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Xxotic Angels March Feature Nikki Garcia

Measurements: 34D 26 36
Height: 5'4
Eye Color: Dark brown
Hair Color: Black
Nationanality: Hispanic & French
Birthday: May 11, 1983
Hometown: LA
Twitter: @NikkiRoxstar1

Booking Info:

Xxotic Angels March Feature 
Nikki RockStar

Interview by New York

XA - Hey Nikki!! What's good Beautiful?
Nikki- Hey!

XA - I so happy to interview you, 
Welcome to Xxotic Angels!!
Nikki-  Thanks!!

XA - Let me say you not only have a Great Body!!! You have Amazing Lips?
Nikki- Haha... Thanks! I get that alot.

XA - You have for the ladies any tips on how you keep the body of yours sexy?
Nikki- Well I workout everyday but eat like a pig! Lol I Gogo dance too so that's excellent cardio.

XA - So when did you get into modeling?
Nikki- About five Years ago after I started Gogo dancing I caught the eye of lots of great photographers and it just kinda fell into place.

XA - I read that you love what you're 
doing in model why?
Nikki- I love being in front of a camera and it's fun! All the dressing up and makeup it's like you get to be someone else for the day. Then when you see the final finish your like "WOW" that's me!? It's a good feeling.

XA - Name a few things where we might have seen you?
Nikki- On your Local Gogo 
(Sema Las Vegas, Dub, hot import nights.)

XA - Where are you from and 
were you born and raised there?
Nikki-  I was born in Hollywood ca but moved to Ontario Ca. It's about and hour away from la.

XA - Growing up what was that 
like for you?
Nikki- I'd like to say I had a 
great child hood. I was always happy.

XA - Were you one of the boys 
favorite back then?
Nikki- Haha... I actually was a big Tom boy. I hated hanging out with girls. They would get me mad and I would push them to the floor. I always had more guy friends then girls but once I hit high school they all were my boys but with 
"alliterative motives." Lol
XA - Those curves started filling in lol

XA - When did boys become part 
of the plan? lol
Nikki- Around 13 - 14

XA - You have a few tatts, how many 
do you have?
Nikki- I have a full right sleeve, my right side of my ribs, stars on my lower pelvic and two dermal piercings on both sides of my pelvic bone. A heart on my middle finger and the word "promise" inside my right pinky finger.
XA - That's Hot, I just have two 
(I'm a light weight)lol

XA - Do they have any special 
meaning to you?
Nikki- No, I love INK it's like a form of art to me. I plan on getting alot more.

XA - Fellas seeing you for the first time are like OMG!!(Busta Rhymes voice) 
Is she taken? lol
Nikki-  Ya, I get it all the time. The hoots, hey's, ay yo girl you fine as hell. Lol
I guess I kinda got used to it. But trust if someone say something I don't like he best be ready for a beatdown.
 It won't be the 1st time I give 
a guy a black eye! Haha
XA - LOL!!! should we change your name to Nikki Knockout? lol

XA - Is your sex drive like techno music, crazy beats together for a great
rush or like country music, love making very very very very slow? lol
Nikki- I'd say a mixture of house and hip hop. I got the dirty sexy beats and sometimes I like to drop it 
like it's HOT! Lol!
XA- LOL!!!

XA -  Nikki's type of fella that she always fall for is?
Nikki- He has to be consistent, funny and charming. I'm a hopeless romantic 
so I love to be Wined and Dined.

XA - What advice could you give guys on dating a model that's Hot like you?
Nikki- I'm not gonna lie it's gonna be tough. Put the jealousy aside cause If they have a fine ass 
GF guys are gonna hit on her all the time! Just take it as a compliment and know that you taking that home every night not them.

XA - I see you done the Import scene?
Nikki- Ya, I did it for about 3 years.

XA - When did you first start and what do you like about it?
Nikki- I started when I first got into modeling. I liked it cause I got to be around dope ass rides and make alot of connects especially with photographers.

XA - I've done all 3 shows(Sema, Dub, & Hot Import Night) before myself and for me, 
my first time was exciting. (No! I was not in a bikini or booty shorts) lol
What was your first car show like for you?
Nikki-  It was a little scary. I was surrounded by so many beautiful woman I kinda got intimidated... but they were all reassuring. All the fans that wanted my picture 
and autograph made me feel beautiful.

XA - Did you ever enter any bikini contest?
Nikki- Yes, I was so nervous. I remember thinking. "don't fall, smile 
and suck it in!!" LOL
XA - LOL!!!

XA - You're also a Go Go dancer too right?
Nikki- Yes and I love it!

XA - How long have you Go Go dance?
Nikki- Five years

XA - Has a guy ever stand under you all night trying to see if you'll go out with him? lol  Was he a big tipper? lol 
Nikki- Oh god it happens all the time! If I don't like it I'm not exactly the type of girl that's gonna be quiet about it! LOL but if they're not to close and ask me if they can tip me I'll let them put it in my boot cover. No where else!
XA - LOL!!!

XA - Ever role play in a Go Go outfit?(sorry just had a Hot flash fantasy moment)lol
Nikki- Oh ya all the time! Lol
XA - Smiles lol

XA - Other then being naked, what do you like to wear around your place that's sexy?
Nikki- Usually some cute hello kitty booty shorts and a tank. It's cute, comfortable 
and sexy.

XA - Any hidden talent you have, that we wouldn't believe you can do?lol
Nikki- I sing and am formally trained in dance... Ballet, tap and jazz
XA - Wow!! Nice Beautiful!!

XA - Great Sex and ok boyfriend 
or Great Boyfriend but ok sex?
Nikki- Hmmm... I dunno I must be a lucky one cause I got great sex and a handsome guy.

XA - What do you have coming up 
we need to be looking out for?
Nikki- I'll be finally doing some more shoots after being MIA for about a year. So gonna have some killer 
pics coming up.
XA - Don't forget to send some 
my way lol!!

XA - Ok give love to all of Nikki RockStar fans, and say hello to the new ones?
Nikki- I always got love for those that have supported me for this long! I love all my old, new and future fans to be!

XA - When is it ok, to let the guy you with know you own adult toys?lol
Nikki- Probably when I bring em out! Lol

XA - Would you ever do Playboy?
Nikki- Yes

XA - What the one fantasy you want to do but haven't done yet?
Nikki- I want to be a feature model in Maxim or FHM.
XA - Somehow I pictured a different answer lol I hope you get your fantasy Beautiful!!

XA - I would like to thank Nikki Rock Garcia for this interview
Nikki- Thanks it's been fun!!

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