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Xxotic Angels Sept Feature Ivy Amor

Measurements: 36C-24-35
Height: 5'7" 1/2
Weight: 120
Eye Color: dark brown
Hair Color: dark brown
Nationality: african/nigerian
Birthday: august 29, 1988
Hometown: Gary, IN
Twitter: @pbivyamor

Booking Info:

Xxotic Angels Feature 
Ivy Amor 

XA - Everyone here's a Super treat 
for you guys.
I have Smoking Hot Ivy Amor!!!

XA - I want to give a Big Thank You 
for taking time out for this.

XA - Welcome to Xxotic Angels!!!

XA - Tell me why are you 
an Xxotic Angels?
Ivy- I am a very sexy woman who loves 
myself from head to toe.
I'm confident and I'm a trendsetter.
XA - I love you from head to toe too lol

XA - Baby, if you were words on a page, you'd be what they call fine print lol
Is that the silliest thing you've 
heard from a guy? lol
Ivy- Omg yes like one guy said to me 
and I thought it was the funniest pick up line was "I'm no Fred Flinstone but I know how to make your bedrock."
XA - lol

XA- So Chicago is where you're from, were you born and raised there?
Ivy- I'm from Gary, Indiana. I am only 20 minutes away from Chicago 
but I go there all of the time. 
I love Chicago.

XA - Tell me about your childhood 
and growing up?
Ivy- My mother supported everything 
I wanted to do. She always told me I was beautiful but I always thought differently because I was always different from everyone else. Like I alwaysgot talked about in school because my friends weren't my friends, and they would always go behind my back and talk about me. I had a lot of jealousy going on with the females at my school. But I always was myself and I kept pushing forward.

XA - Was you the Angels that turned Naughty? lol
Ivy Not at all I do what I want, and people say what I do is naughty
and you know what I agree. I have no limits in my life.

XA - What age did you start noticing boys?
Ivy- I started noticing guys in 8th grade because the school I went to
had high school and middle school in one building.

XA - First place in Chi Town you would take me to if I came to visit?
Ivy- Probably a club depending on what day you come this way.

XA - So how did you get into modeling?
Ivy- I got into modeling when I was 17 years old. I was doing fashion shows at my church
and then I took it to the Miss Teen USA I was a finalist at the preliminary pageant,
but I quit due to family issues. I did however started work at Hooters and it involved
a lot of modeling opportunities.

XA - Did you always want to model?
Ivy- I've always looked up to Marilyn Monroe and she didn't care
what the media said about her that woman had tough skin,
and she was amazing at doing whatever she wanted to do.
I mean this woman pulled the president. lol
XA - She pulled his brother too. lol

XA - Describe your first photo shoot to me, was you excited,
nervous all in one or was you like I'm born to this? lol
Ivy- Omg I was so nervous with my first shoot and it showed like I was stiff as hell,
but the photographer told me I would be amazing after the first shoot
and he was right.
XA - Yes he was Beautiful!!!

XA - How long did it take for you to be Ok with doing bikinis or implied shoots?
Ivy- I did bikinis my third shootm, but it took me 3 years to finally come out of my
shell and do implied. lol
XA - lmao

XA - Was you always comfortable with your body?
Ivy- I used to be embarrassed because in Indiana the girls are a little thick
and I was always tiny in every aspect known to man. But I grew fond of my body
because you know what? If one person who doesn't do anything for you don't like it,
then the person who will do anything for you will love it.
XA - That's so true

XA - I read that you was a Hooters Girl!!! How many wings can you eat? lol
Ivy- I can eat 35 naked wings shaken in spicy garlic and bbq sauce mixed.
XA - Wow!! You go Luv!! lol

XA - What trick can you still do?
Ivy- I can still do splits and toe touches and back bends.
I'm still flexible. WINK WINK LOL
XA - lmao Hey Baby

XA - Now let us know some of the things you've done in modeling?
Ivy- I've done a lot of promos for Hooters, Harley Davidson, Hennessy Black,
I was a ring girl for boxing matches. I was also 2011 Playboy Golf #1 winner
Traverse City, MI. Playboy Mobile model, and now Playboy Live model.
XA - You're a little Ivy Wood now huh? lol

XA - You have all the fellas eyes on you now from sizzling pics lol
They want to know if they had a chance to be with you.
What's the one thing they can do to get you going,
that will get your juices flowing for a date with you?
Ivy- First thing first, I'm all about swag. I love tall guys 6'0" ft and over.
I love guys that's muscular in the right places and I love men that do not
interrupt me, and they know how to cuddle. I also love a guy who doesn't
disrespect me because I work for Playboy. I also love traveling.
XA - Hey I'm 6'3" just thought I put that out there lol 

