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Xxotic Angels June Feature Lola Aloha

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Measurements: 34DD - 26 - 40
Height: 5 ft
Weight: 114 lbs
Eye Color: brown
Hair Color: black
Nationality: Filipino
Birthday: 8/12/1985
Hometown: DMV
Twitter @lolaaloha420

Booking Info:

Xxotic Angels June Feature 
Lola Aloha
Interview by New York

photos courtesy of William Cenac,
Prevoyez, Visual Cocktail, Shotz,
Retro Lovely Magazine and 
Victor Devilbliss

XA - Hey here's the Beautiful Lola Aloha!! 
Thanks Luv!! for this interview. 
Lola- Thank you for featuring me :)

XA - Welcome to Xxotic Angels!! 
Lola- Hello Xxotic Angels!!

XA - Tell me what makes you 
an Xxotic Angel? 
Lola- The fact that I'm fun and exotic :)

XA - How did you come up with the name Lola Aloha and what does it mean? 
Lola- I came up with it when I was doing some pinup modeling, I thought I would need a pinup name and since I'm Asian I decided to go with Lola Aloha.

XA - Born in the Philippines, but where were you 
raised for most of your childhood? 
Lola- I moved around a lot during childhood, but I guess I would have to say I split my childhood between living in the DMV area and the Philippines. 

XA - Senior year in high school what was 
that like for you? 
Lola- The best times of my life! Lots of parties and everyone was really excited 
to graduate and go to college.

XA - Did all the boys want you 
for the prom? lol 
Lola- Umm...I don't remember boys fighting over me to be their prom date. My prom date was my best guy friend and we never made it to prom since I drank way too much while getting ready for prom I ended up sick and passed out before prom about a party foul!
XA - High School Fun!!!

XA - Anything you did wild in your lasted year of high school? lol
Lola- Nothing too wild...I went to high school in the Philippines so we are allowed to drink and go to clubs/bars at an earlier age then in the U.S. so last year of high school was a lot of partying, clubbing, keg stands, and stuff like was a pretty wild year in general..we studied hard and partied harder!
XA - Sounds like all the things I did lol
XA - Tell me about your first photo shoot?  
Lola- It was for Elan Extreme magazine 100 models in print. It was very hectic since there was a lot of girls at the shoot. I remember I didn't know how to pose so my facial expressions looked very strange and I ate Burger King before the shoot which everyone was mad at me about lol! 

XA - Anything you've learned from your first photo shoot that you use now? 
Lola- I learned how to pose, what to expect at photoshoots, and not to eat, especially Burger King right before a
XA - lol
XA - Tell me a few of the things you've done in modeling? 
Lola- I've done shows/events, a few magazines, and some websites. 

XA - When did you decide to do glamour nude modeling and was you nervous at first? 
Lola- I always feel more comfortable with less clothes so no I was not nervous. I'm the kind of person that comes home and takes my clothes off and sits around in my bra and motto is the less clothes the better..we should all walk around
XA - My kind of girl lol 
XA - What do both guys & girls tell you most about your beauty, 
they see you the first time? 
Lola- Hmm...I guess they say they like my eyes a lot..and my breasts :)
XA -Two Thumbs Up!!!

XA - You were once a Shooter girl in a club during your college years, did girls every try to sneak a feel while
you were working? 
Lola- Yes! Girls would drink the shots out of my breasts..sometimes they were wilder then the guys. 
I love it! 

XA - The guys are going nuts over your pics and want to know is their a man holding your hands? lol 

Lola- this moment no. I don't even remember the last time I was on a date I work too much!!

XA - Random: Is your sex drive like Bats hanging upside down waiting to get action at night or like a wild raccoons tearing everything in sight up? lol                    
Lola- I wish it was like a wild raccoon tearing everything up, but since I work so much and never have time I never get any action anymore. No one is interested 
in me anymore lol!!
XA - So not true Beautiful!! I don't believe that for one minute. lol
XA - Finish this sentence for me. The guys I date are________
Lola- usually end up incarcerated. lol I sure know how to pick them!!
XA - lol

XA - In College you have a Bachelors in Business Marketing. 
What type of business do 
you want to own?
Lola- I would love to own an advertising company that makes print ads and commercials.

XA - You also configure software tools, can you tell a little more about that?
Lola- I configure the Remedy software tool for my company which is where all service tickets are routed too, such as Facilities all the way to Application Support and Infrastructure Support for the whole company. I configure the whole software too from the design of it, maintaining it, and updating the tool.

XA - Besides work tell me the nerdiest thing you do? 
Lola- I spend my spare time playing Tetris.. I am so obsessed with Tetris I even have dreams about it sometimes!! lol
XA - Tetris!! I haven't played that 
game in a minute lol 
I need to start playing again lol

XA - Do you cook or eat out a lot? lol 
Lola- I love to cook, but my schedule barely allows me to cook so I end up eating out a lot.

XA - Tell me what a night hanging out 
with you would be like? lol 
Lola- Well, it depends on what we're doing. I can be chillax and just sit around drinking wine and having good conversation or I can be in party mode and go out dancing till the 6am, poppin' bottles all night long... 
so I can either be in chill mode or party like a rockstar
XA - lol

XA - Let everyone know what's next coming up for you?
Lola- I have the Retro Lovely pinup girl magazine coming up in June.
I think I have a 2 page spread on that. I just shot with Dynasty Series 
and DSafterDark last week so the pictures should be up in a few months.
XA -  Give all your fans love and speak to the new ones too? 
Lola- I love all my fans and new fans as well..they give me the support and love I need to do what I do. Without them I couldn't go far with my modeling career. Thank you all for your love and support!!
XA - You have some Hot tatts!!! How many do you have and do they have any meaning? 
Lola- I have 8 tattoos and yes they all have a meaning..they are all pretty private 
and mean a lot to me.

XA - Would you ever do 
Playboy and why? 
Lola- I would love to do Playboy.. 
that magazine is a classic! 
It has the hottest, sexiest, women icons in the mag. 
I would be honored if ever asked to do Playboy.

XA - Freakest place that 
you've done it at, that you thought 
you might get caught? lol 
Lola- Oh my goodness...I did it at midnight in an empty grocery store parking lot on the hood of a car, we did get caught when a couple walking their dog walked by..they were pretty cool...they told us to keep doing what we're doing and they won't bother us, they were 
just passing
XA - lol

XA - Tell me about your burlesque show? 
Lola- I love dancing burlesque. I do a strip tease based on a character...I usually have a costume on and end up in pasties and a thong..I love doing the show and entertaining the audience. I love the energy the audience brings!

XA - Are you a adult toy kind of girl or a no toy got to have the dude type?
Lola- I do have toys, but prefer the real deal over the toys of course ;)
XA - You can only pick one. Which one right now would you choose to have an afternoon snack with your partner, Pool, Shower or Sauna? lol 
Lola- Afternoon snack such as a peanut butter and jelly sandwich with my partner?? lol I think I know what you mean...I like it in the shower ;)
XA - lol peanut butter and jelly funny lmao
XA - I would like to thank Lola Aloha for this interview, hope you had fun 
and keep you laughing? 
Lola- Yes, it was tons of fun!! Thanks for the entertaining questions!!
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