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Xxotic Angels Nov. Feature Melissa Riso

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Measurements:  34-24-34

Height: 5'2
Weight: 105
Eye Color: Honey
Hair Color: Brown
Nationality: Italian Guamanian
Birthday: June 27, 1986
Hometown: Monterey
Booking Info:

Xxotic Angels Feature
Melissa Riso

Interview by New York
photos courtesy of
Dimar K., Drew Santos, IGN,
Thomas Mathew,,
Elite Studios, PAS MAG, 
Lowrider magazine 
videos courtesy of

XA - Everyone I have 
Stunningly Beautiful!!
Melissa Riso!!

XA - Welcome to Xxotic Angels!!

XA - Let everyone know why you are 
an Xxotic Angel? 
Melissa- I am an Xxotic Angel because 
I'm a little bit good and a little bit bad. 

XA - Now when I first saw a pic of you, 
I notice not only how "Beautiful" you are
but also your pretty eyes with sexy lips!!! 
I said to myself I bet she's a Great Kisser!!
I would stop you and ask for a kiss lol 
Do fellas say crazy stuff like that to have 
you stop and talk to them? lol
Melissa- Yes when I'm at the 
gym or a club.

XA - So you grew up in Northern Cali where?
Melissa- Born in Monterey and raised in Salinas.

XA - What was growing up like for you? 
Melissa- I hated being a kid. I got into a lot of trouble lol. Always getting sent to 
the principles office for getting in fights with kids. 

XA - You've spent most of your childhood living with your father 
and older sister, what was that like? 
Melissa- I was such a daddy's girl and tomboy.  As for me and my sister we never 
got along until I moved out to San Diego. 

XA - Tell me about the summers with your Mom in Guam? 
Melissa- The summers in Guam were so awesome! The water is so clear and warm. 
The people are so nice and humble. I loved it!

XA - Good Girl or Bad Girl growing up? 
Melissa- I was a bad girl growing up. I was a bad student, always talking in class, 
cheating on test and getting into fights. Lol I grew up though lol.
XA - lol 

XA - What age did Dad let you start dating the boys? 
Melissa- My dad let me start dating in middle school. I think the topic was too 
uncomfortable for him to discuss with me. So cute. Poor daddy.
XA - lmao 

XA - Ok you were in a serious car accident when you were younger, 
how did that change your out look on life? 
Melissa- Well I now realize you can die at any moment in your life. So try to live 
each day as if it is your last. Treat people kind and have fun! I appreciate life more 
and I'm thankful for who showed up in the hospital to see me... That made me see that 
some people do care about you.

XA - Now tell me how did modeling start for you? 
Melissa- My modeling started when I was cutting a news reporters hair. 
He wanted me to meet his agent and life took off from there.

XA - Was this always something you wanted to do? 
Melissa- I used to sing, so growing up I always wanted to be a singer. 
But somehow I ended up acting and modeling and It became easy 
and natural to me.

XA - Let everyone know a little bit of the things you've done in modeling? 
Melissa- I've been on 6 magazine covers. I have done four lead role commercials. 
I was on a session of "Bad Ass" on Playboy TV. I do alot of car shows 
and I am a Bikini and Lingerie model. :) Fun Stuff! I recently was on 
Xzibits music video with him. Song "What it is" 

XA - You're pics are Hot!!! Are you ever nervous at photo shoots? 
Melissa- I have been doing shoots for so long, I can do it with my eyes closed lol. 
I love what I do and I'm only nervous when I feel fat!
XA - lol well I love your pics 

XA - You once had a bad experience with a photographer doing a implied nude shoot, 
can you share with me what happen? 
Melissa- Well The guy was Scott Allison (ladies be careful) I told him I only want to shoot implied, not nude. And he had two cameras running the whole time recording without my permission to shoot me while I wasn't covering myself. He told me to do poses that won't show on camera, it would supposedly just get a good angle. And When i saw the photos it was showing everything so he tricked me! I asked for my CD with all the images to see what else he shot and he deleted photos and wouldn't burn me a CD. 
The guy is a D!@# ....
XA - I'll say it for you..What a Dick!!!