XA - Random: Is your sex drive like a Surfer waiting on a Big Wave
or more like a Man Eating Shark that never stops eating? lol
Ivy- I have my days when I want to just be romantic and role play.
Then I have my time where I want to be a wild child and have fun.
XA - lol

XA - Friends with Benefits or a serious relationship kind of girl?
Ivy- I like serious relationships to a point because in my life I had many heartbreaks
to whereas I had to get revenge. It's not worth the aging and misery. So now it depends
if the guy supports my dreams then I'll do serious, but if not I'm young and I only have 
one life to live.

XA - How did you end up doing Playboy?
Ivy- I went to Playmate Crystal Mccahill party and I just wanted to network 
but Crystal talked me into it. She asked if I loved clothes and I told her heck no,
and she said it would be perfect for me. lol I told her I'll try it out and I'm glad
I did because I love Playboy!!
XA - I'm glad you did too. Can you thank Crystal for me lol 

XA - Did you do any nude modeling before?
Ivy- No but I always wanted to try

XA - Now take me thru you first time shooting for them, was you nervous?
Ivy- I was scared that they'll tell me something like yeah your not the playboy
material type. lol But it was honestly the most comfortable shoot I've 
ever done in my life.

XA - Ok I've never been to a Playboy shoot so take me thru this. 
How did they get you to take off your robe, was the heat turned up in the room 
so you'll be hot and undress? lol
Ivy- The photographer was like omg your fucking sexy. I kept posing and then
I froze, and was like I rather not go fully nude until I sign a contract 
saying that I made it. He was like the nicest photographer I've worked with.
But he still put in a good word for me.

XA - Wow you are Beautiful!!! They picked the right people for the job,
if it was me I might of scared you by yelling action like I'm making a movie lol
Was you watching to see who was staring at you?
Ivy- Actually people walked in the room and look at me during my playboy casting
and then right afterwards they asked me to do a playboy mobile shoot that same day.
And that's where it all began in the world of playboy.
XA - lol 

XA - Ok now tell me about away from the modeling, what do you do for fun?
Ivy- I like to party with my firends and shopping

XA - Do you have any kitchen skills?
Ivy- Omg yes I get down in the kitchen. My family is from the south.

XA - What's next for Ivy Amor that we need to watch out for?
Ivy- FHM magazine South Africa has they're eyes on me, so who knows...
Plus I host a lot of parties, so I may be in your city next...
XA - Ok lol

XA - Time to tell all your fans how much love you have for them
and give a wink and shout out to the new ones,
letting them know you don't bite?
Ivy- I love my fans sooooooo much. You help me to work harder everyday
to keep impressing you and follow my passion. I am a very friendly woman
but I take my career seriously.

XA - What are you wearing that's sexy while doing this Q&A?
Ivy- I'm actually nude typing this as we speak. lol
XA - Clapping!!! lol

XA - Any advice for women that want to get into Playboy?
Ivy- Go for it, it's all about what makes you happy and no one else.
If you live your life caring about what other people thinks then you'll die
knowing that you didn't even try. Then you think was it worth me living my life
if I didn't live it the way I wanted to.

XA - The one position that takes you to another level when having sex? lol
Ivy- I just love sex so each and every position I'm in I want the best out of it all.
XA - We have a Winner!!! lol

XA - Are you adventurous in the bedroom?
Ivy- I love role playing and I talk during sex, guys love it.
XA - This is a Super Plus!! lol

XA - Have you ever made out with a girl?
Ivy- Yes I have, but who hasn't if you haven't then your missing out on life. lol
XA - I love your way of thinking lol

XA - Do you have any Adult toys or a special one that gets the job done? lol
Ivy- I have many toys that helps me reach my climbing point ;)

XA - Last time you had to get you some in public? lol
Ivy- Last month the car was our only resort.
XA - lol 2 thumbs up!! 

XA - Last one Beautiful!!! Bring Fantasy back into the game.
Give me a Hot scene that I could never forget you, even if I lost my memory
of everything else? lol
Ivy- One day I had a guy act like I was a naughty school girl and he was a teacher.
The fun part was we literally had sex in every room of the house. Each room was a
different subject and every time I got the answer wrong that's when all the magic began.
XA - I think I just drool from that story lol

XA - Thank You so much to the Hot Hot Hot Ivy Amor!!! for this interview.
Hope I got you to laugh some? lol
Ivy- Omg thanks so much for having me it was definitely a blast.

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