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Xxotic Angels Nov. Feature Brigitte Cadriel

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Measurements: 34-24-35
Weight: 120
Eye Color: Hazel green
Hair Color: brown
Nationality: Mexican, spanish, 

french, black
Birthday: March 4th
Hometown: Phoenix
Twitter: @BrigitteCadriel

Booking Info:

Xxotic Angels Feature
Brigitte Cadriel

Interview by New York
photos courtesy of

XA - I have a Awesome Hottie!!! 
for you guys. 
It's Beautiful Brigitte Cadriel!!!

XA - Let's give her a Super Thank You!! 
for taking time out for this.

XA - Welcome to Xxotic Angels!!!

XA - Tell me why are you 
an Xxotic Angel?
Brigitte- Well look at me I'm Xxotic!!! :-)
XA - Yes you are Luv!!

XA - I have to say to you that you are Hot like the weather from the state you live in lol
Wow you are mouth watering Babygirl!! lol
Do men always say sweet stuff to you to get your number? lol
Brigitte- Oh yes all the time. I'm waiting for someone to be more creative with it!
XA - lol

XA - So you were born in Phoenix, Az what was growing up like for you?
Brigitte- It was nice!! Lovely skys playing outside year round. 
I'm definitely immune to Hot weather!!
XA - lol

XA - Was you boy crazy when you was younger or paid them no mind? lol
Brigitte- I was very boy crazy, but I paid them no mind also just to tease em hahaha
XA - lol

XA - Name something you did at 17 that you are still known for? lol
Brigitte- Throwing the hottest Parties!! Had Djs, security and cookouts!!
XA - You sound like me lol I used to throw some Hot Parties too!! lol

XA - Wild Child or a Goody?
Brigitte- Both I knew when to turn it on and off
XA - lol

XA - Any place in Phoenix you would take me to first, for it's a must that I see it?
Brigitte- To the top of camelback mountain, it's nothing fancy but great way to see 
the valley of the sun and so peaceful!!
XA - Nice!!!

XA - Amazing body you have babygirl, do you get compliments 
from both men and women?
Brigitte- Yes I do actually more so from women!!
XA - ummm lol

XA - What made you get into modeling and how long 
have you been doing it?
Brigitte- For about 4 years now. I have been modeling and started because 
a friend had me shoot with her!!

XA - Anything we might of seen you in?
Brigitte- On your cell phones or Ipads!! lol Sprint studiogirl channel, 
household hotties, PinkCouchMedia. I do a lot of promotional work, 
few clothing lines and a lot of local stuff also Playtime magazine.

XA - Is there any funny stories about your first couple of shoots you can share with me?
Brigitte- Oh yea, I fell one time walking into set being nervous
XA - awww lol

XA - What is the sexiest thing you put on when you're on a date 
that make the guy go Damn? lol
Brigitte- My smile lol I don't know why but I kill it when I smile. 
People are more drawn to me I noticed
XA - Love your smile

XA - Give me a example of a phone text you would send to make a man 
drive crazy thru traffic to get to you?
Brigitte- Remember I'm waiting for you!!
XA - Yep!! that works for me lol

XA - Friends with benefits or you need to have the relationship?
Brigitte- I can do either or depending on the situation and everything is mutual
XA - 2 Thumbs Up Beautiful!! lol

XA - Random: Is your sex drive like wild lions chasing their prey or more
like hippos laying in the mud and water catching sun? lol
Brigitte- I'm definitely a wild lion. Have not found anyone with the same sex drive as me
XA - lol Hello

XA - Pick 2 characters who has a better chance 
with a sex scene with you? 
(Austin Powers, Wolverine, Tony Soprano, or Captain Jack Sparrow) lol
Brigitte- I pass on all of them!! But if you put me at gun point Wolverine I'll just rip his hair off, plus he seems rough lol
XA - Ok Now!! lol

XA - Tell us what you have comingup, that you want us to check out?
Brigitte- My website BrigitteCadriel.com is coming to your computers/phones soon!!

XA - Time to tell all your fans how much love you have for them. And give a wink 
and shout out to the new ones, letting them know you don't bite? lol
Brigitte- I want to shout out to all my new fans and those that have 
been there since day one watching me grow!! I love my fans that follow me 
and enjoy my work this is a hard competitive game and for them to support me 
through journey I am more then grateful for them. It makes me feel wanted 
and gives me the motivation to keep going!! xoxo-B

XA - Are you the eat out Queen or can you work the kitchen? lol
Brigitte- I get pretty busy during the week so I tend to eat out a lot. When I have time
I am a chef in the kitchen!!
XA - Love that Beautiful!!

XA - Tell me something about your fans don't know about you?
Brigitte- Nothing major but I am Vegan, some people find it odd that I am 
and still maintain my curves :)

XA - Will you keep making videos for your fans?
Brigitte- Of course and I am taking requests on shoots and video shoots of what 
they would like to see!!
XA - Your videos are Hot!! I love them a lot lol

XA - What are you wearing sexy while doing this Q&A?
Brigitte- pink sports bra and black boy short panties!!!
XA - Oh Yeah Beautiful!!

XA - it's role play time and I'm dressed has Captain America ready to put 
my shield down for you, who are you dress as? lol
Brigitte- I'm Wonder Woman ready to take on anything with you!!

XA - Do you like the taste of cherry chapstick and how often 
have you taste it on a girl? lol
Brigitte- It's old school lol have not tasted that in years!!!
XA - lol

XA - Are you a big fan of public sex? lol
Brigitte- Not really, I'm a lady in public but I'll tease a bit

XA - When it comes to sex you will say no to what?
Brigitte- Hmm that is tough with the right person I hardly say no
XA - Smiles!! lol

XA - Does size matters? lol
Brigitte- Not really I know how to work around size matters

XA - Ice, Honey, or Oil which one brings out the naughty in you? lol
Brigitte- All do it to me
XA - lol

XA - Ok last question, tell me a sexy fantasy of yours that would drop my jaw?
Brigitte- I would loooove to have sex in a hot air ballon. Something about being high enough to not be seen or heard and yet on top of the world excites me!!
XA - Mouth is Wide Open!!! lol I like this fantasy lol

XA - I would like to thank the Sexy Brigitte Cadriel for this interview. 
Hope I made you laugh and it was fun?
Brigitte- This was fun. Thank you for allowing me to interview. 
Questions were funny and personal a lot of these questions are 
first time answers for me!!
XA - I glad that I make you smile and laugh...Thank you for your kind words Beautiful!!
There's nothing like popping someone's cherry with questions lol

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