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Xxotic Angels June Feature Jessica Canizales

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Measurements: 34DDD-24-33
Height: 5'2
Wieght: 103 lbs
Eye Color: green
Hair Color: black
Nationality: brazilian
Birthday: july 30
Hometown: L.A.
Twitter: @JessicaC_VIP

Booking Info: 
Xxotic Angels Feature 
Jessica Canizales -
Formally Planet Jessie

Interview by New York
photos courtesy of
MONTOYA Photography, DNA
AMaginations, Playboy

XA- I'm saying hello to 
the Jessica Canizales!!! 
better know has Planet Jessie!!

XA - Thank you for the 
interview Beautiful!!!

XA - Explain to me what makes you an Xxotic Angel? 
Jessie- being confident

XA - Can I sing? Voce belo (in my Snoop Dog voice) lol Do you get guys saying 
crazy stuff to pick you up all the time? 
Jessie- yes all the time.... but i think 
its cheesy lol
XA - lol

XA - Born and raised in Brazil,
you was a catholic school girl.
Was you a naughty one 
or a good girl? lol

Jessie - i was definitely the trouble maker 
so that makes me a bad one!!
XA - lol catholic school girls love them
XA - Tell me about you 
growing up in Brazil?
Jessie- it was great my family 
raised me very well. i have no complaints
XA - Was you allowed 
to have boyfriends? lol  
Jessie- no boyfriends till i was 18

XA - If I went to Brazil, 
where must I go first? 
Jessie- i love Sao Paolo its a big city but def nice to go kind of like N.Y.

XA - So with your family, 
you moved to America and Idaho is 
the first place you come to. 
What did you first think of America coming from your 
country to Idaho? 
Jessie- @ 1st i didnt like it it was like a chock but i started school and all the people were so warmed to me i end up loving it there and making great friends!!

XA - What did you think about 
the mormon life style and why 
wasn't it for you? 
Jessie- I dont judge anyone if those believes makes them happy well good for them. I couldn't because I liked to dress different and loved tattoos @ the time. So def not allowed in the mormon religion.

XA - So after a year on to Miami you go, did you fall in love with south beach 
at first site? lol  
Jessie- Yes definitely!! 
how can you not?? im a beach girl.
XA - lol

XA - When did you explore the topless section of the beach? lol 
Jessie- ahh i never done that!! believe it or not!!

XA - You once worked at Hooters, can you still do any of the tricks you've learned from there? lol  Jessie- yes i can!! i would never forget those days!!
XA - lol

XA - So how excited was you knowing they wanted you in the Hooters Calendar? 
Jessie- Very!!! just because i never modeled before and it was exciting to see my pics and travel all over the place for the calendar signings!!

XA - You did a total of 3 calendars for Hooters, did you enter in any of
the bikini contest has well?
Jessie- yes i did and i was sooo fortune to make top 5 out of 100 and +s girls
XA - Wow!!! that's Hot!!

XA - Ok you're walking down south beach and you get asked if you want to be in Playboy by a talent scout. Did you believe it at first or thought it was a pick up line? lol 
Jessie- i believed it but i was a little in shock!

XA - So once you found out it was real, how excited did you get
and who did you first tell? 
Jessie- i was very excited but  a little shy @ 1st i told
my boyfriend @ the time 1st

XA - Now take me thru you first shoot with Playboy!!
Did they yell drop the robe hunn? lol 
Jessie- of course they did!! lol but they were so professional they make sure 
you are always taking cared...

XA - Was you a little shy to show it all at first? 
Jessie- yes very shy!!

XA - From your Super Hot Pics!!! Every guy viewing them wants to know can they join 
Planet Jessie or is there someone special already? lol 
Jessie- of course they can join my site im actually working on putting a new 
and more personal site so i can bond with my fans!! The answer to the second part of 
your question is: Yes I'm dating someone now lol
XA - lol
XA - Is there one thing that automatically gets a guy foot
in the door with you for a date? 
Jessie- hmmm not sure

XA - Random: Is your sex drive Hot & Spicy like Miami's South Beach life 
or more like going on a hiking trip 
needing excitement? lol  
Jessie- def the crazy type!! lol

XA - So you are also a host for Playboy tv for 10 years and have been going strong. 
What does it feel like to be loved by so many people who never get enough of you? 
Jessie- im soooo blessed that i can still do this and i have soo many amzing fans 
supporting me every day!!

XA - Let the viewers know a few of the other things you've done? 
Jessie- ive done many magazines.. american curves fitness magazines, boating, car motorcycles mag and many calendars

XA - Let everyone know about you're website
and what they can expect to see when they go there?
Jessie- for now just new pics but like i said i'm improving my site
in the next month!! Im Excited!!!
XA - So am I Beautiful!!
XA - Everyone Jessie has a New Website Called

XA - You're also working on some new calendars, without giving to much away
can you name a few places you plan to shoot at? 
Jessie- Mexico and hopefully Brazil
XA - Nice hope I get a signed copy.

XA - Who is Jessie away from work?  
Jessie- ahhh totally different im a home body that loves family time and my dogs

XA - Do you cook? and what do you make I must try? 
Jessie- I'm not a good cook i rather eat out!! but i will love to learn!!

XA - Let everyone know what you have coming up they need to check out? 
Jessie- i have a cople projects but i cant say it yet
XA - Keep us inform when you can

XA -Tell your fans how much you love them and say hi to the new ones? 
Jessie- my fans are a huge part of my life they made me who i am today!! 
i appreciate every email i get and the support they give me its priceless

XA - What do you like to wear around the house that's sexy? 
Jessie- very little lol

XA -Ever get turned on being spanked? lol 
Jessie- hmmm depends of the occasion!!
XA - lol

XA - Have you ever hooked up at the Playboy mansion and
was there a happy ending? lol 
Jessie- no

XA - I would like to thank the Beautiful !!! for this interview. 
Was it fun for you like it was for me? 
Jessie- Yes thank you for having me on your site

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