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Xxotic Angels May Feature Sydney James

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Measurements: 32G, 24, 37
Height: 5”2
Weight: 120lb
Eye Color: Hazel
Hair Color: Brown
Nationality: British
Birthday: 6th January   
Hometown: London

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Xxotic Angels Feature
Sydney James 
Interview by New York 

XA - Hey Sydney, welcome to
Xxotic Angels!!! 
How's everything are you bobbish? 
Sydney- Bobbish? Well I haven’t heard that term in the English vocabulary …
but after googling it- I have to say yes
I am happy! I'm always full of life
and spirit everything's grand, thanks!

XA - Can I first say Sexy Sexy Sexy!!! lol 
Do you get that when people see you
for the first time? lol
Sydney- Either that or ‘Daaaayyym’ ha ha…depends where I am and what I’m doing. A lot of the time I prefer to dress casual, rockin my scruffs, not drawing attention to myself. Everyone always stares at my boobs though wherever I go, usually a lot of jaw-dropping lost for words kinda looks.
XA - lol Im looking into
your eyes right now!!

XA - What were you like growing up?
Sydney- I was really shy and quiet for the best part but when I became a teenager I discovered freedom then life became fun and exciting. I became a little monster I suppose, if someone tells me not to do something 9/10 I’ll do it! I love getting an adrenalin rush, lets face it rules are there to be broken. Right??
XA - Yes They Are Beautiful!!! lol

XA - At what age were you when you first 
started noticing boys?
Sydney- I had my first kiss at 13 and couldn’t believe someone was actually interested in me. From then I was confident enough to let myself go, if one guy liked me then I’m sure there was gonna be others…

XA - Did they always chase you?
 Sydney- Not really the guys I fancied would soon know about it, I suddenly got confident and I’d get their number and phone them point blank! I wouldn’t go about it that way now 
but I didn’t care back then. 

XA - Where are you from in London? 
Sydney- Tottenham, North East London.

XA - I've never been to London so the
first place you would take me is? Lol
Sydney- I think id be very prim n proper and take you round for a little history lesson to educate you we’d go to London Dungeons, The tower of London, Kensington Palace and then for tea and scones at the Ritz… but after id take you to a North London underground rave to show u how we get down!

XA - Tell me when did you get
into modeling?
Sydney- I started modeling
when I was 19

XA - What do you like the most about it?
Sydney- I grew up behind the camera because my Mum was a photographer so I’m not camera shy and I’m very photogenic. I enjoy being on shoots, dolled up, getting my kit off,
being and feeling sexy!

XA - Tell us a little bit of what you've done?
Sydney- I’ve featured in some UK mags, when I was 20 I got my first newspaper publication and since then am still featured regularly in the national papers in the UK.

XA - The fellas are reading this question very closely lol
Are you attached to anyone or just having fun?lol
Sydney- Sorry lads…I have a boyfriend!! I’m very loyal, but I do have lots of guy mates.
I enjoy male company!

XA - Who has a better chance
to shag with you Austin Powers,
James Bond, or Sherlock Homles? Lol
Sydney- As much as I’d love 
to be a Bond Girl,
I’d have to say Austin Powers cos he would prolly be really fun, crazy and eccentric and any guy who can make me laugh scores instant points! 

XA - Is your sex drive busy like the Waterloo 
or pair of white pelicans? lol
Sydney- As busy as the underground you mean?

XA - What's the fastest you've ever drove down the M62 motorway?lol
Sydney- Funnily enough I take that drive across the M62 regular as I spend a lot of time in Liverpool and when I do I travel to Leeds. I never go over 100 or I’ll loose my licence but I am always in the speeding in the fast lane.

XA - What do you do for fun when 
Sydney's not working?
Sydney- Watching football, Exercising, Reading, Going to Museums, Writing, Playing the Piano and sometimes just watching DVD’s in bed all day eating Pizza.

XA - You are a personal trainer, how long have 
you been doing this?
Sydney- I started personal training when I was 18 and ended up quitting when I was 20 as I was getting demanded more for Modelling and TV assignments and couldn’t do both. I miss training hot sweaty men.

XA - How many times a week 
do you workout to keep that 
"Amazing Body" of yours?
Sydney- Usually 2-3 times per week but sometimes I buzz more off the gym and end up in their everyday as it can get addictive! I love the energy it gives you in you mind and body --it’s so therapeutic!

