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Xxotic Angels June Feature Vanessa Goodmanson

Measurements: 32-24-34
Height: Teeeeny Tiny 5 ft
Eye Color: Brown Eyed Girl  
Hair Color:  Blondie
Nationality: Spanish-Cherokee Indian-French-Irish
Birthday: August 11, I am a Leo Babe 
to the Fullest!
Hometown: Boise, Idaho 
Twitter: @Vanessaxo

Booking Info:

Xxotic Angels Feature
Vanessa Goodmanson
Interview by New York

XA - Fellas I have for you the very, very Sexy and Beautiful Vanessa Goodmanson!! 
Vanessa- Aww thank you! U Rock!

XA - Welcome to Xxotic Angels!!!  
Vanessa- Thanks for having me : D

XA - Thank you for this interview Luv, tell me why are you an Xxotic Angel? 
Vanessa- Well I have the exotic part down. I am constantly being asked what my background is. The angel part I'm not so sure about haha ;) Just playing, I am an angel for sure when I wanna be.
XA - lol

XA - You're Spanish, Cherokee Indian, Irish, and French!! Am I allowed to say you're Yummy? lol Is that the craziest thing you've heard from a guy? lol  
Vanessa- Haha yes, I am this big ball of fun. You could say I have personality for days, and then some! All the guys that date me say I am crazy but they always come back for more haha. I'd like to think I am just really really intensely passionate ;) haha.
XA - You live in Los Angeles, were you born and raised there? 
Vanessa- No I grew up all over Vegas, Boise, Minneapolis, and the midwest.

XA - What was your childhood like growing up? 
Vanessa- I had an amazing childhood filled with good family and unforgettable memories. My sister and I were pretty close and I did some modeling and won some competitions.

XA - Tomboy or Girly girl? lol 
Vanessa- Well I embody the typical girly girl.  I love to look good and model sexy lingerie for my men. I love batting my eyelashes and flirting with boys, it's great having sexual powers. I am not afraid to get my hands dirty though and love to fish and watch 
basketball (Lakers).

XA - Tell me what age for you did the boys start running after you? lol 
Vanessa- Well when I was 9 years old I kissed a set of twins :) I think I became boy crazy around 10 though. I started wearing makeup and stuffing my bra. I was cute in high school but somehow all the high school boys see me now and are like "Damn, you are really hot now!"

XA - First place you would take me to in LA? 
Vanessa- Haha I would take you to the closest Happy Hour! 
I'm pretty sure you wouldn't know what hit you.
XA - lol you have no idea of my drinking skills

XA - Are you Naughty or Good? lol 
Vanessa- I am a good girl in terms of being a good person and can be a good girlfriend. I have a wild side to me, I can be sexually open and intense. I can get into some trouble ;) -believe me.
XA - You're a little Firecracker 
aren't you? lol

XA - So when did you start modeling? 
Vanessa- I did some childhood modeling but stopped around college because I wanted a normal life. I picked back up 3 years ago and love it! I love being in front of the and have so much fun.

XA - Was this something you plan to do or was it something that just happen? 
Vanessa- My childhood modeling was planned by myself and my mother. My adult modeling I was discovered by a photographer who told me I 
had a good look.

XA - You've been in a few great magazines, Low Rider and of course Playboy, what was the experience like being feature in these magazines for 
the first time? 
Vanessa- The Lowrider modeling was awesome because it's a Latin Magazine.  
Playboy was amazing because I use to flip through my dad's playboys and think the women were gorgeous.

XA - What made you decide you could go all natural showing cookies 
and everything for Playboy? lol 
Vanessa- Well I am very comfortable being nude for starters. Playboy is a classy magazine so if theres a magazine I am going to do it for, it's Playboy.

XA - Now all the boys mouths are wide open seeing you for the first time going she's Hot dude lol 
and want to know if Vanessa dating or taken? lol 
Vanessa- Nobody serious at the moment : ( haha. 
I am a hopeless romantic and love to cuddle.

XA - Can you give us any tips on dating a Beautiful Playmate like you? 
Vanessa- I love guys who are honest, faithful, sweet, and treat me like a lady. I love guys who are good in bed and have passion. I don't like clingy or jealous men but a little jealousy is good because I like to know my man is into me. Don't come at me with cheesy pickup lines, just be yourself.  The guys who have made the most impact on me have noticed or observed things about myself that I didn't know. So I like guys who are thoughtful and pay attention to me. The guys that I love to be around are witty and have me laughing or smiling all the time.  Looks are not that important to me because I have seen some "ugly" personalities in this business. But I do have a weakness for the dark haired brooding types ;) 

XA - Random: Is your sex drive busy like the inerstate 5 or more like the Forum 
when everyone's at a Lakers game? lol 
Vanessa- My sex drive is out of control. I am like a horny dirty old man trapped 
in a young vixen's body.
XA - LMAO!!!
XA - I see you love basketball and also a lakers fan, any other sports you like? 
Vanessa- I have severe A D D so basketball is all I can manage at the moment haha.
XA - lol

XA - Do you cook and what 
do you make best? 
Vanessa- I am working on my domestic side at the moment and love to make sweets. I make a killer 
cream cheese cake.
XA - lol Oh I want some!!!

