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Xxotic Angels Nov. Feature Marissa Jade

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Measurements: 32D-25-35
Height: 5'5"
Weight: 110lbs
Eye Color: Brown
Hair Color: Dark Brown
Nationality: Chinese & Italian
Birthday: 9/20
Hometown: Staten Island
Twitter: @MsMarissaJade

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Xxotic Angels Feature
Marissa Jade

Interview by New York
photos courtesy of

XA - Everyone I'm interviewing the Hot Marissa Jade!!

XA - I would like to say, you are Sexy Sexy Girl!! lol
I would put a lolli pop Ring On It!! 
To make sure you stay mine lol 
Marissa- haha very cute ;)

XA - Welcome to Xxotic Angels!!

XA - Tell me why are you 
an Xxotic Angel?
Marissa- Along with my exotic features, I tend to get what I want, when I want, 
how ever I want in an angelic fashion ;)
XA - lol

XA - Now you're in New York were you born there 
and what part? (I'm from Brooklyn & also lived in L.I.)
Marissa- Born and raised Staten Islander. No I do not fist pump or over tan! :)
XA - lol (Ronnie's laugh)

XA - What was growing up in New York like you?
Marissa - Amazing!! Was very mature at young age. So what people couldn't wait
to do at the age of 21, my friends and I were doing it all starting at the age 14. 
Clubs, trips, etc. Totally conquering and living it up in NYC as well.
Ah miss those days!!
XA - Damn that sounds like you're talking about me lol

XA - Was you one of the tough bad girls or the sweet one? lol
Marissa- Umm I have to say a Tough Bad Girl fo'sure. :)

XA - When did the boy crazy moment start for you? lol
Marissa- Hmmmm, 14 lol

XA - Did they chase you like crazy? lol
Marissa- I had a few stalkers, but mostly all who approached me 
were very well behaved.

XA - Wher have we seen you before?
Marissa- Mav Tv bikini All Stars and Best of the Best 3. A couple of law & Order episodes,
White Collar most recent. JoJo Pellegrino, "Flawless" music video Flawless video
You can find me on websites like I will also be featured on 
other company websites that will be up shortly for a company 
called Beltaway, The genie II, etc

XA - So how did you get into modeling?
Marissa- I think all the, "Omg your so pretty, you should be a model"; 
compliments I was getting on a daily basis got to my head. LoL. So I took initiative 
at 17 and haven't stopped since.
XA - I'm so happy for that Beautiful!! lol

XA - How long have you been doing it?
Marissa- 9 years

XA - Anything funny you can now laugh at from your first time doing a photo shoot? lol
Marissa- I always have fun on my shoots but I can laugh at a few 
fashion shows I was in. LoL Between wardrobe malfunctions, the designers stripping me naked, mua's and a particular person that was running the show, I could go on for day. But I'll be nice....
XA - lol 

XA - How long did it take you to be able to rock bikinis and do implied?
Marissa- Running around in a bikini was always easy for me. I started dabbling 
with the implied after Mav tv. Working with West coast girls, I sort of loosened up 
I guess. I say this because I'm an east coast girl. East coast girls are very ummm uptight. 
West coast girls are more laid back and free flowing. To them it's awesome to be 
in Playboy. To an East coast girl, they think it's like the worst thing someone could ever do. Whatever the case may be, I am now very comfortable in my skin and will do it as long as I'm comfortable with the situation and/or job.

XA - Inquiring minds are dreaming to know is Marissa Jade Taken, Single and Dating or
gonna used the excuse? "I'm Focus Man" (in a Jay-Z voice) lol
Marissa- Don't stop to holler at me man...Lol Yes, I am unfotunately taken 
to his bad ass....JoJo Pellegrino
XA - lol

XA - Tell me something funny about the kind of guys you date?
Marissa- Well I don't know if it technically funny, but ironically they all 
like the number 7. God like (b/c god's number is 7), it's a good thing in my book.
XA -WuTang!!! (Ghostface voice) lol 2 thumbs up!!