XA - I like the football team Manchester United, who do you like and why?
Sydney- You’re just saying that cos u’ve seen my twitter rants right…? If not HIGH FIVE BABY! I’ve supported United since I was a kid and am a huge football fan!
XA - Oh Yea Baby!! I've been a fan of United since I used to watch Benny Hill on tv lol

XA - Music that you listen to now?
Sydney- I am forever listening to music all day. Music gets me through life! I love all genres, but mostly on my ipod is Rnb, Hip Hop, Dubstep, Funky house, UK Garage and some Dancehall.

XA - Ok Tell me about your website  
what will we see on there?
Sydney- It’s in the process of being developed, its going to be interactive 
and busy!

XA - Have you ever been to America and if so what was the first place you went to?
Sydney-After I was born in UK, I moved to Michigan and I lived in Lansing then Detroit as my Dad worked all around the states. I’ve been to Chicago, New York, Orlando and last month I got back from Miami and am missing it already. I love the USA!!

XA - I like fish and chips and I know it's one of 
the main dishes there. Where is the best place you could take me for some?
Sydney- I was born in Brighton which is the closest seaside city from London, Fish and Chips is tradition there!!!  Sittin on the beach, eating Fish and Chips drenched in salt and vinegar out of the paper is
how it's gotta be dun!
XA - Sounds so good!!! lol 

XA - Ok do you eat black pudding? lol Is there another desert you could recommend for me to try?
Sydney- Oh no uckkk! That’s usually what builders have in a greasy fry up in their full English at breakfast!  I love Spotted Dick, please don’t take it the wrong way looool it’s a traditional desert or Bread and Butter pudding which is an old English favourite.
XA - LOL!! I'm on the ground laughing right now.

XA - What dishes from your country can you make 
that I would want to try?
Sydney- I love Roast Dinners on a Sunday and I can make the best Yorkshire puddings! If not keep it simple and go with Bangers and Mash!

XA - What's the sexiest thing you're wearing 
while doing this interview?
Sydney- I just got out the bath and logged on 
to finish the interview, 
I have a towel safely wrapped around me don’t worry!
XA - lol 

XA - Ever flash your boobies while on 
the Double Decker Bus? lol
Sydney- I’m not going to lie, 
I haven’t…yet. I would if someone 
dared me or for banter.
XA - I dare ya lol joking lol

XA - Ok explain to me about the 
thigh high boots videos?
Sydney- Oh no hahahaha…you’ve seen them. Umm. Well I have to wear thigh high boots and dress crazy for attention to be filmed under cover. It’s crazy but very amusing having people starring thinking I’m a raving lunatic their reactions are entertaining.

XA - What's next that you have coming out 
we need to look for?
Sydney- Well I’m coming back over to the USA soon, so Im hoping to get published in some of your mags! Also Im in talks to present a football league show in the UK but its not finalised yet, I’d love to do my own exercise tutorials too.

XA - Show Love to all the Sydney James Fans and to 
New Fans seeing you for the frist time?
Sydney- Thanks for taking time to read this interview, please check out my website and I hope you enjoy my pics as much as I lurrrrve shooting them!! 
Thanks for the support XoXo

XA - How many times have you been Page Three Girl?
Sydney- There’s a Page 3 is everyday of the year, I don’t just do page 3 in the paper I have features and articles, so I’m really lucky. But I have been a page 3 girl many times.

XA - Would you ever do Playboy 
and tell me why?
Sydney- I would love to do Playboy one day. Playboy defines pure sexiness, but class at the same time. I think id be shy if I had to pose nude and show my personal tattoo though lol…
XA - lol you shy I wouldn't believe it.

XA - Besides being naked, what do you wear that makes you feel sexy?
Sydney- High heels always make me feel sexy, naughty outfits and thong bikini bottoms when I am on a hot beach somewhere.

XA - British porn or American porn?
Sydney- Both American and British porn’s, porn and varieties good.

XA - How many Adult toys do you own 
and when is the right time to let your lover 
know you have them? Lol
Sydney- Oh he knows about my toy, what does he expect when he’s away working.

XA - What the craziest place in London you had sex in public 
and thought you might get caught having it? Lol
Sydney- In a Red Telephone Box once about 3am in Covent garden…
the thrill of getting caught excites me…I love that buzz…luckily we didn’t though 
we didn’t get caught red handed in the red telephone box.
XA - lol 

XA - I would like to thank Sydney James for this interview with me
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