian- I started to be interested in guys when I was 12.. I remember in Albright Middle School, 8th grade, I told a guy i thought he was cute, he turned me down since I was such an outcast.

XA - You also do make up, how long you've been doing this?
Vivian-  Ive started doing makeup about the same time I started modeling, I am a beauty consultant for Mary Kay

XA - Do you do your own on all of your shoots?
Vivian- yes, most of my shoots I do

XA - Fellas are loving Vivian pics in every way and want to know is 
someone holding you at night? lol
Vivian- Awe.. thanks :) im glad I can be that asian persuasion!! hah jp [i like to joke alot,
if you cant tell] so far, no one besides my pillows & bears.

XA -  The guy who has a chance to date you is what kind of guy?
Vivian-  A determined, sweet, strong willed & minded. Values family & life. 
Loves everyone, hates no one. and never jealous. A go GETTER & 
loves me for what I do and who I am. Takes no advantage of what is good in me, 
and appreciates every minute of it.

XA - What advice could you give guys on dating a model that's Hot like you?
Vivian-  If you are trying to get to know us, whatever you do.. do not lie. especially when you are trying to get to know a girl.. because it def does not work. & always be yourself. If it works out, it works out. God has plans for everyone.

XA - Random: Is you sex drive like wild Pandas mating or more 
like a two snails trying to get across the road? lol
Vivian- thats kinda personalll..... lol...... lets just say.. if we are attracted 
to one another, I know how to please my man :)

XA - Have you done the Import scene?
Vivian-  thats cars right? lol.. Ive done a anime matsuri car show  
if that counts, representing ISS Forged Rims

XA - Did you ever enter any bikini contest?
Vivian- Never..

XA - Other then being naked, what do you like to wear around your place that's sexy?
Vivian- i like to be comfy.. no bra, big tee shirts, shorts! or just boy shorts

XA - Any hidden talent you have, that we wouldn't believe you can do?lol
Vivian- shadow boxing

XA - So you did the music video of Cash Money Artist It's Just Brittany "Slumber Party?
Vivian- yes I did!

XA - What was that like? Did any special guest appear in the video?
Vivian- it was a fun experience, kirko bangz, alot of people from 97.9 the box [radio]
showed up also.

XA - Can you dance? lol
Vivian- of course I can!

XA - What music soon has it comes 
on you start dancing?
Vivian- I like R & B, hip hop, trance, 
country.. GEEZ EVEERYTHINGG can get me started!

XA - You're CPR cerified right?  Does thing mean you're an excellent kisser too? lol
Vivian- I am CPR certified, but thank god i have not needed to use that training. Excellent kisser? eh.. im okay ;) remember, i said I know how to 
please my man!
XA - LOL!!

XA - What do you have coming up 
we need to be looking out for?
Vivian- I am working on the Dallas blockers music video "out da club" remix
GT mayne, ZRO, Dallas Blockers music video "hold of me"
working more of the astros game since the rockets games are almost over this season,
hopefully more traveling, looking forward to Cali, Miami, Las Vegas

XA - Ok give love to all of  fans, and say hello to the new ones?
Vivian-  I THANK MY GOD ABOVE, I THANK MY FANS, I THANK MY BROTHER, for making things possible, each and every way. Hello to all the new ones:)
follow me on twitter! @ViviaannLe 

XA - It's night time and we're role playing, I'm dress right now 
has Kick Ass who are you? lol
Vivian- im not understanding the question.. but i will do my best to answer it.
Im vivian, and I play vivian :)) real talk :p
XA - lol I see you've haven't seen this movie

XA - Would you ever do Playboy and why?
Vivian- i would only do playboy if a contract was 
in front of me.. if not... nope
XA - searching for the contract lol

XA - Own any adult toys or movies?
Vivian- who doesnt..?
XA - lmao you would be surprise lol

XA - What's the one sexy fantasy you want to do 
but haven't done yet?
Vivian- i think i've done everything in my fantasy
XA - lol Perfect!!

XA - Thanks Vivian Le  for this interview, hope it was fun for you Beautiful?
Vivian- It was!! thank you so much ron for taking the time out to interview me! 
I enjoyed it.
XA - You're Welcome Luv!!
and S/O to @williamcenac for the Hot Pics!!

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