XA - Is your sex drive more like the A train, 1 train or the J train? lol
Marissa- A train chOo chOoo
XA - lmao Great Answer!!

XA - When did you decide that you wanted to act as well has modeling?
Marissa- Recently, I've mustered up this courage to be silly in front of the camera and
not care at all what I look like. Such a great accomplishment in my eyes because 
as much as I love photo shoots, I am so shy when it comes to actually speaking
in front of the camera. :/
XA - That's a great way of getting over fear of speaking in front of the camera :/

XA - You was in Elf and School Of Rock? Tell me who was funnier on the set
Will Ferrell or Jack Black? lol
Marissa- I'm a Will Ferrell kind of girl. Jack Black really isn't funny to me.
XA - lol

XA - Let's role play I'm Dewey Finn: Who are you Babe? 
This is my apartment Babe? lol your line here: 
Marissa- Is it bad of me not knowing who Dewey Finn is? lol Thank God for Google. 
I see he was on School of Rock, never saw it. Was just in it :o
XA - lol oh that's too funny

XA -  What kind of movies do you like to watch?
Marissa- Sex and the City reruns all day every day. Never gets old!! :) 
Dirty Dancing, Grease, yes I like the oldies. Umm just watched planet of the Apes 
and OMG Caesar is the ape!! Haha I soo want him!! I do know I love anything 
and everything except scary
XA - lmao You are too Beautiful!! (Caesar's voice) lol

XA - If I hung out with you and your girlfriends, what would happen that night 
I could never forget? lol
Marissa- Wow, whatever it is we get into, just know Kodak moments will be 
made all night long. Ahhh I can't reveal the craziness that goes on!! 
Pictures speak for itself. :)
XA - There'll be Pictures? lol

XA - Tell me something that your twitter fans don't know about you? lol
Marissa- Hmmm I tweet my life so I don't know what they don't know. 
And if you have a question, just ask :)

XA - What's coming up for you that everyone needs to be on the look out for?
Marissa- I will be featured on a show called Girlhattan which is airing in January 
on Karmaloop network. I do have a speaking role. I also have a reality show 
that bravo might pick up. It's called  Coppola's Way. 
Check it out Coppola's Way
XA -Nice can't wait to see it

XA - Give a Big Shout out to all of your fans and show love to the new ones?
Marissa- Hugs and Kisses to all you sexy asses ;) xo!!

XA - Ok now tell me about you doing the MTV show Sex Education? lol
Marissa- This was so long ago, my first ever interview I believe. 
They asked me a couple of things on sex, wish I could remember my responses. 
I'm sure I was well behaved. Not really the raunchy type. 
I get what I want without trying ;)~
XA - lol

XA - Your get your Freak On song that the guy is in trouble for the night?
Marissa- I can be one bad girl!!!
XA - Oh Yeah!! lol

XA - Sexiest thing you'll wear that a man can't help but stare? lol
Marissa- Is it a snob comment if I say I get looks in just a t-shiirt and jeans?
XA - No not in my book Beautiful!! lol

XA - A draw full of adult toys or just one little sumthin suthin for the lonely nights? lol
Marissa- I sOo have a goody draw, every girl needs one!
XA - I sOo agree lol

XA - If we was going to watch a movie and I went through your dvd collection, 
would I find adult movies? lol
Marissa- Haha, in today's collection, no, but I used to have some...
XA - lol just trying to picture what type of ones you would watch...

XA - What's the sexiest thing you've done outside when it rains? lol
Marissa- Whatever the dirtiest thing you can imagine :)
XA - I don't think you ever want to know or see what I can imagine, 
you might laugh for days lmao

XA - Again I want to think Marissa Jade!!! for this interview. Was it fun for you, 
like it was for me? lol
Marissa- Of course, thank you for your time.. Mwa

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