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Xxotic Angels Sept Feature Patrycja Mikula

Measurements: 34D-24-34
Height: 5'4"
Weight: 103
Eye Color: Hazel
Hair Color: Brown
Nationality: Polish 
Birthday: 05/28/1983
Hometown: Chicago
Twitter: @PatrycjaMikula

Booking Info:

Xxotic Angels Feature 
Patrycja Mikula

Interview by New York
photos courtesy of
bersano, Playboy, Daguro photography, 
Madpoison, GOYKPHOTO, 
Fight Magazine

videos courtesy of
Madpoison, Hurt Clothing,
 Playboy's Kama Sutra

XA - Guys you're going to love 

the treat I have for you.
It's Beautiful Patrycja Mikula!! My Oh My!!!

XA - Welcome to Xxotic Angels!!!

Patrycja- hello Everyone, thanks for having me:)

XA - Let me say thank you for doing 
this interview Beautiful!!
Patrycja- anytime:)

XA - Tell me what makes you 
an Xxotic Angel?
Patrycja- my sultry dark looks 
and my sexy eastern european accent :)

XA - Babygirl you are Sugar and Spice 
with everything Naughty and Nice!!! 
Can't have you once, for you're Too Hot!! I got to have you Twice!!! lol 
Do you get silly pick up lines when you're out a lot from guys?
Patrycja- yes, even worse!!! but recently I have heard the worse of all: I was at an airport in Frankfurt, waiting for my flight in the business lounge when a man 
came up to me and said: you are very pretty, would you like to go 
and have sex with me in the bathroom!!!? I was speechless... 
and told him to go F... himself lol
XA - Wow!!! That's Crazy!!!  That's how you tell'em Luv!! lol

XA - So you were 
born in Rzesz√≥w Poland, 
tell me what you remember about 
living there has a child?
Patrycja- yes I was, 
I dont remember much cause it was so many years ago but of course I remember my grandparents, I always had fun going places with them cause 
they spoiled me so much:)

XA - Was you the Angel 
that turn Naughty? lol
Patrycja- ummm yes. I was actually a big dork that turned to a pretty hot girl lol. not to sound concited lol
XA - You're not lying  You are Hot!!! lol

XA - What age did you start noticing boys?
Patrycja- early. like 8
XA - Oh Ok!! lol

XA - First place in Poland you have to take me to see?
Patrycja- krakow, most beautiful city in poland

XA - Ok now you come to Chicago, was the move here 
by yourself or with family?
Patrycja- came with my parents

XA - Was Chicago pick to live because 
it was cold like back home? lol
Patrycja- haha no, 
parents picked chicago because my mothers sister lived here

XA - Was you excited knowing you was coming to live in America at the time?
Patrycja- no, I was very sad! 
I didnt want to move cause I left all my friends behind, but now I am very happy cause I would never have all these great oppurtunities living in poland

XA - Can you remember the first thing you eat in America and was it good? lol
Patrycja- haha burger king! 
I  wanted french fries but didnt know what it was called, so I was just pointing it out with my finger lol
XA - lol

XA - WhiteSoxs ,Cubs or Fire? lol
Patrycja- FIRE of course! My hubby played for them in 2010
XA - lol 

XA - So you was in the Chicago Sun Times what month and year? 
What was that like, did everyone call you or did you call eveyone to tell them? lol
Patrycja- geez..I cant remember the dates, cause I was in the paper so many times! 
But many people saw and even one guy was asking me for autographs 
at Whole Foods Market it was fun

XA - So you started modeling in 2006 when you came to Chicago 
with a photographer name Don Bersano?
Patrycja- yes, my first professional shoot

XA - The photo shoot is Hot and then he ask you to do Playboy!! 
Was he in a smoking robe with pipe when he asked? lol
Patrycja- haha no not at all

XA - Did you have to think about it or you gave a quick yes? lol
Patrycja- I didnt even think twice! I said yes right away! 
It was my dream growing up!

