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Xxotic Angels Tribute To Diamond The ShowStopper

Xxotic Angels Fan Page

Measurements: 36-26-46
Height: 5'7"
Eye Color: Hazel
Hair Color: Black
Nationality: African American
Birthday: July 5th
Hometown: Lafayette, Louisiana 
Facebook: Diamond ShowStopper

Xxotic Angels Feature
Diamond The ShowStopper

Interview by New York
photos courtesy of
Show magazine, Purple City, VBlazin, 
Batchelor Magazine, Doss Tidwell

XA - I have for you guys  
Diamond theShowStopper!!!
Thank you for doing this.

XA - Welcome to Xxotic Angels!!!

XA - Tell me what makes you an Xxotic Angel?
Diamond- I guess it's the beauty or the booty, I'll let you guys decide!! lol!!
XA - You got both Babygirl!!

XA - You're living in Lafayette, Louisiana were you born and raised there?
(I bet some of the fellas wished they was still with you) lol
Diamond- I was born in New Orleans Raised in the Lafayette area and as far as
the fellas they are more like wishing they got the chance to get with me.

XA - Tell me about you growing up in Louisiana?
Diamond- I'm 100% an country girl, Louisiana has it own very unique culture
especially lafayette people around here actually pride themselves on
being country. Zydeco Music, Creole Food, Swing Out, Lafayette is a
family oriented town but yet they stay partying

XA - Was you an Angel growing up? ( I want the truth now) lol
Diamond- For the most part yes I was a very quiet person always stay to
myself, never did have to many friends. I had more responsibility than
most kids my age my mother became a single parent when I was about 8
so I was her helper with my brother and sister. In some ways I grew up
before my time, but I'm thankful for that experience and the way I grew up.
Having to be responsible early, taught me a lot and help me to avoid many
situations thru observation of others and decisions.

XA - When were you allowed to start dating boys are? lol
Diamond- I was an odd kid I wasn't really boy crazy, my first boyfriend was
when I was 17 and we dated thru college.

XA - First place you would take me if I came to Lafayette, Louisiana?
Diamond- Eat, we have some of the best food/cooks out here, and honestly
there isn't much you can do in this town with out food being involved!! lol!!
XA - I hear you on that Beautiful!! lol

XA - So when did you jump into modeling?
Diamond- I began modeling about 6 years ago a girl I knew thought 
I would be good at it, she gave me the number of an photographer she 
was working with. I honestly didn't want to model but I loved her pictures 
and really just wanted to take some like hers. After my shoot the photographer ask me
if he could send images out to a few people I said sure whatever I
didn't think anything of it. Nor did I expect anything but that's how it all
began with me.

XA - Was you nervous and how long did it take for you to be Ok with doing bikinis shots?
Diamond- My first shoot was in a thong and a bra, I always have been
comfortable with my body. So I didn't think of it as a big deal. The only thing I
never did because I didn't feel comfortable with is nude or taking off my bottom
for any reason, if my top comes the girls still need to be covered.

XA - Let some of the viewers who see this know some of the things you've done?
Diamond-  SHOW Magazine 19, Strait Stuntin, ASIS Assets, Sweets Magazine, VBLAZIN
Batchelor Magazine and many more

XA - You are So Amazing ( Luther voice) lol The pics are Hot!! Any secret you can share on taking great pics?
Diamond- I'm addicted to camera now that I don't model I still have an
love affair going on with now my caera. Have fun if you don't like what 
you're doing it will show, enjoy the experience.

XA - Ok let's get into it now, I understand you are leaving 
the modeling world behind is that true?
Diamond- Yes I'm no longer modeling

XA - Can you tell me what made you come to this heart breaking decision
for some of your fans? ( Yes I'm a Big Fan Of Yours Too)
Diamond- Well that's simple if it don't make money 
it don't sense you feel me. If you own a business and 
you spend money on advertising than you do in bringing a profit 
you will go bankrupt. It just got to the point where I decided to
cut my losses.
XA - Yes I do feel you Luv!!

XA - What are a few things you don't like about the modeling business,
that if it changed you could return?
Diamond- I would like to get paid!! lol!! (in my serious voice) But also I wish
the urban industry would portray women in a more positive light ,but at the
same time I guess they are selling sex or sexiness. So I can't even be mad
at the industry they are doing what makes them money so bend over
and smile!! lmao!!
XA - Lmao You are too Beautiful!!

XA - Since this is your last interview about modeling
let's end on a fun note, the one thing a guy better not mention
 on a date if recognize you were once a model? lol
Diamond- I know this sounds crazy but if a man recoginized me
 I most likely wouldn't date him. Why? I don't want to be with anyone
who wants to date me because I was the Show Stopper!! In the past
men that knew I used to model  seem to want to show off that they knew me
or that we were going on dates. It just never worked. I'll much rather just
be a pretty girl, once you put model into the picture you become an object.

XA - Now that Reggie Bush is gone, is winning for the Saints over? lol
Diamond- I'm not sure to be honest I don't watch football I'm a basketball girl.
XA - lol

XA - Who tried hitting on you more football players, basketball players,
music artist or lame promoters? lol
Diamond- I think it's a tie between all of them!! lol
XA - lmao

XA - If you got the power to reprogram men what's the first thing
you would teach them about sex? lol
Diamond- Communication is the key, just like anything else. Listen, she
will tell you what she wants and don't want, you should do the same.

XA - What are you wearing sexy right now while doing this interview?
Diamond- A tank top and jeans with heals, going out for drinks in a few!!

XA - Anything you will miss about modeling now that you're leaving?
Diamond- Traveling meeting new people, experiencing new things and I love
taking photos, but even though I don't model I still can do those things. 
Just people won't care anymore!!!

XA - Give a final goodbye to all of Diamond the Show Stopper fans and supporters
thru your years in modeling?
Diamond- Thanks XoXo to all on a serious note. I went thru some hard times after
my husbands death and my fans always had kind words to say to me. 
Any time I got online I always had messages of hope in my inbox, 
I greatly appreciate your kind words!!

XA - I would like to thank the Beautiful!! Diamond The SHOW STOPPER!! 
For her final modeling interview. I wish you the best in whatever you do Luv!!

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                      Good Bye Diamond You Will Be Missed!!!

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