XA - What's Vanessa like when she's not modeling or working. What do you 
do for fun? 
Vanessa- Outside of modeling I am  your average, dorky, down to earth girl. I love hanging out with my friends and the boys. I am pretty sarcastic and love making people laugh.  I love to be at the beach and consider myself a beach bum.

XA - Tell me about Wicked Temptation Lingerie, where can we see you in it? lol 
Vanessa- I just shot for it and they put me in a lacy see through black lingerie set ;) 
It should be at

XA - You've also been on some reality shows as well, tell me about Saddle Ranch on VH1? 
Vanessa- Well they wanted a table of Playboy girls to stir things up so I knew that could be trouble. They had so much shots and alcohol for us too- how convenient. I sat there quietly and drank haha. I didn't want to cause a scene or come off as the drunk idiot. I quietly texted messaged someone cooler ;)
XA - LOL!!!

XA - You got to work with Holly Madison on Hollys World? What was it like working with her? Vanessa- Holly is such a sweetheart and she is a lot of fun. She made me feel at home in Vegas and I wish her nothing but the best.

XA - Ok you go to the Playboy mansion all of the time, describe to us what's it's like going there and what the parties are like? lol   Vanessa- Well you have a bevy of beauties for starters so it's every man's fantasy. The parties are great and you always leave with a smile on your face. The Playboy staff is like family. I always make my rounds and visit my bartenders. 

XA - Ever hooked up in the grotto or anywhere else in the mansion? 
and was there a happy ending? lol 
Vanessa- I once hooked up with a cute Austrailan boy and let's just we did have a very happy ending. We didn't hook up in the grotto though for sanitary reasons. 

XA - Have you role play wearing your body paint outfit with anyone? lol 
Vanessa- No but I do remember going to an afterparty after a mansion party 
and having all eyes on me haha ;)

XA - In your bio you say, you love being in front of the . What is it about 
taking pictures that excite you? 
Vanessa- Well I love attention and expressing myself in ways I normally wouldn't.  I love making love to the zoolander style haha.
XA - that movie was too funny lol

XA - Who has more of a chance to have a date with you, Jack Nicholson, Bill Maher, 
Pauly Shore, or Gilbert Gottfried? lol 
Vanessa- Well it's funny you say that because I have partied with both Jack Nicholson and Pauly Shore. I have these really funny photos of Jack and I. I would have to say Jack though because he is hilarious. I have always had a crush on Jeff Goldblum ssssh...
XA - LOL!! Ok I'll keep it to myself

XA -  If you was allowed to reprogram men, when it comes to sex what would be the first thing you teach us to do? lol 
Vanessa- I would teach you guys how to warm us up better...
I love foreplay! I want to be shaking with anticipation when the moment comes ;)

XA - What are you wearing right now? lol 
Vanessa- we speak some cute panties and a wifebeater...
hair tossed up in a pony-tail.
XA - Oh Yeah!! lol

XA - Anything off limits when it 
comes to sex? 
Vanessa- I love biting, spanking, role-playing, and other kinky things but... 
No anal. Sadly one guy ruined the experience for me haha.  :(
XA - lol you're a rough one huh? lol

XA - Tell me what's next for you, 
that we need to look for? 
Vanessa- I am in talks with some magazines right now ;) I am also interested in some acting. 

XA - Give love to all your fans and say what's up to all the new one's? 
Vanessa- I have had some very loyal fans whom I loveeee! I also wanna give a shoutout to my new ones, HOLLA! Xo

XA - If masterbation was against the law, how many tickets a day would you get? lol 
Vanessa- Well, let's just say 2 at the least ;)

XA - Last one, you get to make a movie and your co-stars are Honey, Cherries, and Marshmellows. Give me your movie name? lol 
Vanessa- My name would be Caramel because of my silky tan skin ;)
XA - Like I said earlier you're Yummy!!! lol 

XA - I would like to thank the Hot Vanessa Goodmanson!!! for this interview.
Was it fun for you like it was for me?
Vanessa- It was AMAZING, wait did we just have interview sex :)
XA - Yes with a "Happy Ending" for us

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