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Xxotic Angels V Day Honey Laura Dore

Height: 5'6
Eye Color: green
Hair Color: brown
Nationality: multiracial/black,white and latina
Birthday: Sept 30
Hometown: Austin,TX
Twitter @LauraDore

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Xxotic Angels Laura Dore - Sweetie Cyanide

Interview by New York

XA -  Hello Sweetie!! How are you doing Luv?
Laura- I'm great!

XA - I was so excited to interview you, hope I make you laugh and smile. lol 
Do you get that a lot from people first time meeting you?
Laura- Most of the time [Laughs]...

XA - If there was no more Starbucks, what would be your next choice of drink? lol
Laura- God no!!!!! Don't speak those words! Hmmm... Maybe bubble tea [Laughs]...

XA - Like I told you we have been myspace friends for a long time, and since then you have blown

up the sceen. 2006 is when you first started, what was your first big 
modeling shoot?

Larua- My first shoot for a magazine was for Show issue two, but I'd say my biggest shoot at this point would be my ShowPiece issue that was shot in Italy... The whole Slickforce crew flew over there, and we shot in Capri and Sorrento... It was an amazing experience...

XA - For 6 years you have been in the modeling game now, what's the one thing that
keeps you excited about still modeling that other models have lost?  
Laura- The best aspect of modeling for me is the planning and production of the shoot... I love coming up with different concepts, and seeing them all come alive... I've always been a very creative person, and modeling has been a great outlet to visually express myself.

XA - Name a few of the magazines you've been in, so that my viewers can know?
Laura- Show, Deadbeat, Marquis, Lowrider Girls, Blackmens, XXL, Vivacious Bettys and Legshow are a few.

XA - When was the first time in modeling you knew, you had it lock down?
Laura- I really don't look at it that way [Laughs]... I just do what I like, and what makes me happy... Fortunately, people find my brand of shooting entertaining.

XA - I read in a magazine, you once rocked Fat laces in your nikes, when was 
the first time you put on your first
pair of heels?
Laura- I did indeed; with Dickies [Laughs]... Probably around 18-years-old...

XA - Was that also the first time you started to have boys notice you?
Laura- Boys hit on me in the Nikes, but I think they definitely started paying 
more attention when I stopped wearing Dickies [Laughs]...

XA - What's your favorite type of lingerie to wear?
Laura- I love vintage lingerie and latex... 

XA - What is Laura's kind of guy, that can have her melting every time?
Laura- I like funny, ambitious, loyal, and down to earth guys...I'm also partial to oddballs.

XA - When you want it, how high is 
your sex drive?
Laura- Not telling! [Laughs]

XA - Most don't know what burlesque, can you explain it?
Laura- Burlesque is a form of entertainment that began in the 1840's... It started more comedic, and it slowly became the striptease performances that were popular in the 1920's... The Minsky Brothers are famous for being the first to really feature the bump and grind dancers of the 20's. When pornography became mainstream, burlesque was thrown to the side in favor of the now popular type of stripclub. In the 90's, the neoburlesque movement started; which is basically bringing back the traditional striptease and performance art to the stage...

XA - You also do fetish and pin-up, when did you start to think about doing this?
Laura- I've always loved the art of pinup, and I became interested in the fetish scene after picking up a copy of Marquis Magazine... I was fascinated by the pictures of the women in latex, and I wanted to try it out.

XA - Did you start to get alittle bored with modeling and wanted to spice it up?
Laura- I have very diverse interests, and I felt that my modeling should reflect that...

XA - When I think of pin up girls, I think of Betty Grable, Marilyn Monroe, and Bettie Page. Did these women inspire you to become a pin up and fetish model?
Laura- Definitely... I also admire Dita Von Teese and Gypsy Rose Lee.

XA - Bettie Page I believe did some bondage pics, are you into bondage?
(just to let you know, I have a rule about a woman tying me up. I'm from the hood) lol
Laura- I've done a couple shoots where I've incorporated bondage... As far as my personal life, a lady never gives away her secrets! [Laughs]

XA - Do you like to be spank has well?
Laura- Perhaps.....
XA - LOL!!!
XA - Do we get to see all of this on your site and more?
Laura- Yes! My site features five sections: Pinup, Glamour, Fashion, Sweetie Cyanide, 
and Fetish.

XA - Do you still go to the shooting range? Could I beat you in Black Ops First Strike? lol
Laura- You can't beat me! I actually went this weekend [Laughs]...
XA - lol

XA - 80's Horror, what's your favorite horror movie from that era?
Laura- Sleepaway Camp, BasketCase, Night Of The Living Dead, Creepshow, C.H.U.D., Fright Night; there's too many! 

XA - I'm a horror fiend, so it would take a lot to frighten me. Name the last 
\horror movie that scared you?
Laura- The last movie that actually scared me was Frozen. Three friends get stuck on a ski lift during a blizzard. Give me a monster any day, I can't stand being cold [Laughs]...

XA - What's your favorite Rob Zombie movie?
Laura- House Of 1000 Corpses
XA - Yes!!! lol Love it!!

XA - Do you still go to bed at 10? lol  Last reality show that you've watch?
Laura- Yep... Like clockwork [Laughs]... I don't watch much tv but the last book 
I read was Anne Rice's Witching Hour.

XA - Tell me what next that you have coming up?
Laura- My Legshow cover is still on stands, and my 2011 pinup calendar is on stands as well... I have the cover of the May issue of Vivacious Bettys, and I will be on the cover of Alt Magazine issue 4... I'll also be featured on the cover of Shock Magazine and Cotton Cartel. I also have a spread in the next issue of Maxim Espanol. 

XA - Give a shout out the all of your fans and the new ones you will be 
making from this interview?
Laura- Love you guys! Muah!

XA - Which do you feel more sexier in, latex, or lingerie?
Laura- It depends on my mood... When I'm feeling naughty; latex... When I'm feeling glamorous; lingerie.

XA - You're now a Superhero, tell me your name, costume colors and 
what your powers would be? lol
Laura- Sweetie Cyanide! Armando Huerta is working on the comic book, and so far it looks freaking awesome... My colors will change but the first outfit is black and pink... I'm a weapons expert and I also have the power of seduction [Laughs]...
XA - Nice Beautiful!! lol

XA - Random, in the bedroom describe how role playing with you would be?
Laura- Fun! [Laughs]

XA - Sweaty Great Sex!! or I'm good get off me now neat sex? lol
Laura- You are crazy! [Laughs]
XA - lmao you just realize it now?

XA - It's Valentine's Day so lets set the mood. What needs to be done for you 
to have a great Valentine's day?
Laura- Hhmmm, roadkill in a glittered box? [Laughs] ....Anything inventive 
works for me. Its more about putting forth the effort than anything else.

XA - Ok, last one Beautiful!! Have you started matching your socks yet? lol
Laura- Nope! Yet I keep buying colorful ones... [Laughs]

XA - I want to Thank Laura Dore for this interview.
Laura- Thank you!

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