XA - This almost ruin your career you said, can you tell me why?
Melissa- No that was with another company. 
Besides Playboy, I shot with another company, doing a nude shoot, 
thinking it was an exclusive site. And the company posted those 
photos to millions of sites for free. So my career was almost over 
and I was so hurt and depressed over it. So lesson learned on my part 
and I will never shoot nudes after that. Sorry boys... :(
XA - Awww well we're glad to have you in bikini's and lingerie

XA - Have you ever done nude or glamour shoots before this?
Melissa- Playboy is the only one.. :) lol
XA - lol I need to read Playboy more often

XA - What would be the one thing you would tell other female models to check
before doing a nude shoot with someone?
Melissa- Well I would tell them please please please read the contract and also take a photo or get a copy of it. Also bring your own contract for them to sign 
saying what you don't want.

XA - You're also a hair stylist, how long have you've been one?
Melissa- I have been doing hair and make up for 7 years. I started young. :) I love it!!

XA - Any funny hair stories you laugh at now, that you can share with us? lol
Melissa- OMG yes!! When I first started a guy wanted his grey hairs covered 
with a natural blonde. And a level blonded is 11 or 12. But I accidentally mixed 
the wrong color and colored his hair black!! That's a level 1 or 2!! I almost died!! 
I got the numbers mixed up thinking 1 or 2 is the lightest!! lol Never again!!
XA - When I want something black I know who to ask for a natural blonde lol

XA - Have you done any Celebs hair?
Melissa- I did a root Touch up on Mary Murphy's hair.

XA - Give a hair must do tip for ladies before going out? lol
Melissa- Tease Tease Tease the hair!! The Bigger the better.

XA - Ok, now the serious question comes lol Your pics got the guys acting like monkeys
going bananas lol Is Melissa single and dating or has a special someone?
Melissa- I'm in a relationship :) Sorry boys!!

XA - Any dating rules Melissa have before saying yes to another date with a guy?
Melissa- Yes, No Sex on the first Date!! lol You loose respect for each other 
and you become more attracted to the person by sex, instead of who they are. :)
XA - lol

XA - Random: Is your sex drive like lighting and thunder or
more like a little sun shower? lol
Melissa- I'm a Tiger
XA - lol Yes Beautiful!!

XA - Do you have to be in control or can a guy have his way? lol
Melissa- No I used to always be in control, but now it's all about 
my man dominating me.
XA - 2 thumbs up!!!

XA - I ask the last question because me and you have something in common lol
You was a bouncer in some of Southern Cali's hottest clubs, 
how long have you been bouncing?
Melissa- I was a bouncer for a year. That job was the best job ever!! 
So fun and I got to kick bitches and meat heads out of the club!!
XA - lmao yeah it is fun

XA - Ever had to knock a girl out? lol
Melissa- I have choked a girl out before. But those days are done.
I'm a good girl now, even if they need a beating. lol
XA - lmao

XA - What's your favorite Wii game? lol
Melissa- I like Wii Workout. I'm boring....
XA - lol I don't believe that one bit

XA - You love new restaurants, what are your favorites you go and try?
Melissa- OMG there are so many it's hard to break that down. I like Mastro's

XA - Can you cook?
Melissa- I love to cook. I make stir fry's and a lot of healthy foods.
XA - Oh I love stir fry!!

XA - Tell everyone about you site ?
Melissa- is a site where fans can see a lot of my work.

XA - What's next you have coming up?
Melissa- Well I'm moving to LA so I'm sure I'll have a lot coming up!!
XA - I can't wait to see more of you Beautiful!!

XA - Give love to all your fans and say hello to all the new ones?
Melissa- Thank you for all your support!!

XA - What are you wearing sexy right now while doing this interview? lol
Melissa- I'm actually in the studio, so I'm just wearing jeans and a shirt. Very casual...
XA - that's sexy for me...

XA - Booty spanked or Boobs caress choose one? lol
Melissa- MUST do Both!! lol
XA - lol Yes!!!

XA - Name the sexiest thing you've ever done with whip cream? lol
Melissa- I cannot share that, Rated XXX
XA - lmao I thought we were best friends by now lol

XA - I would like to thank The Hot Melissa Riso!! for this interview...
Hope I made you laugh Luv? lol
Melissa- For sure!! Great interview..
XA - lol Thank you Beautiful!!

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  1. Holy crap I love melissa and if she done more work I would never have to date jk.she looks stunning in y pic.

  2. Hi Melissa my name is Stephen I'm a friend of your cousin Mike Rizo I'm a Barber in walnut creek ca. April22.