XA - Now had you done any nude pictures before,
 that made you feel you could do it with no problem?
Patrycja-  nope none. it was my first time

XA - Ok so you went all the way, you're in Playboy, what was the experience like 
being feature in this Great!! magazine for the first time?
Patrycja-  I was honored and so happy, I felt that I achieved something so big that many women dream of and I had this great oppurtunity to be picked as a girl of the month. 
it was huge!

XA - Did you get a rush knowing that you're going to be 
many men fantasies all over the world?
Patrycja- ummm...didnt really think about it lol
XA - Hot women never do and I don't know why lol

XA - Since then you have done Kama Sutra, been Miss August 2007 Cyber girl, 
Playboy Magazine Feb 2007, Sept 2007, March 2008, 
a Special Edition Girls with Girls 7 page spread August 2010, 
Cybergirl Extra Feb 2010, Playboy Clothing catalog.
Would you say doing Playboy was one of your best moves? lol ( I say for me it was)
Patrycja- Yes! it opened many other doors for me and I made a name for myself.

XA - Ok now this one was hard for me to believe, 
did your husband actually get your number off of facebook and call you? lol 
( face book accounts are being open now because of you)
Patrycja- haha yes! he added me as a friend, and I accepted, I had my # on there so he called and asked me out. we were married 29 days later.
XA - Wow!! lol Searching thru my facebook female friends now lol

XA - When you found out he got it off of there did you first think stalker 
or heard his voice, look at his pic and said Oh yea? lol
Patrycja- I was like oh yeah! he looked hot on his pics, 
so was pretty excited when he called.
XA - lol You are very rare Beautiful!!

XA - You have all the fellas eyes on you now from your sizzling pics lol 
Can you give us any tips on dating a Beautiful Playmate like you?
Patrycja- Just Be REAL, gentleman, be generous and loyal
XA - Generous!! like give her my grill cheese sandwhich when I'm hungry? lol

XA - Random: Is your sex drive fast, noisy, and busy like the Line 91 or more like
nice and quiet like the Provincal library? lol
Patrycja- definitely noisy fast and busy lol
XA - lol

XA - Can you cook and what do you make best?
Patrycja- I love to cook, my specialty is
XA - I want to try it, I love salmon lol

XA - Tell me what do you do for fun when you're not working?
Patrycja-  I love going for long walks, beach, spa, watch movies 
and just relax with my family

XA - Ok , what do you have coming up we need to watch out for?
Patrycja-  I just gave birth to a beautiful baby boy, 
so haven't done any work in over a year, currently I live In Poland 
and am looking for a new manager cause I am ready to do some work!
XA - Congrads to you and your hubby

XA - Give love to all of Patrycja Mikula fans 
and say what's up to all the new one's?
Patrycja- Thank you ALL for your love and support! 
I appreciate everyone of you and if you ever see me don't hesitate to say hello.

XA - While doing this what are you wearing right now that's sexy? lol
Patrycja- haha I am wearing a white dress, with nothing underneath:)
XA - lol You are So Hot!!

XA - The one song that's played that a guys in trouble for the night if it's on?  lol
Patrycja- anything by Enigma..slow and sensual

XA - You've done Kama Sutra and Playboy's Girl on Girl spread are you a fan 
of Girl on Girl in your personal life?
Patrycja-  nope, I like the real thing :)

XA - Jack Rabbit or Pocket Rocket? lol
Patrycja- what's that lol
XA - Adult toys for women lol

XA - The sex law now is you can only foreplay then do it in one position, 
which position would you choose?
Patrycja- On TOP! 
XA - A woman who likes to be in control I see lol

XA -  If you was allowed to reprogram men, when it comes to sex 
what would be the first thing you teach us to do? lol
Patrycja- definitely FOREPLAY!
XA - lol 

XA - I would like to thank for this the Super Hottie Patrycja Mikula!!! 
Hope it fun for you hun like it was for me? lol 
Patrycja-   It was a pleasure:) and lots of fun for me of course

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